Adoring revelation of Takashi Okamura, it is cut from Tetsuro Degawa!

Takashi Okamura of Ninety – nine that ardent love of the 32-year-old woman of Este store management is discovered.
Last year, appeared Tetsuro Degawa In broadcast of December 29 “Ninety – nine allnightnippon of” is the guest.It has become a hot topic and Degawa for Okamura not clear whether’m going in this broadcast was a scathing sermon.

Degawa to Okamura attitude Kimekomu the silence to be being broadcast “Leave me alone me” is “I do what years the radio! Properly by Tsutaero to the listener!” Quite frustrated with as had been the climax studio rarely seen in recent years raised the voice me was showing.
Furthermore gradually while you continue to heat up, Degawa for Okamura who criticized the vulgar handle name of listener remark, “Do you have there is that the laugh in the sense of the word!”.Okamura completely in as was caught by surprise, “Well, you is whether! Can moderated THE · MANZAI” was a rebuttal like a child.Moment in this and laugh not exchange, studio of air was also one-act that hardens.

Originally Okamura and Degawa had fierce battle is waged in the program “disturbing Sunnaya! Me” longtime rival is known as among “Mecha Ike” But.
It is a manifestation of the fact that the more a long term relationship if Conversely, Okamura was also remark to the effect that you are disappointed in Degawa as “dead my favorite entertainer” when Degawa married.
Degawa Okamura that was once the criticism is in dire results in similar position, words became what was boosted against Okamura of love of tough stuff.
2012, Okamura to Degawa, and whether or not answer fans!

End up with globalization ahead – Tsujimoto

By globalization, emerging and developed countries have deepened unprecedented economic ties. Among them, currently, developed countries suffering almost without exception deep economic slump.Is supposed to be economic development together, why would like this are things.

This cause can be determined food, energy, finite and environmental resource constraints.We have to face, it is the finite nature of the earth. In fact, crude oil price was less than 1 barrel $ 30 in 2000, it to is currently the nearly $ 100 per barrel, has turned to China food importing countries.Food prices have risen (see accompanying chart).Finiteness of issues surrounding we may say that already actualized.

I would not change as a whole composition of economic growth> of developed countries economic growth of emerging countries by two scenarios globalization.Under such an assumption, while the emerging standard of living rises, living standards of developed countries slide into relatively reduced.

However, because compared to the developed countries of the population emerging population overwhelmingly large and 10 times, is that the emerging standard of living goes up, and simply thought, food, resources, energy increase pressure of consumption of is likely to become.Not only population growth, increased quality of life, resulting in an increase of these consumption.Currently, if the entire population on the planet has the current energy consumption and eating habits of the developed countries par, only the resources supporting it, energy, food production force, does not exist in the current on the earth.

Therefore, with the progress of globalization, one of the following occurs.

Scenario 1: lower the living standards of the developed countries, raise the living standards of emerging countries, I will balance at a certain.

Scenario 2: lower the living standards of the developed countries, but emerging standard of living rises, food at some point in time, energy, price increases of resources leads to poverty of the weak economy country, and produce a large number of refugees.

In the case of scenario 1, the standard of living is considerable energy saving of developed countries, as long as you do not want to resource saving, it is believed that considerably reduced.

In the case of scenario 2, if there is no country to accept a large number of refugees, the world is confused.There is a high possibility that large dispute occurs Tour of resources and water, food.

By limiting and limitations of productivity of arable land constraints factors arable land area of ​​the world of finite and economic growth of the world, the upper limit of the world’s population is defined.This kind of finite resistance, until the end of the 20th century but was never to be too conscious, 7 billion people of the population, are far beyond the capacity of the Earth.Nourish population reach 80 billion in 2030, to improve its diet, it is said that it is necessary to double the food production in the world, and is affected by the other hand soil degradation farmland many, are in also progressing desertification.Furthermore grain harvest area per capita is not only about the current 10 ares in the world average (FAO survey).I is the current situation is also not expected many development of new agricultural land.And think not that there is a way to very double the yield in ’20.

Already Africa deforestation, overgrazing, manifested environmental problems and the impact of climate change, has had an environmental refugees, will continue to increase environmental refugees will continue.Rise in food prices may be expected to continue as long as population growth continues.If more continue this state, it is difficult to First African countries food imports of weak sub-Saharan of economic power, then weak emerging countries of economic strength, eventually also spread to developed countries, it would be a big problem. Is likely to be made to seeds of international conflicts.

On the other hand, there is a limit to the reserves of fossil fuels, further unless reduce emissions of carbon dioxide proceeds warming, is likely to interfere enters the secure food production and water.

It can be mentioned the following three factors as a constraint for growth.

(1) resources, the finite nature of energy (2) the finite nature of food production (3) serious environmental destruction

Practical solution of these problems, methods such as the development of new energy may be considered, but not be clear of carbon dioxide emissions problem as long as the innovative technologies such as nuclear fusion is not practical, the possibility that the environmental destruction progresses The high.It would be realistic and have to rely on nuclear power for now. Dramatic increase in food production would not be expected to also make full use of biotechnology. It is impossible even to human environment is to control as gardening. The most realistic of, I think is population control.

In a world that finite of need in this way of social system reform, to economic growth in developed countries should not be big in the future, it is likely that living standards of developed countries continues to decrease.Social system based on the premise of economic growth in developed countries can not be maintained. Lifestyle is likely that it can not be maintained as far case to follow what scenarios. The near future, to it may be also unavoidable to migrate to the vegetarian diet of grain center, overseas travel becomes difficult, and would be satisfied by get easily overseas information instead might. However, still to seven billion people of the world’s population currently continues to live in peace back to Magarinari, in order to realize a sustainable world, would be forced to some degree of patience. Or, we like people of billion units starve to death, I wonder want the destabilization of the world.

References: “warning to civilization collapse” Jared Diamond (interview 2012, Asahi Shimbun January 3, 2012)

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South Korea is a founding to “Dokdo (Takeshima) away Ojima a dedicated fleet to protect” – Korean paper

January 6, 2012, according to the Korea paper, Dong-A Ilbo, South Korea faced the two countries and territorial problem during the day Takeshima (Korean name: Dokdo) and Socotra Rock: To strengthen the control over the (Korean name away Ojima) , is showing the movement to create a dedicated fleet.China paper, Global Times (electronic version) said.

[Other photos of]

According to the National Assembly Special Committee on Budget and Accounts of Korea, of the “2012 government budget” which was established by the National Assembly last December 31, research budget of DAPA reached 500 million won (about 33 million yen).It is used to study the “medium- and long-term sea draft strategy” to enact to combat Japanese and Chinese naval buildup.That also included “defense of sovereignty” in the research.

Following this, also begin plans preparation of “maritime strategy strengthening plan for the defense of Dokdo and (Takeshima) away Ojima” is from 2013.The Committee of the person responsible for the “final goal is state-of-the-art Aegis destroyer two ships, Korea type destroyer three ships, patrol ship two vessels, consisting of two submarines” to create a “Dokdo-away Ojima fleet” I revealed the.That same fleet will be assigned to the Jeju naval base that completed in 2015.(Translation and editing / NN)

The applause in sushi Zammai president! Do original take of tuna 5,649 ten thousand yen?

January 5, in the first auction of the sushi chain store “Sushi Zanmai” is Tsukiji in Oma production bluefin tuna seems to have put the 5,649 10000 yen at record highs.
When you announced that it will provide this tuna in one consistent ¥ 398 ultra unprecedented, television, and became a big topic on the net.
5,649 and 10000 yen at tuna or what kind of things of, we have also tasted author.
I want to applaud the First “Sushi Zanmai” president was Seriotoshi.However, you can either be really 5,649 ten thousand yen of the original’s take? It is but a place to become the author of the gas.”Japan and does not work hard” and man January 5 wearing the all-time high, is performed first auction in the central wholesale market of Tokyo Tsukiji, Aomori Prefecture, Oma production bluefin tuna 5,649 million (per 268kg = 1kg 21 万I was dropped auction by the circle).
Exceed last year of 3,249 ten thousand yen a (342kg = 9 ¥ 15,000 per 1kg) significantly, it became a super-congratulatory prize price.
Was dropped auction is not a luxury sushi shop, “cheap and 24-hour” of sushi chain store of “Sushi Zanmai” and Kimura Kiyoshishacho.This 5,649 10000 yen at tuna is so provided by one consistent ¥ 398 in each of the Tokyo store.

Feat of sushi Zammai are featured on commercial stations of news and tabloid show, “Sushi Zanmai” has climbed to Google’s Hot Trends, Twitter trends.
The company’s official HP to focus access, it is enough to be a temporary connection difficult state.

Highest value of the first auction of Tsukiji the last few years, long-established luxury sushi shop “Ginza Kyubey” and Hong Kong sushi chain store “chef sushi” was dropped auction to the joint purchase.
The rumor of sushi industry, it is of “This tag faces the first auction in the stance of” budget may be over much, anyway the highest value. ‘”.
Enthusiasm of Kimura president you would edged to it, will was not easy task.
There is also a “Great East Japan Earthquake, I thought this should not and Japan bias is not work hard.
Put to hand the best tuna, I wanted to eat in your Japan rather than overseas. ”
From the words of the President that, I feel the hot soul.

(See: | from “J-CAST News to offer in Oma production bluefin tuna record highs 56.49 million yen” Sushi Zanmai “is” consistent 398 yen “”)

¥ 198 ultra unprecedented though it is 16,000 yen per consistently even at cost! Edible part of tuna it is said that 60% of the total.If you simply calculate the edible part 160kg in one story 10~20g, it will be 16,000 yen ~8,000 yen at cost.
But it, large Toro 398 yen of the regular price, and I called to provide at 298 yen middle Toro, lean 198 yen (all tax).

(See: | from “front chef until tuna is sashimi”)

Immediately, I also went to this tuna to taste.
Location sushi Zammai Shibuya Tokyu head office before shop, time 22:00.
It thinks already or sold out, there was still a large between the tuna.
Is bidding dropped on the morning of the 5th, tuna dismantling show is performed at Tsukiji head office of sushi Zammai, it’s to have been delivered from getting in the night to each of the Tokyo store.
Chef us this morning, heard this news, is so was rush from morning to the corresponding.

I was received by consistently one medium and lean Toro.There was a deep flavor than tuna that we have ever eaten.In particular, only lean and finely fibers, in the mellow taste, is regret one consistent and that finish eating.
By the way large Toro has not been delivered, it seems to have been providing only a limited store.

In addition, I tried than eat tuna and normal tuna of Oma production.Again richness is different.
According to the chef Aida’s Sushi Zanmai (30s men and hobby basking in the sun),
“Since the normal tuna Aru In frozen tuna that was caught in good time, Toro something of fat might be better of normal delicious.
But, I taste of red meat can taste the most raw, is uneven. ”
It was that.

Than frolic in Toro If accustomed to as a “trendy phrase to express the effect of red meat” your one Arasa, but it is what you want to talk about s gentle the effect of the “lean”.
I had taught the “nifty phrase to express the effect of lean” So the chef Aida who is a professional.

● “taste of red meat is in the unique astringent”

Well, indeed it is a professional representation.And “astringent” it seems to express the complexity of taste, including the iron.
During sushi date, let’s take advantage of to Bukkake-to-.

Is it really take to 5,649 ten thousand yen of the original?The sushi Zammai Shibuya Tokyu head office before shop, tuna of Oma is stock at around the 5th 19, I was sold out 23 o’clock.
For example, temporarily can matrix, it seems there was considerable attract customers.
Coverage on TV, news sites of the net, such as SNS reviews, if think it’s advertising expenses 5,649 million and whether it would not be enough of advertising effect came out.It is difficult circumstances that lead HP of access now.
And favorability rating of “Sushi Zanmai” to be able to also chivalrous appeal of president should rose at once.
“Highest value this year, by serving fished” from the president around when what had been decided that there is I is where you anxious.

You think this year I hope to activities of private companies that burns in Japan love.

◆ “chic” of Hats off to companies!
Transformation of companies! “Enviable company regulations 7 elections in fact had unique”
Hats off to the sense! Parody naming Kessakusen you laugh and medicine

Written by Gokaminari-ko

1500 sheet poster of comfort women in Shinjuku and Shibuya, voice in Korea for the “well done”

August 30, it has been to tell the ad to sue the comfort women issue has been published in the US business magazine Wall Street Journal (WJ) in the “Korean full-time”, and found that the poster had been affixed 1500 sheets in Tokyo was.

And was made an ad sue the comfort women issue, and Mr. Korean singer Kim Jang-hoon, Seo Gyondoku Seishin (Sonshin) Women’s University Visiting Professor.The two men, a man of the ads that appeal Korean side sovereignty claim, has been published many times in the US media of Takeshima (Korean name, Dokdo).

Paste De-sa the posters in Tokyo the same thing as the advertisement was published in WJ, photos “DO YOU HEAR?” And a great character, women of the original comfort women are screaming asked to apologize to the Japanese government is combined be.However, text written under “DO YOU HEAR?”, Not in English is translated into Japanese, Japanese had become easier to understand.

Poster the cooperation of Korean students living in Japan, Shinjuku Nikake two days of January 3 to 4, Shibuya, 1500 sheets too in such Harajuku was De-sa paste.

Seo Professor, “I order to appeal to young people who do not know the existence itself of the Japanese military comfort women” for the poster plan in Tokyo and description.In addition, “when you posted the Dokdo and comfort women-related advertising, it is intimidation from Japan always right-wing organizations.However, it is not lost in this, fair and square pointed out the mistake of the Japanese government, was talking with going to continue to strive to bring out the world of public opinion, “and I’m going to work future also actively.

Mr. Kim Jang-hoon is on the Korean net work hard in order to “Korean right-wing should emulate Kim Jang-hoon,” “Korean government I think …. well looking good ends up singer that should do”, “Korean.Good luck! Have been many asked voice to cheer and “.

But, furious that “I think this kind of emotional approach lose eventually,” “Japan’s right wing is in, what will you do if you make a lot of posters that illegal stay there are Korean prostitutes in Japan?This poster I think the reverse effect, “” Korean people seen some people feel the resistance to the technique of comfort women’s saying feel that, “said Kim Jang-hoon and Soviet professor around the world.

On the other hand, Kim Jang-hoon and Seo Professor, plans to begin Paste 1500 pieces of the same poster in next week Osaka and Kyoto in the heart of.Next week, people in Osaka and Kyoto, might’ve been seeing and maybe this poster somewhere.

Reference: [entertainment news station] Kim Jang-hoon – Seo Gyondoku Professor, comfort women advertising to Tokyo city center – Sports Donga
See also: Kim Jang-hoon – Seo Gyondoku, comfort women related posters 1500 sheets adhere to Tokyo Japan – Sports Kyunghyang

(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

■ [Korean full-time] …… with
[Korean full-time] and is a medium that provides information that specializes in South Korea.
Detailed professional Japanese reporters in South Korea interview, I am performing the writing.
We will work hard to be able to quickly deliver the events of Korea center.

Talented music producer you ate the tilt of the Cross …… Uchishiba incident named “quasi-rape”

The end of last year, was shocked to enthusiastic clubbers and music parties, but news of quasi-rape suspect arrested in the music producer Shinichi Osawa maker numerous works of Namie Amuro from prominent artists.According to the report, Osawa last year in November, complained that “If you do not the suppliers of the other company collapses” to women who work in the management company, quasi-rape that instruction molested with men of business partners to women I was arrested in Nokata station on suspicion.

Osawa completely deny the allegations as “not at all remember to wear”.It has been released on disposal hold last month the 18th, investigation’s ongoing even now.

Music official “in Osawa side that day, the like has an alibi that plate to Kyoto, the question mark is attached to women’s testimony.Are “unjustified resentment theory” also been rumored by dating trouble with in some women.Osawa’s married, but such as is catch the affair of a popular female models in the past, I speak anyway I from popular among “.

Speaking of “quasi-rape”, and extend to the indecent act is to drink alcohol to student, is Masato Uchishiba defendant of judo Olympic gold medalist was indicted last month on the 27th recalled.According Metropolitan Police Department in charge of reporters at the time that “has been indicted, authorities are confident to guilty.Color totally reflect the inner bush was not observed, investigation officials are also angry with the “Futebuteshii guy”, “whether this man is gold medalist”, sure enough, that bail application on the inner bush has been rejected. “.

Osawa was also arrested in the same quasi-rape suspect, both incidents ersatz stuff.Still character of “quasi-rape” was arranged Gyogyoshiku in media coverage.To this, officials close to the Osawa is “really in trouble.Who watched the news in there will end up as “Osawa also what was rape”.Moreover, the person is not sufficient suspicion already released, everything is not even in this state to go if criminals.Still is a large three characters of the effects of “quasi-rape” which was reported once.When the innocent is confirmed, dropping the shoulder as big way I guess no choice but to appeal. “.

But that does not mean that the level second only to rape a “quasi-rape”, “equivalent to rape”, one shot of jail felony.may not go unless handled carefully also side that Hojiru.

※ The image is “The One” (Avex Entertainment)

Female investigation to-“pillow business”!? Arrested heavyweights of the music industry is in a quasi-rape suspect full denial also ……
· “The other it is also damage?”Quasi-rape also evidence of hidden work around university Masato Uchishiba suspects arrested
• “lead to runaway After talking!?” To Uchishiba incident “cats and dogs” Toshi Ishii does not comment Wake

Sony “& quot; Shukatsu & quot; Let’s change the rules” is to be admired and innovative

  “A” Shukatsu “rules to change it” is a hot topic
2013 new graduates of the site of Sony Corporation has become a hot topic on the net.

It begins with an exciting big heading “” Shukatsu “trying to change the rules.”.”Sony, can not help seeking the essence, intense sense of purpose.As a result, can be different and human.It produce a new value.Sony, have been sent off to the world a new commodity doing so. ”

exerts a personality “is each and every shining, I want you to honestly express myself.(Snip) precisely because there are a variety of human resources, I think innovation is born. ”

Description of evaluating gap year
When do the eye to the other page, characters such as “to change the selection style that fits the type,” “diversity create new products and services,” “freedom of dress” is dance.And proceeds to the next page and do not be easily fooled.

Because it is important but little long quote, follow the true to the original.”Freedom of occupation.Freedom of life selection.In the page that begins with the heading of “does not ride the rails of” Without labeled student, “Shukatsu”.In order to continue the “Shukatsu”, and go on to employment grade repetition and graduate.When an attempt is made to obtain the freedom to choose a job, life choices becomes narrow.Or would not be putting the cart before the horse in this?”

In exactly as that, I think that it was wanted noticed earlier in the major companies.And then whopping of gap year essence has been described.

Utmost to study the “student, fun, think about the way to go in life in my head.After graduating from the school, and to study in foreign universities, entrepreneurs to, to experience the intern with foreign companies, to help the family business, to travel the world, life choices are endless. ”
Though, it’s recommended for gap year.

I evaluate the “warrior training” after graduating from university
Collectively “Sony, I believe Once meet with people that come a variety of choices.In the new graduates, and intended for users who are within students and graduate after three years in school.The presence or absence of work experience does not matter.Warrior training after graduation, I will welcome ”

In other words, I graduated last year of March, or going to the intern to volunteer and limitations settlements in the affected areas as gap year, and even if you have language study abroad, less than last school graduation after three years at the time in 2013 the end of March If you’re running of, it is possible to entry.

Are not to be in any way “pie in the sky”
By posting to BLOGOS to New Year’s Day, I called a very echo “containing the gap year in basic strategy of Japan play!” And wrote, too, is repeated again.

“” Production “is, of representative Keidanren is specified in the” global human resources recommendations “of the June 16 importance of gap year.Without having to “pie in the sky”, I want to penetrate down to the each end corporate HR Officer, recruiters.In addition, in compliance also other major economic organizations, the follow-up of the point that has changed also it’s necessary. ”

Profile publication of adopters “corporate social responsibility”
This declaration that “Let’s change the job hunting rules” of Sony, to evaluate the diversity of gap year, and are intended to encourage a lot of young people, I want to praise.Also to other large companies, there is the impact of changing the like Ali of evaluation system of stereotypes human resources as in the conventional Kintaroame.That’s why, in fact what the background or was adopted personnel with, I want you to come published in a range that does not matter to personal information.When I close, eventually adopted the University are as conventional, home returnable in Secondary school graduates When Watch well, than had just students of all straight not to pun.When a large declared so far, profile publication of the recruits would be a kind of “corporate social responsibility”.It is, press the back of underclassman of college, become a power source to the bold challenge.

Sony’s “university of entrepreneurship” recommended should be evaluated, adopted personnel reform Watch a serious
Finally, the should not be overlooked in the “Job Hunting change declaration” of this Sony is that you are evaluating the “entrepreneurial”.So to speak, to read, even with college students is recommended that the launch Corporation and NPO and Associations and foundations.Future of enterprise than it Ya that protect to extend the existing business, especially in the BOP market, to find the new horizons, or it should become focus to break open the market.Do Sony is not than be praised “entrepreneurial” attitude that has approved up of college students.Sony has a high foreign capital ratio, no longer a simple Japanese companies, top’s Mr. Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President.Employed is “investment” is not supposed to top does not sense such innovative employed personnel reform.So, I’m watching a serious.

Many Japanese, when the iPod or iPhone has been launched, was associative Sony has once sweeping the world the “Walkman”.Why not “Sony”.The cause great innovation in the wake of this new talent evaluation declaration, I want you to bring that elation again in Japan.

※ “2013 Recruiting Site” Sony

Actress who had take off your clothes suddenly in the live New Year’s Eve CNN

Last year’s New Year’s Eve.Annual annual countdown event has been performed in Times Square in New York.

2011 spill-Porori! Sexy News Top 10

News channel CNN is broadcasting and Anderson Cooper of popular signboard caster, a special program a comedy actress Kathy Griffin to host, known for appearances, such as foreign drama “Hello! Susan”.The state of the venue I was live.

After Lady Gaga performance has been carried out at the venue, once it enters into commercial, the incident happened when you return to again program.

Cathy that was inspired by Lady Gaga, suddenly undress, he upper body became a figure of only black bra.

This was not the only laugh also wit’s end Anderson.

[Video] actress to become only to suddenly bra during the live broadcast of the news channel

· Decisive moment!? Lady Gaga, bust in sexy dress Porori (June 8, 2011)
· Actress retirement declaration !! own shock to expose the bust “Gossip Girl” future of Taylor Momsen is? (August 17, 2011)
Bust top reveal to! Scarlett Johansson nude photos outflow in hacking victims (September 16, 2011)
Country Queen, Taylor Swift is a fatal Skirt! And pants … (August 17, 2011)

Dave Okubo and “Ohoshi return glare and preaching was good guts”

In Seibu coach era of 2008, such as acts of violence to players accused, Okubo Dave that has been notified the dismissal is, appointed to optimism Hitting coach from 2012.Why Okubo, what was going to again shall I put the uniform on too much just one year from dismissal? Takagawa warlords Mr. Lupo writer has followed.

* * *
Dave and the thought tries to cut off baseball and edge, the thing of summer 2010.July 22, suddenly from Seibu team, it is called.and “What would, I wonder if because two army weak also be asked in supervision”.And had been waiting for Dave that was toward the team office in such a light tone, it was something that it can be said that a bolt from the blue.Home confinement instructions Hitting coach dismissal and the time being.

The thing to avoid is already able to spell the detail history since has been reported largely in such weekly magazine and sports paper but, as is the fact that the team was announced, guidance for joining or not even Yusei Kikuchi at the 1-position draft had gone too far wanted was.Dave has been described as trying to solve the misunderstanding, from the team is notified one week later, the dismissal.

Against Ohoshi the nightlife had only though can not even pitching practice in failure from the beginning season, Dave was noted several times.

I was discourage the winner in the “thing I also own.You have a name.If you bother to team, and suffer is I do you a.The Tteyuu professional, with a Japanese sword, I’m the same world as the Kiriau seriously ”

But, against Ohoshi you took a defiant attitude to such advice, and sit grabbed Munagura, was that it was a strictly sermon.Dave look back.

“I can think it’s family, I do have contact with it thinking it’s son.This child, I do not know whether pitching or life, it does not change if you do not hit yourself, I was think such a waste.

But, come to be staring at, in quiet players is large, I thought even as Na is this guy good guts.Nothing of Uramitsurami to Ohoshi.However, it is never, … and will be fired. ”

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, & 20th issue

Why Nozomi Tsuji, “” punishment “husband-Sugiura sun as entertainer” …

“Today By say papa go fishing! Morning Kara had something a slapstick Preparation” original “Morning Musume.Blog of Tsuji Nozomi is January 4th of (2012) “, has posted a photo of” papa “Son and husband-Taiyo Sugiura.But at the end of the photos, “laughs by Tsuji.Characters “.The reason is that,

“Sense of the problem of Etto~tsu clothes …” Certainly, thick and clad the figure I do in preparation for the cold is hard to say that the “fashionable”.Face to bonus is hidden altogether in sunglasses and a mask.

That was settled story of a married couple in a place called “And once … × as entertainer what ~Yori … suspiciously too lol” and “Do Attakakere if ~I~i of (Na)” after all.