(5) rely on wipe-kun and Aina-chan red and white back battle you want to wear black-and-white

 Fulfill the youngest ever, the debutants in the 7-year-old is a two ultra-popular person Aina Ashida-chan, Suzuki Fuku-kun.What for viewing rate acquisition NHK seems to “take full advantage” of young children.
 This year, the theme song drama Fuku-kun and Aina-chan sang “Marumonookite” of (Fuji TV), “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” Became a huge hit that sell a 48 million copies.Then, it was active as drama, movies, and events, not the day you do not see the figure is two people are as well-known.

NHK viewing rate downturn continues cried also, seems to have embarked on this person election in cling think.

“Initially, it was said announcement of the contestants singer and have been adjusted in the 24th or November 22 but, in consideration of Aina-chan is to appear on music programs live on the 24th, on the 30th I’ve been told and even shifted the dates “(sports newspaper entertainment desk)

Such as the Korean group urges singers and urging that Yukari in Tohoku, selection rich in variety also suggests this time, but eventually, recourse or say that Fuku-kun and Aina-chan.

Yuki and “Kaoru, two people occasionally Muck.The points, even though it singing in “name, to participate and let me divided into red and white, respectively, music parties reveal its intentions.

“NHK side has said that” want to treat as important as talent to “each and every reason, but in fact, it is that it is divided into red and white, it can be cast in dialogue of the interval Between songs as cheering alternately.commanded that you “try to use only use” seems to be out ”

However, by the Labor Standards Law, starring not only allowed until 20:00 2 people knee-high to a grasshopper.

The early 15 minutes than usual, it’s was 15 minutes start at 7 pm also You can use the popularity of the children in “child actor also shifted only early time zone” this year?Irony has come out with “.45 minutes until 8:00 pm a possible appearance, will be appearing at every thing “(‘s relationship music, supra)

NHK also under the sun, huggy to piggyback on popular child actor.It also aligned the various actors, and pathetic in the monopoly of the two people, “I eat ♪ everyone”.

■ photo gallery of Aina Ashida
■ photo gallery Suzuki Fuku

Raw lever other (sorry) after it’s going to be edible prohibited in Japan Apparently

It’s a certainly true Speaking and had expected alternative and I think we made this, but the Japanese government seems to prohibit the lever saline in a matter of hours apparently.Coverage is here. > Sashimi also useless?O157 from the liver of cattle inside
34 minutes delivery (Thu) 11:00 15 Yomiuri Shimbun December
  I found a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O that causes food poisoning heavy (O) 157, was found from the interior of the (lever) bovine liver.
  To the restaurant, the ministry has been asked to refrain from that jerk the raw lever even this, but the fact that O157 virulent has been confirmed in the liver, the provision of raw lever on the basis of the law likely to be prohibited has increased.
  In response to mass food poisoning incident by Yukke of “Yakiniku Shuka Ebisu”, ministry investigate the liver of about 150 head of cattle that between August-September this year, have been slaughtered in the nation.O157 a living from the inside of the liver at least two dogs that were detected out.The study, the bacteria increases in the nutrient bile produced in the liver was confirmed.That there is a possibility that the bacteria have entered the inside of the liver via the bile. From site 58 minutes Asahi Shimbun (Thursday) 1:00 pm December 15: Last Update.
 [View blog images> 3:03 December 15, 2011
 The possibility of first confirmation saline prohibited O157 in cattle lever inside
 Is that there are enterohemorrhagic E. coli that cause food poisoning in the interior of the (lever) liver of cattle, I found in a survey of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.It is confirmed for the first time.Toxicity is strongly enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O and (O) 157, there is also a risk of death, likely to be prohibited has increased provision of raw lever. 
  The ministry report the results to the Council to be held on the 20th.Opinion of the committee as soon as disorganized, and decide whether or not to prohibit the provision of raw lever.It becomes disabled, so that the regulations penalized by Food Sanitation Law. 
  I knew that there are campylobacter bacteria that causes food poisoning in the liver of cattle, enterohemorrhagic E. coli a potentially severe more has not been confirmed. 
  The survey, Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to ask, such as meat hygiene laboratories of 16 local governments, such as Osaka and Tokyo, Shinagawa KuniHiroshi (Kunihiro) Iwate University Professor Emeritus are summarized. 
  Examination of the liver of cattle a total of about 150 animals that have been slaughtered in August-September, O157 you are alive from the liver in the two horses were found.It was confirmed from cattle of multiple genetic tests to examine enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli to determine whether the present.Seen it’s during summarization, but the climb to 10 dogs before and after. 
  Because it was performed by extracting 25 g amount of the liver in several kilogram These tests, that there is a possibility that bacteria are present in cattle undetected. 
  Also, it O157 to grow in the bile the liver make even found.It is seen that for this, move to (gallbladder) gallbladder Accumulating bile, O157, which are in the intestinal tract, and entered the liver inside the doorstep. 
  Previously reported food poisoning by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in raw lever, it was thought that the bacteria were in the intestine is attached to the surface of the liver and dismantling is caused.By this time, it was confirmed within the liver, as long as not only the surface of the lever member, is not heated 1 minutes at 75 degrees the entire inside, it was found that there is a risk of causing food poisoning when cooking. 
  Currently, study results until exit, so that it does not provide the raw lever, the ministry is seeking to municipalities guidance to and restaurants.However, because there is no penalty in administrative guidance, there are many eateries that are out to customers the raw lever. 
  According to the ministry, has been reported 116 hotels food poisoning caused by raw beef liver in 1998-2010.Compared to 5 of eaten raw beef, and often much. 
  In response to mass food poisoning of roast chain that came to light in April this year, the ministry was reviewing the handling of standards for raw beef tartare and.I had to discuss the correspondence also raw lever in the.(Shinya Sawa)
  Kind of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli.The are in the gut, mainly cause of food poisoning, even a small amount.Make a verotoxin, to develop enterocolitis with bleeding.When severe, there may also cause encephalopathy and death.I caused a mass food poisoning in Sakai City in 1996.Accounted for 90% of food poisoning patients with enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O26, such as O111, 2599 people develop in 10 years up to 2010, 10 people were killed.It will die when heated for more than one minute at 75 degrees.   Personally, I feel that you want me, why not I was eating at your own risk, but I guess not the case in the logic of the bureaucratic.
 Oh, I though it was a raw lever Favorite.In Japan, eating quite openly is going to be difficult Apparently.It’s become edible prohibited It would certainly.
 Then, is not ‘s mon was found forever or can eat’ Cause Korea (after all, but I wonder if he ‘s OK?I Do you will be eating to go to) per.Because I think that I’ve been wondering now, but if the Ikere to Seoul in early January, and I do not take off the lever and raw Yukke Once you have made.Then she to newspaper
 > In Seoul, Japanese men, died in O157
 News may come out Nante.Because there is no less the net world some people Once that happens, hates me, wonder some guy happy.Oh, the name or not out in the newspaper.
 Such a story is not matter, but the 14th, bronze statue of comfort women has been installed in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.
 The Embassy of Japan before> Looking at the blog image] “comfort women” image, to the removal request to South Korea
 15 minutes delivery (water) 12:00 14 Yomiuri Shimbun December
  At a press conference in the morning on the 14th, for that girl image reminiscent of the so-called comfort women issue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul has been installed, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura’s regrettable “.It said it would “lodge (the removal) in the diplomatic route to the South Korean government, and he would seek the removal through diplomatic channels.
  For Japan dates of President Lee Myung-bak, which is scheduled for 17 and 18 both days this month, I said, “change is not any,” said. Last Update: 15 minutes article (Wed) 12:00 December 14 is from here.
 What do we say? And if it is not removed until I have to go, you have taken the photo.

There is also harvest defeat in club [W] Santos Cup.A new ambition began to grow players Kashiwa Reysol

With knowledge of that level is different in the Club World Cup and J1, however, that the score even at 0-2, Kashiwa and wonder is widened the score and slurping while this could not be the image.

It also is the lead example, this year, because I have seen many styles of oak to continue attacking without looking Keren always, the game of Kashiwa to reverse it, or catch up with the game late.

goal of two Santos Neimaru, Borges was decided, was a super goal either so as not to meet you in J1.

After the quarter-final of three days ago, it was victory at the end Monterrey PK war, Nerushinyo director of Kashiwa had said, “I admit personal ability of Santos, the possibility is also to us,” but the difference is too large I seemed also to.

Still, had enough premonition likely happened is something.

In fact, Kashiwa through the 90 minutes, (52% ball possession rate), (Santos eight, Kashiwa 14 lines) that’s shot of many to hold the ball for longer than Santos.

It is not only the story of the numbers on.KuriSawa colleagues one so looked back “doing their own football, was make a chance,” said it was also creates determiner some.

Was defeated 1-3 in the final, but Kashiwa fought Rashiku Kashiwa until the end.That’s why, fulfillment had drifted to how after the game, players Kashiwa respond to interview.KuriSawa say.

What is lacking, Kashiwa to aim above the future, this game was an important experience in “their.I was allowed to be a great experience ”

But, precisely because he played a good game on the other hand, Kashiwa through the style of their own, a crucial difference is between the Santos also revealed.I’m sorry, but the words of Murishi-Ramaryo director of Santos represents refers to all.

“Ball possession is not to determine the results.Taking the point with a valid attack is important.There is the ability of the finish to us, did not have it in Kashiwa ”

Also Nerushinyo director, I’ve given the space from “carelessness.I should have been giving a chance to the players from before the middle of the Santos.The “he said would be determined only gave a chance of only two.

Santos and was FW purchase to decide when it should decide, Kashiwa was not.More than the difference between the two is clear, question FW, Junya Tanaka is to reveal the chagrin also was natural.

One, Tanaka had been issued a different air in the mix zone, which has been dominated by the atmosphere you are satisfied certain.

If you look in “content basis, the force on the other party.But, in the feeling that you’re doing, it can be a little more.Although I thought I was the difference, not so much ”

South American champions Tanaka felt in skin, “After doing 10 times, not a partner, such as lose 10 times”.”There was quite challenging,” It was felt to be “a little more can be” is also among the body to play actually.

It was confirmed that you’re doing “is not wrong.There was also a place that you can play as their own image, and is a force to connect and break force as a team, it was also felt that more than the opponent.I think the place to be overcome in the number of people (as of Santos) less, and are clog in the practice of the future ”

That feedback Tanaka speaking layers were obtained was considerable, the following words narrate.

and “I feel that I can catch up to”

However, why, Tanaka was also said to laughs and Pepper.

It is unbearably mortifying “.Minute you feel the difference is small, extra ”

Tanaka was to mouth the words many times referred to as “frustrating” even after.Even if the two runs in the first half, “you do not have to Ika there, I supposed could better defense”.

Next year, in addition to the J1 consecutive Kashiwa, to challenge even the AFC Champions League for the first time.It’s Looming in front of Kashiwa, it’s a high hurdle in this year more than.Be in such confidence they can expressed as Miracle, and the good results of this year’s important, but if it is too too is dominated by the sense of accomplishment, it could be scooped feet.

I think in order to reliably reason alone, Kashiwa becomes even stronger, ambition was glistening Tanaka showed is a thing that must not be lost absolutely.

[W Club Cup] original Kashima-Lee soo super white.[December 11] different from the club [W] J-League Cup treatment you do not believe in Al Sadd! the world stage that Kashiwa Reysol has first experience [December 9] now in season.Barça visit to Japan last showed “too beautiful” Soccer [November 25]

Scoop! “Killed Ai Iijima” Gekishiro hostess best friend is me! The “arm that had been skinny” just before the (4) death

However, from that Kurachi Mr. launched a site on the Internet, in ’08 with “Rika Akemi” name, was published a book depicting the back of the Ginza hostess industry, trouble over the relationship between Iijima to only Kurachi’s was starting to happen.I was the self-proclaimed photographer haunted Hiraoka Taro (a pseudonym) living in Osaka, which met on site.

 First, Hiraoka was the extent to which sometimes come to the phone or e-mail me.But because it can have a phone call to the increasingly insane time, Hiraoka is misplaced anger When you note.And the contents of my book, I began to write bad things about hoax, net bulletin board to “2 channel” a variety of talk about the relationship of love and.

And began to write bad things about my human unspecified number of truly received his story soon.If you are not in the other party, is Hiraoka, the blog of love, it becomes to write ill of love in my name, with hundreds of fans who believe it is, began to write a protest to my site and then.

“Do not be harassment and jealous to Ai-chan!” Human beings there is no way even to be alive “.Soon “‥‥ dead.I it off

And I was written to be a criminal “has threatened her story that Ai Iijima is related to schoolgirl concrete justified murder”.

Iijima has revealed that it was suffering to slander that are involved in this bizarre incident on the blog of October 06, it has happened in Tokyo, Adachi-ku, in ’89 certainly.Monkey net writer says.

“That rumor was the information dating women and boys that is Iijima, in the same age groups and criminal, her parents were close relatively from the crime scene that had been out of the confinement site.Environment and the name of the juvenile cases because the criminal is unknown, rumor which is not rough on the net I was standing ”

Hiraoka will did you slander in connection and that I was a close friend and longtime love, that love is suffering from this rumor.

Such a thing, love I know you know, just say “‥‥ Because I’m not managing the blog” to say to delete love the slander that has been written in the name of my blog of love did.

Home or my address, slander of the family until written on the second channel soon.My daughter fainted in shock, threatening phone calls have also been suffering every day in the house.

To say to the police, it was not me moving first.

Among such, the fall of ’08 before a little love is lost, was invited to her, I had met at a restaurant of Mishuku.Love had not doubted me of course.However, for there is someone to care for “love becomes a worry from sheer white cardigan sheer, arms of love because it was skinny?When you hear “, laughing, I had the answer’m” okay, and Yo~o “you are but ‥‥.

And obituary of love.It was a tremendous shock, but the slander to me in the net, I was extremely cruel finally.”Murderer!” “Return the Ai-chan!” “You have had to die!” “Criminal cornered the Ai-chan, intimidation, killed” and ‥‥ “was poisoned Ai-chan”.Then, as I mentioned at the beginning, articles Kurachi’s as if had been involved in the death of Ai Iijima in the evening newspaper and some weekly magazine is published

It is written as “truth weekly magazine you write”, Kurachi’s use a towel, to achieve hanged himself at home.I did not reach important Fortunately towels torn.

Such what I would do must be told why, as drove to death love.After the love has died, to me, I did not even once even a phone call from the police, let alone questioned.

Then, with the cooperation of lawyers and friends, Kurachi’s accusation this net crime.Police move in the investigation.In March last year of about 1 years later, unemployed women in Osaka had been slandered Kurachi’s is the aim and Hiraoka (45) was arrested on defamation charges from the death of Iijima.But, the contents of slander can not be reported, it did not become a big topic.And then say, net of slander to Kurachi’s and no longer, but Hiraoka has not been arrested yet.

Movie version initially, I did not and Let the “Platonic ─”, in which after a while outta love, suffer from net slander, I watched on DVD.And tears naturally began to overflow from my eyes.To apologize that it has offended me in drama version and the original book, the scene of the memories I had drawn several such has known only two people in the movie.

With able to tell that and true face, true love, slander slander of the net is a serious crime, and I should become a memorial to love is the best friend forever.And I think so now.

Semi-cohabitation and Nishiyama 茉希, “leer” Prince! “Ex-girlfriend cry of Akanishi disgusting”

Devotee of Saotome Taichi and Nishiyama 茉希 It was reportedly to September this year.Articles with “dating Barebare also fan” was published “are Noroke and unavoidable” cute “around Nishiyama” in some weekly magazine.

Dating of the original KAT-TUN · Akanishi Jin famous Speaking Nishiyama, since reportedly dating a photo magazine in 2008, it has been eye with a couple of mid-Certified.It was in the exclusive model “CanCam” of (Shogakukan) although, Nishiyama was obscurity almost, was Noboritsume the position of about serving up commentator of news program today, it would be the place due to the presence of Akanishi was also large.

It seems to have been a catastrophe Akanishi to “the end of 2009, but still had bought only antipathy” That woman and so on! “Inexcusable from Akanishi fan.That the sign can be seen Nishikido Ryo has blogged was crowded Ballmer is now in turmoil, and it was there to be hated from Johnny’s fans in particular.It does not seem happy to be recognized as a set with Akanishi, seems there was also spilling “are called before Kano Akanishi is very unpleasant” and around “Nishiyama is, (weekly magazine reporter)

story of Nishiyama was hushed sound even among fans since I Akanishi has went over to America, but then, Nishiyama he had nurtured the love of another.I speak how Nishiyama is theater the stage incognito during a whistle-stop tour of Saotome had become a hot topic even among the general public, but the relationship has been progressing to more performing arts officials familiar with the two men.

Kissy-kissy than the ambient is thought, Saotome and Mr. Nishiyama is cohabitation state almost at home in her apartment in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, actually “.In the nearest vicinity, has been witnessed also figure that two men have a meal in peace Naka “(entertainment parties)

And active in the world of popular theater from childhood, Saotome had been noted as “leer prince of genius female impersonator” from middle school.But female president to dispute in the contract with the production, was also called Ya major entertainment professional “foster parent” also broke, it has become a member of the theater company that his father was raising an army now.

Man of the world that so that all company members are able to eat “Saotome-kun, though young, are doing the performances to think about the theater company rather than one yourself.However, seems to have been pressured so that it would be bought from the antipathy of some turmoil in the office leaving a few years ago, you will no longer be able to use the famous theater “(TV program producer)

Not lose to these headwinds, dating two men seems to be steadily current.”Nishiyama is starting to travel to Paris this week, but also, seems scheduled to meet at local and Saotome-san” (entertainment parties supra)

Based on this information devotees, some weekly magazines that have started the interview already.However, dating and Saotome So if made public if it is not able to dispel the picture of “ex-girlfriend of Nishiyama 茉希 = Akanishi”, a dream come true as Nishiyama? Koiji of two men want prayer that smooth.

※ “Nishiyama 茉希 First Photo Album” image (ground)

Nishiyama 茉希 of (!?) Is fuss you again, … Nishikido Ryo Now she Akanishi Jin
· What is the real reason Nishiyama 茉希 graduated from “CanCam” is?
· She Nishiyama 茉希 Akanishi Jin Akanishi provocation during the fan in a suggestive blog
And funds recovered in Japan? National chart disturbing Akanishi Jin, album and fan events also determine
· The’re Yamashita Tomohisa, together latent during Kobe Kitagawa Keiko? Ano her?

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “Yamamoto only selling five years onigiri”.Koji Kato mention about Keiichi Yamamoto “Gokurakutonbo” in the variety program.

Koji Kato comedy duo, of Gokurakutonbo told about Yamamoto Keiichi dormant.Where the entertainer by other remarks to be “Do not say it” on a TV show, it seems to have mouth reflexively.

The Gokurakutonbo, it becomes entertainment dormant Yamamoto Keiichi is causing the ordinance violation cases in 2006, Koji Kato has continued to work as a pin entertainer.Last year, has been witnessed that how they work in the meat wrapped rice ball shop in Shinjuku is reported, has been selling meat wrapped rice balls of the same series shop in Miyazaki camp Fukuoka Softbank Hawks also in early spring this year for Yamamoto Keiichi was.

Was broadcast on December 14 “Haneto-bi VS Mecha Ike full confrontation Special! The thing with “.And “disappeared one unawares Mecha is cool”, team “retrieved and updated villa bouncing” in to expose the fighting spirit is rammed Ken Yamamoto Keiichi implicitly.But, it is had been restrained among the members to be “Do not say it” immediately.

Then, expires butyrate as “!’m Not that dont say” Kato Kouji you have heard it, and clearly, “Yamamoto-san! Only selling five years meat wrapped rice ball” and against Haneto-bi team I was Ihana~tsu.

Recent Yamamoto Keiichi was flowing in sightings and reports of the net as described above, but has spoken clearly from Koji Kato is or would not be the first time.

Yoshimoto is in to the “dissolution” for Gokurakutonbo, Kato has said, “dissolution or should be talking two people and Yamamoto” Both state of mind he seems comes through from the remarks of this.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

· Trouble resolving Koji Kato is good If you stop the “refreshing!”!
· Mad dog Kato also impressed.”Do not shake” Furuta Arata Amanojaku-ppuri.
Misogi-lived?Is there a paradise Yamamoto Keiichi return?Kin-chan ….
· “Kakaa Tenka is good”.and that Kim brother learned in marriage and divorce three times past?
· “I ate broccoli for the past five years”.Wake license Fujiwara was super skinny.
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“Core educational practice rather than theory” beauty principal “school of” opened in January

Lectures Sex massage and sex techniques, 200 hours per semester practice exercises Sex -.This school, open a school in Austria in January next year.Its name, the Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS).

Founder of sex school in the world’s first serve of the principal, Maria Thompson.Popular in sex professional program of Sweden in 1980-1990’s, she’s a famous beauty presenter on television circles of Europe.

She is told as follows: I think to the establishment.

At school for learning “technology, it is not a school-too, such as teaching sexology.Rather than theory, the nucleus of education practice.In AISOS, not only change your life, I’d like the skills of sex also be changed life of people who become partners ”

※ 23 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post

Foshan, Guangdong – stabbing the boy in the man … net cafe angry with foot odor

I found that the 14th December 2011, incidents customers who resented the smell of the foot of a 16-year-old boy sitting next to the net cafe in China Guangdong, that stab someone to death the boy with a knife had happened.China paper, Guangzhou Daily told.

[More photos]

15:40 the 8th incident happened is (local time) around.Tour around the “foot odor” of a boy between the boy who sat next to each other in the net cafe ministry Foshan City Shunde District beams with (Lian) suspects, it became a hassle.According to the beam suspect, because where you took off your shoes boy who came from after sitting next to, the smell of the foot was dangerous, was careful to wear shoes.But, it becomes hassle in the wake of this, the beam suspects blood was up to the head pops out of the net cafe, it was brought out a kitchen knife from the dining room across the street.

Beams suspects back to the net café Kirikakari with a kitchen knife to the boy as it is, after stabbed many times, and fled.Among them, scratch that stuck to the heart is fatal, the boy was taken to a hospital, but I died.It completely surrounds the vicinity of police dispatched immediately.Beams suspect that idea that there is no Nigekire has turned himself in about 2 hours after.Currently, police are doing the investigation for details of the incident.(Translation and editing / NN)

The dating and Kaela in the past husband Koda Kumi, also that it was swung misono

Koda Kumi has announced the sudden marriage with KENJI03 (27) of the rock band · BACK-ON (29).The impetus that two people meet in the song BACK-ON was released in February 2011 that “with you feat. Me”, Koda I heard this song is a fan of BACK-ON, and approached the collaboration It was seemed begins.

It has not been announced publicly, but that misono sister of Koda (27) The “Me”.In other words, was to introduce the BACK-ON to Koda is it was a misono, but the relationship of the sisters that it will not say never.Acquaintances of the sisters speak this.

“Now the sisters I’m a completely Bokkosho.All co-star is I have become completely NG ”

JIN of producer members and BACK-ON also be included, and that was a feeling like family for misono.Was also complicated I think it is around the KENJI03 especially.

It’s “the same age, and a mutual friend at most, KENJI03 and misono was a good friend of most.I think some people were who thought because there was also be playing at his local, the two men are dating around.And I were together all the time about it.In fact, KENJI03 I was was going to the.I think I think that his “likes” is, and has been misono Mowaka~tsu.

He is handsome much sometimes when in junior high school and Kimura Kaela’s, had been dating a little bit to, misono also was not a altogether bad.But she, I’m such while inflaming the unrequited love, however, they cool down at a stretch when it comes to think both.The’m shook to say “~ Naiwa” where it became a good feeling “(The acquaintance supra)

It was that immediately after.I was supposed to be misono to hear, rumors KENJI03 and Koda that began dating.

Is why there is no report from the person who of course also be its “.And that he is a man who was saying “I love you” to himself until recently.misono I became more extreme weight loss and become like a human distrust.Also about marriage that can been done in this time, whether or not cut to misono everyone, seems quite troubled “(The acquaintance supra)

※ 1 the January 2012 Seven women

Chinese Discussion [China] blog about “why the Japanese do not allow the Nanjing Incident”

December 13 that it was 74 years after the fall of Nanjing in the Sino-Japanese war, Chinese men bloggers “RiIsao儒”‘s, wrote a blog titled “Why the Japanese do not allow the Nanjing Massacre”.

Bloggers are considered over the field of the following nine.

1. Is the primary person responsible for the Nanjing Massacre “TaniToshio”, trial has not been performed in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, unfortunately.This is because the valley Hisao was a B-class war criminals.

2. Trial was carried out delivered to China in 1946, but the valley Hisao could not be obtained confidence international military tribunal in China unfortunately.Record of the trial also does not remain exactly.

3. The United States began to strengthen cooperation with Japan attitude gradually, war chief of Japan most had been released finally.

4. Jewish massacre of Germany while was done deliberately, systematically, because it was done randomly in that can not be management of their superiors, direct evidence is low Nanjing Massacre in Japan.

5. Japan comes as excuse to say “when the Chinese side to withdraw from Nanjing, there was a killing in Chinese to each other with no disciplined,” but, the thing got there certainly regard this unfortunately.Japan has said, “Statistics of China does not agree with the facts” and therefore.

6. Direct evidence is lacking with respect to numbers.Of the 30 million people, not able to present evidence about 100,000 people, it has become a reason that you can escape responsibility Japan.

7. China has got to give up compensation for Japan.

8. Such as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to, because it has received a large loss in the Pacific War, as awareness of victims is large Japan.

9. 300,000 people theory is not written in history textbooks of Japan, awareness of history is poor.

On that they offered them, does not matter how “Japanese Have you seen the Nanjing Massacre bloggers.It was signed when you see the name of the victims of countless written on the wall of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, as the Chinese one, what do you and “Would think.(Editors: Nishitani rated)