Large announced a hate people to have the courage!? It … and Nobukobu Yoshimura hate women talent?

January 16 (Monday) is, whether that rumor is a really truth?Delivering approach to human relations of celebrity “‘ll be presented at the dislike entertainer fittingly real name SP2” (NTV)!

this program popular entertainer we pursue next to “talented entertainer reporter”, the truth of the rumor of human relations until the last minute.Tokumitsu Kazuo large exposure a hate celebrity in the studio!? Popular young entertainer-Nobukobu Yoshimura is a hate women talent …?Etc., celebrities are, large Announces asshole with courage…. May lead to you also involuntarily nervous in front of the TV!?

■ “‘ll be presented at the dislike entertainer fittingly real name SP2”
January 16, 2012 (Mon) 21:00 to 22:48 (NTV)

TV beauty scoop witnessed 44 volley Asa arts is Mita! (1) 3 cups garlic Sasaki Nozomi ramen

Confronted by a beauty from the TV screen, also actress and girls holes that will not ceased to attract us, a woman.In the real world, you are variously engaged in a behavior of sexy elementary.That, just celebrity aura also help of dazzling, intense in the eyes of witnesses I burn -.Her us of the “decisive moment”, and large public in ultra volume!

Also in beauty who behave brilliant on TV, there is a moment that would suddenly show iodine.Does not know rainy season and surely there is a human eye, and he is and expose catapult surprising one side.


Last year September 3 (below, last year’s story if there is no stated otherwise), long-established ramen shop in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, the goodwill of “Hope eaves” incredibly beautiful woman was duck.

Says the customer that was witnessed in the store.”It is early afternoon.Came in the men and women more than one person of customers.And some people are pulling something like a costume cases, women who were at the center were more profusely tapering back.When you see well and I thought it would be something or model, or is not it a rare Sasaki (23).& Ldquo; VIP guests & rdquo; in the unexpected visit, What clerk was also excited about, feeling like a “you are’ll go” even to carry ramen & ldquo; major role & rdquo; I a had Yuzuria~tsu ”

This shop of ramen Seabura was floated in large quantities soup & ldquo; chunky feeling & rdquo; popular.It’s image not incongruous with slender Sasaki in filled with beautiful, but that she was familiar with the fullest place atmosphere of.Raise previous customers a voice of surprise.

“And Sasaki ramen comes carried rammed a spoon in a container that contains the garlic that have been equipped to table.The scooped garlic, you can penetrated the riding on top of the spoon, it what generous helping.It 3 cups. And to Buchikomu in soup, and sipping slurping the noodles, I soup was also promoted drinking with gulp.Was like Sports Council system male students like a bite sore ”

There is followed by this story.”Because he ate there only a large amount of garlic, it was thought that it probably was the end work or off.However, If you check her blog the next day, the day was a production of fashion show called “Tokyo Girls Collection”.By from time zone, meal should was before production.Pattern of the show is also broadcast on television, she sent a cheer as the “Nozomi tea N ~” to fans, what had been sprinkled a smile, how was around the smell.Wrote drenched sweat, Even costume drifting garlic odor & ldquo; purchase & rdquo; on whether it would not be became “(supra of the customer)

That such Sasaki, the same also in Shibuya in karaoke shops are infested frequently.

Reveal the patrons of this shop.

“It seems to come well with the female staff of work entanglement.In several times Room is she sometimes had a look at, but I Menkurai is because, if the cross-legged had smoked a cigarette. ”
Gabagaba the sake innocent school actress

AKB48 Yuko Oshima flutter now (23) have also been witnessed a surprising meal scenery in eateries.That said, it is something pleasing that a combination of diet in the case of she was quirky.

Entertainment officials speak who has confirmed her appearance in a high-level puffer fish restaurant in Roppongi.”She seemed to have done many times in the store, in conjunction with another member of the AKB when I saw, I was pinching the blowfish sashimi that even one dish ¥ 7,000.Indeed it is what I thought hottest, but Coke she was drinking that profess the bibulous.And so, because it was something that would be instead you many times, I is was not ginger is cute. ”

In contrast to the Oshima, it’s Nana Eikura (23) of’ve seen the drinking scene Rashikara unexpected innocent school.

October, the drinking session that was held in Akasaka private room tavern that she had attended.

“It was like was drinking to comedians from and gusto, Supasupa tobacco, have liquor also doing a Gabagaba, the image that I thought was different 180 degrees.intoxicated and is becoming more and more daring, but it was nowhere man Ppoka~tsu.However, when well make a Listen, I had to say such things as “idle Ppoku seen the hate ‘” (same store officials)

With regard to smoking, there is also such sightings.”In early August, a large shopping center in Chiba Prefecture Funabashi, of the original mode daughter Sayaka Ichii (28) I was shopping with her two children.However, if you are crazy to smoke and to say it’s Lone, ‥‥ I wish was not good so much behaved “(shop clerk)

Midnight of August certain day, even in Setagaya of buckwheat shop, there was a figure of beauty that puff a cigarette.

This state had seen in the store, one of the customers say.

“Model-style beauty that you attended the Yankee style of women, I was something started talking about shooting.And, are you talking to death Kikoeyo “It’m too busy problem” is that we have entered the ear, if you except the face and I think where if hottest, it was Karina (27).I was drinking to incite the liquor with tobacco.However way back, to take women “Hey, here is paying yo” had to say it was impressive. ”

On the other hand, Karina has also been confirmed folksy one side.

Tell residents that often apparent her in Setagaya luxury residential area.In feeling swollen is “is usually face, it is always do not have decked To natural model.Summer of platform in mini skirt of denim beach sandals.And winter is wearing a coat that was Mosa~tsu.I think just to be a guy that she sells in “Nissen” that have come to the CM.Honest, but is not a feeling that model that is doing the fashionable state-of-the-art, good feeling is we were “way able to have, remarried and business partners to April 17, Aya Sugimoto was announced on August 31 (43) also had been glimpse a surprising real face.

About two weeks to publish the remarried before, place in Setagaya-ku, is the Italian restaurant near her home.and bloom to the “younger Rashiki Female Friendship 2 people and Girl Talk, I was leaving about three bottles of wine in about 3 hours.However, had been talking Sugimoto is relates to marriage, “merit or demerit or whether” it I was talking on the manner in which I worried Nante ”

The situation at the time, that while married to the world did not let me know.Maybe then, to your friends & ldquo; unmarried & rdquo; I might had under the guise of.

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Pyramid earthquake resistance that does not even the victim even after thousands of years with origami

Pyramid, which has posed a number of mystery to mankind since ancient times.It’s seemingly crumbling easy and seems is often pyramid, but in fact it is a seismic technology that does not also Vic also a large earthquake.

Though is easier to gain a stone of the same size, Why did bother stones at irregular size.The reason for this, and he standards than gain orderly the same stone, is better to laden and let complicated engage the irregular stone, it is said that because increases earthquake resistance.

Great Pyramid of Giza is attacked by a large earthquake in the past 3 degrees.In a large earthquake that occurred in the 13th century, Cairo has received the devastating damage, pyramid did not also Vic.While building stones are considered fragile, pyramid is not the case at all on it.

Actually At the bottom of the Great Pyramid of Giza, over a wide corresponding to a soccer stadium six sides worth as the basis of, and one seven tons of limestone paved To cocked, it is believed that it also contributed to high earthquake resistance.Although researchers have focused on the part of the foundation is small, these megalithic excised from 800km away, it is to have been carried, get is easy to imagine that it was a tremendous flame business.

And even in the big earthquake, the interior of the room and passage without damage, even leading to modern times through the month and day of approximately 4600 years, the side that was relative to the north, south, east and west are kept very accurately direction.From the fact of these, it come out ask the height of its earthquake resistance.Builders would had been designed in anticipation until there.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue

American Dream and equality-oriented Japan

Mr. Francis Fukuyama is has contributed a “gap in the United States” to “read the Earth” in the “Yomiuri Shimbun”, because it was quite interesting, a little bit about this.

Are as follows roughly When you introduce a gap first to the contents of the article in one US.
 Although the United States of disparity between until 2007 was expanded from 1974, it was not obscure it, that source of income due to the women’s social advancement has increased two a home and, such as sub-prime loan low The presence of mortgage for income earners.

But the burst housing bubble now, these disparities surfaced, I was led to protests of Wall Street.

Cause two of the following which has expanded inequality.the first was destroyed low skill job with the advancement of technology.and that the two eyes came to do a job at a fraction of the cost is labor, such as China by the progress of globalization.

And as America unique circumstances, that and profitability of the financial sector is large, such as the reduction of the capital gains tax, include the preferential treatment of the financial services sector.For “inequality” further that this, the difference between the American distinctive rich and poor was not very aggressive from the idea that the difference between work and talent to income redistribution.

2 American Dream President Obama has asked for tax increases to the rich, but I will probably come to the assertion of the opposite definitely Republican.And that so it was Republican instructing Americans are about constant even in fact, How can I thought also to various wonder about this, and certainly flip side of “American Dream” (“legitimate” reward for success) You can convince Given.

To not have absolutely normally heard only successful people of story, a movie, etc., are ends with a happy ending, because when are hero and self-identification that you are watching, I do not think only thing when you have success, failure The reality is there are more of the person who.

And, let alone whether failed person is sending what life, it is the United States it is that Come up lungs effort from there Tara mortifying.Is called “freedom” and “equality” but, as is advocated by the United States “equality” is “equal opportunity of”, it is not a “result of equality”.And well if you give the opportunity As a result, the result of it is the difference between their ability even as the difference occurs, the bad is their.

Or there of three Japanese “equality” is better in Japan the word “Equality of outcome”, former “one hundred million total middle class” and somehow it as appearing in that idealized, pressure for “results equality” I think so strong.

It is said well that certainly end Once you also fail the case of Japan.For example, Yoshikazu Kato that is “the most famous Japanese in China” also has said Such for Japanese society on TV (1 minute 8 seconds later under the you tube).

“Individuality is not respected in Japan, leaving piles is struck” is that you are saying he here in what was said, is the criticism of Japanese society.Well, praise the country in order to be accepted to the foreigners in a foreign country, to is often the case it is possible to criticize the country of origin as a result, you have so far, since apart from pointless nor criticism.

However, I as the recognition in Japan is not a intolerant country to “failure”, (if you deviate from the rail) either and says when Tara “No Child Left Behind” and I think I feel the end of it.Advanced Placement is not also less proffesional instead, society and good to be promoted simultaneously everyone.

Even if the university even if in high school, entrance examination is there, in Japan the current is current situation is put in somewhere if you do not even ambitious yourself.The adoption time also principle side-by-side, certainly, but the problem of non-regular in the current has been close-up, or it would not be there for even that flipped the ideal that it also employees should be all the same.

That deviate from such rail (or be known to others that deviated) most feared, it is decent, it is desired to be the same as the human society.Necessarily This is not a bad thing, that’s why I think a little give or social Japan really little difference even look at the numbers, such as the Gini coefficient before, or seniority is yesterday everyone was able to enjoy the decent life.

4 ideal and reality but already experienced “20 years lost”, and is becoming a significant disparity society in Japan.If you Will be once you defiant to the American way, but there are still intact are values ​​that good so far as equality (that is decent) in Japan.

The deepening of the other hand disparity society, there increasingly is also difficult people can send the lives of these decent will think whether Japan’s status quo.Such ideal (it should be their own) and reality (now of their own) of that while open gap, Is not this than the maximum of the problem of Japan, it is up to you ever thought such a thing suddenly you read this article.

au is logo change! Fashionable sensitivity up / net of voice “completely for girls”, etc. and the topic in cursive

Today the 16th, au new product launches meeting was held.In addition to the introduction of the spring model smartphone, announced the change of logo.”New freedom as a new slogan.”I have set a.

The new logo is written in cursive fine character, than ever of the familiar bold font, you will receive a more stylish impression.Color, but the basic color is the last time the same orange, it seems to have become somewhat darker.

The renewal of the logo, which has been for many years established, Will users if you think.The impressions, such as the following have been asked in such Twitter.

I want to say “many times.Why and what had quit the egg-shaped logo ”
“Is for women”
“Softbank is the most cool”
“Women of the opinion the intake I was specific logo”
“Completely for girls”
“Calbee like”
“Like candy manufacturer logo”
“Completely Suites for the logo”
“I will say, pretty good”
“It is no longer received only part of the woman and for woman”
“I’m like mixi”
“Cursive style too Dasa”

Such as, how can not hide the embarrassment to everyone new logo.The fact that much had been popular established in general widely the previous logo.I’m sure the new logo also should be fixed soon!

By the way, or “Suites woman” or “cursive = for girls”, you are not think either those that are not somehow even such simple image as women of one.I, but it is a must Kikizute, your maiden.

Well if everyone in the new logo, we have what impression?

(Statement = ricaco)

Reference: au official site (
Image: Twitter Summary (

The 2012 upheaval Japan 100 to large notice “weak-kneed” foreign affairs

Not only Japan, the international situation is also still a opaque.To the end of the year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (He was 69) is death.Gold Seion’s third son (28) to officially regime of inheritance has been announced, looks good is better to have enough warning to the north of threat.Mr. de Aoyama warning before.

“North Korea is the best leader Kim Jong-un Mr., but (77) real power will be that the hold is Chang Sonteku party administrative director of the Kim Jong Il brother-in-law (65).Threat of military terrorism is still necessary vigilance.Since Speaking in relation to Japan followed by the economically difficult situation, it is believed to come to request a cache in the background (78) abduction issue ”

Of course, the abduction issue also that moves away from the early settlement.

“Under the new Mr. supreme leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea, the abduction issue will move sure, but it takes time.And because even three years when the death of Kim Il Sung was in mourning, (79) Given that the one year at least mourning, it should not be impatient.In addition, since the abduction victim should’re more than 100 people instead of 17 people far from, the first hurdle you should set higher “(Mr. Aoyama)

I greet the big change in China also this year has been supported from behind North Korea.Inherited from the supreme leader of President Hu Jintao (69) to Xi Jinping Mr. (58), and that the future, will be Japan tough measures are promoted.

Mr. Aoyama continues.

“The person close to the contrast to the military and President Hu Jintao.So the military’s intention is likely to reflect, is expected to come out in high-handed diplomacy stance against Japan, (80) might also be in that advance the warship to the Senkaku Islands even during this year.Xi Jinping said in an elite in elite, (81) practical skills is very high.America also will burn the equivalent hand ”

Tension that increase, the Japan-South Korea relations also a similar.Issues such as Takeshima issue and comfort women issue is rekindled’s piling up but ‥‥.

“To December been carried out presidential election of Korea, (82) will replace current President Lee Myung-bak.Daihaji that President Lee, but was approaching the resolution of the comfort women issue to Prime Minister Noda last December 18, Mr. North Korean Kim Jong-il has died immediately after, Mushikaesu the past problems can not perceive the death me wrote.To domestic foundation of Lee regime is weak, in order to prepare for the North Korea of ​​the future, given the fact that the support Japan is essential, (83) or Japan-Korea relationship is not tilting to normalization “(Mr. Aoyama)

Tensions in East Asia, still continues.

Discussion of TPP promote theorists and Masahiko Fujiwara “deception just to deceive the public”

Whether the world is going to where now – now, a new world order in which is sought, the Japanese selection has also been questioned.Masahiko Fujiwara with a number of best-selling, such as “national dignity”, “pride of Japanese” is, TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement) problem to explain.

* * *
Discussion of TPP promote theorists, just deception to deceive the public.

They were originally focused on agricultural issues.However, when it is pointed out the large problem of non-agriculture from opponents, in turn, began to say that we should take in Southeast Asia of growth by the opening of the country.

However, Japan and the countries with the exception of BeiGo New Zealand out of the acceding nine countries, has signed a free trade agreement already between the two countries (FTA).So the benefits are refuted and not in the TPP, newspapers had reported that “GDP increases 2.7 trillion yen” the original to the economic effects of TPP the estimates of the Cabinet Office.But this is in total 10 years the numbers, not just one of one percent of the 20-minute It’s a percentage of GDP per year.

Recently desperation to “TPP the medium play a role of siege pair” I began to say in unison with.This is also a bad lie quality.China is the second largest economy in the world with 1.4 billion population, owns a 100 trillion yen close US Treasury as further “hostage”.

How do I to enclose the China.There is also enough to Esoragoto.Now a lot of Japanese people would favor it if it said that “because to contain the arrogant China” because they have a bad feeling in.Is really poor quality.

If in fact there is an effect that contain China if, there is no should have seen silently China.As to target the rare earth in the Senkaku incident, you can restrict the import and export, it also allows you or to harass Japanese companies that are operating in China.

Is anything do Chinese in war if for national interest, are you wait and see the TPP is that it is from “a plus for China”.

True purpose of the United States to promote the TPP promotion does not become other to the elimination of non-tariff barriers in Japan.Financial, medical, labor, is allowed to enter the US companies by rid the national regulations of insurance, such as Japan, it is Sundance to devour such as 1000 trillion yen of personal financial assets.

If we reduce the Japan national power that is exploitation in the United States doing so, you should have a great advantage for China.

In addition, with respect to the United States seeking a high-handed deregulated the TPP vertically, anti-American sentiment will happen welling in Japan.As a result, the US-Japan alliance There is also the possibility of weakening.To have Omone~tsu the United States, it is become damaging the Japan-US inversely related to.

China’s wait and see, I think judgment did on Yomiki~tsu up there.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue

Expanding the couple disparities of …… Kazuhiro Kiyohara and his wife to wife Aki is “charisma of Ojuken”

Former professional baseball player, Kazuhiro Kiyohara wife, but Aki Mrs. models in big success.

That it has been also worked as a popular model, so that was pass the eldest son and second son to Keio childish building, which is also referred to as the University of Tokyo elementary school exam, a job offer has been flooded as charisma of exam.

Keio childish building is Shintaro Ishihara and Taro Aso, Yasushi Akimoto, Hiromi Township, Tatsunori Hara, Furudate Ichiro, Minomonta-ra, private ultra-prestigious school that is known for passing through the famous people of son.Past, pass but aimed at here also the eldest daughter of Matsushima Nanako and Sorimachi Takashi and his wife will not compete, it is reached to Ryoko Hirosue and is said to have abandoned just went on a briefing.Kiyohara and his wife two years ago, continues to eldest son was enrolled, the second son was also passed this year.

According to the women’s magazine reporter “Many takers Even though customary to follow the professional advisors enormous cost, Aki Mrs. is not made the children’s room, was managed to pass in its own method to be studied in the living room” that.

Respond to immediate public to this.Publishers approached the book publication of exam cult, from skilled in the art that deals with the examination business flooded the request of advisors appointed.Of further from all over are successively also appeared Offers to request and TV shows of lecture.

Marketer of major advertising agency was tried again to “immediately image survey, but the five-star level results came out.Person such as commentator of information program will depend on immediately if they wish.It’s rave reviews and rather a position to choose something good conditions “.

However, after the retirement husband was superstar of baseball for, thin shadow.Recently has been performed sports commentary and lectures, office parties not me moving on schedule in the “selfish.Dotakyan also it’s situation lamented the many were “.Other day, and the result away from the office, is reduced exposure after just.

Only you do not hear the name about collaboration with mobile phone games in the “recently.Last year to was also affair scandal of the Ginza hostess, supra from scandal that previously had a gang officials and golf, and tend to be shunned from the media that do care to gang exclusion regulations “with reporters.Like light and darkness of his wife as a seesaw had been reversed.

“While two years ago seems was also royalties to her husband because his book were sold, will win his wife in annual income indeed this year” (same)

Although it Kiyohara and his wife, also referred to as Teishukanpaku, I wonder this reversal phenomenon also vary the power relationship between the future husband and wife?
(Statement = Takayuki Kato)

· “Troubled to eat” “Bancho” Kazuhiro Kiyohara is plight was revealed in one after another variety show starring Pacific saury
· “Why Kuwata is Orannen!” Bancho, Kazuhiro Kiyohara is rampage in Kitashinchi of year-end!?
· “I upcoming and proudly game!” Bancho, Kazuhiro Kiyohara is rampage in Roppongi!

[Akagi Tomohiro of eyed Shihai] can not be replaced nameplate only the ……

 Than “Osaka united CM”.

Akagi Tomohiro of eyed Shihai: times No. 208

  That Osaka is, tend enclosed in the word bad image “neat”, the young people that there is work motivation called “Label”, has been proposed to be Let’s change the image.(* 1)

   “Raven” when it heard this first, that is misunderstood to have put the name of the crow with the eerie impression, you’ve thought Naa’s quite unpleasant name.

  Stands for “Label” and the “Late Blue Marr”, I say that it is the meaning of the late-blooming, the first place in terms that ride to the image of the “get to work = bloom”, and been able to look ahead firmly now of the Japan of reality do not have.

  And not put to work in there is a willingness of employment is, in the first place because a small amount of supply of work.Although some people that “If there be chosen to work” and the like, in the work of such low wages, as such eventually Freeter, there is no choice but to depend on the form you get home to home.Even temporarily life consists in that state, and once you or dead retired parents, life does not hold.

  On the other hand, work that can be expected only of revenue can live independently is limited is extremely number.Even if wearing is fine to work is not a part-time worker, it is a summary work of revenue to the extent that living alone can be maintained, the work that you can feed the family by marriage, is no longer depleted state.

  That’s why the word, such as “job hunting” is born, he students have a job hunting is desperately studying Sotchinoke.there is no room for there to once drop-out neat enters.

  If you do not light of this situation, simply referred to as “might start over the life” in neat, it gives hope of superficial only, so only thing would eventually disappoint.Also named such as “if small and medium-sized enterprises job is”, neat it would be to pay the waste money to bogus employment consulting guys like small and medium-sized companies also look down on course.

   Of course, it may not be bad to try to change the image by changing the name.By performing the reform of such superficial bad, the world is paying the prejudice against the neat, neat we also lead to images as if regain confidence, but the sweetness of that idea.

  The people who are motivated work labor market absorb, yet to be to get the money as possible independence through labor, it is important to create a demand for above all workers.In the current situation are many people who want to supply the labor force, less demand.First of all the labor is not a luxury goods, from being turned into a duty middle (another story as the “labor of obligation” on the Constitution), supply is always in the majority of the people.If you want you to work in neat, first what that produce the demand of only Urisabakeru in the labor market for the majority of the population, is a work that should be of administrative.

  This time, that Osaka has made such a proposal is, the problem of such government, or else as such as “he neat is not able to work because the image is bad”, a strong impression as if tossed the problem to the day after tomorrow in the direction.

  And, problems and of first place in the economy, speculation of companies to try to reduce labor costs, would not you’re trying to Somukeyo the eye from a variety of problems, such as such as social security, which eat the split about poor people.

  Correspondence of these superficial is, after all might have gone aggravated the problem.We in such a movement of government, we should pay more attention.

  * 1: Name to replace the neat “Label” Osaka is proposed (Osaka day newspaper)

  ■ questionnaire
 Label is better than-neat?

 Akagi Tomohiro (Akagi, Tomohiro)
 1975 Born.On his web site “midnight Shimaneko” and weekly magazine, etc., we have been aggressive remarks in relation to social problems, including Freeter-neat policy.Eg, “the country to let down the young people (Asahi Bunko)” in his book.

Erotic too popular girls Ana of sexual harassment “Case Files” (3) Konno Asami, Rio Hirai, Yoko Shono

7th, the TV Tokyo of Konno Asami Ana (24).Original “Morning Musume.Members great fanfare by the tele east entering in “would be too late no need explanation.However, Kozu Demon multiple-.
Yakkami is secondary from “senior Nde was joined by being too pampered.Was also reported that “super skinny” was that during the training is Yarasa such as lunch buying.On the other hand, aura is in bashing of interest in the net and no “(net writer Okawa true 也氏)
And as early has been a male dating to the press story.August, was holding the lovey-dovey shot in public men and subway in the senior of Keio University.
“What men in half cohabitation, also emerged one o’clock pregnancy and marriage theory.Though he’s a student is a commonplace to liquidation, what eaten unexpected face.It is a completely floating state in stations for the.Work of bra and Cleavage fully open also Yarasa, future, may be also leaving Once out scandal “(evening newspaper reporter)

Fuji TV Hirai Rio Ana (29) 8 glance.December, but judoka of Masato Uchishiba suspect is gold medalist has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of quasi-rape, it’s Hirai Anna was being talked about the relationship with his.
During the World Judo Championships “’09, Hirai Ana had come to interview send-off party.She was wearing a judo, but the inner bush created a Landry, I touched her tits.Then, whether it is I seem to have been taken to drink force, was really okay.Hirai Ana also been this close-up, might be good junk “(Sports officials)

9 glance the same Fuji TV show bread that Yoko Shono Ana (27).She is dating and synchronization of Mitsuhiro Nakamura Ana reportedly, was out even one o’clock marriage theory.
“Show bread, I was aimed at” cum “Sase Kotobuki leaving Nakamura Ana.But, the “in-love five-game losing streak,” from about ’11 years spring, I began to say profusely in the program.Apparently, a theory that has been “fled to spear” Nakamura Ana has cast Man “(before de Fuji TV officials)
And is seen and its cause, and Toka he is in the Kato Ana at the beginning of the co-starring in the current “Mezamashi TV”.
“Nakamura Ana seems swung over the approach to Katopan.But, Nakamura Ana re-attack of your heat to Katopan.Show Bread knew it, began jerky with Katopan not only Nakamura Ana.I from Big and big mouth of Katopan is not released in the grasp eagle a man of erotic mind “(entertainment officials)

The erotic too that the original to destroy himself!?