“Cats and dogs” ultimate quarrel wide entertainment industry (5)

Female Announcer us “treason”

Nishio was furious to speak “is blessed with work” Nishio Yukari VS Hayama Helene!

“Nakano’s Ana that can not be the most respected station” Akimoto Yuri VS Nakano Minako

Battle is also inherent in women who have both brains and beauty Ana.Roots deep grudge between women Ibiri junior, remarks inadvertently, such as trouble on the job.
First hard-fought field of women’s Anabatoru is, from Japan TV.And Nishio Yukari (34) Call of the “Cool Beauty” is also high Hayama Erenuana half of beauty (29).

Early days, was talking with the “I’m blessed to work I” Nishio seniors in the dining room of the station, “Hayama is to girls Ana debut had entered the ear of the person.anger of Nishio fiercely, since, no longer speak to the Hayama and “Gotoki Hayama but what you! gonna have to say” and “(station officials)

Hayama Ana, the battle Nobutomo Yoko Ana both (37) in turn further.Opportunity was a co-star in the “refreshing!”.

“Nobutomo Anna was married to a doctor of 15 years older than in ’08, but as a say since, not it do your makeup flashy” Hey “or” sleeping properly “in Hayama through the eyes from above it becomes, it seems to have become Uzaku Hayama.Towards the end I was a blatantly ignored “(program officials)

And from someone’s point of view Nobutomo Ana

And “!? With what to to say that I think good intentions,” shaking with anger, since, in cats and dogs.

Suzue Nana Ana joined synchronization set forest Maki Ana (31) and (30), joint party is in discord because.Get along well, two people, but that he had kept in touch frequently from Before joining originally,

“Forest Ana has a joint party named” reunion “players and giants along with the original Onodera Mai Ana seniors.Suzue you know it is I got furious, “I!?’s The out of the loop” and.Repair also seems difficult to get along only good “(team officials)

Fuji TV also do not lose.& Ldquo; (26) Ayako Kato Ana child and & ldquo;; Katopan & rdquo Show Bread & rdquo; Ikuno proton Ana child and (27).

Grudge 2 people deep-rooted.

“Kato has been strangely dislike the Ikuno.It is two people who served the crown same program, but it seems that the pride and more of their own that had a higher audience share, flirts character of Ikuno do not like.Show & rdquo;; & ldquo in the shade of the Ikuno senior you have to fool it called “(program staff)

Ana Kato and praise is Toka stare at amazing eyes that of Ikuno Ana someone else.

In addition, when the previous, past half cohabitation with the ex-boyfriend of the host is discovered, Honda Tomoko Kato Ana Ana from (28),

It is said “I cohabitation with the host,!? Was it your customs Miss,” said

I was furious with the “!’m Not joking”.It is hitting the backbiting as “guy Me ~! Honda” immersed in something since, Honda holes know it also extends to backbiting battle, etc. sprinkle complain of Kato Ana at every thing.

Akimoto Yuri Ana (28), has bite (31) Boss Minako Nakano Ana, led by Fuji largest faction also Osoreoku.Nakano Ana opponent,

And he has been declared “the bad habit, read and work personal life has also survived the looks one,” said.Bureau officials says.

“Akimoto Ana & ldquo that of Nakano Ana;’m went so far as to; announcer & rdquo that can not be respected in most station.Nakano Ana who knew about it is out of butyrate.Simmering now.Around is also suspenseful ”

Nakano Ana, that are buying antipathy Nakamura Hitomi Ana synchronization joined from (32).

Nakamura of “synchronization had complained against Nakano a lot of work from the beginning joined.The boss & rdquo of the largest faction; Nakano is also fact & ldquo a few years ago; I was down; Nakamura faction & rdquo & ldquo now.At the time, Nakano & ldquo girls from other employees; had been hated and; Queen affectation do not like & rdquo.Was isolated Nakano Nakamura is making a faction by multiplying there “(station officials)

It is tide reversed now.This game wins Nakano Ana!?

There is a feud Hirai Rio Ana Idol from both (28) are other Nakano Ana.When I wake Kyoko Uchida (35) has just retired from Kotobuki “Suporuto!”.Is pre-empted by Hirai Ana heir I thought I it’s own, anger shaking.And without taking any voice Hirai Ana also launch and drinking colleagues, resentment of woman horrible because it has been shown is isolated Nakano Ana from unjustified resentment.

In TV Tokyo, that are trying to kick Otoso (33) Ohashi Miho Ana young duo (26) Aiuchi Yuka hole (25) Akimoto Reina Ana is teamed.

Ohashi Ana take a big bite yet “married Ana, and moderator of the Olympics, and Akimoto Aiuchi Ana Ana says just habitually appeal.Moreover, Toka is flowing to divorce theory and theory of free Ohashi holes are orchestrated by two persons.Ohashi Ana senior is also anger shaking course.Now, has formed a program this three people to prevent ran into the station “(production company officials)

Behind the smile to show on TV, battle of the ugly woman with each other I have been waging.When I watched the girls in light also such human relationships, you might enjoy the fun a little bit different.

Index investment is whether the average?

“We take the average market (all investors) When are long-term holding and has an index fund”

There is this story.I am also saying things like this.
However, it is not I think this is, not accurate to think about it a little.

I’ll try a simple simulation.

[Prerequisite of model to use in the simulation]
And market is made up of four stock 4 A, B, C, and D
· A, B, C, stock price at some point in the (T0) is the same all D
→ The evenly investment A, B, and CD in the stock price index simple average
· Market capitalization in T0 is, A = 400, B = 300, C = 200, D = 100 (the overall market = 1000)
Index investment is assumed index investment of the following two types of
1. total investment index
2. simple average stock price index investment
Share index of the operation of each one by 10%
→ ratio of active management 80%

It is the Nikkei average TOPIX, the simple average of the “close” in the Nikkei average and the TOPIX index is a representative of the (reference) Japanese stocks, the market capitalization of “close”.

I will try to the simulation of four patterns under the above conditions.
«If the stock small pattern 1 >> market capitalization has risen
«If the pattern 2» stock market capitalization is large rises
«If the stock small pattern 3» market capitalization fell
«If the pattern 4» stock market capitalization is large fell

«If the stock small pattern 1 >> market capitalization has risen

Market average + 10%
Market capitalization index + 10%
Simple average index + 25%
Active + 8.1%

I became such a result.
It is a market capitalization index = market average, but the simple average index is higher than the market average as large as + 25%.And active is below the market average and + 8.1%.
Given in active vs the entire index, [+ 17.5% (index) vs + 8.1% and (active)] is.

«If the pattern 2» stock market capitalization is large rises

Market average + 40%
Market capitalization index + 40%
Simple average index + 25%
Active + 41.9%

Simple average index is far below the market average and + 25% now, active were higher than the market average and + 41.9%.
Given in active vs the entire index, [+ 32.5% (index) vs + 41.9% and (active)] is.

A bonus, I’ll try to verify even if the stock price falls.

«If the stock small pattern 3» market capitalization fell

-5% Market average
Market capitalization index -5%
Simple average index -12.5%
Active -4.1%

It is a market capitalization index = average market as usual, but the simple average index is significantly lower than the market average and -12.5%, active were higher than the market average and -4.1%.
Given in active vs the entire index, [- 8.75% (index) vs -4.1% and (active)] is.

«If the pattern 4» stock market capitalization is large fell

-20% Market average
Market capitalization index -20%
Simple average index -12.5%
Active -20.9%

Simple average index is significantly higher than the market average and -12.5%, active in performance worse than the market average of -20.9%.
Given in active vs the entire index, [- 16.25% (index) vs -20.9% and (active)] is.

Given the results of this simulation, assets of the operator so that the entire 40% + market capitalization of the “market will become + 40%.Passive and because average + 40%, active overall + 40%.Story that “seems to be a little different.

Became so long and …… likely be able to follow the market average in the case of a pure market capitalization index, so far this time.

= Removal from Jilin department “drinking problem” received poisoning death six million bottles

Up to 2 days, Jilin Food Safety Commission valve Oyake-shitsu revealed that it received that the poisoning incident that one deaths occurred, were removed from the sales floor “drinking problem” 6 million bottles.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

The 28th, mother and child who drank strawberry milk flavored drink Coca-Cola Changchun to sell “Vigil source berries 〓 excellent” showed symptoms of poisoning in the ministry Changchun city, the child died.Mother is getting better, consciousness that began to clear on December 2.(The 〓 the strange woman “Ayano”)

Doctor who hit the treatment diagnosed with poisoning by organophosphorus.Announced police analyze the leftover beverages, insecticide component is detected.However Changchun Health Service and announce “organic phosphorus component has not been detected,” said information are confused.

Changchun City, the provincial capital of the authorities to investigate all food and beverage outlets and dealers, were removed from the sales floor “product of the problems that are alleged to have” all.It took similar measures other, and also investigated 400 hotels hotels.Same drink that was removed that about 60 000 lines in total.

There is information poisoning patients and came out even before the two mothers and children show symptoms of poisoning, but where the health authorities were investigating the 309 places medical institutions, showed symptoms of poisoning in connection with the same drink 28 after November people was that not out.

In elementary and junior high schools the whole school in the city, and called attention to explain the same case to the student.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

Kimutaku TBS of large moss of “Antarctica” starring in so-what attitude, “Well, I’m not ginger,” said!?

Episode 8 was broadcast on the 30th “Kaseifunomita” (Japan TV system) and to record 29.6% average audience rating (examined Video Research, the Kanto District / less), in the TV drama industry strong quarter I met, is in the form that was left behind alone “Antarctica” (TBS system).Latest story of the 27th and also 13.4 percent, and they’ve become content with poor cost performance is very TBS as you place a 2 billion yen in production costs.

Etc. increase the exposure of the Aina Ashida-chan “child actor, I went to the strategy, which is not acceptable Narifuri but, TBS officer was not able to stem the viewer ratings slump.Breakthrough? It is not for now.Tear one’s hair in that Kimutaku starring, it does not go to say that one episode cut to a …… “.

Johnny’s side that more than 20%, it was merry was poured into media patronized the joy comments Kimutaku himself “first broadcast, but another party is also as far as embarrassing to do now.Smash hit drama “JIN- Jin -” producer in the same person (TBS system), was good as was promised executives future this drama even if caused to hit, but the success, let alone other departments in this situation speak with “I might be skipped in.

On the other hand, Kimutaku person you think “viewing rate myth” has collapsed, and of whether they received a large shock, that they are a Akkerakan surprisingly.

In terms of stay in touch, Toka’m a Taningoto “Well, and” I’m not ginger also strict status quo and Kagawa Teruyuki, who co-starred in “drama.Rather, photography is finished, It is said that a big climax to the story harsh story location and natural blur of Ayase Haruka’s heroine.I do not have to say other choice but to have defiant attitude “(Drama parties)

Many years, precisely because Kimutaku reign at the top of the entertainment industry of Japan, it may be that familiar with the action to be taken at the time of the failure, but …….

※ TBS Sunday theater image than “Antarctica” official site

· Devastation “leverage put even reverse effect!?” Kimutaku Revealed is one digit viewing rate finally of “Antarctica”
· Adhesions ugly Johnny’s “one-digit verge ……” viewing rate vertical fall and “Antarctica” TBS
· Heartbreaking cry from the station, “you do not want to commit suicide and Johnny” with TBS “Antarctica” viewing rate collapse

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] The “do not suspect that Taningoto”.Sora Aoi is called for “prevention and condoms in the inspection” to World AIDS Day.

Sora Aoi Actress, talent has been warning about the “thinness of the consciousness of the Japanese against AIDS” per the “World AIDS Day” on December 1.Her words says, “because I’m occupations related to sex,” said’m content that reaches the heart frank.

Events related to “World AIDS Day” on December 1 has been held in various places, but have been planning every year “RED RIBBON LIVE”‘s also the one.Sora Aoi also participate every year in the same planning a radio DJ, Yamamoto week serve the general producer.It has also appeared on “HIV / AIDS course for the first time of RED RIBBON Sora Aoi,” which is distributed by Nico Nico Douga from August this year, she plays a big role.

In “SOLA pattern of today” blog, that Sora Aoi is impressive is what has called on readers titled “AIDS Day” on December 1.

I have a possibility to people who have experience of SEX in “once she?You are told that you can check anonymous, free health centers with “, when speaking of the importance of that to the test.

Also suing the importance of using a condom “AIDS of a preventable diseases,” said the man to cool to put a rubber or not said to be “What.And I have spelled I think “please take a lovely lady that it can be said properly attached from their own.

The “not a Yarima to do”, to express that I think Taningoto as “to not Toka Saffle” is dangerous, Sora Aoi seems to be worded a direct dare.I hope and want to have the consciousness to young people about the infection of “HIV / AIDS” is she, the seriousness comes through.

It’s relief, the thinness of the consciousness of the “Japanese individual is that” HIV / AIDS is I’re continue increasing every year, only Japan in developed countries “and it is’re keenly aware she is involved in this effort and I have even a sense of crisis! “‘m conscious of.

Voice of Sora Aoi appeal as “Come prevention inspection and condoms” wants to reach many alone.
“HIV / AIDS course for the first time of RED RIBBON Sora Aoi”: http: //www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1313500958
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

· “This year is also the age of twenty safely”.Sora Aoi comments open blog birthday Limited.
· “I, too became a Baba~a”.Sora Aoi talks feelings appeared to Golden.
– Sora Aoi is asserted that “no formatting” to publish photos of the past 10 years.
Kimura Kaela testimony.How nice if there is such a thing “surprised at blood donation first experience?”
Sato Yes wrinkles and Mr Taku Satoh also participation.Let society contribute to the stylish.
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· “SOLA pattern of today” Official Blog Sora Aoi

To push up GDP factors consume 50 servings of lovers general Chinese women

The woman that flock to where there is the bell It is universal, but the scale is different from China.Wealthy of having a mistress is a commonplace, and the number, that as many as several million people across the country.After an introduction about what is its actual.”Lovers of Chinese reports China” the author of (Treasure Island SUGOI paperback), 邱海 涛氏 familiar with the gender situation in modern China to report.

* *
In China, it has become one of the factors that the presence of the mistress “Arunai” pushes up the GDP of China.

Luxury apartment is required to surround the Arunai, and bought him and clothes luxury cars and other luxury cosmetics, branded, it was a meal in a fine restaurant, it must be taken to travel abroad sometimes.

Arunai enclosure is of has led to soaring property prices no doubt, and as there are words Arunai prefer called “Arunai cars”, two? Has also contributed to the expansion of the automotive market.

By the way, is the best 3 Arunai cars Volkswagen Beetle, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Honda Accord.Scale of the cosmetics market was 1.8 billion yuan slightly in 1987, but now it’s 90 billion yuan.

“The amount one person Arunai consumes corresponding to 50 servings Chinese women of the general” two? Accounted for 5% of the population, consumption amount of women in big cities of the coastal areas, “Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou There is also a theory that “accounted for 20% of the total expenditures of the city.

UK Sunday Times of November 12 with last year also published “luxury goods market in China has been driven by men of the wealthy spend money on Arunai” and, the results of analysis by economists of financial group HSBC, the world’s largest was.

※ 7 days issue December SAPIO2011 years

[BBS] Korea subway Japan, South Korea, the United States, “which is better?”

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “ETORRENT”, the author posted a subway map Japan, the United States, South Korea, I said your impressions.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ().


● main thread: Kaito-kun

I do not know well the United States, but in the case of Japan, the transfer is inconvenient subway is or has been privatized.And to not have to pay a separate fee for each company.In addition, public transportation in Korea cheap even when viewed in all the world.Equipment is also well done.


● subway of South Korea is really the best if Shirasere.Transfer system, can boast anywhere in the world, even out in particular.According to the personal experience, the United States, the next order (excluding the black-headed gulls) Japan China, is the next worst among the United States, Japan, China.  ● South Korea, it is the railway powers still side door.

● In Japan revival, possible cross-country on the subway approaching?      ● I think it’s possible storm DDR.Rather than the subway precisely, it is in conjunction with the general train.However, since very slow, you should use the high-speed train even slightly higher is obtained after all travelers.

● it’d be a really care sunflower seeds, but when the earthquake happened in Japan, what subway do I become?And, to what Route there exactly is Japan?Japan is incredible.

● It ‘s will care what you do and become when the violent earthquake storm DDR very.It says until about seismic intensity 5 and has been designed to withstand subway.Toka not derailed even while the train is running.However, when the more serious earthquake, you do not know.

From it, rather than what Line, Japan have been displayed in the route name, such as public and private railways have intertwined.When divided into line by dare, how not to about 100 in the nation.26 route I hear there, including the private railway alone Tokyo.(Even on whether to add not just the route of Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro, the route with the underground section of a certain distance, I think you know its number) earthquake information enters the subway immediately earthquake If you happen to legend ● It has become a system.And, people who drive it will not address the report.In the case of seismic intensity less than 3, for a while, and then wait as it runs, if seismic intensity 3 or more, and be stopped.Of course, even if the train shaking quite an earthquake while waiting, Japanese people are very calm.Earthquake occurred while riding the subway I also, have you ever waited about 30 minutes.

● public but it is also good in the subway of storm DDR Japan.However it is to switch to private railway also often.

● The city subway station of carbonate and cola are often the most, although I thought our Seoul.I wonder if that was the number of users?

● I think I KhameLeW also has been enhanced really subway system in Korea.In recent years, a screen door to have been introduced almost all, but it really convenient public transport.

● The Poto~ururendo~u transfer, Singapore is better.

● System subway Shupokaokin Japan is the world’s best.Transfer is very complex, it is very up to learn, but you can see that you have developed much better than Korea Once accustomed.

(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)

Became easier director of “other Ochiai director affirm.Mon it is no longer escape “

Of the 29th “news station” in (TV Asahi), Kazushige Nagashima, who serves as the baseball commentary in the show becomes a listener, how the interview with Hiromitsu Ochiai original director was Taidan the Chunichi Dragons concluded this season has been reported.

In the interview the first half, Ochiai, who revealed the backside was through the expressionless during the game.For reasons that had held down the emotion, I think players “out, not what to baseball if you know the real personality of my.Players are looking at the bench.While talking if you show up angry, and “because not move the body guys, even without” So, China and Japan is probably not much came that kind of baseball.In the regime of the past.human fight’s not over here.I was perpetrated what you guys but it does not if Enrage separately.I take responsibility instead, of winning or losing.Bad good grades (personal) is, you guys are Toreyo responsibility.You do not follow it there.So, the “I Come fighting to go ground, and Chikuri the style of Sino-Japanese former director.

In addition, the guy you want to “hurt, Ochiai, who imposed the practice amount of 12 baseball team is leading, I Naittsu may also be allowed to hurt.Sometimes you learn by injury.Once dawned on me become overworked, it may be made.So if get a late start one month, two months, it failed, it also does not matter.Leaders also should not stop.Coach hang Why stop? You stop what things that could be better from there? My colleagues just because I want to go hotel soon, How do you practice all the way? Color to the ground to coach one of the last now that do.And keep ‘em look always.The only I can do this on one person in the place when nobody was looking, “because not to do so I players strong mental power and while description, of that joy you have seen”, father of geek you know best?And “was an example his father” Mr. Giants “Mr. Nagashima Shigeo Nagashima interviewer Mr..

Then, against Mr. Kazushige, “You wonder if is doing (practice) a little more to Mr. Ochiai.I think it has exceeded the absolute father.True, it does not practice.I massaged you, hated.But, since became a professional baseball player, I’ll praise.I’m usually reluctant.I, that feeling, I can see well.To have a son of their own.It can be seen for the first time “both.

In addition, even a team that does not typing batting average of 12 teams at least, that 2.9 score one game average for the track record played a league title, “410 what point?144’s in the game.Because I’m not taking one game three points.Is not that it has come to that you pass me the number and hit the sky.But it took a good, but it is taken in a colander like, if you looked like spit all, it would be to trouble.I’m balance there.And because I had not built up to the reality that in the batting average of the 12 lowest team, scoring the smallest, and I win.Now, nobody I no longer say that or “not win supervision, other” out’m hindered “not take points”, in this.I think it became easier.No, it would be easy to do.No longer escape.Flatly team other, so in some spear, and “Is there a chance to win even Nanbo.

Also asked the impact of unified sphere is derided as “dead ball”, no “relationship, it does not matter – wash.I was put to the word unified sphere, that does not fly.(For measures yada) it ran away.Everyone, I ran away to there.Together with the world.Cause the wind Tteyuu’m a it when there something.The’m such because of the ball, I’m such because of the referee, and we’ll did not typing it, it’s ran away.The Mon’s ball of waving.Rate also falls, it falls also home run.Because there is no technology of their own, and wonder shake the ball ball.Because there ‘s not human not shake actually.The outright, “said I # do not escape into there, the possibility of the future, get to coach in the other team, you hear talk”.And to not know and be a rapid succession, two teams, with three teams.It may not leave this life.No matter how you do, because not a personality Tteyuu me to do, from here.It probably thinks so everyone.I spoke with “I have some people like me are in.
Ochiai director confession, penetrate expressionless during the game as well, … in the back?

Critical time, Japan-China relations China Focus = the common interests than differences

29 day and night, reception 5th of “Japan-China relations Symposium” was held in Tokyo.Mr. Zhao Hiromasa chief committee of the National Political Consultative Foreign Affairs Committee, Yasuhiro Nakasone, a former prime minister of Japan, such as Genha Koichiro Mr. Foreign Minister attended the reception of this.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

Mr. ChoAkira positive thing has a long history with deep “Japan and China, exchange of more than 2,000 years, the history of traffic is rare in this world in greeting.Has been held five times already until now from 2007 is “Japan-China relations Symposium”.It is mutual understanding between the people of the two countries, an important route for exchange already think tank.There is an important time to Sino-Japanese relations today, chance you are experiencing now is much more challenging opportunities and challenges will coexist, common interests of both sides and also, is more important than differences.Told in 2012 the 40th anniversary of Japan-China normalization of diplomatic relations, the two countries, “he should strive to have a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission much higher, to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries.

In addition, in the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone expressed gratitude to the Chinese people and the Chinese government that provided the consolation and assistance to Japan.Five years of “the past, the Chinese economy has developed very, GDP will be the second largest in the world, Japan-China relations has also become closer day by day Nakasone.China has become the country an important impact on the peace and prosperity of the world already.Was talking about starting from global, and that he should develop good-neighborly friendly relations between the two countries in the long run both daytime.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)

[Entertainment] vitamin ♪ If I had more practice “, but it was more than a father.Hiromitsu Ochiai, “said.Kazushige Nagashima disliked practice after all.

It was a lot of points to learn there is a really interesting talk, talk sports caster Nagashima Kazushige and Chunichi Dragons director Mr. Hiromitsu Ochiai before.I told the real reason of the “strenuous practice in the camp” and “expressionless during the game”.

(Practice) “You may wonder if doing a little more to the Nagashima Kazushige.Rather than a sarcastic “said Hiromitsu Ochiai, who say that in all sincerity.Although I exceeded the father (Mr. Shigeo Nagashima) in “absolute.Mon I do not really practice.In the words of Ochiai who is respected as I asked and together a training camp in Yakult era, “Kazushige is just have a wry smile head does not rise at all.But I want to compliment that Kazushige has become a professional baseball player – that Mr. Ochiai.”I will have a son, I found for the first time.The reluctant because usually.”

Broadcast November 29 “news station” in “Sports Feature” of the (TV Asahi), I was back at the era of the director Mr. Ochiai.”Expressionless” at all even if you play good players, no matter how even if they are losing large during the game.”The players because I do not want to play to see the complexion of director Ochiai said the reason for this.I talk with “.If you show up the director angry, the body will not move players.Even saying mumble complain at the back of the bench, it’s not out in Table emotions in front of the players during the match never.Fight “players instead I’m.If it was pleasant, unless it is freely.”

Takeshi also practice in the camp of the season before it Ochiai flow.Among the team having to worry about injury camp is large, the aim of this strenuous practice What was.Sometimes to remember it by the “injury.It does not matter I was guest moth.You want to practice more “- players that you wish, and coach because the” injury.There is no need to stop and “.It is also possible to become well from there, and also learn how to self-management Once you have injured.Players the effort, it’s important coaches that go out to the end.To tell someone precisely because have seen, the players and I also grow with joy the effort.

Audience where you think this conversation was often It will not be less.Also mothers raising children also managers with subordinates in the company, it was what would be helpful for people of various positions.Ochiai Mr. wonder because it was the other party in particular.”I myself wanted to get admitted to the father.”Kazushige is that had revealed the real intention, it was impressive.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

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