Japanese companies do they discriminate against women?

■ proportion of women in management and managers of “Japanese companies is very low compared with other countries.I saw an article a basis “there is a problem.Story like this comes out on a regular basis.Japanese companies are discriminating against women, or will the unconscious to appointing women.

I do not think such a thing.Companies that or become a disadvantage in promotion on the grounds of sex only, have closed the road to the directors and managers, would not most of today.I think that is destined to be the selection of companies feudal anachronism such.

I think actually now, few women to directors and managers of the company, may be a factor in the society of the old high.Apart from, in many companies, around 60 years old – late 40s has become a center directors and managers young company Start Today and optimism, such as Glee.

Generation of around 60 years old – late 40s now was born, it is around 1950-1965.Became an adult is around 1970-1985.Social climate Men still a dominant is left at the time, form men working outside, women that stay-at-home mom was common.Women quit work Once you get married, and become stay-at-home mom was the large number.

Therefore, the generation of around 60 years old – late 40s now, women who built a career in the habit of the Board of Directors and managers is the reason very few.I think this is the biggest factor in women is less management and managers of Japanese companies now.Even want to appoint a woman, human resources is not less.

“Amateur throat” Minister of the Japanese government even seems to be all right, but the management of the private sector is not in the position throat amateur Tsutomaru.You must have prepared to do a hard work by carrying high ability and achievements, personality survive intense internal political competition and a heavy responsibility.

■ due to globalization of · IT, is about 10-15 years, income of employers Japan has steadily falling Dada stop depreciation prorated barrage.

With changes in social conditions such form of “men work outside, women housewife” refers to is crumbling in the younger generation of today.Because it is a high risk strategy, one can become (househusband) housewives, and it is men and women two incomes is commonplace.

Therefore, women of the younger generation of today, the possibility of people to build a career as get used to directors and managers, increase significantly when compared with ever would be high.

Therefore, when it is about to to 50’s late 40s, generation of 20 to early 30s per now, I think do not need to do anything proportion of women in management and managers is whether not to rise You.

■ The risk factors that women rate does not increase, there may be a consciousness of women.

According to the survey, such as a president, a woman named “want to be a stay-at-home mom” is often still likely.Japanese women, than to play an active part in working crunchy, stay-at-home mom-oriented might be strong.

Woman “Once you get married and find a nice partner, you can quit a full-time job, do not want to work in the house” and is large, the proportion of women among the management, will not rise quite still.

Therefore, if as a problem proportion of women among the executives and managers is of less, than the activities “Japanese companies case improve the ratio of women” and, “O Yamato Nadeshiko, hard worker, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel Aim the.I think that the educational activities that “should work with the aim of executives and managers is it effective.

(Source: Wikipedia)

However, if you say such a thing, it becomes a total Scandic no doubt.It would be Sekinoyama is to be said “more important than that, I’ll create a society like to become full-time housewives Atashi we are in peace” he said.

Embroidery needle from rust in the lungs, the Chinese men did not notice as much as 20 years.

Chinese person in question is that it does not noticed …… chopsticks remains stuck near the eye …… knife still stuck in his head and, though it is unnatural state clearly, strange stories human body have been many reports.Story of men who did not notice than 20 years that this time, embroidery needle’re part of the lung in such China is reportedly.

According to the network, such as Phoenix and China Komyonippo paper, this man Hu’s 26-year-old living in Fujian Province, Xiamen City.August 15, where Hu, who feel the pain of the breast is subjected to a medical examination in Xiamen university first local hospital, the fact is it was discovered.

Initially, doctors saw Mr. Hu had been considered a “wound of muscle” the cause of chest pain.However, to implement the CT scan just in case.Then, it was decided to check the elongate foreign matter around the lungs, performed surgical removal of foreign material for safety.

The not so big, surgery is completed in about 20 minutes just.However, Mr. Hu also doctors you have already surprised to see the things that have been removed.The foreign matter, it was a embroidery needle of 4-5 cm with a needle hole.Further, in the situation where the embroidery needle is already rusted, instead of entering the lungs Recently, it was found that it was in the body for a long time.

When and where are you anxious, embroidery needle’s what went into the lung, but that there is no clause that come to mind Hu’s own.However, doctors guess “in the early days of Mr. Hu was born, needle than stuck in the lung,” and.It said, “might have been stuck in for when someone in the family has the sewing, it was not put away properly embroidery needle”, “baby because there is no wonder even cry, the family noticed that itself the needle is stuck It is viewed as “probably was not.

And allow of no decision this guess is correct or not, but a salvation that was nothing per ever Hu’s.It said, “was dangerous very needle if it has pierced the heart and blood vessels if”, while harboring the lungs embroidery needle, official hospital are surprised that more than 20 years was also delayed is a healthy life.

The resignation announcement before the Chinese national team coach, fight “to win the pink” of bombast

London Olympics women’s soccer final Asian qualifying conduct Section 4 to the 8th, I draw Japan and North Korea.Because China was defeated in Australia, qualifying defeat of China became the decisive Olympics in Japan makes decisions.Lee 霄鵬 China national team coach who has boasted to be “beat the Pink” for some time was expressed resignation by without waiting for the Japan match.Beijing Youth network reported.

At a press conference in Australia after the war that was lost 0-1, “The players did our power.Incompetence of the director’s cause Eliminated.Coach Lee spoke against Japan is “made under the direction of a last, I have to clear the advance and retreat of their own.

And expressed resignation, but to against Japan in the final game and take command.The phrase “will show us the power of their faces at full power kit”, was expected to rouse the players.

Coach Lee, which has led the women’s team over the more than one year is not mature team of “Now.I have to evaluate the team is a small part “can not even chance.And was to be the development of youth is the foundation of soccer culture is the most important challenges for the future.

“Coach of the higher level have to do the Chinese women’s football,” the difference is larger in men and “women.It says the most important thing, “said that persevere for the successor, it signed a retirement press conference of their own.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

Was presented at the pros and released “Dragon Quest X” nets to lower Enix Co., Ltd.

Share price of Square Enix Holdings to launch in 2012 game software the popular “Dragon Quest X” dull.

The company’s share price, the year-to-date record high it with a ¥ 1878 to September 1, 2011 of the new “Dragon Quest X” announcement before.I was with a 1805 yen at the closing price of the 2nd.But stock prices fell from the 5th day of the announcement.Apparently, the reputation of “Dragon Quest X”‘s like poor little.

“Does not have to be online” Square Enix game lovers “race-online five Shi Awakening Dragon Quest X ~” will be released in 2012.Since its launch in 1986, “Dragon Quest” series hit game boasts a record of shipping 58 million more than in all the world.Reason alone, many people should’ve been waiting for this new announcement, but and does not bulge.

The reason, this game seems to be from the sale as “online games”.To remember a match game and say online games, Dragon Quest is the first place “, where he can become the hero was good some game enthusiasts.Spill to be “enough to enjoy alone.”Dragon Quest” fan, not a few fans from the NES era.”As much as Some fans do not do that only Dragon Quest game, should be online in the game there is no such person,” you are not accepted into the online game “change”.

For an online game of “Dragon Quest X”, pros and cons are rife in the net.

“Lighten as it is Dragon Quest or Seriously such as online” and will Ne such as online numbering title Na, but I was good and you were online to the “Gaiden.Condition Anyway If the next exit immediately FF to (Final Fantasy) like, the years’m out once Nantes Dragon Quest numbering “” FF is also to’m completely online numbering to, and “yan, I do not really know even Dragon Quest.

As Square Enix, so you wonder which it will be PR extrusion in front “of popular Dragon Quest became the first online game” that is, it is the approval of a conventional fan necessarily does not seem to.

Or partly that sort of thing was a high level until just before announcement, stock prices of Square Enix that had highs 1838 yen, and values ​​in the scorching afternoon session until September 5 morning session plummeted too and 15 minutes around 14 times lower, and announced a new “Dragon Quest X”.1723 yen to fell by temporary.

Lower still is the next on the 6th, the closing price of 1565 yen 197 yen depreciation compared with the day before.The fall continuously for seven days and closed at 1550 yen 15 yen depreciation of the previous day.

There is a buy-back a little on the 8th, it was 1560 yen 10 yen the previous day.

Stock prices rise, coupled with expectations for new.After that, the drop in price is aimed at profit is seen well as price movements.However, it may be troublesome when it becomes the cause of the fall is related to the reputation of “Dragon Quest X”.

XIV (14) work to have been released “FF (Final Fantasy)” is, it became XI (11) work and subsequent online game, but time took it to be fixed as “online game was.Evaluation also went up by now, and “had been struggling originally released, official game industry look back.I have seen “(in stock) that sales of FF XIV of the same online game is weak even suspect that the influences” and.

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Price of clothes to UNIQLO standards

The other day, I was interviewed by well-established manufacturers and jeans Big John.There was a remark “price of basic blue jeans is supposed to UNIQLO criteria for consumers” and Big John from the side occasion.Its pros and cons to this, but want to evaluate and have seen correctly objectively the current state of item called “jeans” Personally.

Uniqlo jeans is 3990 yen.I think not much people who buy at this price.Quantities are aligned plenty without having to buy at list price in a hurry, and is subject goods on the weekend discount sure once in few weeks.It is 2990 yen Most of the time, but also when you fall to 1990 yen in rare cases.I suspect consumers mostly as being purchased in 2990 yen probably.

Well, it is the analysis of Big John side, but the majority of human beings are bought at 2990 yen jeans Uniqlo “list price 3990 yen.If it said we are a professional manufacturer of jeans with or can be produced at the same price products of the same quality, it is not possible first.And that “becomes about 5990 yen absolutely.(Production volume of UNIQLO so many digits off, production cost per one be cheaper than Big John) consumers do not buy in 5990 yen jeans our Assuming “further.Besides, it would buy at 2990 yen discount on the weekend, jeans UNIQLO.

Was continued jeans Our method is “not only to the product of more than 10,000 yen or 8000 yen or more by increasing the quality silhouette and texture, and design overwhelmingly than Uniqlo.And concluded, “I take the measures we stop the mid-price range of 5990 yen such as 4990 yen So, to strengthen the high-ticket items of 8000 yen or more, 10,000 yen or more”.

The reason, and whether such a story, because it may have thought “Uniqlo price criteria” of that is nothing not to be limited to jeans.
For example, I think “Uniqlo price criteria” would be T-shirt, as well as lamb’s wool sweater, and the price of casual item of much of it other than to be “Uniqlo Standards”.

There are designers that Teppei east of 10 years younger just.I have deployed my brand called “RBT” in Osaka base.It has been quite firm in spite of 10 years younger, that this place is often chided.

He is also not manufactured mostly by price does not pass through graphic print T-shirt basic.Is not visible to the eye, but the “standard of 1500 yen if UNIQLO” exists and that he not sell almost be produced in about 5000 yen a basic graphic T-shirt.The person who or intensive switching decisively, was priced of around 10,000 yen in the decorative design is it’s sell.

If you think the focus on T-shirts, PB of United Arrows and “Beams but what?Question of “also springs.Center price of graphic print T-shirt of the PB of Beams is central to 3000 yen to 2000 yen If you look at the over-the-counter current, United Arrows would also be almost the same level.I wonder where the price difference between the T-shirt of Uniqlo that 500 yen to 1500 yen.

If there is a brand of United Arrows and Beams if the price difference if this much, you can barely compete.When you add the icing on the cake though, you do not sell Oh yeah graphic print T-shirt basic of PB if exceeds a 5000 yen also a brand force of United Arrows and Beams how much.It’s sold at a price of 5000 yen or more, or some product of design, color pattern, graphic unusual overwhelming even PB, either in goods or a brand strong overwhelmingly you have purchased from other companies.

However, in the case of brand name recognition is also not so much on a small scale, such as RBT, it is not possible to compete with far from UNIQLO T-shirt of 5000 yen.So it is to the T-shirt of 10,000 yen or more “non-basic” and design.Because you can clearly differentiate.For that matter, it serves as a reference for one definitely is “¥ 1990 UNIQLO” if lamb’s wool sweater plain.

After all, it is the same for other brands and other items, but can not win the “Uniqlo reference price” in the merchandise basic.In order to overcome the UNIQLO reference price, it is necessary to have won such as texture, design and color pattern silhouette clearly.And do not if you do not set higher than the Uniqlo clearly the price.

Is a medium to high income earners absolutely target.

I came up suddenly now, but not the taste and age, target customers of each brand, or should not be the first priority to the amount of income.

Income> taste> age

Of that or would not be a priority.

To sell high-ticket items that towards the medium to high-income households, with the appearance that could be differentiated from the UNIQLO clearly.I think whether it is the direction of this apparel has only the size of the UNIQLO below to be taken.

blog of textile industry from MinamiTakashiHiroshi
In charge from upstream to downstream spinning, production center, apparel manufacturers, and retail store, the jeans industry as a reporter of “fiber news”.After retirement, experienced mass merchandisers apparel public relations, and magazine editor, in addition to the reporter, writer, and undertake public relations agency business, a public relations advisor now.

China – roots lost the house Yo Pink, because I won the North Korea

London Olympic Women’s Football Asian final qualifying round takes place the fourth Section 8 days.Three straight wins “Nadeshiko Japan” to play against North Korea until now, Olympics is determined without waiting for the final clause if you win.On the other hand, preliminary decision defeat China and defeated against Australia.Shinnami-mo has announced a plan hope Japan decided to compete in the Olympics, went that get lost the match against China in the final clause is “throwaway match”.

It is China that connects the possibility of Olympics with victory in Thailand in the previous section, but the partner of two races in Japan and Australia.While recognized as a very severe situation, two-game winning streak Expect to it after having won the “Australia, Japan me beat North Korea.Were presented the “best plan” against China will be “throwaway match” for Japan That way, chance is “born to us.

However, I tried to ask the Japanese press that the coverage in the match venue for this plan, and that responses were received “that Japan will cut corners impossible” and from any reporter.

That the Japanese can not be helped to be considered “Now.Director and Chinese players showed enthusiasm I must win to Australia anyway “fight” real, “he said from now.All, it’s depending on the results of the 8th.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

Kankodori giant game of “dollar box” is China and Japan! It can not be disputed rant Yomiuri Watanabe president!

Despite a two-position battle chasing first place Yakult, Kankodori is squeal hall, Chunichi vs. Giants game that the 6th September, was held in Nagoya Dome home of the Chunichi Dragons, the mood of the game just like digestion.Attendance is 23,441 people of the worst season in China and Japan hosted the game at the same stadium.This was the entry of the lowest in the Giants game at the same stadium in 2005 after a crowd became real announcement.

Currently, three giant team, Hanshin, of China and Japan will follow directly lead Yakult, Central League expand in second place of intense dispute about rank is the daily.At the time of the celebrated game of the 6th, 3.5 games behind first place to the possibility of victory was left enough Chunichi.The worst attendance record in one game with the giant “box $” in the context, shock of team officials big.
For some time, has continued to be smacked gossip from fan “Ochiai baseball is boring” and.Despite played a league title in four years, attendance is down 100,000 (’09) compared the previous year last season.I had fallen into a situation that customers do not fall strong.As if proportional to the team state, 29,835 people (the 6th game now = 52), attendance of the organizers of the game per game be less than 30 460 people last season (72 game) this season roast.

This season, took the lead once in the first half of the game, but the larger stall in the second half.China and Japan have been sluggish, etc. Demote five places.While proud of the good pitching staff of the 1st place team ERA league, team batting average of 12 teams have at least as indicated, in the lineup hindered flagrant, shutout defeat many will not take the point.Fan’s look away even it’s only natural you are not typing, the point is to not enter.
For CS (Climax series), three pillars “Hanshin, giant, Yakult is … if he is Tsuneo Watanabe, chairman of team Yomiuri Giants on that occasion, in the 1st.Very nice considering the (fan) Population professional baseball, in the Shrine and Yakult, it is to bisect the Tokyo.The remarks as “I as an economic effect.And eager to CS held Tokyo Dome, at Jingu Stadium, did not wish to CS advance of China and Japan.
Sino-Japanese team officials, fans seemed angry in this Watanabe statement, but it is like to record the worst attendance in the Giant game of cash cow, in terms of “economic effect”, has become impossible to argue very.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

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Weekly Shonen Jump No. 39 breeds misunderstanding of “Kochikame” series end

“Weekly Shonen Jump” by No. 39 of the 5th release, misunderstanding longevity manga Osamu Akimoto “This Katsushika Kameari park before police” is become the series end is spread, it became a hot topic.Was found to be just a misunderstanding by jumping to a conclusion, but it was shown to spread about “flathead turtle series end” is the trend of the word twitter, the height of interest in longevity work.

Is the longest running piece of jump that is series start from 1976 got close to the “here Katsushika Kameari park before police” stands for “Kochikame”.Live-action drama film adaptation by Katori Shingo (SMAP) and starring animated have also been.It is the work that is socially recognized as the bronze statue of the hero characters from Ryotsu Kankichi also be built in the Kameari Katsushika is the main stage of the work.

Is the end of a book author comments that have been posted on the jump inception of misunderstanding of series end.Sentence “last volume of the first edition JC limited special edition is released in December” and gave birth to jumping to a conclusion “series is finished, the last volume will be released in December” and.

I is in the sense that it be the last in 177 volumes to be published in the December launch of the first edition limited edition hardcover (Jump Comics = JC) actually.Appendix is ​​attached to the first edition limited edition and hailed the 35th anniversary special program series until 177 volumes from 173 Volume.For example, Volume 173 has become appendix and signature card of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Wind.It is that the planning of the appendix that ends in 177 volumes.

Is the text of which there is no misunderstanding for the purchase of books layer is endnotes comment.However, it is not enough to buy the book but does not understand the meaning of “first edition limited special edition”, a layer of interest to the “Kochikame” that could be interpreted as “the last volume = series end”.Comics faction increased recently, momentum magazine is decreasing as before, but the spread of misinformation “Koc turtle series end” were allowed to re-confirm the breadth of “Kochikame” fan base.

Ending comments number of characters is limited by nature prone to text a meaning.And become a hot topic Kubo Taito the author wrote, “for a moment more, is forward to Ichigo us,” said series truncation is when it did not determine – “BLEACH-bleach” in the endnotes comment No. 37, before the previous issue was.

The same comment at the end of the Ishin Nishio of No. 37 of “Medaka Box” authorship day all be all present chairman No way “is to try to Koyo ….I say there are a deep feeling, and thanks “for everyone.This hint at the fact that there is a possibility that the work will be censored before the entire chairman appear all together.

“Kochikame” series end was a misunderstanding, but is worth watching the end of a book comments real intention of the author is a glimpse.

(Hayashida power)

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Henan Zhumadian – rescue the 17 people police abuse = gratuitously intellectual disabilities brick factory, unresisting

September 4, 2011, conducted an investigation of illegal brick factory Henan Zhumadian City, Castle Ward, the Prefecture Nishihira.I have rescued 17 people with intellectual disabilities, which has been subject to a number of hard labor.The 6th, river network reported.

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The 4th, Henan TV aired a special on illegal brick factories in Henan.In harsh conditions intellectual disabilities who do not rebel, entities are working yet without the awards become clear.Investigation team of 40 police officers was organized immediately in Zhumadian Prefecture Nishihira the presence of illegal factory was revealed on the show, binding on the six suspects, nine people with intellectual disabilities has been rescued.

Same day, the investigation is also carried out at the station Castle District, rescue eight people with intellectual disabilities.I was detained illegal plant managers, the foreman, et al.In addition, if there is any illegal brick factory similar to other, you have deployed the investigation.(Translation and editing / KT)

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Also draw on the road, “quality is not growing,” Mr. Sergio [Sports Watch] Japan representative

The 6th Japan time, in the capital Tashkent in Uzbekistan, one round of the second leg = Japan representative × Uzbekistan three preliminary round soccer W Cup Asia has been carried out.

Japan representative that allowed pre-emptive goal of Jeparofu to 8 minutes into the first half, and caught up in the goal of Okazaki 20 minutes into the second half, the match, won by points from one draw.It was a fair game, which is struggling in the land of away, but football commentator Sergio Echigo Mr. or with what kind of impression -.

Starting lineup is announced before the game, in on his Twitter, “starting lineup is Detana.Kashiwagi is out of the starting lineup against North Korea, Abe entered.I think in the volante, Abe and will make you feel Endo and Hasebe enters the position of top to bottom in a fluid probably.Uzbekistan’s home, and it will come aggressively than North Korea.Sergio, who said it “I think it’s the other party can take three points firmly.Representative against tweets that he became a football fan annual has started this day.

However, the completion of the first half Japan forgive the lead in the development of the unexpected, “a one-to-one is pulled out easily.Left side too beaten.It’s likely the lawn hot even deeply, and movement dull.However, it is an opportunity if you put in a simple middle.Na there is also a choice to be in the top two ahead of time.Was tweeted a breakthrough added, “I think by removing the Abe, the two top right side of Lee, Okazaki, opportunities and increase Once you have a thicker center Kiyotake.

In such after the game, Sergio, who was also “a general comment tweet”.In retrospect, “After the game, was won as a result, but the Asian Cup game also step on the thin ice was often.It’s that the quality would not have increased from the time that.Kiyotake has changed the rhythm, but I did not notice much benefit of containing Hafner.It, “said I should have a sense of throwing him to the more simple, they did not forget the candid advice.

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