The reason susceptible to mind control to Chubs woman?

Recently, that has been growing in popularity Chubs woman.If you look around on the net, such as “women who care about the stomach around is the type from the old days”, “Japanese women are too thin” and is spelled out in the place where I think chubby favorite male reaches.Also from women, “cute” “I hear even a positive voice for Chubs such as like a bear”.

Recently, a woman soothsayer · A’s and that living with Tomoko Othello Nakajima of your troubled world, also Kijima Kanae accused of “matchmaking fraud incident” but “Chubs”.She us to mind control the men, even be able to tie, perhaps this body shape is affecting.Says Hiromi Mr. Shimada of detailed religious scholars in the cult problem.

“It’s appearance is not to cause a wariness to opponent.Then, it is easy to continue entered the mind of man.There are God was Chubs that Hotei like the Seven Lucky Gods, but you are always laughing, it is famous for the fact that there is a virtue.Chubs from the past, it has a charm that endeared to people like that. ”

There is actually such research results.If you try to measure the brain waves of a few men that have to talk to each of the women and Chubs women who are skinny, despite was nervous for women who are skinny, to chubby woman , it was a relaxed mood.That towards the relaxed state a person is likely to open the heart.Say Fune曳 Miyako doctor of medical corporation Oak Society “Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology”.

“Chubs women, you may receive the female hormone is secreted more than those who are lean.Then, smile often, it helps out feminine features such as good story. ”

Only because Chubs, opponent might be easily controlled.

※ women Seven March 8, 2012 issue

The embarrassing than nude? Payslips outflow uproar of Gravure! Working poor layer is also in big time of Gravure!?

Speaking of the outflow uproar of women idle, such as Kiss photo booth and smoking photo of a lover is classic.Meanwhile, popular Gravure C · N rare outflow uproar takes place in, has become a hot topic in some.

The outflow was given to documents and withholding slip of the tax return season unique.It was published in the image upload site, things around midnight of February 23 3.At the same time upload destination URL is affixed to the huge bulletin board that talk about her regular program, it became generally be outflow.

C · N is 25 years old now born in Kyushu.High school was a classmate of Suzanne was recently married.Juri Ueno, transmural titania Shihori, movie debut in masterpieces such as Yuika Motokariya was pushed Stars “Swing Girls”.Such as then play the heroine of the squadron hero drama, steadily step up.Increasing number of activities as a gravure idol at the same time, it has also been chosen to gateway to success Date Tele transgenic members of Gravure in two years ago.Speaking of flirts wind took the nose, from Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, which also co-starred in the regular program from its resemblance to the Yuko Ogura are given the nickname of “false Colin”.

Leaked documents, but what her own address had been hidden in a mosaic, address and office name was written on the payer column are those of the leading K group system to which it belongs.even if, it was not directly become open to last year’s annual income to be surprised.Everyone is aroused the common saying curiosity, that amount is only 1.04 million yen.This is the can prove is real, of course, office parties or her person in question only.That said, it is Mr. entertainment reporter A to state and its annual income than something reasonable.

But was moved to the leading K group from the “weak production, are you regular appearances, the low-budget programs such as CS and the old UHF stations majority.Name recognition what among enthusiasts of the squadron goods and Gravure is high, but the general awareness is not good enough.Even including the performance fee of the image video to issue 1 and 2 this year, and of that one million little,’s a reasonable line “or.

But that 1 million yen a little, the amount of par housewife Part reward.The income basis, she is to belong to the typical working poor layers despite clear distinction class Gravure.

“You can easily find a little degree you are on TV, low-income is natural.Idol towards the remittance of the home is Oikoya, a part-time job than revenue in the entertainment activities Zara.C · N also do not know now, but there are rumors that worked in a few years ago Roppongi of cabaret ”

Even so the question is, and it is fake it is genuine, the fact that such fresh documents Who published.

“This is only a guess, but it is a strong possibility of a C · N himself.She is such as TV, is an image, such as the warm fuzzy healing, but the actual equivalent negative co.”Can not stop the tears” in Twitter, it is also often to the the like “depression eat” “I want to disappear”.There is also a further “income insecurity” was the writing of the fastball and……. To be that involuntarily Become a melancholy had published a secret in low-income ”

Some inconsiderate fan, sometimes despised as such Menhera system idle and disease bundles to C · N.It is also true that most Toro such weakness has been strongly the feeling that “protect to want to give” some fan.

That idol, seemingly of images Uwatsui in gorgeous this time of turmoil we have let me glimpse a part of darkness on the back of the world.The future is further leap to C · N, it is what you want earns Gattsuri.
(Statement = Peeping Tom Sawyer)

(※ Image: than “Please !! gravure idol back story not taken” official site TV Tokyo)

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Good luck and preparation that has survived blizzard of overnight “Zao distress men and women.”

2 men and women in Zao blizzard was in distress, but was successfully rescued after about 17 hours.How to spend, and what was rambling life in the following of snow mountain 10 degrees below zero.True announcer Otake reported from local.

Interruption Zao is time now in the mobile phone “was distress” in the field of vision is poor rescue 30 minutes, rime is it impressive.The two men Sendai male hairdresser (31) and former colleague of the woman (27).February 21 (2012) morning, and was scheduled to go to the summit of Kumanodake (altitude 1841 m) in Ropuue~i Depart Sendai.However, the bailout blizzard around 13:00, 13:17, was Problem with the 110th “was distress” in the mobile phone.Although rescue team headed to the scene, rescue poor visibility in the gas interrupted by 30 minutes.After that, another accident has occurred.Men are slipping in under a few meters, two men fell apart.Of mobile phone battery is also off contact and I no longer take.

The two men spent the night separately in the snow, 6:50 yesterday the 22nd, was discovered by disaster prevention helicopter.It was hypothermia, the life is not Betsujo.

Yukiana, poncho and it was able to chocolate safely survived is a chance, but that there has been provided to the distress.Fortunately, men there was a cornice in the place where was slipping.In drift of snow, such as the eaves of the roof and cornice, men are hiding dug a hole under it, was able to avoid the wind.According to experts, there is a image of snow is cold, it becomes a heat insulating material to contain the air.Also outside is below freezing 15 degrees, and in about below freezing once or twice if put into it I get a snow cave, that which turns into a plus.When women that were rescued, he was wearing a poncho.This poncho is blocks the wind, I’m prevent the heat of the body is deprived of made a layer of air.

Koji Kato of the moderator, “Well, I’m glad it is in an environment that leads the mobile phone.”

Terry Ito of caster “When I heard this news, I was thought to be difficult kana To be honest, it was good.”

Otake, in addition to luck and with the poncho of cornice, that that it had prepared two servings of food (chocolate), that it has immediately turn back decision in the snowstorm, was also led to survive that it has immediately dial 110 at the lost point in time.

When it comes to Terry Ito “distress, people around also it’s a very.Be honest. ”

It was two shallow of mountain climbing experience, judgment and decent preparation might have called luck.

15 people celebrity “moment of deathbed” sublime stage rear (3) Ozaki Yutaka “suicide note full text” bereaved family has denied the news

 Rock of charisma, ’20 from undergone Yutaka Ozaki (He was 26) mysterious death has elapsed.Last year, it has been published in the monthly magazine “suicide note” was called the great response.However, it is around its authenticity, bereaved’s a negative that.


Last year’s “Bungei” in the December issue and entitled article was published.

Also sports newspaper to follow, it is still fresh in our minds that it has become a big topic.It was revealed in the article, suicide note full text by two copies of Ozaki of hand.Within one copy, it has been introduced and Keppan of Ozaki is pressed “testament of Chizome”.

 Suicide note has been spelled in a poetic sentence of just like lyrics Ozaki made. also for the definition of death is written, it is concluded and .

In addition, the eldest son of the only child is

He is the Ozaki of affection are surges.

Journalist who had entrusted a suicide note to the original promise not to publish until the eldest son to adults who writes this article.Ozaki is April 25, 92, it has signed that it was a suicide that was dead in the house in the garden full of scratches.And, it is describing the motivation of suicide Ozaki itself to be because that was expecting the death.After the death, had remained stimulant without being absorbed into the Ozaki of stomach, it’s because it is evidence Ozaki of internal organs was tattered.

However, many fans in this article is not convinced.Journalist who interviewed the death of Ozaki, Nagashima Yukio Mr. speak this way.

“Some of this suicide note, it has been observed that the same journalist is one that was once published in the weekly magazine.However, brother of Ozaki is the discoverer of the suicide note in that case, it has denied the existence of a suicide note.Therefore, fan What am not convinced. ”

And, that the existence of this suicide note close friends of Ozaki knew.

“Ozaki by cross-border from Saitama, it was through to the born and raised in Tokyo junior high school.One of the best friends of junior high school age, which was Gataka~tsu farewell so much, seems to have been the promise that the mahjong on the day dead Ozaki.And, I at that time, when interviewed the best friend, I was talking to some to have been confessed attempted suicide twice from Ozaki person.1 time wrote a suicide note in the park near my home in ’88, I tried to Tyre the neck.Second time it is because did not die but was cut with a razor the wrist in ’90.That “suicide note Chizome” is, he had said, “Do not written at the time of the attempted suicide of the two degrees,” also “(Nagashima Mr.)

This time, the comment at all, not out on the suicide note full text news from Ozaki of bereaved family.

Currently, Ozaki father at his home in Saitama prefecture, it has welcomed Ozaki fans visit even now.And, Ozaki brother has become a lawyer.Ozaki of Mrs., it becomes president of office Ozaki is made, have been chosen: eldest son also director.

For the journal of the interview, the acquaintance of Ozaki brother spoke way.

“Last year, immediately after the Bungei was released, I was contacted Ozaki of brother.Then, “I do not not read is such article, and do not even bother to read,” I was talking to.It did so that there is something ill, because say, “If you have more great response, read properly, because I’m going corresponding ‥‥”, and does not especially also to topic ”

After his death in ’20, bereaved families will want to quietly spend.And what than Ozaki itself would be I want to sleep peacefully.

Leap year, lucky to strain February 29??

Although too late noticed, this month because it is a leap year this year it is up to the 29th.Asahi elementary school newspaper, has an article called “I often the 1st leap year this year”, near the end, these things have been written. 
Whether there is any impact of that there is a February 29 around your body, let’s look. Although children receive pocket money every day this month will get a lot one day, the child you are asked to put together one month will not change. Child that entrusts the money in the bank, the daily long minute this year, the number of interest, the amount you receive after one year will generally be a little more.Also in the watch, there is also a thing that does not correspond to the rules calendar function is pull out once leap year in 100 years.February 29, 1948 born writer, Jiro Akagawa will celebrate the birthday of “the first time in four years.”. Now when viewed historically, the United States stock market wonder stronger of February 29, or wonder weak.But the results of February 29 under the Dow index.

  Documentation: Bespoke Investment Group
Since the beginning of the US stock market in 1900, the market is experiencing a February 29 of 21 times, not so much putt better grades. 
Dow average performance of the index of February 29 is minus 0.05%. 
And intermediate value minus 0.22%. 
Dow’s index has become positive only seven times in 21 times. 
It is – this month the 29th Wednesday, but that February 29 became Wednesday There are three times, towards the victory or defeat is one win and two losses. 

– The last of the 29 February 2008.On this day the Dow index, became 2.51% of significant decline. (see the article: This is often the 1st leap year this year
Historical Market Performance on Leap Days)

Assailant at Shibuya Station station building

The 22nd, 16:00 too, NHK news reported that a woman was stabbed in the station building of the Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station.That consciousness in women are.In addition, the bites were is taken to a hospital by ambulance in the 60s women, we have received the allowance of.70-something woman who believed to have stabbed a woman, the agency was reported to have been secure custody.In Twitter, actually people of tweets witnessed the crime scene has also been posted “by being stabbed in the assailant in front of me there are people full of blood,” “I’m not blood vulgaris”, it’s the state that is abuzz.[Related information] [breaking] Shibuya assailant «suspect ensure already» (NAVER Summary)

[Iwanami Shoten] double standard of “internal documents” is Aburidasu employee recruitment

Article on “connector adoption” of Iwanami Shoten has been published in the Mainichi Shimbun.Of February 2012 dated 21 evening edition “Special Features Wide” It’s article “in Iwanami Shoten, application guidelines of ripples author” Cooperation “request, was present” internal documents “”.It is not appeared in the text, but the author was interviewed of Uramatsu Joji reporter who wrote the same article.And we had you show an “internal document”.

“Cunning!”.Read the document, it was thought so.What Ino cheating.First, get an excerpt of “internal documents” and is allowed to quote from the same article.


A4 and is printed in horizontal to the paper, the date last year December 21, the caller’s Director of General Affairs Department.

And if as has been written here, out of the thousands scale of authors have published a book from the company, students who are in the periphery of the part of the author has promised there is “everyday relations”, “cooperation during the employee recruitment” Do but not to the fact that suddenly advantageous.In general the students, not way of knowing a special author was asked to “introduction” to Iwanami, it could end the long-awaited effort also futility of order to get a letter of introduction.

The last time, at the stage that I wrote the article, that it is necessary to introduce by the author or employees Qualifications to be “published” was questioned.Hundred step is giving up, and trying to such a also introduced’s Ali.Of course, students can or take the author and contact making the book from Iwanami Shoten, will or got a letter of introduction.However, in the interior of Iwanami, to narrow down sieved the author to the “part of the author”, in which the basis of the applicants whether introduction of its author (Iwanami side, but has denied it in the article).”Internal documents” is either not content without even being read so how.

In addition, the “Who is to say that the same Iwanami of the author, in what referral, not supposed to have no effect on the adoption of a place called.In fact, as it is to not a few seminar graduates of famous authors to employees “, and Mr. Iwanami employees remarks, such as supporting the contents of the” internal document “.So, what happens to students who brought the name without the author of the letter of introduction to the “request list” is.

General Manager of Iwanami is in the same article, “if it is even (letter of introduction) attached to the application document, whether it is those of anyone, not the stomach to reflect the selection process after all is the fact that” I have said.That said, Well to make a such as “request list”, “request form and application guidelines” or not than there is no sense to be sent from the General Affairs Department.

Male students that appeared in the same article, on reading the “internal document”, are amazed to the “double standard” of Iwanami.The author, although I think is ridiculous itself that announced the employee application guidelines that could be perceived as “kneading adoption”, criteria such as not announced in addition is already an open than that was in the house not mouth is clogged.

As it were to Iwanami, it seems that it was not expecting such to become each such major.Did thinking of Abiyo public attention over the little employee recruitment has changed.Or, for that many have come to apply for adoption frame of the small number of people, it might be of the correspondence of the end of trouble in the Gachi.But, if this employment ice age and only students who have been purposely limited to the time that is to happen to “publish” the essential point such that there is application of qualification called, or would was not be expected that the voice of criticism is raised.It is really stupid.

Regardless what to, there is little such as those or a fair or an equality.Such a thing has also noticed students.On the other hand, even in such a tough situation, it is also important to have a dream and hope for work that students responsible for tomorrow to work now.To say, after reading the Iwanami employee application guidelines, the majority of students feel like there is no feel to have such a dream and hope is to.By this point, it is formal, and the thing to recruit employees in a fair manner equality is significant author think.

Iwanami, whether in any way, than is we should have quietly to the employees recruited in silence.

(Shigeru Tanigawa)

It is not calm “this year that the goal is not goodbye” Ronbu Atsushi lover rumors

Entertainment coverage history more than 30 years, taboo knowing of veteran journalists, dig a deep work of a man and a woman lying on the back side of the entertainment industry.

Atsushi of London Boots No. 1 No. 2 Tamura, a popular model, which is a partner who spent this year in the New Year in Hawaii Yano MiNoriko.Atsushi is that it was said, “that no farewell to this year’s goal” in the production announcement of a new program that was made after the return home, but have hinted the first time in “serious relationship” with Yano, come true really hope Atsushi is whether.The author becomes anxiety a little recently, from officials close the modeling industry, “Yano is a child, such as eat a” total Scandic “from the model companion.Jun does not last long and.Two men without constantly quarrel, but I because was obtained already Atsushi We have heard rumors that began to put the distance “the information that.

To Namie Amuro and the catastrophe was Atsushi, a new lover that Yano was discovered last year in August.Then, although the remarks acknowledge the ardent love of Jun in some events as a “lover has” Yano and, either model is the author of Yano is’ there is a really popular one, “” hottest entertainer of partners that child like Tsutomaru “it is a question such as had dogged.Such folding, the deal with “Why Jun woman like a Yano from the acquaintance of the model?  Incredible.Drunk is to bad, bad man habit.I have heard that unpleasant Woman “.Initially, I was wondering also whether jealousy sincerely came out saying the same trade.However, then, from the officials of the preceding model industry, and he Yano knew that the hated from many models companion.This is not calm.

According to the officials, Yano to sudden change and liquor enters, and that is without regard opponent as “Anta I …” start the dissed.It also, because the origin of Yano Osaka he abusive in tough Kansai dialect, opponent of pride he seems hurt to shreds.Yano is likely there is a feel of Shuran.That further but man relationship, the Yano had a boyfriend photographer before you sell.Although the boyfriend has been cooperation on sale of Yano, Yano’s so went transfer the man one after another.Is a former member of TVXQ, was also that it is now JJ and rumors of the current · JYJ.It seems significant aggressively to men.

Glitz of the opposite sex friendship, there are close to Atsushi.Although probably mind fit in such a plane, man habit aside, If you get bad drunk, and probably collide in friendly Atsushi to how much women.That’s why, come out rumors that fight is not extinct.Atsushi also because much listed the goal is “that no farewell”, might already holding a sense of crisis.Or catastrophe is not a matter of time.
(Statement = Kei Honda)

(※ Image: from “Quick Japan 97” / Ohta Publishing)

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Todai OB “mathematics is not required in life, enough arithmetic” is directly connected to the NG work ability

In Western society, the elite and the top is referred to as a science (science undergraduate) is large, in recent years, that science in Japan has become more.That said, these days, which is said to be such as “student of science away”, there is a “Mathematics” in big turning point when selecting the science and the humanities.In fact, liberal arts selector that “there is no math required for life! Sufficient arithmetic level!” A lot.

Yohei Mr. human resources consultant Tsunemi to recite the theory that “In the end important is the estate steward” is, “in junior high school and high school students age, who honed the mathematical sense of a strong also work” to analyze and.Polish and is a math sense of, not only say that problem is solved, but thing that polish and how to to solve the elegant smarter, How can you hone the sense if?

The direction to pursue a solution that sense, people in the know in the reference book “quest of the solution” (Tokyo Press), there is such as “elegant entrance examination problem solving Collection” (modern mathematics, Inc., Ishitani Shigeru Author).There are also voices that too advanced, I is a reference book that continue to be loved mathematically Favorite.

Such circumstances, it’s in offered a correspondence course “Shinkenzemi Todai Special Lecture √T” that focused target also Benesse Corporation Tokyo University wannabe.In the same course, from the University of Tokyo entrance examination on the day of February 26th 20:30, the day the only of the University of Tokyo math problem was done “beautifully” to perform a commentary video lecture to solve.

The larger the process up to get to the answer is accustomed to complicated, induce a careless mistake.Furthermore, it will be exhaustion in the middle, and ends while unable to resolve the problem (“untidy solution”) -.If, is not that the process that was come to simple.In clean and organize the way, but “beautiful solution” is to get to the answer.

For Todai pass at the company as an active force for the “beautiful solution” is to, as “beautiful solution” and “untidy solution”, to prepare the posters were compared side-by-side or where is the difference between the two solutions.In “it is understood appreciated by people” content, and began sticking to the nearest station of the challenges high school to be ranked consistently high in the Tokyo University Goukakushasu rankings, to stimulate the students of the challenges high school.

Supra posters have been posted on the nearest station, the University of Tokyo graduate born in private Azabu High School, “beautiful” for the solution “(initially) often is a concept that does not notice quite” talks about the experience of.And, “Do come to mind is this kind of idea why? By considering, and that the shortest distance possible to train the intuition and logical thinking that reach the answer “.

“(Mathematics and directly unrelated to) when only brute force was bumped into a problem that can not be solved, then the imagination and logical thinking that it was forged that can be applied, there may be” (supra, Azabu High School graduate person)

Mihoko Yamada “I know Tanaka everyone Actually, tampered with Nanbo”

Beat Takeshi, Yoshiko Sakurai, Morinaga Takuro, Katsuya Makoto彦, Yoshida Australia, such as Mihoko Yamada, unique polemic originates the “opinion” of the newly written each issue “e-mail magazine NEWS Post Seven”.In the third issue of the issued February 17, to analyze the familiar TBS · Tanaka Minami hole with Yamada Mihoko Mr. “flirts” character of broadcasting writer.It seems it’s Tanaka Minami Ana which is said to be part in the “Women’s Ana hates women”, but views of Mr. Yamada was not the case.

* * *

In “Sunday Japon” Ask remembering corner called “information live Minami-ya”, Tanaka Minami Ana coming out to Fujimori Shingo from the strong and the location of Ayako Nishikawa teachers and Oriental radio.Middle Kokkuri the nod habit of talking, either did not Could fix in training, what are we doing on purpose ….It would be probably the latter.Moreover, when Tanaka Minami Ana nodded, called “Pape”, playfully was SE (sound effect) is attached.

In the “Super Karakuri TV of saury”, also Shizu-chan and many times of Nankai Candies that does not allow flirts Tanaka Minami Ana many times confrontation.Or forced to a harsh game that stretched its most common body in variety, even if planted the Shot, Tanaka Minami Ana persevere without unpleasant face I I’m really thought Elias.

In the past to TBS, Shindo Akiko holes and who left the company to say you do not want to do the late-night program wearing Nante pajamas, already but free to step down the program on the grounds that “different is that you want to do the needs and their own from the production side.” there are Kojima Keiko “senior”.

But Tanaka Minami Ana would’re sweeping trained in the field of variety.Must not have felt like that properly found that he is a “tampered with Nanbo”.

※ The full article I read in the No. 3 “e-mail magazine NEWS Post Seven” of the current in the delivery.

“E-mail magazine NEWS Post Seven”