Why serious arriving in mass retirement of the baby-boom generation of the “2012 problem” new graduates or did not wane even after the earthquake – Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University Professor Yoshio Higuchi

Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, which was ahead just before the full-scale recruitment.Reduction of 2012 new graduates count was concern initially from the impact, but the college recruitment plan number with a focus on large companies in fact show an increasing trend with (Nikkei Inc. survey) up 13.7% in ’11 spring ratio roast.It’s behind the adoption willingness of companies did not slow down, the baby boomer generation, which has been continued employment after retirement to retire from the labor market in large quantities it’s “2012 problem”.Speaking of mass retirement of the baby-boom generation, to remember hiring of new graduates has expanded the “2007 problem”, but I wonder what the difference is an issue in this time and at that time.And, future, 2012 issue what effect the labor market, companies, individuals.For some time, Keio University Professor Yoshio Higuchi, which has been concerned about the “2012 problem” reveals the future development of the essence of the problem.(Interviewer / Diamond Online Hayashi Kyoko)

Higuchi, Yoshio / Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University Professor.The University School of Commerce length.Born in Tochigi.Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University graduate.Keio University Graduate School of Commerce Ph.D., Doctor of Commercial Science.Through the Stanford University and Visiting Fellow,, incumbent. To serve the National Life Finance Corporation Research Institute length from April 2005 to September 2008, the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry Faculty Fellow until March 2007.Some “employment structure and the Japanese economy” (Toyo Keizai Inc.), “The Economics of unemployment and employment” and (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) to book.
Photo by Toshiaki Usami

– Despite the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March, recruitment plan and the number ratio of job offers to college with a focus on large companies remains undiminished.In the background, what reason or possible.

I also felt that it is better-than-expected growth, but it will be able to think about for two reasons.And by early improvement economic outlook of demand due to the earthquake reconstruction of early autumn, and one is of the baby-boom generation to compensate for young employees has continued to decrease due to the suppression of new graduates, we have been re-employment after retirement It’s because they prepare for the mass retirement.

Just say recruitment plan is to match the number of actual adoption, doubts about it.If you like bubble period, also tended to be such as to ensure the number even lower the quality to determine if it is less than on the number of recruitment plan, to the “number of people ADJUST”.Recently, however, companies that abort the adoption and even not reach the capacity of the planned, carefully select the quality has increased.Because by increasing the ratio of job, job market may not be a seller’s market, it should be noted that point.

– With the mass retirement of the baby-boom generation, which is called the “2007 problem”, new graduates ratio of job offers increased substantially, in ’08, in ’09 and reached 2.14 times the bubble period since (Recruit Works Institute is ” ratio of job offers to college Survey “).This year, the ratio of job offers to new graduates has risen again, but what was not sufficient in the countermeasure of the time.

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“Critics also reportedly Na to” the media high-speed rail accident Chinese authorities notification statement “exposure”

The Tour of rear-end collisions of high-speed rail in China, Chinese media tone of where you extracted the criticism of authorities violently, toned-down abruptly once.seen that the Chinese authorities issued a notice to be “official announcement other than should not be reported” or be the cause, but the contents of the notification statement and is exposed on the net, media side has continued to resistance.

Accident has occurred in thing of July 23, 2011, but the notice and “to use only state-run Xinhua News Agency article” was issued in the next day the 24th.However, there is no little effect this notification, voice to criticize the accident response after another from the media.In the 26th, Central Television announcer of state-owned (CCTV) complained tearfully investigate the cause.

It’s circulars strong again content Become a 29 day and night, but seems to have come up with notification of strong again content Become a 29 day and night, tone of media tone down at once.However, it “does not occur for free also fell” in the state, the center is said to be the China version of Twitter “Hiroshibi (U~eibo)” and clarify writing is one after another the actual situation of the press regulation if from Chinese media.

Taken together multiple writes, the contents of the notification from the Chinese Communist Party,

Concerning the special serious traffic accident of 23 “July, domestic and international public opinion has become more complex.And newspapers, in the web site, it is recommended that to cool down the news of the accident.That the trend other than the authorities announced the news of the positive side, not take any coverage.Things like that “you do not even critics.

The notification of this replacement article, several papers such as “ShinKyo-ho” has seemed to follow the newspapers, “21st Century Economic news” paper parties,

Is being written, “was scheduled to be published eight articles of the accident, but the ban because came in the evening, was replaced on the original temporary necessity” and.It is a pattern that newspaper “China Business Report”, “ShinKyo-ho”, “ten thousand Qianjiang Report” and “Hana Commerce Report” was forced to replacement of the newspaper article also other.

There is also a writing saying “in honor of the night shift that everyone was allowed to work the replacement of the article suddenly”.

Besides, it is seen to be due to the parties’ ShinKyo-ho ”

4 pages that were left by overlapping compromise to “compromise has become a dead issue.There is also a writing sad but unavoidable, and that “because do I have to eat more than 200 employees.If you disobeyed notice if, there is a possibility that in mind that strong measures such as ceased publication also possible.

Behind the tough stance of the Chinese authorities of a series, and that the criticism of the government and the Ministry of Railways will be expanded in a big way in the special paper plane Ahead say in Japan, “the seventh day after death”, look back on the accident point of view and are wary deep-rooted.

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Start a finalist in Facebook recruitment of public relations initiatives too beautiful Star securities, third generation

Initiative Star Securities, started from the 1st, the recruitment of the third generation of public relations public relations securities series too beautiful.

Following the primary audition by document review, the secondary audition by character examination, the final audition to compete in the number of clicks of a button Facebook “Likes” is performed this time.

In a healthy woman aged 20 years or older, regardless of the self-appointed, recommendation, application conditions are recruiting “people who have high aspirations that! Cheerful to Japan this depressed now”.PR too beautiful third generation elected finally, appeared to various media is planned as the company’s image character.

Recruitment and public relations page too beautiful
Initiative Star comprehensive securities information Web site

MONEYzine Editorial [Author]

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Territory of business is “the whole world”

It is a story of when you have previously attempted to introduce some software.It was thought that since it is not complicated, and may be selected by examining the functions of a software product commercially available.If you look at the function in the Internet, it was one Tsugamitsukari Mashi product of an American company bracts product of one company of Japan.As a result of contact you to fill in your email address here to Web contact form, reply came from the company of both.

There was contact you that wants to be informed of convenient time and ask you want detailed information about product features, since the visit from a Japanese company.There was a contact from an American company, since described in the Web conference, and that wants to be informed of a convenient time.You have a schedule adjustment and a Japanese company, but it was decided that you can visit the next week towards the business of the other party even if busy.There is also that there was a good schedule, coordination with the American company, has been setting the conference call the next day.

Because there is a time difference with the United States, of course, is a convenient time, this place has become the late night hours in the United States.However, by the “no problem meeting of the Internet can be from home”, the business gave us according to the hope of this place.

It was felt at that time, the territory salesman of this company of America, is that it’s the whole world.By using the Internet, location Wherever, No matter the time difference, “first visit” is is why she can immediately for customers.

In my experience, not that it has met the Japanese company “Product Description The first was Web conference” and.And has offices in Japan in the company of American and Hispanic, towards the sales of Japanese corporation comes to visit.Explanation of differences in business customs I get this, but we feel like there is a problem and you do not let it end with.

That they can visit you from the description of the first, that there are customers in the range that can be visited has become a prerequisite.Therefore, in order to protect its premise, many of the successful company it was born in rural areas, and has moved its head office in Tokyo that there are a lot of customers.In addition, to be able to visit customers in Japan, the Tokyo company, has been placed branches in rural.Of course, in-house mechanism has also been made on the assumption “visit”, and is built on the assumption that it will be bring course materials.

It is said (except for consumer products) Japanese companies, marketing is weak, but I think there is one end of the business due to this style this.If the movement to business is to visit individually from the beginning, that meet the needs of individual customers, the importance of marketing will decrease greatly.However, it is that there is a possibility of loss due to the fact that sales people can not visit, or visit delays are occurring.If there is a demand and that I want you to a description of the product from where there is no place of business, how do they deal? I think in the case of requests from abroad, even if there are no partners there is no place of business in the area, correspond to a difficult.

Book of Nagai Mr. alternative bloggers – in the “manners of value proposition strategy 50 in order to ensure customer centricity, to provide comfort to real”, “Priority of the time axis is different marketing and sales” and There is a description.Sales is that marketing that long-term perspective in the short-term point of view, but it feels like there is also a difference of whether global or local perspective point of view in addition to it.I think the fact that it has a long-term view of marketing, in order to as well as able to expand the business, and keep up with globalization, and I need a global perspective of marketing.

Chinese cyber attacks, personal information of 35 million people flow to major Korean web service – U.S. flower-shaped media

July 28, 2011, South Korea Korea Communications Commission announced that the personal information of 35 million people were flowing out by cyber attack from China.I was told the news site Beihanaji Ta維 News.

Portal site of SK Communications under the umbrella as “Nate” was a victim to social networking services (SNS) “Cyworld”.Number of members of the former is 25 million, the number of members of the latter 35 million.All the information is leaked.However case a member of both services are overlapping in many cases, the damage is expected to 35 million people in the largest.

[More Photos]

Did you spill, data password name, ID, email address, mobile phone number, encrypted, such as resident registration number.You have comments could be decipher and low SK Communications, but the damage of an increase in spam e-mail is expected.IP address of the attacking source that of China, the Korean side shows the view of the attack by the Chinese hackers.(Translation and editing / KT)

• The crime caught the group of buy and sell 12 million servings personal information from Chinese hackers – South Korea
-Negative, “the Chinese government is involved in the hacker attack on Google” and “China victim” – China Defense Director
• Start the investigation attack = FBI rice five major oil company China hackers “Night Dragon” – U.S. Magazine
And experience half of the hacker = net users in China who industrialization became a cyber attack – China
· Do you think high-speed rail [questionnaire] China’s rip-off of foreign manufacturers technology?

Apple’s record profits are holding more cash than the U.S. government, from government to get rich one company …

net income began to hit the record high for the 7.3 billion $ 10 million in the April-June period closing Apple recently announced.
I can ask the God of Apple sore it’s just another.

The company owns a huge cache of about $ 76 billion, but the cache that the U.S. government has currently $ 73.8 billion.
With only this comparison, Apple has become the rich from the United States at last.

Apple tying.
[The Atlantic; Shutterstock / bioraven]

mayumine (U.S. version)
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 Prime Minister of Canada bloggers Clash “public” next-generation CR-V prototype photos of cute cat in Google+ category from here for some reason you want to read together, Gekisha while being carried on a stretcher! How far from being allowed in Apple Store? (With video)

Fake “government criticism with tears” of the tabloid show report] Chinese state television female caster?

Amid criticism has been ejected from home and abroad circulates the correspondence of China high-speed rail accident, change is also reflected in Chinese media.To convey the policy of government and Communist Party in many cases, (July 2011) the 26th, unusual in tears woman caster clog the voice in the China Central Television of state television, which is said to be the tongue such as the throat of the government and the party I made a government criticism.

About the accident, “Why Minaose meaning of development” high-speed rail accident woman caster How can travel is such a “dangerous system.I started talking with the “hope that you review the purpose and meaning of development.And, mentioned that it was discovered after the girl of 2 years has aborted a rescue operation, “the Ministry of Railways said the miracle, but it is a disaster that can not stand for her.Complained in tears added, “I hope the long-term security system of government.

Okuda Shinichi Takushoku department of politics and economics associate professor speak this.

It announcer was expressionless until “This is, that it has feelings expressed in the ad lib, I think that control of the Communist Party that no longer reach at last.It was a shocking incident and as good as I feel that much.In response to the public opinion on the Internet, so as to change the style news.Do not overestimate the mass media a little, “they will continue to become a media of the original meaning of.Whether the ad-lib really, someone is trying to become the media of the original meaning, and to judge by this alone it is too early.

To criticize the “government agencies might be unusual, but independent of Masao Mainichi Shimbun editorial vice chairman” responsible pressed against the Ministry of Railways, “the aim is party central can not be the only judge of her.It does not show through is emphasized quite a Ministry of Railways (responsibility in an accident), and anxious, that’s not a party central?I make a cautious and “.

“This requires showing that different from the Ministry of Railways and the local government and values ​​of the party central occurs, wealth SakaSatoshi of journalists familiar with the China situation, the badass of the Ministry of Railways and local government composition do you wish to make punishment that “look.In addition, Tomi-zaka was discussed the word “autumn after calculation Book”.

“In the autumn festival, San-cho thing liquidation.In other words, do not add fuel to the fire that is the festival during, after the festival, once again, the movement of Chinese to promote recovery of lost territory comes out when the public interest has cooled ” Mino Monta is the moderator that I have heard, “This woman caster might get the housecleaning.Why do not you call after one month ”

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Chinese media, the “soup incident” article bashing = mislead also Ajisen Ramen – China

July 26, 2011, Wuhan Ban-ho was me for a “hid part of the menu in the store fell into the” soup incident “= Wuhan Ajisen Ramen” article.

Of Ajisen Ramen “soup incident” is Nigiwashi the Chinese media.Is the liver of Japanese style ramen, is not intended to pork bone soup of the company, which is also the selling of Ajisen Ramen was braised in each store, that it was made in a factory has been reported in a big way, it has been bashing.

[More Photos]

Wonder why Do I have been criticized so much is central kitchen system quite common if chain stores.Coverage invites misleading that it is soup of sham made with only chemicals at the factory has continued.(China) Holding Co., Ltd. was argued “that are manufactured in the factory is true, but they are manufactured using pig bones at the factory” and Ajisen Ramen.

Focus Another blurb company was singing as “calcium is plentiful”.It was introduced as “calcium 4 cups of milk cup soup 360 ml”, this content is the amount of calcium enriched soup factory, it is different from the content that is provided to the customer actually was.

Ajisen Ramen also recognized non-for publicity, I have removed the blurb from the company’s site.Further, according to the Wuhan Evening News, wording to advertise the calcium content from the menu of the store that disappeared.(Translation and editing / KT)

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Plasticizer is detected from the seasoning of instant noodles, also from the product of foreign manufacturers to – Hong Kong
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167 yen depreciation in 9900 yen cracking, the Nikkei average selling, buying ETF gimmick without observation of the Bank of Japan

Nikkei Stock Average of 14 minutes now 14 o’clock, remained at (-167.99 yen the previous day) ¥ 9,879.20.Nikkei afternoon session
Amid U.S. debt ceiling problem is to weight, average, ¥ 9900 against a backdrop of large-scale selling of futures
Interrupt, and have fallen to one o’clock 9853.85 yen (same -193.34 yen).ETF buying by the Bank of Japan
Amid such as observation also not heard, the situation of caution to the external environment smolder, disposal and selling gimmick
Dressed selling pressure is strengthened.Among them, Toyota and Honda from the yen sense of caution,
Weakness of export-related, such as Canon’s flagship is outstanding.

In the sector, amid all industries will fall, oil and coal, mining, insurance, transport equipment, information
Fall information and communication, such as glass, stone and clay is conspicuous.The rate rose higher, three engineering love,
Soft tech van, Fujitsu Zene, corona, and TEPCO La
Nkuin.The higher rate drops, Fidec, Advantest, Yuji production
, Simplex, and Kanematsu Nissan This ranking.

I spread concern “whether succumb to Sea Shepherd,” “whaling stop the option” to

Review Committee report of the Fisheries Agency has spread ripples – Japan succumb whether anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to (SS).Such as by some of the major media has reported “scientific whaling stop the option” and.

Pros and cons of whaling aside, some officials point out “give the impression that the bow (the SS) to violence is a problem” and.

In response to the research whaling ship crew from Japan was slightly injured due to the SS “continues with a resolute attitude”, such as “acid bomb attack”, majority opinion research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean I was forced to stop activities in February 2011.

Provided in response to this research activity stop, July 26, 2011, “Study Committee on whale research whaling” (seven committee members) of the Fisheries Agency, published a report of the Interim Report was.

The report did on it was a large number of opinions and “should be continued in a resolute attitude” and the “should reduce or withdraw from cost-effectiveness and international criticism” that there was also minority opinion is written.In mind sabotage of the SS, if the survey continues, the importance of safety is emphasized.

Country is in a position to continue the investigation from the conventional, it is likely to be subject to majority opinion of this report, for the whaling fleet set sail investigation of the end of 2011, to promote the safety measures.

For implications touched to report “reduce or stop” as the minority opinion, perception is divided by media outlets.For example, the Yomiuri Shimbun (Tokyo final version) dated 27 July morning, while toll under the heading “option also shows the” Continue “also stop research whaling”, Nihon Keizai Shimbun heading of (same) is resolute “scientific whaling was a continuation “.

In response to news such as “choice also stop scientific whaling”, in a two-channel Twitter and the Internet, opinion of the pros and cons of whaling are aligned again.

SS voice of welcome to “stop whaling as well,” “not hoping whaling most people” “(even continue to whaling) reputation of Japan’s only become worse” and collected donations in protest ship recapture The larger.On the other hand, concern “would be to appeal to the world that it has succumbed to terrorist If you quit now,” and “to send the wrong message and study discontinuation due to sabotage” has also been received.

Official of the whaling-related promotion organizations, said, “Unfortunately,” about the “Stop” opinion was also listed in the report.There pros and cons to whaling you are aware, but in the timing sabotage of SS is seen as a problem internationally as well as “now”, it would seem, “Japan is likely to succumb (the SS) to violence.He pointed out that it “could be involved in the prestige of the state beyond the whaling issue.

July 15 (Japan time), the Annual General Meeting the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is a resolution calling for a measure on all nations to prevent the sabotage to the research whaling in Japan by SS I was adopted unanimously.Resolution of did on singled out the SS’s for the first time.

Currently, protest ship SS has been seized by order of the court of England.It is involved in projects that damages that broke the net of a fishing boat in Malta.The site of the SS, I have asked to have the support donation deposit required for the return of the protest ship (1 billion yen).

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