[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “friends 5,000”.Communication skills amazing!? Popularity of Karateka cove is soaring.Apprenticed to applicants.

Irie Shinya comedy duo, of Karateka is “good laugh! Where you had a corner “, popularity has skyrocketed.Who Yabe Taro of the antagonist were often exposed in the media until now, but it’s momentum it is likely to reverse in now.

Irie Shinya (34) “good laugh! Became the broadcast of the 4th November 16 and in charge of the corner called “Irisupo! Of entertainment news cove you do not hear anywhere else”, in “.He has a wide range of friendship as referred to as “friends with 5000 people” together to the general public and celebrities.By revealing the information of entertainers rare that is not generally known that he, and he has become a hot topic in the same corner.

Coves, that close and SawaMinoruNozomi players of Nadeshiko Japan has been known, but the width of the companionship ‘s fairly wide to the entertainment world from the sports world besides.In addition, it would be to the general public both to get acquainted as soon as “I want to be friends” at a party or event where wow his.That there are relatives of celebrities by chance also I hear there is in it.For example, since says there is a companionship of the son of ASKA CHAGE and ASKA and father of Perfume notch, and also father of the wife of Katocha, the width of the range is of such unimaginable.

On this day, By “became popular, than there were also changes in the environment from Chihara Jr.?When asked with “Irie had revealed friends” Facebook is “jumped to 450 people from 20 people.Because he has approved basically friend request application, and was delighted information has become as new incoming from various quarters.

In addition, young people to him and want to “apprentice” I also appeared.However, the Young people say and I want you to attend to, such as joint party and from “I want to learned how to take the communication” rather than want to apprentice as a comedian.”It, Do not you just want out to the joint party?Shinya coves are also suspects “is a layer has been alternating current as a friend of Facebook at the moment.

Weekly, Irie Shinya’s to announce the action content in the same program, but job as entertainers is a little drinking sessions and parties launch is almost every day.Are you at work “when also from co-star for the?And he is thrust into a “but, such as free market” work and “event seems source of income Major According to him.

friendship that such he has been made so far, is the led to work finally.And width is wide and its content, but also a deeper depth still likely.No doubt to see when you break the end of the year.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

· “I do not Seoe the Hinomaru not you like that” SawaMinoruNozomi players advice to entertainer.
And knowledge of jeans that Kusanagi Tsuyoshi showed off in “Sure”, planning of last!
· “Money still for those that”.Tamori and Uzakiryudo talks about the retirement of Yamaguchi Momoe.
• The protest mail rush to reconstruction events Shigeru Izumiya et al planning.
Women’s Ana apologize for the introduction of the Kano sisters Iitomo “entertainment career … of Kano sisters”.
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Support rate [China] BBS of Noda Cabinet fell 20 percent, view of Chinese

A public opinion survey conducted after the Prime Minister Noda has expressed negotiating participation in the TPP at APEC of the other day, the Cabinet support rate has dropped 20%, but the thread is erected on the bulletin board of the bulletin board site skyline, Inc. District of China for that matter, discussion has been exchanged.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese in the following.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: A survey was conducted in one day 14 three 炮第, support rate of Noda Cabinet, it seems to have dropped to 40% from 60% of the Cabinet met at the time of early September.This is called a sign of the things that many people are feeling the anxiety expressed in negotiations to join TPP.


● I wonder if changing the people also robertleee123.You’re really quite short-lived. (Although I’m not saying that it quit yet)

● BOCTOK okay.Papa called the United States because of supporting.

● The standing again young Muga us, try 10 minutes applause!

● Dreamife2015 Japan has to protect the agricultural products of the country much.Tariffs wonder becomes zero TPP?Japan will not be able to participate. (Voice of opposition seems strong)

● Do not be a friend of China and even in the dog of the United States nnmingming.This is the current situation in East Asia.Why??Taiwan’s right.You do not want to be a Chinese and to become the dog of the United States why?This is a problem that deserves to be thought of. (Let’s think well well)

● Do not be kicked to the United States if it fails to drunk _ love Gangnam TPP.

● welcome to the struggle of informix123456! Changing the prime minister continued, Let me have a sluggish.It is a golden opportunity for China!

● new prime minister Kata Shunichi Japan seems to be hard-line stance against China.

● If you know or do not want to see China to become the dog of the United States why Aiinu Katsuhoshi?Because the United States is because to be terrible for her dog.

● In order to show the attitude of truculence most2010 China, you are waving tail toward the (Argentan) main.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

Bridge the divide “seems Moses” the water, the design, which was built lower than the surface of the water to the topic.

To large urban road from the valley of nature, bridges are made user to Watareru to the other side safely.Images that you visualize in general, probably something like “being applied to a location higher than the ground”, but the moat that the Netherlands, there is a bridge which is provided with a passage below the water surface.If you look from a distance, as a unique bridge that looks like passersby of what are walking in the water though, it seems to have attracted the attention of Western on the net.

According rice design information site “Inhabitat”, this bridge is a pedestrian bridge that spans in the Netherlands, the moat of Rubaru fortress was built in the 17th century.The Netherlands at the time, many fortress had been made one after another in order to prevent the invasion of France and Spain.moat that Rubaru fortress was also made that one, so as to surround that is designed “to deeply human to cross, too shallow ship to pass through” to the depth.

It is this pedestrian bridge for those who visit such a fortress, construction design company in the Netherlands “RO & AD Architects” is that I made to the moat.It is also referred to as “seems Moses” from the fact that it appears to proceed by dividing the water of the moat like, but according to the description of the company’s site, this bridge along the newly constructed to fit the restoration work of the fortress.Results to match it, and piled the design based on the “idea seems Netherlands” “surprising appearance” and the harmony with the landscape, this footbridge is a translation that was born.

People pass each other of bridge also made with a width of about barely, built in wood, which is a coating of anti-bacterial processing and waterproof all.It has been kept to a slightly higher than the water surface, the wall of the passage to block the water, but enough to not notice hardly when viewed from a remote location, that there is a bridge there.If you look at the pedestrians across the bridge for that, it is a mechanism to be able to enjoy a strange sight as if willing to moat without difficulty.

By the way, this bridge likely enjoy even with even seen, so has received a high reputation in the Netherlands.In addition, attention is also gathered from the Western media the past few days, I’m buzz and innovative bridge.

The harsh reality in Kahala Tomomi declaration of return “long nude exposure and book offer”

Kahala Tomomi (37) of the singer was no longer in business from 2007 has declared the entertainment industry return, but contrary to the motivated of the person, the outlook does not seem bright.

That it had rested with to stay in the Philippines, such as charity and Christians have been told recently, but is now healthy really “in the blog of brother dated 30 October.Declare the return and “I decided to be to return home before the end of the year, such as the lesson of your theater and voice training, and work hard toward a return.Comments welcome and “Welcome back” are aligned from the fan.

However, there is no sign of record companies and leading media companies is essential to turn around this, remains invisible movement of return specific Kahala.According to officials close to the belonging office before, a job offer that we have heard from say the “extent to which there has been contact from publishing producer that it might put out a nude photo book and tell-all book”, to hand himself underwriting also wants to return poor situation emerges.Entertainment professional officials in Tokyo is confide to be “in a relationship with the previous firm belongs” The reason.

In such Dotakyan of work that sparked the holiday, Kahala I because they have a significant damage before belonging office anyway “.If you do not clear the matter, nowhere put out hand.In fact, even something of voice training while it was rested in the Philippines, the office I’ve been backed up, but I hear Kahala had been “declared return” without telling to the office this time.The person who thought of that’s healthy is good, but whimsy impervious to muscle and …… still would be many “(same)

In fact, it seemed that does not hide his embarrassment to be “not concerned at all about the return Declaration” even try to contact us before belonging office.

The first place, such as trouble with dating partner or attempted suicide uproar is reportedly one after another, Kahala emergency transport in the symptoms of drug addiction also 09-10 years of leave office after throwing a spoon.Officials and “I do not know what causes even want to work, it is not possible to contract something to fear” and (the record company salesman) is often of course the image down.

Feeling because it was better schizo since I was a “heyday, director of the music program was hired many times the Kahala once even mental instability is since it is reportedly Naonokoto.I do not know tomorrow is also in good spirits today.You are talking about himself even to declare a return unilaterally, as long as it is not even the backing of leading firms can guarantee the identity, voice and “not over.

That willingness to play songs and can be seen from the comments of Kahala, but the work of such world that determined immediately at the moment but unlikely to.It would be reality is that the very strict road ahead.

※ The image “Tomomi Kahala Photos” crystallize “” (Wani Books)

Tomo-chan Sister? Tomomi Kahala dormant or staying in the Church of the Philippines
Tomomi Kahala of sperm negation Puttsun again coverage transport emergency “~’m high I me.”
Tomo-chan start job hunting under water revival!? “Puttsun woman” is Tomomi Kahala finally!

And its hiragana there was a hiragana to use people in Taiwan prefer it?

Would never wondered suddenly you are looking at the product name and city of Taiwan.It is that the Japanese are used routinely.Would think would be no discomfort, even if it is written in Japanese (but slightly different) Chinese ideographs same has been used in Taiwan.But I are expressed normally in hiragana and katakana in town products and Taiwan.There is hiragana which is most commonly used in such Taiwan Do you know? Some of Hiragana “of” it.Fact is true of “subject (du)” in Chinese So a “of”, to write “I specifically Form (U~odo~ushu)” as in “my book”.But he referred to as “the book of I” dare in Taiwan.Just when you referred to and product of course, people of Taiwan will not give them actually wrote.

Yogurt products top actress of Taiwan, Lin Ling (Lin Chi-ling) is doing the CM actually has also been referred to as “Yu of plants”.Why will you in such designations.Answer, such as the following came back I asked to talk to the people of Taiwan.There is a luxury image and is written in “Japanese, so you have to leave the Japanese.Since there is associated with the Chinese grammar reason to use a “for”, it is difficult to described a little.It told me that it “can see a lot of Japanese to come to Taiwan.Everyone wants to look at the city well when I went to Taiwan.There are a number of Japanese notation, but there should be trade shops and written by “The”.Needless to say, notation for the Japanese course this is “the”.

※ This article, of Gaje communication Gold Rush “Sol” was written.

Ambulance fallen popular models, at home

I found that the 13th, Araki Sayaka original “devil ageha” model has been ambulance fall at home.

[View Blog Araki Sayaka (in Related Links)]

Araki Sayaka who stopped suddenly a handshake meeting that had been scheduled on the same day, becomes a day canceled by poor health, “My…Apology on the blog and “was really sorry.It is described in “events are now canceled the manager decision because it was the state that can not move at the hospital and even in the time when the event begins,” and revealed that it collapsed at home on the morning of the day of the event, it has been ambulance.

Her such as produce Eyelash extensions salon “DOT1011”, expand the width of the model also active in other industries.There are things the same way a little while ago “, and that fall suddenly and say probably because of a busy schedule, and was feeling a disorder of the body from the previous…And reflect their determination physical condition because it is self-management only, so as not too unreasonable, and “as there is no such a thing again.

From fans,

– Once in a while “I also need rest (& gt; _ & lt;.) ”
• The physical condition now “Sayaka-chan really okay (T_T)?It is very worried ”
· “I am relieved Sayaka-chan because it was safe”

Such as, voice care for physical condition of Araki Sayaka has been asked many.(Model Press)

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Access rush Woodford former president to “return” signature

Calls for the return of Michael Woodford former president was dismissed in Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and his colleagues of the former president and chairman at the problem of Olympus optical equipment manufacturers “loss cover-up” is enhanced, and access to the site to determine the signature flooded are.

110 people were signed up to the 12th, but I’m no longer able to aggregate the signature of the new access is flooded then.I can only be accessed from shareholders and former employees is large.

The signature campaign, Koji Miyata, who was director of Olympus 1995-2006 began launching a dedicated site on the 11th.You are “that you ask them to mentor the management again to Mr. Woodford is required to play Olympus” and.

On the other hand, Woodford said shows the willingness to president return “shareholders if you wish,” and it serves also, but (it was dismissed by the president) “alpine Shuichi president of Olympus change in treatment of Woodford said at a press conference of the 8th I have said “no plans of.

[China] BBS Japan Did lost the competition with Korean culture?

“Japan is what lost the competition with Korean culture on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Thread that “was erected.For this lament attrition Lord will love the Japanese culture, various opinions were received.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese in the following.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: In terms of cultural influence in Asia, lhsboy Japan wonder are lost to South Korea?Now, drama and music of Korea has become a major force in Asian countries.The only areas with limited such as anime, Japanese culture began to be less influence of Korea in the face of the music and drama.View Korean Drama United States and drama around me, but a person who watches the Japanese drama less.Era everyone has become addicted to “attack Burn” and “red suspicion” has passed.Also to Japan and other Asian countries, are affected by the perfusion now.What everyone wonder think?


● The heavenlyemyli of that trash culture, since there is a fresh appearance to those deceptive, grab the hearts of the people temporarily, but have seen enough of everyone immediately. (I will have some truth)

● Birdman main thread of Kanata’s say in what everyone is looking at the drama listen to the music of Korea?Humans can contact attrition Lord after all would have limited.The few I think, is to see and hear the music and drama of Japan, because the government has adopted a policy limiting the Japanese culture. (Broadcast overseas anime can not seem to prime time in China)

● never heard Nante K-POP is my xisasasophia.It’s full of J-POP Among my PC.

● YoruRinHana & amp; 24814 #; This’ s political factors.

● I account for the majority 66 government road over human is the cause of that.At the same, Korea is good at advertising such as car and mobile certainly. (I will have some people push the envelope)

● I do not know whether or not there is a limit but Manazuru Hayashi, Japan, huh overmatched in drama direction certainly.Things he likes I do not find it Either way.For music, I because a different atmosphere in Japan and South Korea.

● The entertainment Court of Korea Amahakuryune, appearance’s gorgeous, but the contents are empty.But those who prefer the appearance but the majority in this world.Is not it a good thing it is their favorite if you know something yourself.It’s called How about where Korea jumped further?South Korea because of a great power of the universe one already ….

● Korean culture Ki Kamiyama Yu~u is not, such as those compared to Japan is a rip-off culture.

● is not without history and culture to Sawamura Shuichi Korea.But that atmosphere is not acceptable I.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

[South Korea] BBS perfusion true that very popular all over the world?”Asia is real”

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “cycle Lian net”, in the Korean media, the author, has been reported good perfusion, beginning with K-POP all over the world is booming, but it’s a wonder it true I questioned.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ()


● main thread: bath and Mom

“K-POP is enthusiasm the world market, also actively overseas performances,” “Korean dramas to the must-haves in the living room of the foreign” and “overtaking already Japan in the technical capabilities of a variety of fields such as automobile” If you look at the recent news There are a lot of news.

Compared to earlier, South Korea achieved a development in various fields, Korea seems to be gaining momentum these days even in electronics also personally.However, I think that you have a just idea own people central excesses is dangerous.

In the case of Korean, layers mania is only supported in Europe, and I do not feel like you’re being reported on television, whole nation and are enthusiastic.Optical technologies, such as cameras, are being improved technical capabilities of Samsung recently, but still.

If you are extending the global market share in the lightning-fast speeds, even if Japan said inferior how much, and if you look at the technical capabilities and patented the number of in the United States, and is the presence of or to ignore or look down still Haier of China I do not think.


● K-POP is that the popular Coreano whole world I too say.But the popularity of KARA in Japan is real.

● K-POP popularity bath mom and a (main thread) within Asia I would be fact.It says very popular in the European side in the Korean media, but I can not agree with it.

● The difference Alberti Korea boom, Europe, the United States, in South America.Nobody knows.

● Since the late regime Homes, coverage instill the illusion to its own people is thriving.(I’s also such a view in Korea)

● It looks A nameless Korea as is developing clear, but it is still far in to leave a name in each field.(It is a harsh opinion)

● Kan-ryu are not in boom still in nameless B Europe.Love only those who like.

● The nameless C Hallyu, is popular in Southeast Asia.

● In PowerSouL Europe, and only receiving part frankly.Big boom in Asia.The net of China, Girls’ is # 1 on the female singer search rank of 2011

● bath Mom and Yes (main thread), proponents perfusion particularly in Japan there are lot of.Although there or even anti-Korean course.

● China and Japan lizard I’m Kan-ryu boom.I’ve heard a lot of K-POP in the streets of both countries.

● have are in the Boston boss my melon, Korea like many of the school children, seems to have met a barrage of questions with respect to K-POP is your child.It might also differ by age.

● My son has attended High School Mekutiemudi Boston neighborhood, but Maybe you talking Caucasian friend is often heard the K-POP on YouTube.And whatever you think of perfusion has been limited to people of Asian or Asian side yet, but may change in the global boom is not a zero.

● It is a business trip to Myanmar Pot now, but I often hear the K-POP ringtone.

● I do not know whether there is a popular Araruraranimu Asia, but there was no really popular in the West.

● young Asian women I met in the United States nameless D was speak in Korean “big brother”, “Hello” and “Thank you” is often.How will that affect the (K-POP popularity?)

● We are staying in the Dean Kane Indonesia, Korean food, Korean Department not only K-POP is also popular.

● The Ramajun popular that is different of course, but I was surprised itself there are enthusiasts of Korea in Europe.I saw a place where high school girls in Germany, has bought a CD of the Beast is a male idol group in Korea.(Nice music I will be supported across the border) (editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)

TBS “Antarctica” viewing rate 1 digit close? “Kimutaku myth” was completely destroyed

Viewing rate 60 anniversary drama TBS started broadcasting of “Antarctica” will not stop down.First broadcast was a strong 22.2%, but the 5th broadcast November 13, 2011 was 13.2%.That there is a possibility that is have some experts to see “It’s a way of falling forsaken from the audience”, viewing rate is 1-digit.

Original production as the “truth of the Antarctic wintering team Tarojiro” Kitamura Taiichi Author is “Antarctica”.Takuya Kimura in (39), starring Sosotarumenba Ayase Haruka actress Kagawa Teruyuki san, Sakai Masato, Ogata Naoto et al firm aside, waiting for the return of people who went to the Antarctic, such as Aina Ashida’s child actor But it has appeared.

Viewing rate of potential first time to be a TBS historical large crushing defeat of the drama was recorded numbers the second highest in the drama that has been broadcast this year and 22.2 percent, but the two episodes is 19.0%, 16.9%, Episode 3, 15.8% Episode 4 It continues to fall, and became 5 episodes and 13.2% (Kanto district = Video Research survey).This results in the net,

“Wwww probably too low”
“I though not felt the cold of Antarctica, drama was cold really”
Impressions such as “Do not mon though such story of Showa, it’s Kimutaku usual ‘Cause” is out.

Was in TBS-house October 16, 11, which first was broadcast Hill between Masaaki’s entertainment critic.House audience rating and Dell,

And that was broke into cheers “Kimutaku, !!! I did indeed” and.And I guess now, Mr. Kimura criticism is, should have happened.

Changes in these viewing rate is a “how to fall abandoned from the audience”, the only work that was laid out in a big way as the 60th anniversary started broadcasting, there is a possibility that the historical large crushing defeat of TBS.

Why had fallen so.Between Mr. Hill points out first, published in 1983, and, there was a high wall movie of second place Japan Chronicles of “Antarctica” is box office revenue.The Story of Giro and taro because it very famous, stories from next she can imagine just by looking at the first.Still collect viewers It is a translation of an attractive work, but starring in “Antarctica” is TakakuraKen’s.Kimura’s called, had been compared.

Rather than Kimutaku person, which station also has attracted sponsors by saying “Kimutaku is starring” ever drama Kimura, who wanted to see the figure of members of one of the Antarctic wintering team is starring.”Antarctica” is also the same, the emphasis is placed on how you shoot the Kimura Therefore, it was allowed to proceed in accordance with the schedule of Kimura’s also shooting.Net or partly because such, Kimura and so on, have appeared with a clean face Dattari Brown defeat the era of Showa, and to live in the harsh nature of Antarctica, not the Yukiyake was or is ridicule.

Between Mr. Hill to note that the audience rating Nippon TV drama “Kaseifunomita” became 22.5 percent in the first five episodes.Matsushima Nanako’s (37)’s starring in this drama, except that it is taken firmly as a housekeeper Matsushima-san is different.

“The viewer is not want to see the story of the housekeeper.I think Antarctica is also not in Kimutaku person in the same way, I wanted to see the figure of members of one of the Antarctic wintering team, and just that “viewing rate becomes to one digit in this state, in this” Kimutaku myth ” But that there is a possibility that would collapse.