Soldier getaway, discipline Yuruyuru buxom also Teitaraku Chinese Liberation Army enlistment OK

Self-Defense Forces to the middle of this month, was carried out large-scale military exercise in the Kyushu-Okinawa region.Purpose are, including the Senkaku Islands in the territorial dispute, defense and strengthening of the Nansei Islands.
No way, It will not mean there was no fear in the Self-Defense Forces of Japan that assumes this island defense.November 9, from troops of Liberation Army Shenyang Military Region stationed in Jilin Province Jilin City, getaway young soldiers of four people have bullets of 700-odd shots Choto assault rifle 1.The incident becomes a gunfight on public roads and Gun警 then, we have been tracking, one that is constrained three people were shot dead occurs.

Japanese media also reported it already, but the reason for the breakout has not been revealed.
“In China, the army away from the urban youth has been questioned, criticized occurs” Gunki is disturbed “level is” low (born in the 80s or later) “one-child policy generation in breakout of this was.In fact, young buxom is “generation” policy often to make it easier to enlist, 5% each by expansion in the upper and lower limits, the acceptance criteria of the weight of recruitment from winter this year.In addition, face, neck, within 2cm to one, even if there is a tattoo, I loosened the condition that OK if arms, legs 3cm within holes pierced.Again this generation, awareness and pride as the Liberation Army is low, etc. (SNS such as Facebook, which has been used in China) QQ, it has become a problem in are many also soldiers muttered complaints to military life “( Chinese journalists in Japan)

The apex the National War College, and was educated at educational institutions such as the immediate military commander School around the country, in addition to the so-called professional soldier, there is a general recruits offer capacity frame of each region China Liberation Army.Urban areas aside, the folding of job scarcity, young people who are blessed with the opportunity of training with salary stable, moreover, met with popular with women, come to apply comfortably seems a lot for rural and out.However, the decrease in soldier level, is not a problem that applies only to recruits these public offering.
“China is said to have bribes society, the military is no exception.It is a dogma (about 6 million yen) is much of that need 500,000 yuan in order to raise one class.Over the years, the one-child generation that get no matter what it does is, should be at the core of the Liberation Army If what you want in a selfish.I want to hope that the day of the Self-Defense Forces of exercises this is such help does not come “(military critic)

Speaking of soldiers plump selfish, and I would imagine the Dear Leader of North but ….Kuwabara, Kuwabara.

Attention to next season, women’s golf world is full of beauty?

2008 prize queen-Miho Koga retired concluded this season.Retirement of her innocent, will that you have to feel the loneliness of Ichimatsu to golf a lot of fans.

But, next season to fulfill his professional debut to blow off such a loneliness, a new face of the expectation is in droves.Three people Shu beauty that is done the final Qualifying Events last day of the women’s golf tour in the 2nd, was passed in protest of this year, Toyonaga Shiho (21 years), Saito Ai璃 (21 years), is Kotsuma Kotono (19 years old) I had won the right to full participation next season.

Three people Shu beauty of the topic for some time in the women’s golf world.Is expected to 30 people about the top is the full participation of the next season, the 4-position of the 9-under total, 31 out of 3-over total, incense wife has entered the 34-position of 4-over total is Saito Toyonaga.

Including the golf from the age of nine, consecutive Kyushu junior high school golf championship in 2005, and ’06, Toyonaga boasts the proportions of model Beams tall 170cm is close, and also win Kyushu High School Golf Championship ’07 Furthermore, in ’08, It is a talent that has attracted attention at a young age in local Kumamoto.Enters the sixth in the Nitori Ladies of August this year that passed the protest, you have to hand about 2.92 million yen prize.

Also, Kotsuma Saito and also has a star of Sueosoroshii.Saito’s about an enthusiastic fan exist in some net world from Looks and natural its idle, it has been attracting attention as a “high school girls golfer too beautiful” to high school girls era have led to Kotsuma.

It is likely that the super rookie who is a beauty, go beautifully dyed further women’s golf world of the next season in tripartite three-way.
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[Entertainment] vitamin ♪ instructions Uekaramariko like? Cartwheel Akimoto Saika is crazy the first time on live!

Idol group AKB48 has unveiled the new song “Uekaramariko” music program in the “Kamisun!”.I met with the soon-to-be released, she who was also brainstorm ideas for costumes and choreography many times from the morning on this day.I was asked that is Akimoto Saika, some from Mariko like suddenly in such.

Selected members determined in AKB rock-paper-scissors tournament that took place in September, has appeared live music program to “Kamisun!” At midnight December 5.About that new song by girls “Uekaramariko” will be released in 7 days, Nakai Masahiro of MC was asked to comment on Shinoda Mariko Center.

When you talk about feelings as “I feel that Na came at last,” there may be a month has elapsed or two already from rock-paper-scissors tournament, Shinoda Mariko, have replied, “commands a fine view would be nice too,” said for Center for the first time was.

In fact, in the blog, “Diary”, Shinoda Mariko is spelled how from the morning of this day as a “Marikode from above”.And he wrote, “it is changed so that again and again put out the charm of everyone, was MJ students showcased at last” and to change the choreography with members from the early morning, she has been confirmed.Costumes even brainstorm opinion on each, and that worried until the last day.

What was most difficult in such a state it would be Akimoto Saika.Shinoda Mariko reckless the first time to be “in rotation side” to Sayaka suddenly “morning.And he has revealed that it “gave me cartwheel on live.

Akimoto Saika I had to show off the cartwheel in a production of “Kamisun!” Sure, but it was the performance that I do not think was hastily put is predetermined and pat.Shinoda Mariko also probably was crazy the first time and only because you know the physical ability of her.Akimoto is did meet their expectations.

Akimoto Saika blog “Bukiyoumassugu.It is touching to this matter in the “I’ll try” dance.After “I also … cartwheel and I had to look back after the broadcast.This very reckless the first time would like a command from the “Uekaramariko” like for her, but would not be this much “instruction delicious” If you put the rotation side persists after this.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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· AKB Sashihara is crying! Gimmick Shinoda Mariko to “surprise tears” real.
• The “is handsome”.Akimoto Saika is published in the “sure thing” photos of brother.
· “I want you to work hard as from Fukuoka”.Shinoda Mariko to Yale HKT48.
· AKB Shinoda Mariko reveals the private and Toda Erika.
· “Chair backstage come, first served basis”.Itano Tomomi to break imposing the rules of AKB implicit.
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Shinoda Mariko “Diary”
Akimoto-Saika official blog “Bukiyoumassugu.”

Some mothers become 101 years old and is life-prolonging “life-sustaining” 10 years

That March 2006, it was discontinued life-sustaining treatment remove the respiratory seven people, including end-stage cancer patients in Toyama Imizu Municipal Hospital has been reported.July 2008, two people Motogeka director from has been sent papers on suspicion of murder, but in December 2009, Toyama District Court and not say act of removing the respiratory look at the medical practice of the series and hastened dying judgment, I was non-prosecution and disposal (alleged insufficient).Kumada Rie’s medical journalist and Song YoshiGen’s Joy talked about the pros and cons of this “life-sustaining treatment”.

* Song *: If you are being interviewed patients with gastric fistula, Do you have any case?

Children and grandchildren had been nursing, the mother of bed-ridden 101-year-old has put a gastric fistula: Kumada.She is hospitalized with brain infarction in about 10 years ago.It is difficult to swallow paralysis remains, since I no longer can also communicate, and it “will not eat from the mouth and remains this”, it was suggested a gastric fistula from doctor.Children and colleagues decided to gastric fistula Zo設 on the spot, home care has continued now.Because you can not communicate with my mother, I do not know and how they believe the state of now.

Song: by gastric fistula, so that ‘s doth live about 10 years.

Kumada: It’s has been found out that you are listening to the story, children and colleagues had been living in the pension of mother.It is the economic situation that she is lost, family get lost in Roto.It is not just for the money of course, but there was a side rather than the intention of the person, such as those utilized for family life.It is complex, it made me think many ….

Gee: Yes.Is difficult, but it is dying is a figure of a natural human.And I I think if there is a job in health, and Ya natural child is going to give the food and working ….And, I’m not financially afford enough able to cultivate at public expense the whole family such Japan.If you still say to the stomach wax only intention of the family, to public expense medical expenses to be, wonder if.

More than 10 years without any conscious, pension and health care costs to the patient to be alive in the liquid diet ….I feel such consensus can not be obtained in that taxpayers are used there will.But it is also a case-by-case basis, and if you Ya~tsu their parents, everyone, I to might be divisible does so is everyone.

※ 15 days issue December 2011 Seven women

Children of Asian, discrimination in elementary and junior high schools in Japan – Russia Media

December 2, 2011, Russia Izvestia paper said, “in the elementary and junior high schools in Japan, discrimination of Asian Mixed children are serious,” said.The following overview.

[More photos]

When you leave the house each morning in the car, the reporter to the same eye sight always.Boy of about 8 years old and know Filipino at a glance is a sight to school alone reluctantly.Children of Japanese aloud buckwheat, go through it happily.It seems whether you are delayed boys without even laugh, while playing picking up the stones of the street, to go to school on purpose.He probably does not hate study.Case that children of mixed race attending school in Japan meets the bullying often.

Korean girl system that is commonplace bullying of “classmate.Among women, especially.Girl of mixed race is only smiled in a Japanese boy, it becomes the target of bullying.It is taken to the toilet, and that “from being pig.The half-breed of the Western system, either because inferior in physique, the children of Japan just hate silently in contrast.Become a target it’s the children of Asian.

Why, Japanese honor sum or tease the children of Asian.Located in the historical reasons probably answer.Japanese thought of as a “first class nation in Asia” themselves originally.And to become in the past era that boasted armed hegemony and the samurai spirit, nationalism has remained.But international marriages increases, these feelings will also fade away gradually.(Translation and editing / AA)

Newsletter is not interviewed directly to the apology Mr. Woodford

December 2, 2011, Jiji Press to apologize for the article that reported the background of Michael Woodford former president of Olympus was appointed Chief Executive Officer on (CEO), and as did not go directly interviewed Woodford Mr. I distributed the article of what to.Article that has been a problem are delivered to the November 24, it was reported as if it had requested the CEO positions as a condition of Woodford Mr. tolerate loss cover-up.After delivery, Mr. Woodford had protested such as “story snide”.

World strategic model of the Tokyo Motor Show 2011] Mitsubishi “Mirage”, compact, low fuel consumption and low price!

High-resolution gallery of the Mitsubishi Mirage Click on the image above

In Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Mitsubishi, the world premiere new compact car the “Mirage”.Armed with (but it still unpublished) and low fuel consumption of 30km / liter class of the top-level, low-cost strategic, and that aim at both the “emerging markets” and “mature market” in the world in this one.I have come to you to ask for those of Mitsubishi, and why was revived for the first time in 12 years the name Mirage, a story about the development with the goal of low fuel consumption and low price.
First, Why revived the name “Mirage”, please tell us the reason.

“Mirage, is why was born in 1978 first generation that immediately after the oil shock, but it was what the concept at that time, called” chrysanthemum maneuverability in fuel-saving “.Mirage now has the concept of small, low fuel consumption and low price.That is not an exaggeration to say that you wanted to do this time, and was the same as the (concept of) original Mirage.I was put (the name Mirage) in such reason ”

The new Mirage (left) and founder Mirage (right)

It is that low price, but will become much How much is specifically?

“I do not announce it yet, but” I’m cheap, this car “it should be the price which you could think”

It was possible to lower the price, or is that lowered the cost of production?

“That means that, at low cost, and if there from the beginning of development, the other, it has been packed with thorough a location where it can be justified”

How do we packed, the place what specifically?

“We’ve developed a new form from Bratt, for example, by using the right man in the right place-tensile (high tensile steel), and Toka is or reduce the number of components”

It is rude and ask such a thing, but you have a place to feel crappy Try riding?For example Toka Toka vibration sound ….

Never be referred to as “cheap and nasty,.I have been doing neat part about the quality of the ride ”

So it is that for low fuel consumption but then, within cost constraints are severe, or are what that specifically in order to improve the fuel economy?

For aerodynamic and “lighter, I did it thoroughly.Aerodynamic, because it is part of the cost (in production) is not applied Once you’ve designed especially once (laughs) ”

For example, it’s you can see aero I good or what would be the side?

Please look at the corner of the “rear bumper.Something Prius also has become this kind of shape, but it suppressed the engulf the rear of the vehicle body in the air flowing through the horizontal.Toka is the shape of the surface of (C-pillar), then it is the roof spoiler here for the same reason.This magnitude, this form is I be effective.Side skirts after.This also takes effect fairly ”

Indeed, aero parts to show the mere sporty it is not the fact that is mounted.

“I we must have to talk to our customers even more like this part”

Aerodynamic body that has been polished for fuel economy

With respect to the drive train?

And reduction in size and weight, (3-cylinder MIVEC engine of 1.0 liter) “engine It is the reduction of friction.CVT of new generation has been combined after ”

A new generation CVT, What kind of place do I have unlike ever?

“Still in that secret it (laughs)”

You only transmission CVT?MT is not available?
Only CVT “In Japan.Number does not come out this class, the manual … ”

Speaking of Mirage, a high-performance model named “Cyborg” is I’m was famous.Sports such grade or will be also available to Mirage this?

There are no plans “It.It’s also referred to as, I have a need when it comes to trying to make the sport model, I’ll also be thinking like that from the design stage of those thus finished, and Toka give them something, for example, Toka put the engine of high power, it is not something that can make it just.Mirage of this time, because you do not think the (additional sports-grade) that kind of thing, and I think that it is difficult ”
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[Entertainment vitamin ♪] Dream Morning Musume.The venue large crazy! Bonga Morning Musume.Widening gap between the.

Dream Morning Musume.Morning Musume.I is a group made up of members who have graduated from.The Morning Musume Eventhough recently.While TV appearances has decreased, Dream Morning Musume.Momentum is growing.The song program was broadcast the other day, I showed a surge of more comparable to AKB48.Morning musume.Than there is a more popular?Opinion that there are many.

November 30, The Dream Morning Musume “best artist 2011” (Japan TV system).But I have appeared.The singing and dancing in the medley is a greatest hits of yesteryear “The ☆ pin ~ vinegar!” “Love Revolution 21” and “LOVE Machine”, the venue was raised greatly.

However, Morning Musume Bonga On the other hand.Far from you do not have a starring is extremely small can itself be seen on television in recent years.Morning musume.Dream Morning Musume, which is configured in the members graduated from.I can be seen that there is a popular person.As can be seen from the broadcast of this day, the venue was raised about compare favorably to AKB48 which had appeared in the show certainly.

Dream Morning Musume.As to why there is a popular, is shorter than the Morning Musume heyday most of the members that are configured.It is said that or not because it is enrolled members.Dream Morning Musume.Members at the time that was a big hit song of many is almost.Therefore, there is an opinion that is easy to accept the fact that the song you’ve heard, if not many fans, there are members who know the face.You can enjoy the character of each member is darker Furthermore, since have a familiar stage.

Also with respect to television programs, and Dream Morning Musume.Whereas appeared in nearly all members, Morning Musume.That members of a particular only appeared in the center Michishige Sayumi is often.It might be difficult to work quite well in terms of junior high and elementary school students would be enrolled in more than one member.

When there is more popular than group eventhough towards the group made up of members who have graduated in this way, that you were the graduated bother with “what is on the net?Voice that “is also heard.Morning Musume current situation compared to other idol group, members young and pretty elementary and middle school students stand out.It is where it is experienced more and more from now, we would like to flowering.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department sehi)

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And operating on the roof of a department store parking lot or.Morning musume.Current situation of severe.
Dream Morning Musume.Nakazawa Yuko reveals the anguish of OL era.
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Mo daughter.Tanaka and Sayumi is, hear from the fan to “work schedule” of their own.
· 10 hours more than the rehearsal! Mo daughter.Surprise planned in Takahashi Ai graduation tour?
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Mr. and Mrs. “Prince hobby PC.Imperial Household Agency muscle Akishino and Mac school “

that the Emperor was using a personal computer at a hospital in hospital destination is announced.It’s things have been elaborated in the PC Prince read for the “your word”, but in fact personal computer history of majesty that is 10 years or more.

Your interest to the latest equipment is high, “Your Majesty, had used a word processor for a long time.I have heard that it came to be used a PC from around 2000.At the time, had been a favorite thing of domestic manufacturers “(Imperial Household Agency officials)

IT of the Emperor’s family seems to have progressed quite some time.

“The crown prince was your PC notebook in 1993 around.And Princess Masako, a common hobby, seems to have been a story well PC.Prince Akishino was Mac faction “(same as above)

In addition, a mobile phone that also has been used to His Majesty the Emperor.

“In the hospital, it becomes to take you to contact us directly to the crown prince on a mobile phone from the hospital, had been advice about Nadai official temporary or agency of the state act” (Imperial Household Agency another party)

Taken together the story of the people involved, that they do not carry a mobile phone because there are aides usually Majesty.However, that there is that when you are or walks, it is used to contact for when no bodyguard.

※ 9 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

Popularity Index of shareholders is

Individual shareholders and investors, including the young generation and women has increased in recent years, many listed companies are focused on IR activities for individuals.Of course, you have the investment decisions based important business plan and management philosophy, dividends and earnings, but there is a trend depends largely as an element also select the shareholder special benefit plan.

And shareholders, and institutional companies to provide products and services to shareholders.Currently, more than 1000 companies of listed companies have been introduced, but the content that is diverse.Be awarded and their products are often basically, among the companies that have a shareholder special benefit plan, rather than general consumers, expand the BtoB business of corporations, it may not be their products large.There is also possible to receive a cash voucher QUO Discounts and means of transportation such as rail or plane, such as books card in that case.

In the “2012 edition shareholders to Tokusuru know” the other day, was issued from Nomura Investor Relations, ranking 50 of thematic shareholders have been published.”Shareholders of surprise! Excitement”, “shareholder benefits that can be enjoyed by the whole family,” “shareholder benefit that you want to spread, Reviews,” “courtesy shareholders helpful household large” theme is “preferential treatment shareholder! Not be able to do without the other”.Won the first place in the three themes, it is of are in the top three in the ranking of all also first place, in the overall ranking among them, it’s McDonald’s Holdings, which has gained immense popularity in the Shareholder.It is possible to get a meal coupon of six sheets Free voucher of goods three types of “burgers class-drinks-side menu” has become one in one volume during discount contents of books by shareholding number I change is.Terms of family fun will has become attractive.

In addition, twice a year, including Dido blend coffee series is a flagship brand, Dydo Drinco has been awarded its own products 3000 yen worth, second place in the overall ranking, 3 in the “shareholders of surprise! Impressed” It won first place consecutive year.You have won the second place “shareholder benefit that can be enjoyed by the whole family” and “shareholder benefit and want to spread in the mouth”.At the 7-position from 11th last year, etc. increase the ranking to fourth place from 7 In “preferential treatment shareholder! Not be able to do without the other” and “preferential shareholders helpful household large” In addition, it has gained the reputation of the very best.

In addition, some companies have taken the benefit program of social contribution type.For example, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and Meiji Holdings, such as JT.This is the mechanism that you can choose to donate to organizations that have implemented social contribution activities rather than a commodity shareholders, companies to donate the equivalent amount.There is also the impact of the earthquake This year, companies that have introduced a shareholder special benefit plan of social contribution type has increased to 65 companies from 39 companies last year.(Nomura Investor Relations survey).

Factors that the past few years, has increased the individual shareholders, by transaction fee of the shares is reduced, and net trading also became active, that the condition easy to buy stocks are aligned would like to lead.In addition, reciprocal shareholdings between companies is destroyed by the recession, the importance of individual investors’re more than ever to reality.It is believed that securing stable shareholders, that the company side has an attitude that is sincerity in business is uneasy, due to enhancement of the benefit program, called, walk with shareholders will lead to management foundation that is stable by force.(Editors: Miyazono Nami)