Flat-screen large TV significantly drops! Finally 50-inch 140,000 yen table

Kato Silvia Ana of progress “even 50-inch 14 million units of flat-screen TV!”.According to the Nikkei newspaper article where the program will tell, I likely flat-screen large TV is this the end of the year, made more cheaply.The Toka Sharp 52 type and Panasonic 50-inch is I would buy in virtually 140,000 about 5000 yen.

Please contact one, Shirubi (blanking) It’s a suggestion that pre-but, “Okay, buy it” from the program commentator did not rise to the voice of the.

“I have one million yen when bought!” (Yuko Sports producer Sanya) Yuko Sanya sports producer because already have.To see the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, that I bought a big TV over a period of about one million yen, this morning (December 27, 2011), are informed of the significant price erosion of market, a big shock.and “do not want to see, it.Next (the story), and went to “and instructions.

Monta Mino is or “50-inch presenter, All you need for this big? After such a big to buy gone, leaving gonna say myself Once where to sleep “and the folksy comments.

Suddenly attention in the movie starring! Japanese singer-Nishida MegumiRina, the first album popularity – Taiwan

December 25, 2011, Japanese singer-Nishida MegumiRina first album of that activity in Taiwan, is showing the popularity rank high on music content delivery site.NOWnews told.

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Nishida MegumiRina is, appeared to a maximum of topic movie this year in Taiwan “Sedekkubare (SaiIsaoKatsu-Tomoe莱)”.While starring scene is just also been noted in the wake of the movie, was released this month first album “afternoon Allowed 頌”.

By the music content delivery site “kkbox”, in the audition service of release just before 72 hours limited, and the high degree of attention you give to suddenly second place and third place in the first appearance.And are gaining popularity in ringtone download by mobile carriers 5 companies.

It’s Nishida you have appeared without going through the audition is to “Sedekkubare”, but will be acquired at a stretch profile in Taiwan, I would like to thank the way Dashon you have me appointed (Wei Te-Sheng) supervision, and you are talking about.The film is something that drew the “Wushe Incident” in 1930 of the anti-Japanese uprising incident but, Nishida who played the landlady of grocery, violently cursing the natives of women in the appearance scene.Looking back to this scene, it is said, “everyone was worried Do not you think it’s scary people me”.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)

The food if pointed out 100,000 refugees invasion to Japan from North Korea the 1st 100 million

Death of Kim Jong Il, North Korea Kim Jong Il has an important meaning for Japan.Japan is not must be vigilant, it’s subversive activities by North Korean special forces that had infiltrated secretly from previous.

“For example, personnel of the North Korean side that had infiltrated the more Self-Defense Force base in could as a Japanese employee, if destroying the equipment, base is conceivable to cause fall into great confusion, a hindrance to strategy.The possibility of terrorist attacks against nuclear power plant, is naturally expected “(Ministry of Defense officials)

Looking at the nuclear power plant accident response, in the sweet crisis management in Japan, how much or damage comes into case of emergencies, spine gets cold to imagine.If these North Korea contingency is Okire, it’s a large amount of refugees that are reasonably foreseeable.Atsushi’s story Miyata of North Korea situation researcher.

“The number of refugees Unification of Korea expects Based on the contingency 2 million to 3 million people.Although there was a North Korean family that was shipwrecked in the boat in September, so that the refugees flock to Japan through sea routes.Even as it is if 100,000 people, take the 100 million yen one day alone food.

Shelters’s not enough at all, acceptance is if prolonged, huge financial burden, such as construction and living expenses of the assistance of temporary housing will occur.Furthermore operatives is slipped in among the refugees, there is also a risk that perform terrorism such as a cell is infected with biological weapons to refugees ”

As a contingency, it’s not may tomorrow, might be a few years away.EJ Lee of Kansai University Faculty of Economics professor that should be noted in the “one year later”.

“North Korea is next year, it becomes inward also in order to consolidate the power base, will support the Mokin Seion in the state of Bitter Enemies Aligned Together.China also place the top at the party convention of ’12 autumn, Xi Jinping also inevitably inward for the time being.However, if the story after one year is another. ”

※ Shukan Post January 2012 1 · the 6th issue

Folly by storm Sakurai Sho accommodation room, the female employees of the hotel and criticized rush

From the beginning of the year of 2011, by the hotel employee “Junichi Inamoto and Miho Tanaka staying Dating exposure uproar of” occurs, one year remarks problems with Twitter is frequently thereafter.The August 5, female employees of another hotel, Sho storm-Sakurai and appearance of the room that you wish to check out, and even became by exposure on Twitter the “Kink” of itself and mayhem.

O’clock August 5 10 am, female employees of the hotel that Sakurai seems to have available, “dangerous.Dangerous.I Sho-kun Sakurai stayed in out of the hotel, but tweet and “come to go to the room we stayed now, too much of the excitement, and that it was sleeping on pillow Sakurai of hair is attached, such as that it smelled a used towel after another confession.for this to be rushed condemned as “the unworthy’s act Aru as a hotel employee!”, but female employees was excuse as “No way of the www is that it did in the story”, turmoil spread to on the bulletin board, her Twitter it was supposed to be deleted in the evening.

Then, belongs to Johnny & Associates of Sakurai announced the official view that “there is manager of the room.”.Site that became hotel side impossible to make contact with a woman from the “uproar the next day of the 7th.Currently, it is in fact confirmed.If fact, to leave a Want “and comment strict disposal.

■ look back at livedoor news “smell the storm Sakurai Sho used towels, self-proclaimed transformation female hotel employee”

· “The used towel … !!” storm Sakurai Sho is finally Twitter of “victim” in – August 8, 2011

· “The used towel … !!” Sakurai Sho?Sniff the smell of used towel hotel woman or employee confession story of the – August 8, 2011

– I’m a heavy smoker suspicion and emerged with “That managers of room” Sakurai Sho Twitter uproar – August 11, 2011

· Storm Sakurai Sho were staying was room to room of the “manager” back “of the official position of Johnny & Associates -!? August 11, 2011

Biological child-Yonedanji Katsura of Beichō Katsura I pleases aggressively to the father in story fan

Mr. Kazuo Hirose was born in 1960, the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Degree.Music magazine “BURRN!” Editor-in-Chief.Rakugo fan of 30 years, 350 times more than the storyteller meetings per year, in contact with 1500 seats or more of the dais.That Mr Hirose is, but comic chat artist is Yonedanji Katsura that Hyosuru and “large Myoseki worthy Taiki”.

* * *
And upward even in Tokyo, so-called “second generation rakugo” is there any person, of course, the storyteller is not a hereditary of entertainment.”Nanahikari” but would certainly be a benefit in the starting point of as an entertainer, if there is no talent in the person, it will also disadvantage.”Of that person my son is this or?And “I’m from is exposed to the eyes of more severe criticism.

Rarely seen had realized the “virtuoso second generation” of two people of the fifth generation Shinshō Kokontei son, ten generation Kinbara Chin-ba life and but the third generation Shincho Kokontei III, in the their about virtuoso, “spell that Shin students of my son” is to hear that it was too heavy.

Biological child of the upper storyteller Yonedanji Katsura is “west of living national treasure” Beichō Katsura.He is like a role model of “second generation shalt certain nuclear”, but attractive performers.The disciple to his father in 1978 and in 1958 was born introducing himself as the third generation Katsura-sho United States and North Korea have, and Shumei the fifth generation rice DanOsamu in 2008.”US DanOsamu” is a large Myoseki of US-North Korea of ​​teacher.The Shumei to pressure might be greater than succeed to the meaning “US-North Korea” there.

But not even as a double of pressure to “Shumei of large Myoseki” “son of the living national treasure” in the US DanOsamu, there is a brightness should be called “natural”.It’s those carefree To grew up in his unique as “Wakadanna” US-North Korea sept.Charm of rice DanOsamu lies precisely in its Kuttakunonai “Wakadanna likeness”.

He since I was a small United States and North Korea, has been aggressively neta “that he is the son of the morning rice”.He would be pleased fans and “still Chihaarasoenai” reproducible to and facial expressions and tone the conversation of the father in the look-alike US morning.When the bad II rakugo storyteller is to neta the parent, it is something you will feel that it will not be very heard by Rashiku ear, “US-North Korea story” of the US DanOsamu can enjoy from the bottom of my heart.

It’s just, like as there is no sarcasm even cites the “east of Living National Treasure” fifth generation Kosan Yanagiya Karoku Yanagiya is a grandfather.Feel from “your son” as grew up Hanamidori of dais “charm of honest personality” of Sho-san clan is, there is also the dais of BeiDan Osamu.”US-North Korea story” of the US DanOsamu can not only him, it’s a best fan service.

※ Shukan Post January 2012 1 · the 6th issue

Interviewer Nada → Tokyo strongest high school name emphasis, even people who harbor doubts about the Kei 應内 part students

Stronger is granted to the students employment test of top universities.However, in the adoption of the site and that he a “white attention to high school name than university name”.Tsunemi Yohei’s human resource consultant in the writer, talks about “the strongest of the University of Tokyo”.

* * *
Between the interviewer, there is a technique that has been used since ancient times.It, is that “white attention to high school name”.University even if not first-class, students went to prestigious high school is not that or not it be best estate steward.

Prestigious high school is why some people would Asobihoke also many places of free school spirit.Conversely exam study is strictly to Gachigachi, some people would drop out.So, even if not a famous university, high school and is not thought of as not it? Excellent If prestigious school.Listed IT companies adopt responsible person “now, the most reliable in high school name?I will speak with “.

In the background of high school name emphasis, it is said that the University of all incoming era, now that about half of the students admitted to private schools recommending · AO (admission office) entrance examination, there is anxiety about the abilities and qualities of students.It should be noted, Toka is also increasing company to see what can I entered was the regard University.

Recommendation · AO entrance examination is not say that’s evil, but also with anxiety for the basic academic skills, it is not to worry about the things that you did not experience the competition and it caused by stress.In addition, some companies to check whether you have a junior high school exam.

In this way isnt brand of university, while there is also a movement to be repaired by the high school name, even more companies seeking a career of Pikkapika.Saiyo person responsible major food manufacturer says Ko.

“My will is adopted Todai students every year, Azabu → University of Tokyo, also can adopt open → University of Tokyo, Nada → University of Tokyo have never been able to adopt even one person.I wonder the impact of corporate culture?”

In addition, this testimony.Employees working for foreign strategic consulting firm says this.

“Again strongest of the Nada → University of Tokyo.Consulting company is the basic premise of good head.On top of that, are not to be not strong competition.It was combines both of which, still Nada → University of Tokyo ”

However, does not mean that good if a famous Apart from university and high school.Former Human Resources Director of a leading food manufacturer says this.”In the same Keio, I noticed that there is better to not take internal academic’s.And to unwise, if you have just Amattare to dullsville “hmmm.Well, this is you also feel like Keio unique.

Oh yeah, middle high school discrimination is likely to climax, interesting book came out.”The selection of boys’ school” is (Ota Toshimasa Nikkei Premier Series).If say to Toshinao Sasaki’s style, I feel that “This is a good point of view.”.Eight schools of the University of Tokyo pass top 10 Toka’s boys’ school.I find the strong high school law to center the boys’ school.Your read.

Millionaire of Guangdong, cat pot to eat poisoning death – China

The 23rd in China and Guangdong Yangchun, company president who ate a pot of cat meat containing the poisoning symptoms, I died.China Radio International told.

And died, the president of the company in the ministry Gaozhou, Ryuri-gen Mr..According to the report, “served as the provincial People’s representative at the famous millionaire, excellent Communist Party members of saving” the thing with.The 23rd afternoon, Ryu enters the Yangchun city of fire pot shop with acquaintance 2 people, ate a pot of cat meat containing.When you drank the soup, one person is “bad.There is exchange that returns and speak as in the “are also included in poison other people” It’s painful to good medicine mouth “, then three people were taken to hospital with poisoning symptoms.

Died shortly despite receiving emergency treatment at the dragon’s hospital.2 people acquaintance lightly poisoning symptoms, not Betsujo in life that.But such is the city Public Security Bureau was immediately instructed the poisoning cause analysis by the inspection of food, not out test results.Officials said he was “as someone there is a possibility that poisoned deliberately, waiting for the results of the analysis coming out”.(Editors: Toshiyuki Yanagawa)

Unheard of rarity occurred in the women’s professional wrestling! Retired withdraw during retirement ceremony!

December 23, unheard of rarity has occurred at the box office of JWP girls wrestling in Tokyo Korakuen Hall.

The box office was held as a retired box office Kaori Yoneyama (30).Yoneyama this day, play against Kayoko Haruyama in the Main Event.18 minutes 49 seconds, I was defeated in single shrimp compaction from diving guillotine drop.

Senior wrestlers and officials appeared after the game, and appreciation the labor of Yoneyama, as the last of the ceremony, 10 count gong had sounded.However, stop the gong this Yoneyama during the “Please Wait!”.Then, up to Command Bolshoi is a leading player of the same organization ring, remarks that the “retirement announcement was just because,, I have not forced to quit”.Yoneyama is “I, I do not want to quit.From fixed retirement, is turned into more like a pro wrestling.But, it is not turning back anymore, How can try “and crying.

There, next year January 8, appeared Bull Nakano to hold their own retirement box office at the Tokyo Dome City Hall (former All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling), but handed the envelope, which means the contestants offer to the same tournament, the received Yoneyama is “pro wrestling retired, will withdraw “and remark.May I no longer support even “hated.I do not may not be for another two degrees and retirement match, to decide the resolution, will continue to rise in this love ring “and was declared the active duty continue.

Some in there are similar cases in the past.As “Oniyome”, vigorously talent activities also to have Sasaki Kensuke Mrs. Hokuto, had hinted that to retire Tokyo Dome Tournament of November 20, 94 (the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling sponsored) Finally, I withdrew the retirement remarks after the game.In addition, Andouaika (Ice Ribbon) is, but was professional wrestling graduation match in Tokyo and Shin-Kiba 1st RING Congress of August 28, 08, withdrew after the game.However, Ando originally in talent, you are doing a professional wrestling in order to broaden the range of its activities, the different nuances in the retirement and graduation.

As far as the interaction of unfolded ring, retirement withdrawal rather than the whim of in situ Yoneyama, it has been decided in advance clear.On this day, the majority of fans who flocked to the venue, I should have been visitors to see the last of the majestic figure of Yoneyama.Yoneyama has announced the end of the year retirement in July, it will be later, betrayed the fans who visited to watch the mercenary her game to be “if to retire”.

How much, entertainment highly professional wrestling and Haie, there will be things and bad things fared.At the time the feeling of Yoneyama has changed, or JWP is not there was a need to announce his retirement withdrawal in advance.Indeed, retired withdrawal of in the middle of the ceremony after the retirement match, but downright thing is bad aftertaste.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

Reported that there was a phone call from Kano sisters who buried my face in Oshima Yuko chest

In Oshima Yuko (23) is his blog of AKB48, I have reported that yearning was conveyed the impression of AKB48 Kohaku against Uta Gassen was held on the 20th of this month by phone from Kano sisters.

“” Yuko-chan of costumes and sexy in a nice, expressive power has told me and was great Desu~yo “”, “Kyoko, it was I who healed very to hear the voice of Mika.Hahan “and before” HEY! HEY! HEY! “(Fuji TV series) DeKano to Oshima is a fan of Kano sisters much sometimes you have buried my Kyoko of her cleavage to face the situation was quite happy phone.

In addition, it is possible and has also promised to meet now, and comments such as “HEY! I mon was saying was address exchange in × 3 ♪” “gorgeous !! Nante phone from Kano sisters san” were received from readers are.

Santa san, where now?(Yurari Yuko)
· AKB I bury the face in the valley of Oshima Yuko KanoKyoko of breast
· Hirashima Natsumi Publish handmade Xmas cake and bear apron
· Shinoda Mariko “God photograph” of followers 800,000 beyond joy public
Oshima Yuko of blog news

Most happy corporate employees in the United States is “average annual income of 4.52 million yen.”

# 1 of analyzed the answers of about 100,000 workers in the United States, “the employee is most happy companies ranking in 2012 in the United States”, was shining “Hilton Worldwide” hotel chains.In second place following a major general contractor Fluor, health care product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, the luxury department store Nordstrom, is BASF of diversified chemical company lasted.

Employees of the average annual income ($ 1 78 yen equivalent), 2-position of the Fluor is 6.83 million yen, for the 3-position of the Johnson & Johnson that a 6.38 million yen, the 1-position of the Hilton is 4.52 million yen, the 4-position of Nordstrom was less than 3.12 million yen.Only reward is not necessarily to enhance the satisfaction of workers, I wonder that.

“CareerBliss” survey also important US employment information site can say the employer is proudly.The items workers to evaluate the company, other “future of the company” and “reward”, “allowance”, and the “I of the advantage or to the carrier,” “or be recommended to others,” “work-life balance”, “boss are raised, such as the relationship “is.

Individual elements, but if not clear how to affect the overall score, for example, comparing the Nordstrom and peers, the most difference is larger It’s element “Do is recommended others”.Industry average is for 3.3 point, Nordstrom has become a 4.1 point.

Speaking of Nordstrom, companies that have won the customer satisfaction number one as “absolutely not say no department store”.”I work for Nordstrom,” and it can be said to others proudly, it’s as though likely are related happiness large employee.The addition of name recognition, has continued to suppress the “reward” and “allowance”, “future of the company.”.

Last year the 1-position of the and Google, Microsoft had entered the 32-position, is out of the top 50.In a survey source “has occurred competition in the industry On talent, the impact seems to have come up,” you are a.But also to feel fluctuations of order is too large, or the two companies will all right.