“Mr.Children, L’Arc ……?”Is rumored in Tokyo Incidents of dissolution announcement” next dangerous band “

Shiina Ringo band “Tokyo Incidents” is the 11th of this month, director of vocal, announced that it will be dissolved with a national tour of February.According to the statement of the members themselves, the dissolution that was decided more than a year.In fact, I think that the launch of the combined CD and related books to dissolution time, from that held the tour has been scheduled, a series of schedule was decided from the corresponding previous.

However, it seems to have been events of bolt from the blue for many music stakeholders.

“In the past, you may also be helped work of Tokyo Incident, but I was surprised very.Because, it is though it is clear that more of the solo sell than Tokyo Incidents, it was have to continue with the band activities, because there was a strong intention of Shiina Ringo own.EMI Music belongs record companies, but in the real intention should I wanted to concentrate on solo, was the impression that support at Swallow the intention of the person “(events company staff)

As the reason for the dissolution, there is also the direction that talked about such as “that drummer was arrested last year” and “discord between members” is on the net.However, in the first place only to a strong band of solo project specific color of Shiina Ringo, it would have also possible to continue to replace the members.Truth of dissolution, it’s likely to say that only herself knows.

When overlooking the music world, bands that are whispered a “dissolution theory” is not a few.Speaking of the largest, it’s Mr.Children you have announced the release schedule of the best album the other day.

Dissolution theory of “Mr.Children will come out every year about the last five years.And the like as reason, the low level of playing ability of members, the theory that Sakurai vocal is hoarding the stress.In fact I good relationship between the members, but similar industry people who know the inner workings of the Southern All Stars, which is said to have led to the hiatus in the reason, I will have a surface that is trumpeted worried.”Kuwata’s had a hard time too take care of members.And Sakurai’s also better to broke up with Mr.Children early “.Of now there realistic scenarios are those that Mr.Children is independent soon from Toys Factory belongs record company, to pause temporarily band.It also serves as a refreshing, Sakurai is there a possibility to start a solo career “(music office officials)

On the other hand, in spite of the dissolution theory to time and again appeared, it’s L’Arc~en~Ciel and that is said to “not disbanded absolutely”.For them, in order to prevent that the tension between members increases, the famous talk of solo activities are organized on a regular basis.The more there is also the voice of the “longer than say band, ambitious project team” (supra office officials), the “organizational management” I have thoroughly.In order to continue the long-standing band, also seems necessary devised that does not rely on human relations only.
(Statement = Shibata courage)

※ The image is from Tokyo Incidents official HP

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200 000 visitors over two days in Korean gourmet Festa was held in Yoyogi Park! Voice of the “How can also look’d lie”

Was held at Yoyogi Park Event Square in January 7th and the 8th “Hallyu gourmet Festa Korean Gourmet Japan finals”.This event is an event that determines the Japan of Korean food, about 40 stores have been opened in the event.I have in the event that determines the Japan from its.Was shining in the 1st Korean Gourmet Japan finals Grand Prix Sundubu Lee Ja Kaya cafeteria Pojanmacha Ueno shop.Toka authentic Sundubu soup 880 yen is very popular in Ueno shop.Such events has announced that 200,000 visitors visited in two days, it has become a hot topic in the “Twitter” or bulletin board.To say that it has become a hot topic “amazing!” Rather than praise, such as, it seems suspicious to figure that this 200,000.Certainly tremendous number Speaking of 200 000 people.Was held at Tokyo Big Sight “Comic Market” 50 million people in three days.This is the Japan’s largest number.The “Tokyo Game Show” that has been carried out in autumn every year visitors from all over the world visited has become a figure of 200,000 people around every year (last year record high of 220 000 people).

He is very large voice that Hallyu gourmet events that took place in Yoyogi Park Event Square numbers of 20 million people too many.I tried to extract some its voice.

· Comiket average in the number of visitors (laughs)
· Is this at 20 million people in two days.Na amazing (Boyomi)
· Again visitors approximately 10 times inflated fake news Kita~a!
• 1 million people position Toka 200,000 wish I Okya announced me
– So I get such a ready-to-understand lie in what! Are written the opinion that number is more that if 200,000 people.However, even in the number of visitors that were made other events in Yoyogi Park Event Square I’d love to attention.”Tokyo ramen Show 2011″ collected 320 000 visitors, was also “Thailand Festival” held in Yoyogi Park is 300 000 visitors.Also a have obtained likely 200,000 Korean Gourmet Festival After you from this experience.

Hallyu gourmet Festa Korean Gourmet Japan finals
※ This article, “Sol” of Gaje communication Gold Rush wrote.

Former Aum Shinrikyo Hirata Shin and Akemi Saito suspect Sendai living conditions of

In executive of the original Aum Shinrikyo, Shin suspect Hirata who had fled about 16 years (46) December 31, appeared to the police, I was arrested on suspicion of the next day captivity lethal.In addition, Akemi suspect Saito of former members who harbored Hirata (49) was also arrested on suspicion of criminal concealment.

Two people from November 1995 was spent in Sendai.Saito works in Sendai city of Culinary Arts shop, I was living in an apartment that store is leased.

February 1996, but investigators have finally discovered the existence of this apartment, when I stepped into the room, the figure of Saito also was not there also the figure of Hirata.White paper pasted on the glass frosted on the door, had been closed all room curtains.Such Mebari is applied to a window of the bathroom, in the room that has been completely cut off relationship with the outside world, some other two sets of futon had left, also talk of the used condom found.

Saito is Hikiharai an apartment a few days before the visit is investigator, had quit and told over the phone only as “for reasons of personal reasons” to 3 months cooking shop worked.Was missed with a slight difference investigators us, elucidation of two of living conditions is as essential to the future of the investigation, the Kikikomi thorough around.

Some of the testimony obtained from neighboring residents, occasionally from the room that had been thought a woman living alone, the voice of men and women of life was heard – there was to those that.Killed press the voice is neither to be noticed around, still still leak two investigators the voice of “listening”, the figure defunct Hirata than is “seen”.

Says Hirokatsu Mr. Azuma journalist had hit at the time coverage.

When we hear the story of “believers from, Saito seems to have liked the Hirata that was me eagerly guidance as education clerk.If you still initially, it was asked, “Do not you have to escape support” from Hirata was once refused.Hirata at the time, to have been said to be the perpetrator of the Secretary assault incident, you’ll did not want to receive the Tobatchiri.

Then, I do not know whether there was a change of heart what, Saito began to act together and Hirata.Hirata takes advantage of her favor well, but Will was cooperation to escape life, it became immediately the relationship of men and women ”

And Saito, as the only clue to look for Hirata, continued to be marked by the police.

“The Saito has returned to the family home October 29, 1995 is the last.By a phone call to parents to appear the day before between for example, until blown into the answering machine “me watching”, not evidence that there was a contact to home from Saito “(investigation officials)

Relationship with the family also cut off completely, woman than is had invested himself in escape life with special arrangements of man sign in to post a think.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue

“Enka founder Koreans” to topic

The 10th, reported a new news site “Searchina” and “Korea origin theory”, has become a hot topic in the net bulletin board.

According to the same site, the 3rd, President-Takagi Ichiro Japanese gloss song song Association documentary program that was broadcast in Korea appeared, “Enka is arose from Korea melody, Enka and trot is very similar are.Koga Masao teacher of Enka founder is a Korean virtually, remarks and gave the dream and hope in Japanese that was in despair after the defeat in the song “.That already in Korea of ​​net bulletin board has been asked a number of voices to sympathize with “Korea origin theory of Enka”.

In response to this news, “Is it stick to why origin up there” in the net bulletin board “of a plan to conquer the world?”Said a voice that amazed the people of the Korean stick to origin after another.On the other hand, “South Korea is whether to insist on what the origin of the next, Na’s attention” is also noticeable writing such, Korean origin claims I was already Ukagae is one side that is story of.

South Korea is Ya Akita dog to claim “Urijinaru” that it’s origin “Japan”, etc.
· “Pizza of origin Korea, Italy white apology” Voices embarrassment from Korean to US pizza chain stores joke CM

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Jin Akanishi and Nishikido Ryo popular model and W Dating!? Wake the mysterious information was running around

Returned to Japan, just have succeeded with the Arc de events of the original KAT-TUN · Akanishi and Kanjani ∞ · Nishikido Ryo popular model and W Dating!? Such sightings floats, it is fuss a fan.Became the turmoil of the original, this tweet by public.

(Image here)

“Original bytes ahead of junior is, a friend of junior and seemed saw Akanishi-Nishikido-Torindoru Fujii Rina Shibuya bowling alley or not me” handshake to Akanishi?After saying “” Now it was refused me because private “.When you try to go home and give up, word laughing is Torindoru “Is there not? And not to Anta something a handshake” What ”

This “Torindoru” and also appeared in the “pet of the coming-of-age ceremony” as a representative of the new adult the other day, that of Reina Triendl that showed off a sleek kimono figure.In half with a mother of Austrian father and a Japanese, enrolled in Keio University is also the (※ currently on leave) talented woman, it’s sought after popular model in such here recently variety show.

However, this W Dating, was actually witnessed that’s two years ago in the summer……. In as such past of story there is a reason to had spread so far.

“Two years ago the end, the” Jani Tsutomu Seki Jani ∞ “(Kansai) she I took part in turn cooperation when a guest appearance.In a scene that eat the crab with everyone, even though round-chan (Ryuhei Maruyama) was raised divided into small plates peeled the crab, why she first time Peel the shell on your own, ignoring it.where the air was about to become worse, prompt block to Ryo-chan (Nishikido) is “I can eat! “What I’s Nagon is fly from me to eat with a smile, but …….It was condemned rumbling even among Eita around recording marked ”
(Fan of Kanjani ∞)

This scene, actually spread is quickly among fans as “crab incident” but has not been broadcast, pattern had resurfaced above the witness information derived to it as “wicked episode of Torindoru”.

Speaking of “the year before last summer, around Ryo-chan and Fujii Rina was a nice touch.Torindoru I still in the like now one of the usual magazine model did not have name recognition, had Iribita~tsu to Akanishi corps and club.Is not It was a Hitoshi aim to partner, it has been rumored Maybe you there also was dating one time and other corps members “(same)

Through the years, the past of these you’ve erupted afresh while rumors.Tobatchiri of whether, or to own fault of whether ……? In any case, Akanishi, even for Torindoru also for Nishikido, only that it has become the image down elements mistake that seems.

■ Reina Triendl of Photo Gallery

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Fujii Lina Moe Yamaguchi, scandal more of Stardust love affair?
– Akanishi Jin US debut was postponed, is published Gokigen a figure

The possibility of Kie Kitano “recovery nude”, which stalled in love scandal!?

Actress, 4th single of Kie Kitano that has been active as a singer, “Darl: orz” is released from Avex in January 18.Now work, it has become a upper rock tune that sang the adolescent girl’s feelings, part of the title “Darl” is, among the young people of the English-speaking world and is the abbreviation of “Darling”, that of boyfriend and that the points.Also Kita乃 The video clip, have appeared in dressed as rock girl blonde strumming an electric guitar.

Her black hair because of the image was strong until now, the impact of this video clip would be preeminent.And impressed the blonde, it’s work now that seems even to have sought to de-innocent school, but this makeover might need even actress.

“Kita乃, in the 2010 edition of the” expectation of actress ranking “that ORICON STYLE announced, Yuriko Yoshitaka, but had been Ranked # 4 is followed by Keiko Kitagawa et al., And appeared in blockbuster, headlines the media Compared to they of success had been, we are overshadowed slightly.Last year, Kita乃 drama starred in the “toilet of God” (TBS system), 16.1% in the Kansai region of 9.8% in the Kanto region but was recorded audience rating of (both video research survey) Domari.Drama frame from o’clock Sunday night 9 which was created as a centerpiece of the reform of the Fuji TV autumn “School” I’ve also appeared in (Fuji TV), was a single-digit average audience rating “(entertainment reporter)

Again Yoshitaka and cause drilled water to Kitagawa, would be twice reported obtained romance scandal in ’10.Kita乃 first in February, was overtaken sour strawberry hunting date with “Weekly Women” (Shufutoseikatsusha) Hayashi had appeared in the movie “Koshonin THE MOVIE” in Yato.Then, it is transmitted to have a catastrophe Hayashi for receiving the complaints quo tight from office.Although I’m glad if it fits in this only, drama “hammer session after the five months! “Photos from” Sleepover at the hotel “with (TBS system) Sano had appeared in such Kazuma to” street deep kiss “from being published in” Friday “(Kodansha).It was Kita乃 that had been declared as “work than love”, and that these scandal came to light, the public does not see her as innocent school, bashing began by turn.Street kiss pictures after published in “Friday” is released Memorial handshake meeting single “bouquet” has been performed, as compared with the scandal discovered earlier, the number of gathered fans are also reportedly 1 and 3 minutes.

Kita乃 you had dropped the popular twice of scandal in time to that will Katameyo the foundation as innocent actress.In order to fulfill the re-break, soon “take off” of the whether not “Weekly true story” (Nipponjanarushuppan) tell.

In in the article, Kita乃 the drama that became the catalyst for break “Life” (Fuji TV), suppressed the mouth with duct tape, has been showing off the figure to be shackled.At that time, the shoulder straps are displaced, it is as if for hard scene has also experienced such bra is exposed, not the also receive offers work has Sex in film if necessary.In addition, apricot Suzuki had been active as innocent school is the office of the Kita乃 are also belong, she also showed Sex in film in a Akutagawa Prize writer Kenji Nakagami original movie “contempt”.Therefore, Kita乃 is the same kind of literary works if to appeared in the original movie, that is likely to take off.

Entertainment life of Kita乃 that you are natural “still innocent school is, it is certainly’re stuck.For apricot Suzuki is a colleague of the office is looking at has attracted attention in “contempt”, if this remains also languished not fly without persists even as an artist as an actress, it may be decided to take off I do not “(entertainment writer)

Kita乃 that showed off a new figure in the video clip of the single to be released this month.Do blonde figure in the Hitokawamuke from innocent school, can reach to new ground.Future she might determined by the sales of this single.
(Statement = cocaine KenSaburo)

(※ Image: “Kie Kitano photo book” K twenty “” / crocodile than Books)

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And “surely lose weight!” Of Tanita cafeteria that president to assert secret?

“Marunouchi Tanita dining room” was opened in January 11.On the day of flooded many of mass media such as newspapers and television stations, such as all of the tickets in the business until 11:00 of the open time time runs out, was confronted by the popularity of height.

[Photo] this is “surely lose weight” reason! Side dishes of low-calorie, of course, he rice super low!

Same store, became a huge hit that was the menu of canteen of Tanita body fat meter, body composition meter manufacturer in this “fullness set meal – of canteen ~500kcal of body fat meter Tanita” is more than a series total 4.36 million parts Open In response to that was.The company’s Tanida president at the time it is opened, “if you can through a month, surely weight will fall” and declared, was confident to open the cafeteria.In fact, that the company employees who continued to use the canteen is, there are examples of successful 10kg near the weight loss.Whether the secret lies somewhere in the.

It One reason is the low-calorie.Menu of Tanita cafeteria can choose from two types of daily set meal (800 yen) and the weekly set meal (900 yen), “Piccata set meal of white meat” is open day daily is, weekly meal is “cold Buri and lotus root sleet boiled set meal It has been a “.Calories measure of one meal that this shop is listed is 500kcal.Actually “cold Buri and sleet boiled set meal of lotus root” is 577kcal, “Piccata set meal of white meat” has been a low 477kcal than it.

When this compared to the common eating out, McDonald’s Big Mac and Mac fries (M size), if you ate as a set Coca-Cola (M size), the total number of calories will also 1150kcal.Also popular Matsuya of cattle rice as eating out (average) is a 758kcal, original curry rice (average) is 705kcal, considerably higher numbers.Mostly one meal 800~1000kcal before and after menu, even compared to other family restaurants and cafeterias of table d’hote.

Are you achieve low calories, cooking method with a polite and Good.In addition to performing firmly cooking called “boil-bake without fried” basic and also say of diet, cut deliberately increasing the ingredients, cooked in a little firm.Were devised so as to obtain a feeling of fullness, satisfaction by biting firmly.In addition, rice molar yourself to bowl with a scale in the amount and guide 100~150g is, about half to 7 min after Zoletile injection of cup.You are effective to prevent too take carbohydrate.

Another reason is that overall the “health” theme, that you are stuck with “nutrient” necessary to weight loss.add greatly supplement 150~250g of vegetables vegetables intake 350g of adult Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare set, salt I have thoroughly weighing reduced to around 3.0g, etc..Of strong company unique in the field related to health, “the what, the how much eating” consumers I made a secure system that can grasp.

Also to the store itself, and commitment to go the opposite idea of ​​conventional stores.There is a timer that can be used freely in the store, it is possible to measure the time of meals.This has the aim of “I want you to go a meal over about 20 minutes for health”, coming to a store who has been recommended that you eat and chew slowly.Raise the turnover rate, it’s exactly the opposite of the method with the conventional way to increase the efficiency of the shop.

In addition, the hotel and the counseling room registered dietitian resides, such as thorough been numbered ticket distribution system of support to immediately open confusion, consumers effort of re-visit easy to create an environment also same store unique.”First of all I want through one month” as call is Tanida president and, “a reliable weight loss” effect likely be expected by continuing.

To be referred to as a “big hit this real cafeteria”, this shop of the technique too certain commitment.Like this, you can either be a big boom long, you want to focus.[Tokyo Walker]

Menu of calories as described ※ is, the announcement numerical value of each store has to reference.

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Women became “husband” and again married, his wife also suffering “feeling does not change.”

Last year a woman living in the UK, that led to the marriage of the “sex” in the form, not think also depend.And became her partner and was sent a marriage get along nine years “husband”.One day, she knew the feelings that can not be hidden husband of “want to be a woman” and resolved to try Sasaeyo accept that feeling, two people I hear mentioned a second time wedding as “same-sex couples”.

According to the British newspaper, etc. Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, this couple live in the UK central city Halifax, Jane Watson’s ex-husband and 53-year-old wife Ann in 43-year-old.1995, Ann Meet found “Barry” san lonely-hearts ads.At the time, Ann that it was heartbreak experienced a divorce, deprived mind to his “great appearance, such as the boy”, he also is her to do so “completely attracted obtained” congenial of one.And began to live together through the dating of half a year, and married in 2002.But this time, “Barry” san was hiding a big secret to her.

It, desire to “want to be a woman,” you have had from young when.”Rather than the boys and football, it was usually to the girl and stone kick” from childhood that he is like renting a sneak clothes When going out mother, met the desire in the range of methods that can be.At the time, come back mother “Barry” Mr. speak as “became feel like sent back to prison” when he changed into his clothes, when growth is now buy women’s clothes yourself, town by the time go out to.However, at the same time he and transformation desire of women increases, a is reality even so was also effort to accept somehow men, out also lonely-hearts ads from that feeling, I mean that I met Ann.

Fortunately, find a great partner that Ann, has led to marriage as a man “Barry” Mr..However, the feeling that want to be women, even from married to her did not change.In the same way as a child, and Ann is go out dressed in women’s clothes, “I participated in the chat forum” is fully become a woman both.The appearance of such a husband, that Ann was also unawares began uncomfortable.And in 2008, Ann is heard from my husband, I knew his true feelings.

Introduction is not believe the story, Ann referred to as “thought what he is deceiving and plotting with another woman.”.Of further even know to be true is his story, was required considerable time to accept it.Since then, she and that gradually came to be thought of him, “Even if as husband had hoped to become a woman, my feeling is unchanged” and now I think, women husband it from It is so hardened the resolve to being together even become.

The husband was asked to understand the situation in Ann and sunny, advances the feminization due to hormone administration, name also renamed to Jane.And in order to ascertain the abiding relationship, the two people in 2011 was cited again wedding.

The “laughing hairstyle and clothes, makeup Toka story is that the” as a woman each other now so, how calm also completely their relationship.Jane’s original “husband” is, “I guys might think I’m funny man, gonna be important for me is willing to love a wife” talk to, the abiding trust for Ann are submitted.

7% of GDP scale of Italy Mafia!

[I see the image on the blog]

Italy commercial, industry organizations such as the service sector “Confections cell Chen ty” is up to January 10, 2012, total revenue is about 140 billion euros of 2010 of the country in the Mafia, such as organized crime (about 14 trillion yen) I announced the report was.
Profit after costs at about 1 one hundred billion euros, and that corresponds to about 7% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The report pointed out that “Corporation” mafia “in the economic crisis (in Italy) only, but corporate entity with investment power”.Current assets, such as bank deposits you have a total of about 65 billion euros.About 65 billion euros breakdown of revenue in the top drug trafficking. Korikashi (16 billion euros), illegal processing (13.5 billion euros), such as industrial waste was followed by.

While Europe is struggling to debt crisis, in Italy, Mafia is increasingly seized power in the country’s economy.According to the SOS Impresa of the anti-crime group, now called Mafia has squeezed the funds of many small and medium-sized enterprises next to “bank” of Italy’s largest. As a result, a set of approximately 200 000 companies exorbitant usury and hands, while tens of thousands of people are estimated to have been lost their jobs, and end in is also related to the management of hospitals and nursing homes is said. See article More

And spend the illegal funds obtained from such drugs in real estate and business investment is carried out “money laundering”, total revenue is in 7 percent of gross domestic product, would not be a person you Tsubuseru anymore easy.In large companies from the employment number of people involved, is shalt fear organized crime.In Italy only in this scale, the United States there are a lot of family, and, combined the scale of the European countries, perhaps you are the economic activity comparable to the world’s leading companies.It is said to be related after all even in the current Italian president, Italy features also paralysis if eliminate them.A good example is garbage processing, a lot of industrial waste treatment facilities is said to be under the umbrella Mafia, in Iatari because they refused to process has been overflowing with trash. Past blog: ex-girlfriend of boss betrayed Mafia rounding Italy mafia raids Italy

Eight years later, the bride is coming from North Korea to many of the more than man China

January 10, 2012, Mr. GoWakagu (Wu Ruoyu), a prominent blogger in the freelance writer is a blog post that “after eight years will be coming to a large number of brides China from North Korea.” I was up in China blog site Phoenix Expo report.That in the current China number of men of marriageable age is 18 million people more than women.

[Other photos of]

Although many countries that do not meet the 18 million people total population in Europe, it is in a state that much many men it is not possible to find a marriage partner in China, and companion in Vietnam that more women are the more than that for men are an increasing number of cases to determine the.Because it does not legislation of international marriage has advanced in China, even though can not be obtained legitimate marriage relationship even come bride from Vietnam, from cheap in recent years of economic exchange and expenses, Vietnamese bride increased are.

North Korea also has been the better of the woman is in many state than men in the same way as Vietnam, case to marry the bride from North Korea to this was almost no.The reason lies in North Korea seclusion state, when the government is in that severely limit the traffic of foreign private level, Mr. Wu pointed out.North Korea and in the surrounding Chinese border, and news is often reported that women who have fled has been arrested deported from North Korea, such as have been repatriated after “traitor” to handle the situation.This is also no way that woman that you want Totsugo to the original Chinese men come out.

However, when comparing the Vietnam Women and North Korea women, with more is Urizanegao of North Korea women, for example, pretty look as slender, and is matched to the taste of a typical Chinese men.Newly inaugurated the Kim Jong-un (Kim Jung Eun) regime is three to five years is likely to not open doors, “within nine years North Korea is swallowed in Korea” in Russia and is also referred to as.Therefore, when will increase a couple of North Korea women and men if China as circumstances change, Mr. Wu has been pointed out.(Translation and editing / Okada)