The Public Offering Korea police, the emboldened Takeshima Guard

Japan and South Korea claimed sovereignty over Takeshima South Korea squat but (Korean name, Dokdo), the 6th, the police authorities of South Korea to “young people of Korea thriving vigor” do you wish to make security Takeshima themselves now It has announced it will recruit.

An official of the police, “Currently, our combat police guarding, are on a mission when security is a person, who has been chosen at random about why were recruited.But, “explains decided to dispatch a person you want to guard Dokdo from the beginning in the future.It said, “has determined that if accustomed to guard volunteered as Marine Corps, security forces of Dokdo Guard sharpened, patron intention also become more apparent”.

I accept 6 to 23 month recruitment of the first phase Guard.Work starts from November 10 to submit the application form, if you pass the examination.And that preferential treatment in the military service obligation not Osamu’s -30 years and under 18 years of age, to have life-saving personnel qualifications and boat handling license, such as a chef’s license Qualifications.

Korea, etc. to build a dormitory or heliport, advance the illegal occupation of Takeshima and steadily.By the in-volunteer the Guard, under the effective control’s signs are likely to be strengthened.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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Videos are summarized in 100 seconds the fashion history of London

It seems the video was produced to commemorate the opening of urban shopping center Westfield Stratford City, Europe’s largest, which opened on September 13.I think people who have already seen that there is many because it is video and has become a hot topic in many places, but please take a look by all means who still.How to get the balance is different in age also suits look the same, casual style of the 2000s also is changing properly pants to cropped from skinny. I think clothing is would flow in an instant because it is summarized in 100 seconds, but interesting As you check finely.

Blog to watch fashion, women’s magazines, the trend – Elastic

“Golf ball in the practice field -” baptism of Away in Sports Watch] Nadeshiko Japan

Nadeshiko Japan facing the London Olympics Asian final qualifying, taking the win with tight 1-0 play against enemy fire Australia representative in the third round of the 5th.

However, in the host country of the tournament, China, baptism away for Nadeshiko Japan is, seems to be going on in the severity flagrant.Heading release the 6th “Weekly Asahi Performing Arts” (9/15 issue) in the “NEWS SHOT!” And “outrageous Away baptism of China Attacks” reporters stormed the bus “and” golf ball mine, “pink”, the I’m told the peripheral information.

For harassment of China, “First of all, the local arrival early of August 28, local Chinese newspaper of stormed the shooting prohibition zone, sports writer to comment on magazine, issue by Gekisha Japanese players who relax in a private bus now.Limits on media coverage is taking also Japan media, local paper published the headline as “world champions threatened to reject the photo, and cancel the coverage of all”, to large-bashing as “arrogant” is also against it I says, “is misplaced anger the first time.

In addition, there is no sense to private and only place to become full visible from the outside “practice field football writer.Moreover, the practice field of August 29 is also used as the golf course.Ball is not fell like mine, I was throwing to coat the outside of the golf ball as “file ~” Sasaki while the wry smile on the pitch.Practice the day before the match against Thailand in the (stadium), and was surprised even more, the Chinese Football Association I was issued a notice of unprecedented “spike ban lawn because spoil”.Desuyo the first time in official practice among the interview experience of my.But, voice “unfair, but I want to look back and won the game” and that he has “had come out from the players.

Jinan is the venue, there is also the impact of war during the day, anti-Japanese sentiment is high in the center of the local elderly.The magazine, we are told “The players we have refrained from going out at any time off,” also, in a situation where stress and pressure from day to day accumulation, pink we do be able to survive the harsh Qualification -.
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“It was finished without conceding a goal lead and then” Shark Island to evaluate the defensive side

The 5th, Nadeshiko Japan won 1-0 Kawasumi Naomi cited the winning goal against Australia in the Asian final qualifying round multiplied by the London Olympics.As a result, I will be participating to the London Olympic Games is decided Depending on the results of North Korea against the next war.

Aya Sameshima a fully played as left-back, told the following in an interview after the game.

That it was a tough “fight, but it was leave the result was good because then lead.Because there is height, I was talking with the defense team in the pre-game Scouting.There were a lot of places it is difficult in the defensive side there is a height and speed, but it was good because it was completely protect by taking the communications firm.I think that it was over without conceding a goal to lead the next ”

And London Olympics determined in defeat … The next race in Australia in the final point Nadeshiko, of Kawasumi
“Is willing to do Dorokusaku everyone aside from content” Pink Sasaki
“Although I thought it was also whether to strike it on their own …” Kawasumi of the winning goal assist
“Was the only hit the ball great,” Sakaguchi Yumeho the opening goal / Olympics Qualifiers
The Sawa Homare captain of “something like chasing an opponent for the first time in a long time, it was Shindoka~tsu” two-game winning streak also / Olympics Qualifiers

To brucellosis university students, fear … source of infection of fertility loss sheep = Heilongjiang

I found that in the Northeast Agricultural University in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin (Harbin) city, 27 students and one teacher has been exposed to brucellosis in December 2010.It is seen teachers and students and from infected sheep that was used to practice of dissection.Severity of the condition has not been disclosed, but when it becomes brucellosis men heavy, it may not forced to a treatment consisting in the loss of reproductive capability by cutting testicle (testis).China wide 播網 is reported.

Brucellosis’s infectious diseases such as sheep and goats consuming a lot, but it’s zoonotic disease that humans infected-onset.Cause bacteria Brucella.Infect any organ also in humans, resulting in inflammation and fever.According to Mr. Wu Qing people China Agricultural University Animal Medical College, if a man had developed, that there may be times when you want testicular swelling Agari very large, is excised leaves.

It was developed brucellosis in Northeast Agricultural University is a total of 28 people 14 boys and students one teacher, 13 girls students.It is to be infected from sheep that was used to practice of dissection to December 19, 2010.The university, it has not been the quarantine of animals used for dissection practice.

For the history of the symptoms and treatments specific seen in the teachers and students, have not been told.

Was recovered, but some male students of joint and systemic waist that hurt.You are attending university side is expressed to be to “become expelled and not to attend,” but, like the waist that start to hurt badly when sitting for an hour in the classroom.

June, Animal Medical College director of the university was dismissed to be interpreted to be a commitment of brucellosis occurrence.It will pay all medical expenses, the universities that and damage compensation by talking to students and families.


◆ I found a relatively large number livestock sheep and goats, and cattle in developing countries Remarks ◆ brucellosis.I have also been observed on China.If you eat or drink dairy products and milk heating is insufficient, there is a case to infect humans.Further, when dealing with meat or internal organs of cattle infected with Brucella, can be infected from the mucous membrane of the eye and wound.It is canine brucellosis is large in Japan.Dog brucellosis cause of infertility, miscarriage of dog.

In the case of Japan, that the infection to humans is almost sucked the bacteria at the time of breathing in the laboratory might be due.If the patient was purchase of brucellosis, reported to the health centers are required to doctor.

Brucellosis is specified in the B class legal reporting infectious diseases in China.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

How to eat rice dumplings I of [China] Japanese BBS, I’m funny?

Thread “of eating and drinking habits of the Japanese … funny” and was erected on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site.In Japan, it seems there are many ways of eating that seem odd From a Chinese.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.


● main thread: for example suika_0123 dumplings (gyoza) such as rice, such as salt to watermelon I’m funny …?There is a funny way of eating In addition to.


● Idiot power Kaitsukasa Nantes Chinese eat dog meat. (That person of ethnic Koreans eat is I seem to be many)

● main thread guys, eat the flesh of dogs so you quit.Defend the dog.In trying to protect dolphins and whales without eating while you’re at it.

● whirlwind __ Tues Japanese do not eat duck.Europeans do not eat pig feet.It’s not the difference of habit? (It is what both are eating well in China)

● there is a snail in the restaurant of the Idiot Denkai Tsukasa France.You eat? (Escargot is haute cuisine)

● I be wrong habits of individual cat basis Haihan.To eat the flesh of the dog is not bad, habit is not exactly the case.Indians do not eat beef.The first place than had been talking about eating and drinking in Japan in this thread ….

● crst888 Japanese put the sugar in omelet.I applied to the rice raw egg.

● will not I mean salt to watermelon rose melody.Never to come alive until now, was such a thing.The fried dumplings that in Japan it is not a staple food and a side dish.Normally, Japanese do not eat dumplings.

● Chinese meat forever dog is delicious.People of Okinawa eat snake in Japan.

● Have you ate I larvae of cicadas xuhuhe main thread?I’m a high-protein.It is sold at 12 yen two dogs in the place of my.

● guy like o0 0o thread isolated castle 傲雪 Lord’s most troublesome.Or trying to protect the dog, such as the Na-eating dog.Saying such as cute, eating fried chicken and if you look at the birds.Many Chinese people eat pork, but I do not say that to try to protect the pig why?The human race to eat anything – whatever can be eaten.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

“I broke the trust relationship of Japan and Taiwan” to prosecute taxi driver of sexual assault on a Japanese woman = – Taiwan prosecutors

September 2, 2011, Taiwan prosecutors indicted on suspicion of sexual assault plus Xie AzumaKen suspect of taxi driver.Prosecution 11 months in prison in ’10.The 3rd, China newspaper network reported.

[More Photos]

Incident happened late at night July 11.I invited Xie suspects apparent Japanese college girl that got lost (21 years) and let’s feed.Was added to the sexual assault and threatening to take him in the mountains, etc. strangle the neck.

Sometimes then, there was a blunder to bail bail 50,000 Taiwan Dollar slightly (133,000 yen), suspect to flee, “and destroyed the Japan and Taiwan relationship that is built by the Great East Japan Earthquake support”, “sex crime I had attracted the attention and response to criticism person is “too sweet.

Prosecutors asked for the punishment severely criticized Japanese college student and marinated to the point you are not familiar to geography in words, of 11 months in prison in ’10.Japanese college students return home already.Talk Taiwan men dating partner to have kept in touch over the Internet, and said, “want you to put in jail until they die” Xie suspect.(Translation and editing / KT)

Possibility of return … 3 months withdrawal or December due to injury Wilshire, ankle

England representative MF Jack Wilshere of Arsenal that is remote from the line of battle by the failure, and it may take three months to return to, United Kingdom paper “Daily Mail” is reported.

Wilshire during withdrawal from the battle due to the failure of the ankle.It has been seen and available for early return in the first failure, but it would not re-create the injury during practice, likely to be forced into long-term withdrawal is larger.

Things that there is a possibility that the return is delayed until until December, according to the article.Not only middle instead to Cesc Fabregas, to those that are only expected to be a leading player in the team, it’s going to be a big blow for Arsenal.

Decision to retire for cancer nursing circle blank, son of
apologize for the act of racial discrimination against the English national players Mateus, fan went
To 6 weeks withdrawal Van der Vaart, with hamstring injury
Official game of the absence of nine years since Japan and South Korea tournament in the starting lineup is Gerrard and Lampard
And challenges harvest obtained in North Korea game.”Great victory” that got fighting to not give up until the end

Man who was hard at sex with float type of raft, arrested

by wyldwest

Man who has a sexual activity and float in the pool or ocean, such as the “raft” seems to have been arrested.The image of those partnered wood Robinson Crusoe, such as using the uninhabited island escape and say “raft”, but in this case it was possible, such as polyvinyl chloride, so-called raft type float was the (float) It seems.

Cops: Man had sex with inflatable pool raft | |

That it has been set as the sex with raft of pink to be used in the pool person who is caught many times in public lewdness is, from the inflatable, and with was arrested in Hamilton police of America.

According to the police report, discovered a place that extends to act in the alley of the 1800 block of Howell Street hit the back right of his home in the Harmon Street in the early morning of Sunday Edwin Charles Tobergta was caught (32 years), was arrested.Where you cried William Thacker’s police officers who witnessed is to stop, Edwin has escaped with a raft, but admitted it and caught up to police officers, yes begged to be helped.

You have sexual intercourse with the raft, “But I’m just it to the police officer he.Things and complained because I need help if you are having problems, and “Please do not send to jail if.According to the record of the Hamilton District Court, he has been arrested at least five times a crime similar, and it is sent to the Hamilton prison in 2008 recently.

Edwin Charles Tobergta you are arrested.

“The family has been looking for ways to care for heart grandson over the years, but ended in vain all,” said grandmother Linda Tobergta’s Edwin was explained to reporters in tears.”There was also that you are suffering from attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder in (ADD), was abusing drugs to use in treatment in the past grandson” have had the mental problems of many, “grandson in the plastic always further They are fascinated by “or”, it is such a thing.”Grandson are attracted to plastic always” it is all.We did not have proper care for Edwin.Nobody “I can not care, she says.

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Discontinued uproar of the T-shirt reading “My brother! Do I do instead so! Not a done homework because I cute” and

“My brother’s instead do so! Not a done homework because I cute!” This word, how do you will feel.In fact this,’s a word that is printed for children shirt famous store brand JCPenney of America has sold, but there was a riot the end of this shirt is controversial abroad recently, and be forced to situation of discontinued he.

This product was intended for 7-16 year-old, had been sold online only $ 9.99 (about 770 yen).As a claim to fame of the product, there’s no such time to have a new CD of homework is to be released that (Canadian Idol of popular teenager) “Justin Bieber on the company’s site.It is written girls, and “will love this shirt cheeky little feel pretty in the same way as their.

On the other hand, a lot of criticism he was out of the Internet users and parents with children.In Facebook, Twitter, people representing the discomfort and anger, such as the following for JCPenney is it after another.

A Critical opinion on the shirt of the problem

“I have never seen the way so terrible promotion”
“The terrible also the intention of humor”
“For the children, you are sent a wrong message”
“Do you want to stop the sale quickly, and should apologize”
“Is not an appropriate representation for girls of age of the product”

Such as …….In addition, it is not fit only criticism on the net, protest that was filed against the company are also collected more than 1,600 signatures.Its contents, and might have to sell cute “is, but it JCPenney is doing, as it promotes the idea that appearance than cleverness worth of a woman as a thing of the man academic some.The thing further, that “there is also seems to entice chase enthusiastically Justin Bieber.

JCPenney, we will deeply apologize to the people it is an unpleasant thought with the product of “Our contrast.That apologized and “did not apologize to Shi apologize for the inconvenience.And, that it stopped selling the relevant products, and was also removed from sale the company’s site.

What do will see this uproar.Or …… overreaction of consumer words that have been printed or sales pitch of the product or whether was past the time.Is to watch out anyone who does not know in any event, word of any meaning is what is written on the T-shirt of his own.It may be that it Nantes, was content outrageous Why do not you noticed.

Ref: Mail Online (English)