Prius to talk to a user tweets.Sales Force Toyota and alliance

Social networks and cloud is going to change the big society.Alliance of ‘and Toyota, trying to achieve in a visible manner it clearly.


I’ll show you the pattern of presentation that took place in May 23.

challenge to become a presence that car is loved

Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said.

March 9, announced ideal situation in Toyota, showed a way to go to “Toyota Global Vision”.”I think because of the smile, beyond expectations” to want and services for car is put.

It is thought that to challenge the new initiatives and is important in order to achieve this.So I agreed to the alliance for the joint construction with and the “Toyota Friend”.


The Toyota friends, new communication service that connects people, car, dealer, manufacturer.Toyota has developed a telematic service of its own so far, but was determined to be constructed in partnership with and the new service in conjunction with this.

January of this year, met with Marc Benioff of ‘s CEO at the Detroit Motor Show.I liked a lot the idea of ​​the proposed Toyota friends concept in that time, the car is to participate in social networks, the name “Toyota Friend”.

Car is also required for the next 100 years, I think do not challenge one to become a presence to be loved.

Through the work with and that has carved a cloud, if Toyota will be changed, you have expectations.

Marc Benioff, on stage.


It is thought that it is important for ‘that through the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to cooperate with Japan more than ever, to go to invest, you are happy sincerely to partner with Toyota.

Major changes have taken place in the mobile space now.Major social phenomenon of social networks is happening, and also are happening all over the world, not only in Japan this.Changes such as the plug-in hybrid vehicle is happening also in car.

Toyota Friend initiative, something that would present it is possible to move around social networks, such as YouTube or Faceboo mixi and car with the identity, and, to link customer, service center, as well as factory.

Chatter ‘is in this core technology.It is possible to combine the best part of Toyota and the best part of ‘by this.

¥ 10 million player picture book vol.2 annual income – (Team Leader) “extraordinary taste manga cafe” major movie company business

Morita said that while the experience of changing jobs twice, it was not made to stand in the aspect of annual income down even once so far.And you are to get a job that turned to inexperienced job, while being a challenge to the popular company with twice, I want slip through the magnificent strait gate.I hit the career story of what secret is Mr. Morita … what is hidden on earth on the back side of the challenging up and steady annual income up.

Q. I have quit mid-sized publishers in the turnover for the second time, the leading watch manufacturers in the turnover of the first time.Although I think both company’s popular considerable.Both companies It is certainly excellent company.I think people that the choice to change jobs like me that’s rare.However, the watch manufacturer of one company first, I felt a challenging corporate culture that is left and the environment to be active globally for several years and I joined, but those basic was a route sales, to work gradually and I had no longer feel the freshness.Feeling that “I want to try yourself in a challenging environment more” went stronger with each passing day.So, did you apply for the marketing of a certain publisher that was found in the Job section of the newspaper by chance.

Q. It is great for no marketing experience, Nantes pass the publisher of popular.Did you have ever appeal to something special?Time of interview, two people interviewer of men, there were one person interviewer women.It is a story that I heard from later, whereas’ve spoken to see the only man that was sitting in the middle, the person who interviewed me other than, look evenly the human face of all three is just me It’s seems to have a story..

Q. Although you surprised even turned the first time are experiencing three years marketing, that engaged in M ​​& A is next.Research and analysis of the magazines I was interesting, but I began to think I want to make the media to enter the site actually.Joining is determined to publishers now, it becomes assigned to the M & A division by some freak coincidence, it was decided to walk that investment company or making rather than the media, career seemingly roundabout.But there are also projects that you have worked by chance and personal connections that I cultivated in the work that was the company of the broadband system, seconded to the film company was the desire is to buy that expertise is I was decided.Job that I walked certainly is falling apart, but since the carrier is a key or have in common, was or was rare, chance I guess not it be came in microcomputer.

Q. Weekly holiday I seems to have been driven into the work and decide one day on a voluntary basis now.You may have some if the other sales and lease of broadcasting rights and video rights, or soliciting contributions to the right, and you can sell it to make a video to put up a project from scratch on their own In addition, the time is sufficient and even how much I do not.that the company itself has just been established, and because it is groping broadband business also just started, you need to do is pile.

Q. You are lively, even while feeling great responsibility and pressure is, do you work fun again.Because I mean that harbored an ambition to feel the thrill of a guru to be involved every day in my favorite movie, go to establish an entirely new media, that I’ll become a film company No.1 near future Asia, and not boring It ‘s is not (laughs).
However, that which a new media is also by breaking the existing media, unfortunately – it’s hard to understand.It has day-to-day conflict, and I side-by-side with the severity.How much will 80% satisfaction bluntly.

Q. To earn 10 million yen, do you think should be changing jobs again.I think of Firefox 3.0 change jobs for money to be a little different.You should consider the preferred “rewarding work” still.It is a thing you should do your best at work and the environment their chosen, money will follow later.But when you change jobs at least, who had been examined about whether there is ¥ 10 million players to the job change destination I might say.

Mr. Morita valuable holiday a day of stood in the week, that they Iribita~tsu manga cafe exclusively.My recent favorite is I hear that feature cartoon “Dragon (Ron)” and.Morita, who is not afraid of risk career change, and Tsukisusumi to positive the way I want to do my own always, look to whether the clear and lightly also annual income of 10 million yen.The difference that it is extraordinary to taste manga cafe, I could not help but feel a sense of intimacy such refresh method of his, (laughs).Future, if he built me ​​a convenient broadband media and how much fun, it is very fun.
(Information Sources: @ type)

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Massive explosion in China factory production of “iPad”, a sense of caution to SoftBank also growing

Softbank is dull.Multi-function mobile devices Apple “iPad (Aipa~tsu
That in China factory to produce de) “, there was a massive explosion is anaerobic.

The plant is the main production base of “iPad”, seems to have stopped production.The only impact is limited
It is however, such as the prospect of resumption of operations has not been revealed, production scale in China in the future
Concerns about the picture remains, to a situation where caution to the company also increased.

The change without constitution of the Mizuho group!

Fear of rocking the boat and hiding constitution of Mizuho group seems not seen any change regime be renewed apparently.


For information about new this system of Mizuho group, I will be (May 23) is a press release today officially.

But it’s way problem is that, of the announcement.Mizuho group side, are going to, do a presentation at the Bank of Japan Press Club.

First of all rare unreleased recently, namely the Bank of Japan press club,’s a press club participation is not observed in the Press Club non-members.However the Bank of Japan Press Club’s reluctant to release even the unavoidable part also would some.That conference field of this press club is set to internal Bank of Japan in the first place, is a security problem would occur definitely if you have decided to release.There is also that facility of the Bank of Japan in addition, capacity is he abnormally small.

I, he requested a conference in the Bank of Japan press club other than to Mizuho group partly because such, but had been dismissed too easily.

It would be nice to see Mizuho Group, and stuck to the conference held at the Bank of Japan press club being conscious to be honest.And, and it is an aim, it would be roughly as follows.

The first place conference this time, it is real intention in an interview a negative, it’s that want to avoid it if you can help it, no doubt for the Mizuho group.But I just can not go from also why, to open reluctantly press conference, but that, want to minimize the risk for.So, I was thinking to open the conference was limited to members of the press club which can be called the “relatives” in a certain sense, and that I should Nigoso for your tea time being.

This is not a selfish my imagination.The thing to point out active duty clerk of Mizuho Financial Group (number) is a large selection of mouth.

This bank, there is no manner of speaking and only a thoroughly rotten.

Hurt is not only Itasha! [G Festa 2011] pain pain motorcycle

It’s painful to a two-dimensional character is is not the only Itasha.
Pain motorcycle you have hurt the bike is also present fairly, the figure of motorcycle pain of a fine volume was also seen in pain venue of G Festa.Or for room to put a sticker is required, road bike full cowl is, I’d like the mainstream if you are hurt on the sticker as Itasha bike.
Color Rings these I look good things of design originally avant-garde so many bike full cowl.

Also fellows are making original cowl unique Nakaniwa.The only sister of the ring To Heart2, character is egg-shaped cowl?
In fact, the base of this place I’m an electric scooter Tteyuu “Motaponko”.And novelty of front drive! It is truly maniac.
And I’m a scooter may look past this article …

Marisa riding a Pokebai also – It is down fun

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200 million yen over year total compensation TEPCO adviser, 21 people

TEPCO, announced that it is 200 million 19 million yen year total compensation of 21 people company adviser.The thing that the 21st May 2011, it was revealed for the first time, it was announced only persons in the past.You have to reduce to 13 people since July as part of the restructuring, the total will be 98 million yen.In addition, four people in the 21 was a bureaucrat OB.

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Character Love Korezo! “Asahina” full! [Ita G Festa 2011]

Things that are often said “Itasha is a method of one of endearment to the character, the body is a canvas to express it” and.
It is a pain G Festa 2011 leave people think of, it is on display Itasha full of love, but I’ve found a Itasha shining conspicuously in the.
To appear in The Melancholy of the character “are loved” is, “Asahina”.Representation can feel affection for each place of the car … Can you seen.

If you had up to this point, I would a Itasha it is well ….Not satisfied to simply wrapping the car, this woman has fully become a character himself what.(Maybe …)
In addition to the front of the car, until the chocolate which designed the car itself by!

The character is poured the love of so far, I wonder it would be happy it.
P.N.: nh.

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Or serve as the hit following the non-alcoholic beer shochu appearance at last

In the plateau, non-alcoholic beer has increased sales beer demand.So, shochu manufacturers began selling the “non-alcohol shochu”.

While beer domestic demand sluggish, poured into one after another new products low-malt beer and health-oriented, such as carbohydrate calories and zero off, and third beer, companies are trying to Yobiokoso demand.However, there is also the influence of alcohol away from young people, demand does not extend to think.There’s been noted, it’s non-alcoholic beer.

Among them, I may say beer style sodas 0.00% alcohol content of the world’s first, since its launch in April 2009, non-alcoholic beer Kirin “giraffe free”, are gaining popularity.Domestic shipments of 2010 of “giraffe-free” 520 million cases.Given that the number of annual sales plan originally released was the 630 000 case, it would be nice to say a hit considerable.

It has had its eyes on a survey of consumers, shochu maker of Kagoshima Prefecture.According to the Kagoshima Prefecture brewing union, Shochu shipments of Kagoshima Prefecture internal production of (June July to the following year) in fiscal 2009 144,804 km liter, decrease is followed by a peak of 155,900 km liter in 2006.Therefore, the aim of hit products following the non-alcoholic beer, brewing manufacturer of Kagoshima Prefecture began the sale of non-alcoholic shochu.

It was released the non-alcoholic shochu of 0.00% alcohol content is, Obasa brewing Kagoshima Prefecture Hioki.Since the charge as from rice malt and sweet potato in Kagoshima Prefecture, it is distilled, it is possible that while being a non-alcoholic, and enjoy the deep flavor and rich aroma of shochu.In addition, calorie and carbohydrate also is zero, it’s also recommended for health-conscious person.Trade name “Kozuru ZERO”.230 yen is the price of one small bottle of 300 ml.I can buy, such as mail order on the Internet.

The non-alcoholic home of shochu shochu “Kagoshima” departure from, or become a hit following the non-alcoholic beer, eyes will in future.

· 10 million yen annual income exceeded “beer company well-paid” at the age of 40
– Is lower than in ’30 before meals of boarders, the 1st in the “783 yen”
And methods to undergo LASIK surgery, at his own expense almost zero
And pressure spats, successive trouble of health

Isamu Saito, Hideyuki Kato [Author]

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30th anniversary of entering the Chinese market, Shiseido human resource development project that dream come true

Ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the start of business in China Shiseido was held in Beijing Hanten.”Shiseido Jae China ’30” exhibition corner is provided at the venue of the ceremony, start-up of the “human resource development project that dream come true” was also presented at the ceremony.China Radio International has reported.

Shinzo Maeda, president of Shiseido, introduction that it is a thing that was derived from the passage of the Chinese “I Ching” and “ten thousand students 于此 goods” company name of “Shiseido”.In addition, with the feeling of giving back to the thing that I had a “company name, Maeda president is to help you to more beautiful women many also one of China.Was, “said I want to make an effort in the future as this mission.After a visit to Beijing in December 1980, it signed a cooperation agreement with China first light industry station, Yoshiharu Fukuhara honorary chairman, called the pioneer of China business of Shiseido deployment officially China business of Shiseido from 1981.Sales in the company’s China, has maintained an annual growth rate of 2 digits consistently since 2003, accounting for about 10% of the sales of Shiseido overall in 2010.

.Human resource development and one.Of local people want to grow up.It, “he said in the hope I think I work he’s a very important, human resource development is a big point as the growth of the company.

While operations in China, some of course be different in “during the day, the difference up to one enlighten each other in reverse, Inagaki SaiwaiAkira Division Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. see what new The story was that it “became a power to issue.(Editors: Kenji Murayama)

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Identity of China money seeking the other CIC Japan $ 200 billion of capital

Foreign investors owns about 60% of Japanese stocks, but it is “China Money” recently,’s increasing presence among them.What identity of China money flowing into Japan or not.Mr. Zhu flame of Takushoku University, department of politics and economics professor to explain.

Subject of China money likely to flow into Japan is high, divided into four major.

[1] China investment (CIC)

In sovereign wealth funds of China, over half have been with foreign investment frame of the $ 200 billion capital.While laden loss in convertible bonds of Morgan Stanley and Blackstone strain had been invested in the financial crisis, and aggressive foreign investment again from 2009 in the hand the listing gains in the stock of domestic financial institutions that were directed to domestic.In the report submitted the U.S. SEC on (Securities and Exchange Commission) in February 2010, that it had invested the $ 9.627 billion total to 84 companies of the United States listed by the end of 2009 has been revealed.

However, this is merely one end, investments and the remaining were not disclosed.Seen likely to be invested in Japan using the funds are large shareholders shares of Japanese companies such as “OD 05” and high.

[2] State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE)

The operational foreign exchange reserves of more than 2 trillion $ 800 billion.I found U.S. Treasury bonds accounted for approximately $ 900 billion of which, with the remainder being invested in government bonds, such as the yen and euro.That more than 2 trillion yen was also sold Japanese government bonds in August last year has been found, but it is showing a move like buying long-term bonds while selling short-term bonds then.

[3] National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

This is a public pension fund in China, history is longer than the CIC as investment managers.Expected to total current assets amounts to (about 127.5 billion U.S. dollars), but 850 billion yuan, equal to 1 trillion yuan at the end of 2011.20% are able to operate government bonds and corporate bonds, the stock of them overseas, but the breakdown has not been published.

[4] qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII)

The approval of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, (bank, securities, and life insurance) and financial institutions in China that trading in financial markets overseas are observed, amounted to 88 companies As of the end of last year, investment of $ 68.3 billion I have reached the.It has invested in composition the fund in each financial institution, counted about 250 lines just to bank-affiliated funds, without any one of them fund that has fallen into negative in investment performance, 90% of them that are profitable.

In addition to these, not only listed companies such as Laox and Renown, the acquisition of Japanese companies by the Chinese companies have ranged widely component suppliers and machinery manufacturers of unlisted.In addition, a move to buy the forest land and around Japan Chinese system that lives in Indonesia and Singapore, the so-called “Chinese Money” is also Prominent to come here also it would be fact.

There is also a pair of medium-allergic Japanese side, it is hard to say it will expand at a stretch future, but it is seen as a “cheap” assets in Japan, including both Japanese stocks.From the implications of diversified investment in overseas, inflows into Japan will continue.

※ 5 May 2011 issue Money Post

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