Sony and Toshiba to integrate the LCD business of growth areas -.In terms of the PPM theory, speculation of the two companies …

7 days away June, media companies were reported Toshiba and Sony is to integrate small and medium-sized liquid crystal panel business.

A small LCD panel, and an LCD that is used on the screen of the tablet devices of Apple, such as smart phones and “iPad” in that it was the subject of business integration.There is a feature that can be operated by touching the screen with your finger, and smooth operation feeling of the touch panel, characteristic quality, such as low power consumption is required, it is a product that requires increased functionality than large panels to be used by, for example, a liquid crystal TV.

Market of small and medium-sized liquid crystal 1 trillion 783 billion yen in 2010.Market growth of 25% is expected, before any growth is the field of double-digit growth is presumed a few years from now this year.Madashimo if decline field is what Sony and Toshiba is looking good also go to do alone if such a growth area, but why go ahead in business integration, such questions also have springs.

This time, use the analysis tool product portfolio management of (PPM), why Toshiba and Sony is whether to go ahead business integration, we will unravel the competitive strategy of the future and the background.

First, let’s look at the current market share of small and medium-sized liquid crystal panel.

The small and medium-sized LCD market, manufacturers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan accounted for share of the top, Sharp of Japan, 2-position has become of Taiwan Chi Mei Optoelectronics Samsung Electronics of South Korea, the 3-position is 1 share in.Sony and Toshiba is located in 7 positions 4 and each.When summing the share of Sony and Toshiba, you will be next to 15.3%, go to the front suddenly Unplug the 14.8% of Sharp.For electronics manufacturers in the field of Japan losing ground in many cases to Taiwan manufacturers and Korean manufacturers, it is the product areas of superiority technical and few share basis.

Following is here

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I METI, Shame! Has created a high electricity prices – the world do you not YOU?

From Yomiuri Shimbun dated 13.Estimated to be 1,000 yen up electricity bill … home if all primary stop

Estimate is based on the premise that you do not take into account the fuel cost adjustment system to lower the electricity rates in response to changes in the exchange and unit price of fuel, power company does not carry out drastic revision of the fee.It is also possible that the world supply and demand of fuel shortage if or (tight), electricity prices to rise further.
On the basis, such as the import price of LNG in April of this year, fuel procurement costs of thermal power of 12 fiscal year that increased by 3 trillion 473 billion yen from FY2010.If you passed on to electricity prices, resulting in price increases 3.7 yen per kilo watt-hours per.
(06 minutes Yomiuri Shimbun 22:00 June 13, 2011)

Original report is here.The power supply and demand analysis of fiscal 2012 related to the presence or absence of re-operation of nuclear power
.The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan officer roster
It is a thing if there is Renhou’s guts, the business still sorting if, punishment that hit unless I give it to rest in peace what Thankfully foundation like this.

I METI, and with them write lantern (lantern) report to the golden parachute Foundation at this timing, Shame.
It is a thing waste of electricity, waste of resources, existence of the foundation that such waste of tax.
You should immediately terminate the randomness that can not be private mechanism of pricing power company TEPCO beginning that holds simply because there is no regional monopoly of rival First “FDC method”.

Because there is a “comprehensive cost method”, cost consciousness is always a zero profit because exits back cost it takes, these are not being reflected in electricity prices high all.
A very interesting article appeared in (24 Jun.) weekly post this week’s issue.The 30% reduction in electricity charges contracted with another skilled in the Tachikawa velodrome de-TEPCO

Remarks Tanaka Jun也-manager of the city’s administrative management department in the article.I am going knew that it cheaper “estimate stage, but when the first bill arrives, it is enough to could not believe his eyes as” what makes so cheap “.In comparison with May, the amount of the 2009 is 4.8 million yen at about 160 000 kWh.It has increased 200,000 kWh 10 years, but was 3.8 million yen ”
This year, it conducted a competitive bidding of “power supply” in the public facilities of 53 places such as libraries and elementary and junior high schools in the city of Tachikawa.Then PPS was successful bid amount of money about 20% cheaper than TEPCO facilities of all.It is surprising because it says “If you include the velodrome, the electricity bill of the year the city is expected to be about 50 million yen, down year” and (same as above).
 More specific scale electricity operators (PPS) is is cheap also 30 percent power rate than the power company.
.Start a business, starting with power retail business start of Kansai Electric Power tube from July 1, 2001, we have reached the present to start the retail business at Chubu Electric Power tract from October 1 of the same year the Summit Energy.
In addition to retail in the area of ​​60Hz, and to build a power plant more than one as a new power source, and also started business in eastern Japan is 50Hz area from 2004.
It plays an important role as a power plant to make electricity competitive to be able to overcome the competition and the power company in liberalization field that seems future increasingly become strict power plants of these three.

It’s not only this but Summit Energy, PPS many PPS business lower the selling price in the corporate efforts while adopted as a management strategy for green energy such as biomass I has developed a tough competition with each other’s.
Lord of business “FDC method”, and would do it blown away if exposed to market principles is no unreasonable.
Electricity rate drops to ensure that if the power Susumere liberalization more.

Reason for Control of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Agency’s why you do not know the reason at all that “the point of view of consumer protection,” but that it is to protect the regional monopoly in households with a sweet most power companies are obvious.
A result, the random “FDC method” is also of are protected by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

I announced the lantern estimated electricity charges becomes high ¥ 1,000 per month further ministry affiliated organization is if all primary stop.
It is a threat to the public electricity prices is the highest in the world and I go up again if this goes on.

I METI, Shame.
Has created the electricity rate is the highest in the world do you not YOU?

Japanese retail investors

Although would be felt even at the venue of charity seminar yesterday,
Individual Japanese investors cup too low when the market is weak.
This is the same thing institutional investors be limited to individual.
However, since I’m doing get paid in the case of institutional investors,
You become depressed when performance is not likely to rise can not be helped.

However, regardless of the salary in the case of individual.
A problem of their property whether increase, does not matter and evaluation of others.
Rather, spirit and your chance is supposed must rise about when bad market environment.
Stock prices of companies that have established that this is the aim is because of low profusely,
There is no reason you do not want to call out to buy to say thank you.

It is, that’s out of sorts at all it would do that mean hell?
Though it is low long-awaited, Why would not buy?

For one thing, not to buy in a hurry because it may lower still,
It may be that with the investment strategy of carefully’ll wait.
Why would do I do this in love with it, but the face anxious does not suit.
And though may be a little more eerie Futebuteshiku face.

Or, Xianfeng also investors may be bought, but will not know what you may buy.
While it is typical example of Japanese stock market investors chasing type market is large,
I can not I buy an individual stock quickly at the discretion of their intention.
It bought me someone to lead,
Habit that you want to Tobinoro strains signs likely rise has increased is, they’ve crowded stain to the bone.

Such investors is large, in the market environment such as now,
It means that deployment of mingled desire to tell followed by a slurping and what a feeling of anxiety may I buy.

We’re long-term investors, there is no time keeping company with our people and of such indecision.
In between cheap, let us buy many even one share.

Vagus of trade policy postponement TPP “excuse” is the earthquake and agricultural issues

decision whether or not to participate in the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement that Prime Minister Naoto Kan ‘s enthusiastic to be a “foundation of a country of the Heisei” is postponed.I’m making progress while the Japanese are busy in restoration and reconstruction of the earthquake, trade negotiations around the world steadily.Prime Minister resignation, large coalition whispered, amid uncertainty of the political situation increases, trade policy in Japan is approaching a major crossroads.

I do not know, “Prime Minister Naoto Kan resignation is a rich, who will attend the Japan-US summit meeting of September.Scenario for the participation of assertion (TPP) Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement went mad because of this meeting ─ ─ ”

Foreign Ministry officials there is concerned that axis foot of trade policy can not be determined by the occurrence of political vacuum.

But, even under Prime Minister Naoto Kan, it was a political decision, while delay.Initially, the government had plans to establish by the end of June whether to join the TPP that US-led but, May 17, review the priorities of economic policy based on the Great East Japan Earthquake “policy promotion guidelines” is approved by the Cabinet was.To do this, you consideration feelings of farmers, fishermen, to concerns about the hollowing out of industry, it was only to be described as “consider the overall judgment about time”.At this point, the conclusion he was postponed.

On the other hand, trade liberalization negotiations of two advanced.In Japan, China and South Korea summit meeting, which was held in Tokyo on May 22, it was decided to hasten the industry-government-academia joint research is the earthmoving work towards Japan, China and South Korea free trade agreement (FTA), and ends by the end of the year.

In addition, May 28, Prime Minister Naoto Kan agreed to in Brussels, Belgium, is performed Summit fan Rompuy European Union (EU) president, and Barroso European Commission length, enters the preliminary negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

Trade policy of huge economic zone of three in the United States, Europe, and China have reached a turning point at the same time.Here, FTA, EPA, for TPP, let me recap.

(May Membership to the diamond online is required) here continues

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Power companies that they are necessary corresponding general meeting stringent “primary withdrawal” proposal after another shareholder

Part of the shareholders, such as Kansai Electric Power Co. and Tokyo Electric Power Company is seeking from nuclear power to “withdraw”.June 28, 2011, TEPCO to hold a general shareholders’ meeting on the 29th Kansai Electric Power, but was included as a shareholder proposal to bill in there.

The Board of Directors of the power companies has announced its intention of opposition to these proposals, but need to circulates the power of business after the nuclear accident, it is prepared for severe pursuit of shareholders is likely to have at the shareholders’ meeting.

According to “become a negative legacy of the children of the future” to the notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to TEPCO, it is proposed that the shareholders of 402 people added to the articles of incorporation to withdraw from nuclear power.This application claims the “should withdraw immediately from the nuclear power plant to leave a negative legacy to the children of the future, impose a burden on the local”, and stop and decommissioning in the order of (1) from the old nuclear power plant in the Articles of Incorporation (2) primary was raised so as to incorporate the two points – that does not perform the new construction and expansion of.


On the other hand, Kansai Electric Power submit a proposal to shareholders of 124 people to seek “primary withdrawal”.In response to what has been the release of substances in the line of fire TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, “to stop the nuclear power plant that can not be treatment of radioactivity,” as called for amendments to the articles of incorporation.was proposed to fit and that withdrawal to not be paid the executive compensation, and freezing of plutonium-thermal project.

36 people shareholder of another are also asked to mind the decommissioning of aging reactors more than 30 years of construction, to incorporate a “declaration of conversion to natural energy” in the Kansai Electric Power.


However, the Board of Directors of the Kansai Electric Power, expressed opposition to the proposal of these.”We are building the best power configuration with a focus on nuclear power, with the aim of a sustainable low-carbon society in the future” By, is seeking an understanding to shareholders.

Chubu Electric Power also have to stop the operation of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant to seek a shift to “business that sells power generation equipment”, the shareholders of Chubu Electric Power proposed decommissioning of Hamaokagenpatsu shareholders of 93 people.At the same time, as well as seek and “development of roadmap for the nuclear phase”, to withdraw from the all-electric policy, we have proposed “from business to sell to make electricity, conversion to business to sell by creating a power plant” the.It has been asked to decommissioning nuclear power plant order from 70 people shareholder outdated also Kyushu Electric Power, it is not even made a new nuclear power plant, the Board of Directors has expressed its opposition both.

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Cheating only one to destroy the relationship of all.

The other day, I’ve found my wife and I was using the Erotic Phone and Manami married woman next door. It was decided to discuss four people that act would have been open to her husband of Manami and inevitable. Two homes was good of mine is going to break from the old days it is not pilfering, but I’ve ended up loving Manami. Would that be charged a hefty alimony will be able to break up with his wife that you can not tell a lie to my heart. It is a worry Manami or not leave this thing.

Mr. Ohmae and not to fall price of properties built in ’50 is trading higher in Europe and the United States

Case (final value, residual value) approaches to the negative terminal value of the apartment has been one after another..However describes properties of “Built in ’50” is traded at a high price in Europe and the United States, Mr. Kenichi Ohmae of management consultant, points out the differences between Japan.

In the case of Europe and the United States, located in the premise is the idea of ​​”assets” eternal apartment, apartment was erected 50 years ago has been buying and selling at a higher price still Paris, London, and New York is.It is not necessarily more of new apartment is high even in the same region.For example, most of it built more than 50 years of area apartment facing Central Park in Manhattan, but there is no sign of fall from 200 million-500 million yen 1 units.

It’s obvious why “assets” eternal, apartment Western is to large renovated room.Appearance has become shiny very modern in the room, even old.

In Japan, the renovation to the room of the apartment there about over the money I have never seen.It is to the extent that re-cover the floor and wallpaper.The reason is simple.Apartment from Japan must be rebuilt After 50 years, is not yet the curious to renovation over a lot of money in the listings after 30 ~ 40 years all the way.

※ 17 Jun. 2011 Shukan Post

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Toyota expected to be 280 billion yen down 31 percent this fiscal year net income, expected to be 7.24 million units sold

[June 10, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo (east, large, name, tag, Fuku: 7203) Toyota Motor Corporation the 3rd, full-year consolidated results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 so far has been undecided, net income announced that it is expected to be 280 billion yen of 31% year-on-year decrease.This is a situation which need to be taken to risks, such as continued high unemployment rate in the United States and Europe and a rise in crude oil prices in the world economy, the time being from the damage of the Great East Japan Earthquake is a serious and wide-area, you have a profound effect on expected weak movement will continue.Scheduled to consolidated sales for the full year is 7.24 million units.

18 trillion yen, up 2 percent down, revenues expected to be 300 billion yen of the 36% decrease operating income.82 yen per U.S. dollar and as a premise is € 1 115 yen.[Ryo]

Publication summarizes the 50% discount? Coupon information [PR] famous restaurant! The “Nau Groupon!”

In [PR] attorney consultation alimony increase also “out-of-court traffic accident Navi”

Edano trigger a spate TEPCO debt downgrade “debt forgiveness” remark

Since May 2011, the corporate bond market after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the temporary stagnation has recovered, but only TEPCO bonds proud of the outstanding balance of the nation’s largest have come a different world.Downgraded by the rating company is one after another, Yukio Edano Chief Cabinet Secretary chanting “debt forgiveness” is the reality, corporate bond market as a whole can not be denied even upset possibility again TEPCO bonds.

May 30, 11, the U.S. rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S & P) was cut two steps to “BB +” from “BBB” rating of the bonds TEPCO.

Edano remark later, plus interest rates are regarded as speculative grade BB + expand again, it’s rank of “investment grade”.TEPCO bonds being downgraded to here for the first time.In addition, I was cut five levels at once to “B +” from BBB indicate the creditworthiness of such force repayment of bank loans also “company rating”.

Reasons for the downgrade, S & P is that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident processing sound, and recorded a final deficit of about 1 trillion 200 billion yen in the year ended March 31, consolidated financial statements, 2011, the financial situation has deteriorated listed.It pointed out that the possibility that in addition to this, formal decision the nature and timing of government support to the damages of the nuclear power plant is opaque still, receive, such as interest rate reduction and exemption of an existing loan or debt forgiveness, the financial assistance from the banks is growing are.

Financial results for TEPCO to only have been published in the May 20 previous to the 10th, I have seen was pulled the trigger of the downgrade that he more likely of debt forgiveness.Edano Yukio Chief Cabinet Secretary was asked in public for the first time the debt forgiveness to financial institutions to finance the TEPCO It is May 13, but it shows the idea and repeatedly since then, the market has become nervous body.

To give a rating of apposition and government bonds before the earthquake, TEPCO bonds was one of the most high quality corporate bonds and about 0.1% plus interest on government bonds (spread), but the earthquake (interest rates soared) price crash.Spreads expanded to about 2.6 percent in mid-April was reduced to 2.2 percent once in early May, but about 2.9% at the time of the downgrade S & P Edano remark later, to expand again.I have more than 3 percent after downgrades.

If you’re called to dismantle the TEPCO to regain pre-quake level Excluding TEPCO, there will be debt forgiveness, but at least you do not change the premise that persist in his now, investment if it becomes “debt forgiveness This is because the concern of the house “will not be able to supply the money to TEPCO has spread.

After the earthquake, spreads to enlarge hung in TEPCO also bonds other than TEPCO, bond issue of April was limited to some, such as Nissan Motor Co., Ltd..However, spread also regained the level before the earthquake centered on stocks with creditworthy, such as the resumption of issuance and NTT Nippon Steel is one after another after May.I’m promoting the adjustment in the direction of issuing bonds in June and later also power company TEPCO and other non-Kyushu Electric Power and Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc..Behind also demand of investors facing corporate bonds, which celebrated its redemption period is strong.

Affect the greater of about 63 trillion yen corporate bond market of Japan, account for only 8% of the total and up to about 5 trillion yen outstanding balance TEPCO bonds.But for now, the situation improved in Kansai Electric Power is planning to issue bonds, you’ve come to situations in which they seek to “market normalization in TEPCO without”.

The problem is the feasibility of “debt forgiveness”.Kan administration resign become a matter of time, and the weight of the “Edano statement” also changed, but it’s unknown if the next administration is it will work with the TEPCO problem.Corporate bond market is likely to be to explore whether can be activated in the “TEPCO without” while anxiety.

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Towards the “skinny girls are” higher income than the “girls who are overweight”

Annual income is higher than girls who are overweight has been found that women are skinny.Although it is not true for all girls, but more women are thin on average that’s a lot of income.

This information, which is revealed by foreign media coverage “Time” (time).The news has become a hot topic on the Internet, I call the discussion.The media is was announced that cited an article in “Journal of Applied Psychology”, than women’s weight is heavy, light and girls are getting more income.

It has earn more $ 22,000 higher (1.76 million yen) than women of normal weight, the women of the on the small side, women overweight, was found to have suffered further economic loss.In addition, in this study, women that have been classified as “obese” and “super obesity”, that compared to women of normal weight, you lose $ 9,000 each (¥ 720,000), $ 19,000 a (1.52 million yen) But I was found.

In the case of men, it seems to have no change in annual income by weight.The results of this study, it is …… I wonder would also true in Japan really.Income and may increase diet! And to think that it would be unwise or?

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