Chihara Junior was give away roughly? Bosom circumstances comedian

The other day, “highball roughly” the new show was broadcast start from October 8 (TV Tokyo).Such as the recording of “Casino roughly” corner of the show in is performed in Tokyo on the 11th, Chihara Jr. were stating that it “is more than 3 million” monthly income of their own in the revealed.

Bosom circumstances entertainer will be the topic well with a variety show these.For example Corner “Shabekuri 007” of (Nippon Television series) “barely 7”.This corner to ask questions regular performer bias is likely to me to answer the last minute to guest, monthly income of “MAX One of the frequently asked questions here?Monthly income of “last month” is?There are things about the revenue that “.Up to the young from the mogul, beep to or cover any or answering confided in whispering so as not to know the performers other than, so as not to clear the broadcast at the time most cases, some have to answer clearly in.For example, Kendo Kobayashi has been revealed in the show within that monthly income is 8 million yen in MAX.By the way Many guests such as he is holding a monthly income of a reasonable amount actually.Reaction of the audience and regular team in the program is likely not an exaggeration in any way.

There is also a means of inferring the monthly income elsewhere.For example, in the program of Kansai, which was broadcast in August of this year.There was a situation when there is a plan to check in unannounced a large room backstage of entertainer, payslips from Yoshimoto of Tamurakenji undesirably crowded Ballmer accidentally.It is reflected at point-blank range as the amount and character is seen easily if analyzes the image, the viewer to verify the performance fee per one in regular program actually his, had indexed monthly income of approximately and such as are some ….From the fact that also other cases Yamazaki Untouchable is, was or talking with a laugh that it was losing one million yen in an instant at the casino in another program also it is, he also’re getting a substantial monthly income still is? It is rumored to.

But the world of comedy or rather the entertainment world, it can not get a monthly income corresponding to not Ika selling in a stable still.As day-to-day on selling get tickets live themselves out in the business, it also have to Kona-sa a substantial quota, entertainer who hit the young is’s called, is withheld a lot of revenue.Not a’m getting a little more “in the example of the preceding Tamurakenji?I was supposed to rumors among viewers Yoshimoto’s guarantee that sensitive is the “what was true after all” “.The view that, be said is to think from there, income Chihara Junior this also still less also it is.

Recording of “high ball roughly” at this time, that it and raised in the answers to questions like a racy late-night show.this program in a format that entertainer who is going to challenge the experimental planning various every time.Racy content in the future going to come and more like a late-night? I hope also to the future of the program and the broadcasting.

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[Tabloid show report] mothers rises to decontamination work! I can not wait for national and local governments

Decontamination of radioactive material Fukushima does not progress.In reality since January next year, and tackle the country is serious about the mothers began to move to the decontamination themselves to be “not wait in order to protect the child”.Kasai Shinsuke Anna told the pattern.

Elementary school in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture pool city yard and protective clothing, mask, rubber gloves.I went the decontamination work of gutter, which is said to be 230 mothers who Saturday afternoon October 1 of (2011), hardened mask, rubber gloves to protective clothing, school grounds and pool, radioactive material is easy to collect.

  There is also a part that I think radiation dose of “pool of high and know, to be honest scary, but mother thinks everyone and can not afford waiting for the government and country.Do not just looking vaguely.Speak to be “running on only a desire to protect the children.

However, it’s school zone untouched children through.gravel road dust is likely to start in many cases, weeds are growing in stature as the children along the road.There is also a place of hourly 1.2 micro sievert of 5 times the reference Nakaniwa, but there is no place to store such as soil protection who even if the decontamination.

Full-scale decontamination of the country was changed to 1 mSv from 5 mSv per year to its original area to perform the decontamination country is responsible from January next year, but that, in Fukushima Prefecture applicable local expanded to 60% of the entire county.According to the Ministry of the Environment, cabinet decision of decontamination policy in November, enforcement is scheduled for January next year, and no choice but to let the local government status quo.

In, municipality or running.sentence like the following is on the cover of “radiation dose reduction measures in living space” Fukushima disaster task force is created and distributed in July this year

“In order to defend from the effects of radioactive material the children of Fukushima, now, to think for themselves what can be done, Let’s act themselves to us.”

Kasai Shinsuke Ana amazed.

“I’m realistic province will be” decontaminated “rather than,’s ask the” Please think and act in “their residents”

Tomoaki Ogura moderator I wonder consisting of copper “.I lament the ~ “I do not see a result.Fukuda Kazuya also the writer and “I will re-question anew the relationship of self-government and state this happens”

Current status of Fukushima and is “not wait there.”.Loach cabinet you going you are sleeping in the mud forever.Get your head out of the clouds soon!

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How about if you think anti-nuclear movement, the effect? = To stop the useless demonstration and riot, to participate in the democratic procedure – Takaaki Ishii

Technique of demonstration problematic
 Anti-nuclear demonstration is happening in many places sporadically.In response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, is an expression of anger that share of the national, it may be natural phenomenon.To respect the political will of the people, and I that interest in energy policy increases the.However demonstration in the form of now not only pointless, also noticeable adverse effect.
 I would like to point out three ways in which the problem.It is a set of problems in the first.”Who” Do you have a protest, I do not know anti-nuclear demo.National agreement is being maintained in changing the energy policy of the primary dependent in Japan today.”By when” “means what”, “who is the responsibility of the” I want to implement the problem.Answer to the issue of those ambiguous just demo a series of just angry.Participants seem to make an enemy of “advocates” all the way to the mind, like you’re fighting the delusion without permission on their own.As a consequence, from the realization of political will, the plane of the riot has become stronger demo.
 Second, I doubt to the effect.Is based on the old world view 19th-century manner people and country that conflict with the demo, it would be too old political style.As seen in the “Arab Spring”, there is a dictatorship government, there is no way of political participation to the public, it may be an effective means purpose of administration subverted if unambiguous.But even if there is not sufficient surface, there is a means of decision-making democratic parliament and called elections in Japan.Speech’s principle of freedom.Demonstration to cause riot, ignoring the democracy of Japan that their fathers had have built with us, will not be attracted support of a large number of people.
 There is activity that fuel the demo “10 million primary action goodbye” and ( the same as what you see in the old newspaper of Chernobyl immediately after the accident, the name of the organization and people lined up, claiming to be repeated further, caught up in the feeling that you back in time when you read.I want you to evolve a little.I wonder not learn the experience of the past that the majority of people, claims of anti-nuclear is not accepted.
 As a matter of third sign of good faith of the people are used to “pro-citizen” is out.It appears organizations particular tilt to force the conflict, as has been used for its own existence.By such politics population became the center, various demonstration that was repeated in Japan over 70’s from 60’s, hated from many citizens.At the same there is a sign to follow the same road.
 Let’s give an example.It seems certain to be called say to join the demonstration to bring it to recruit an illustration of “Nuclear Power Poster Exhibition”.(Http:// the picture’s ugly.Picture such as “pour the radioactivity in children”, “children eat radioactivity” or is contrary to the fact.It is a complicity of reputational damage, human rights sense of the person involved is suspected, usually people with discomfort.I want to believe that a small part, but people with these strange thought if participating in the demonstration, it should not be collected forever the support of Japan and cool wise.
 Involvement of political forces also stand out.Social Democratic Party of fringe party are starting commotion in the anti-nuclear.Or more that can not be gathered the support of many, to show its presence by riot would be a reasonable choice for the party.As belonging to the extremist What’s more “pro-citizen” We have expressed the participation of demonstration.Arrests’s right out in the demonstration in Tokyo September 11.It was released immediately, but the support site rises to immediately.Speaking of irony, people to be arrested seems to be a “familiar arrest”.(Http://
 Is there a way of social change effective
 There are many ways of opinion which is effective than the demo.The “I put the intention to money to buy” one’s way as a consumer.Innovation of energy, the spread of energy-saving equipment and renewable energy power generation is progressing explosive Specifically now.4 kilowatts worth solar panels (around 2.4 million yen) to buy, it will take the original ’10 By utilizing a power purchase system to be introduced shortly further.And are commercially available gas heat pump (1.5 million yen), home storage battery (from several tens of thousand yen), as well as (2.6 million yen Mitsubishi i Meave) electric car.The combination of these devices, “Nuclear Power” can be an individual from now.
 Citizens in the union system, there is a movement to build a wind power generation company, such as sunlight.There are power producers than 1,000 companies in Germany, the majority’s natural energy power generation union which made local residents have led.Such as corporate and NPO’s little by little, but I have made in Japan.Competitiveness is poor in terms of cost of renewable energy at the moment, there is a problem that rely on subsidies.However, we should respect the attitude that citizens and lets make up their own, the future of the energy of their own.Turn off the unit price! “Do not buy electricity made from nuclear power plant” if hate is the power company, and want you to not use the power at your own risk.It does not solve anything and only make noise.
 There is also a method of dropped into the political procedure intention.I would like to introduce an example of Niigata Prefecture winding-cho (now Niigata City).Primary concept of Tohoku Electric Power Co., which lasted ’40 has been withdrawn in 2004 here.This is because of Mr. Takaaki Sasaguchi brewing company management of moderate opponents is chosen mayor, and bring to referendum, showed clearly the will of the people “against the nuclear power plant”.The same town was confused in favor opposite, but regional peace was restored thanks to the efforts of Mr. Sasaguchi.
 The strategy’s as follows:.Listening is not cast against the nuclear power plant dare ①, nuclear power plants or do not want or want to town purely.② elimination of outside forces.Softness of the image of ③ Hanhara Hatsu-ha.By sitting in a circle called a “gathering”, mothers worked actively gathering. Administrative organization of ④ town as possible to neutral.Rapid democratic procedure of land acquisition before ⑤ – a result of these, anti-nuclear faction had won an overwhelming victory.
 Sasaguchi he had said, “people of any position also want to continue to live on the take-town” and in a lecture at the time.It’s true form opposite to that of the anti-nuclear movement of the now.People of any position also, want to learn actions that this common sense.
 The efforts of national consensus through dialogue
 About 10 years, I’ve been following the global warming that is energy policy, on its back.Therefore, the regret is, it’s true national consensus that was not made in energy policy.
 (“The Future of nuclear power plant, the expectations of national consensus” my manuscript:
 Unfortunately, I do not think there is national consensus on the extension of the demo.To that end, I want to appeal to people to participate in the demonstration today of “amateur citizen”.To respect its good intentions, but there is nothing born only demo.I hope and want to participate in democratic procedures and efficacious means for more.And I want to appeal to “pro-citizen”.If there is a wicked thought that by using the good faith of people if, you are going to Hikizurikomo “movement for the exercise” of their own, it’s shameful action.You must give up immediately.
 that when we think about the future of energy, to be done now is not a conflict.Cooperation and convergence to the solution of the Fukushima accident, it is a support for siblings affected, is a pressing issue may be recovered by the stable supply of power the economy ached.After everything is settled down, I can build a national consensus about the future of energy.
 Anti-nuclear movement emotional, such as demo is only temporary and will disappear any.But I’m worried, that domestic conflict is strengthened by riot-causing of it, that the national consensus building over the future of energy is further delayed.
 Takaaki Ishii, economic, environmental journalist ishii.takaaki1 @

Machinery orders increased significantly, or are you suggesting protuberance of capital investment?

Today, the results of machinery orders statistics of August have been announced from the Cabinet Office.Core machinery orders, ie, private demand, excluding ships and power has been considered a leading indicator of capital investment in GDP-based.It was recorded 804.9 billion yen +11% increase over the big +4.6% increase in pre-market consensus of the results of the core machinery orders in August.First, as follows to quote an article from the site of the Nikkei.
Exceed 11 percent increase market expectations greatly August machinery orders
According to the machinery orders statistics of August the Cabinet Office announced on the 12th, “private demand, excluding ships and power” is a 804.9 billion yen the (seasonally adjusted), up 11.0 percent compared with the previous month and is a leading indicator of capital investment.Increased in the two-month, I was much higher than market expectations (4.7% increase).This is because the manufacturing industry and automobiles (high-performance mobile phone) smartphones was driven, machinery orders affirmed the judgment that “there is a tendency to pick up” The Cabinet Office.
From the machine manufacturer, is calculated by listening to orders and production equipment of the factory machinery orders statistics.Private-sector demand of Excluding ships and power is a leading indicator of private capital investment in the previous six months from about three months.
Strong growth in August last year (12.8% increase) since “private demand, excluding ships and power”.By industry, manufacturing industry has increased 13.7%.Information and communication electronics equipment and electrical machinery order the semiconductor manufacturing equipment for smartphones.In response to the normalization of the production system, the car moved to pay-as-you-saw off immediately after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Steel industry and chemical industry uncertainty about the future is strong, was only a modest increase in the yen.The non-manufacturing sector decreased 6.1%.Reaction of large orders for railway vehicles of the previous month rang.
In the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake-related, such as orders for transportation machinery, construction machinery and generators for private power generation was observed.But for now “not only generate movement fragmentary” (Cabinet Office).
prospect of “private demand, excluding ships and power” of the July-September quarter by the Cabinet Office was investigated in June by 0.9% year-on-year.I can achieve the outlook in September even if 10.0% decrease compared to the previous month if.Looking at the (Tankan) Tankan business conditions survey by the Bank of Japan, capital investment plan of the company’s strong, but there is also a possibility that the investment willingness of Japanese companies weakens the yen if prolonged.
Subsequently, the graph of machinery orders usual is as follows.Changes in month moving average behind 6 except for ship power and top panel, the so-called core machinery orders, trends in consumer-specific machinery orders of non-manufacturing industries with the exception of the vessel external demand, manufacturing, and power under.Both series are seasonally adjusted, part shaded is the recession.Also, the unit of the vertical axis is trillion yen.

First, when I saw in the month backward moving average or 6 because it is statistically greater the deflection of the monthly, never, 2 digits from the previous month, such as surprised this time, but was shifted upward greater than the trend of the past It should be understood that, not a.In other words, it is considered the core machinery orders which was in the recovery process with a slight delay from the trough of March 2009, will continue, and is said to be in a steady recovery process.Second, it is a recovery of manufacturing center, it’s read from the panel below, attention is required for the recovery of that machinery orders does not extend to the non-manufacturing sector.However, I will say this also, the same trend from the traditional and has continued.There may reflect the external demand orders from strong manufacturing industry, uncertainty will remain in the future in the global slowdown and the yen’s appreciation, along with the recovery in capital investment reconstruction demand if the full-scale You may continue to increase in the machinery orders.As is true for all indicators in the country, but they are in the tug-of-war global slowdown and reconstruction demand is domestic factors.Of course, it should also be noted sustainability with strength.

I deleted the opportunity to pick up alone, Nobel Prize in Economics has been award to Professor Sims and Sargent.Both I’m an economist and appropriate for the Nobel Prize in Economics to leave a good performance, but feels a little coupling and how it is just me?

Anti-nuclear Yamamoto Taro revenue 1/10, Ishida Issei radioactivity measures manual writing

You sue the “de-primary” What are not the only activist and politician.After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, celebrities and others have expressed the opinion to the nuclear power plant after another film director and other many writers.Among such, it’s actor Yamamoto Taro (36) which is leading the opposition movement without regard to the impact on work.Yamamoto told a straight face in the coverage of women Seven.

Was reminded that “after 3.11, management of nuclear power plants was too sloppy.I thought the country is not to cherish the life of the people, and be killed in this state.Sense of crisis children what sin is also not particularly would be killed, I’m a source of activity of me ”

Yamamoto since the earthquake, had been angry at the attitude of the country was “out of butyrate” that the end of April, was raised to 20 mSv per year the criteria for radiation dose, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry to limit the outdoor activities.

“International standards it is said upon one mSv, sensitivity to radiation of children 10 times from three times the adult.Can not you’re insane Nantes’s okay even if the child was 20 mSv exposure per year? ”

It says revenue was reduced to 1/10 for the first activity, but Yamamoto does not intend to quit.

You need to do on the fly three of preventing diffusion of rubble simultaneous stop of “nuclear power plant, evacuation of residents of contaminated areas, contaminated.And I shall keep the kids anyway ”

It’s conspicuous among the Nuclear Power remarks celebrity Yamamoto, and “what you want to think everyone because now” that Ishida Issei (36) wrote in a blog.

1988, the contents such as episode Ishida boy took part in protests over the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture.And called attention to “a state not strange to say when the Boom also 55 pieces of nuclear bomb” about the current state of the primary.

In fact, entry of this blog March 4.Content as if to predict the nuclear accident has become a big topic.

Did not half a year later, it is the writing that Ishida depresses the primary problem in the blog, but, September 30, it was about his feelings for Nuclear Power in the long spanning 8000 or more characters again.

At a terrific speed “, time is progressing from there.When that half a year longer flows.And I think what’s also not progressed since then is the same, the process was an accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station ”

The blog, which has written a book that summarizes the measures radioactivity, etc. or suggest.Had concluded a sentence with “I’d like a brave if you thought the for your child to think on your own, if you feel so.”.

※ 20 Oct. 2011 Seven Women

Also “complete victory” Japan representative, Kitazawa said “I’m a normal this.”

bout three preliminary round W Cup Asia, Japanese representative × Tajikistan representatives on the 11th, was held at the Nagai Stadium, was a complete victory for Japan to play include large amounts of eight goals.

The international friendly match = Vietnam representative match against the 7th, it was content to remain a challenge of one score on that shot from eleven to lowly opponent, but the game this time, Kengo Nakamura you have filled the hole in the Honda absence But, it becomes the key to attack top to bottom, the outstanding performance of 1 goal 3 assists.Hafner microphone representative of the first game starting lineup as well, and mentioned two goals in a daring headed that take advantage of height, good news often.

Same evening, but NTV “NEWS ZERO”, Mr. Kitazawa Australian of the current football commentator praised both the name under Japan representative.Is possible to “Today, victory play itself is, I’m usually a representative from Japan this.Emphasizing the “I’m a normal,” But, by Honda that absence, condition did not really go up, the difference between the Vietnam war that could not be riding the wave not good enough.Among those, put out the power that athletes have his own, was doing well, the role.Product Description added, “I think I regained the power of the original, but there was something that thinking as a team at the same time.

In addition, Kitazawa, who was introduced as “the players that made the opportunity (demodulation)” the Hafner and Nakamura, take advantage by coming get into, a certain height 194cm of “his Hafner.I think you know the characteristics of their own.Japan I wanted to do this height until now, but I could not.Material that has a height of world standard was small there.Things feet I be worried about when it comes to height, but also good foot.Added, “has been adapted to pass football, and the evaluation is I think strong type of” myself “,” Honda players, but the “movement” to make use of a friend “as a feature of the Nakamura Nakamura.

China will flood the launching ceremony

September 29, 2011, was completed with great fanfare of “the most luxurious pleasure boat” ministry “steel liquor issue” was sunk in the launching ceremony of unveiling at the banks of the Yellow River in Gansu province.It came to be known by the general user has announced a mini-blog will be October 10, media reported also began.”Launching ceremony” was turned into “flooded Expressions”, the banks of the Yellow River ministry 皋蘭 Prefecture.”Steel liquor issue” was launched backwards, but I sank into the water from the stern section.Hull is tilted back and forth big.Latter part of the hull is submerged, the part before stopped at looking you sticking out from the surface of the water.

Jiuquan Iron & Steel Group (Sake-ko population) was built in the form of donated (about 223 million Japanese Yen) 17.68 million yuan in Lanzhou City ship.”Most luxurious”, “most advanced”, “greatest” in the Gansu Province, “with the excellent performance with most” and pleasure boat.Hull overall length 32.9 m, width 7.5 m, 130 tons to load displacement.In addition, it is unlikely to repair by pulling, but downright wasteful.  Excerpt from the reference article reference article

Recently, China, gets a lot of looks like this accident is absolutely a lot of high-speed rail accident Yara.Photo right in the flooded before, I have yet to land.According to the Lanzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau publicity processing length, was described in the “mistakes of the work, water enters the machine room in the rear hull” he said.

There is no car to trade-in?If used car dealer in the United States … Why do not we wish to exchange with horse

Used car dealers, to trade in a car that customer was riding up to that same old story.

But while the economy is sluggish, in order of promotion, more flexible seems to be needed.

It is a story of dealers in the United States, except that customers no car to trade-in is presented a “horse” instead, it had become the news was give me a trade-in.

The dealer called Park Auto Mall in Florida, has become a hot topic as raised to a new level further trade of motor vehicles.

The propaganda Originally, it was a purported “those run, what you float, which fly, and trade anything” and, but phrase that says it “shall be galloping” still seems to have increased.

You say it as well, female customers there is no cash has come to buy a van used for a large family, but valuable assets of only she has is it was a horse.

[I see the image]
Family in hand van happily, the new owners were able to horse.

In our dealers, to the list that can be other trade, there is a baseball trailer house, signed, work of art, and jewelry, and it was with the form of horse entered in the.

Form of business is a thing to go Utsurikawa~tsu in accordance with the changes in demand and the economy, but, I mean the exchange of used cars and horses, it has a retro feel like barter of old age.

Used car dealer becomes a horse trader

there is no car mule Q to [trade-in?If consternation military secret files of the UK comes out and you buy a related article, used notebook PC See all used car dealers] of the United States … Why do not we wish to exchange with horse
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Human-like hooked fairly wide from [show report] dog “doggy for CM”

The dogs try to actually “CM dogs biting” (5 date Nikkan Sports October) the world’s first, Tomoaki Ogura moderator of the dog enthusiast, took up the effect.The CM is all the fuss is, that the “sound of the secret” that not only hear only dogs that are restricted in the TV is turned on only for a few seconds.While you are listening intrigued, and “! Is it so what” If I had wondered gradually, it was the punch line of great success as a sponsor in that this topic was taken up in countries around the world 20.

With that major food companies share the world “Nestle” (Headquarters, Switzerland) planted in the pet food, and showed interest in this CM sound of the toy broadcasting in Austria than the “sound of the secret” I started.I saw the reaction let the dog “Tokudane!” Is to obtain the CM of 23 seconds.

    “Sound of the secret” inaudible to humans and sound, bell sound higher and favorite toy dog ​​is on in CM.As a result of let this CM to 10 dogs, eight animals is move the ears in the portion of the sound of the secret, it seems to have certainly heard.

However, showed the strongest interest in the chiming of toys, the sound of the secret was not so much.According to the analysis of acoustic Japan Research Institute, the sound of the secret that high-frequency sound of 18khz inaudible to humans.

What made this kind of elaborate CM “Why Kaa and the want to eat this,” owner to see the reaction of the dog.”Dog reacts, Ogura think interest is” in this “dog food without permission is owner.Laugh added, “I think maybe if you let this CM before you eat, and the dog can eat dog food.Even without such a troublesome hand, the dog will be prompted if accustomed to hunger.

According to the Kasai Shinsuke Ana, CM skip function of “digital recording big problem now in the TV industry.After you have a buzz about the CM, a method for passing the CM actually has become important.Even in this program featuring over 10 minutes or more.The but it is was a great success as a sponsor ”

Humans was relieved somehow in the target rather than show dogs still.

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“White to be irresponsible farce!” The voice of anger from industry to retirement remarks Mino Monta

Mino Monta retirement declaration of a sudden has become the fray.”Is made thus the truth excavation history mystery” of the ending (Nippon Television) broadcast live September 23, comment himself as “because it is only that I also retire in March next year.” Suddenly Minowa.Program had been completed as it is, sometimes you have to speak something similar in the past, it had been received and jokes.However, the October 4 “Tokyo Sports” is reporting the retirement of Mino in a sense now.By Mino himself had admitted “all (program appearance) contract ends in March next year,” said the ripples went at once widespread.

The past few years, “Minowa, I was repeatedly remarks reminiscent of” Oh, and “Na I want to stop it from per celebrated its sixtieth birthday.In recent years, such as whether not was aware of the generational change by the retirement of Shinsuke Shimada also reports, that led the restructuring target by television stations deficit more, there was also a voice saying “do not be surprised separately” Some of the people involved in particular ” (TV station stakeholders)

It is said that prior to the X Day already Minowa, but also to have a view to the establishment of the caster training school.However, the truth of this declaration retirement I wonder what about?

Early morning the next day the article came out in the “east Obispo, reporters were gathered in front of the home of Mino Kanagawa Prefecture.Dim still time, “Zuba morning! After another question I was bumped to Mino that came out of the house for (TBS system) appearance, “but himself only appropriate answer inefficiently.Also, if you think that staring in silence eyes of reporters asked the question, that it has finally opened his mouth with a smile and even “? Did come see …… east Obispo”.In everyone heart or “Millionaire! Was the thrust of the “” (weekly magazine reporter)

And that continued into a total of 10 times near towards the press of one person in this exchange.Even heard about the future and how much “retirement, I have wit’s end in the remarks of three translocation two rolling.I also was listening to the story in a half laugh, but I think both …… Na’s preposterous farce “(Reporter supra)

In view of the information coming from the periphery also heard attitude, of these Mino, intention to retire in Mino himself in any way is likely to be no.

We are rooted in the theory that, have a wait-and-see if you have the “‘retirement declaration, if entertainment officials also distributors, TV stations and is” wonder if the reaction.In fact, the TV station’s remember the complaints in relation to guarantee also that’s for sure, and Mino himself is aware of it.However, not you no Nantes willing to quit “from stakeholders close to the person?Regular even if wiped out though, that voice’m the person who will continue to work in some form also can be heard “(tabloid show desk)

You do not think about in the media tried to say Taken together the opinions of various fields, and leave longer.It might be talking about that much if Sumasere in “jokes in the program,” but, turmoil’s became big so far even to just a past maximum, there is also a possibility of developing a situation that soon the person makes a clarification.Advance and retreat of Mino really is?

※ “Mino Monta hobbyhorse game” image (Nippon Television Network)

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