Itano Tomomi, fewer friends? Only from the two people not come New Year’s e-mail ……

AKB48 popular member Itano Tomomi is the 25th, I confided that the New Year’s e-mail of the new year did not come only from the two people in the official blog.The decoration for the first time solo debut in the same group, it’s Itano that have continued steady success but, be that is not Kizuke friendship in private life in order to master the busy!?

Itano, while representing the joy to many New Year’s card you have received from the fan, take a surprising situation of idle boasts an overwhelming popularity and “to did not come only from Akeome mail also two people this year (laughs)”.The blog of Itano, for such as a two-shot photos of the Reina Triendl of model frequently appeared, fulfilling the first time in private life was also a glimpse.However, because New Year’s e-mail has become a new year annual did not come only from the only two people.

Fashion Brand PR models and of “Samantha Thavasa”, the movie “Kamen Rider” series such as Queen auditors, also noticeable Itano activity other than singer activities.Although it is common story of that and give priority to work fewer friends, Itano also might no exception.(Shimizu one)

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“I keep saying to Janney’s” The Tour of the Kyomoto parent-child, Tetsuko and Janney president talks?

Kyomoto Masaki was a Johnny’s talent!?

Of course actually’m not such a thing, but perhaps there was also such that it maybe.Guest of “Tetsuko’s Room” of January 18th (TV Asahi) is Kyomoto Masaki.And the was suddenly projected on the show opening is, son of Kyomoto belonging to the current Johnny’s Jr., it’s a photo of Kyomoto Taiga.

“This beauty youth.Well to really, but you might want to say that teenager, I make your success ”

And, Tetsuko to the taiga description of photo.

“Toka Toka home children, is not it does not feel at all those things.”

Door Tetsuko also as say, speaking of Kyomoto Masaki, one of the actors who do not feel the private smell of too much.However, there until the child is married.On the contrary,

“Because Botchan says me that contains Johnny!”

And, it’s excitement.Kyomoto Papa that speak that of his son on television is almost the first time, in the middle of the program and began talking about his son, said the Tetsuko.

“You also long time ago, not” come to Janney’s?What I have a thing that was told me. “?”

Eh!? It’s unexpected deployment.And so thing of about 13,4-year-old, Toka’s anything at that time, if you are popular and to send photos to Johnny among women, so because I sent a photo.So from sudden Janney’s, there was a phone call that “is Janney”.The generational, and about a little above TanoKin trio.If I had entered into as it is Johnny’s office, and the countdown concert, you can appear alongside the match and Eastern, Hey! Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone from the figure of dance Kyomoto dad sing in accordance to the back was seen might be.

Well, son, Taiga.Son photos of taken in Hawaii,

“Happened over the hand of Mr. Janney”

What, is also the amazing environment photo to go to the place of Mr. Janney in “happened”.Although told me that he such that it that through a common friend.Look at the photos, through a time of more than 30 years, the phone “This is Janney” becomes again.Janney san, Tatamikakeru.

“Are you married!?”
“The’re son!?”
“I saw pictures!”
Some “interest?”

After all then went to see the Johnny’s performances, and that he was supposed to be as it is up to the stage.Parent and child to Janney, who was a scout for two generations Kyomoto,

“Janney’s Te, I really have a good eye.”

And, Tetsuko also a satisfaction down.Upon Johnny’s office admitted, it is possible and we asked from the Father “Please severely”, “Toka ability, and then you left and right luck also really, because the timing also left and right” only “never debut is not even all.The Toka because I got a leading role, do not even have all of that because I put the song “such as, the severity of the entertainment industry, and speak from the position as senior Kyomoto Masaki.

Even while showing that kind of severity, is his masterpiece the “killer! “Series, etc., as” a dream say Nante I hope if Yare someday, I think you glance “, had a little also show the face of the father.Tetsuko bites into there.

Not talk She even has out in conjunction with the “son?”

Kyomoto is,

“If it said in …… Janney’s”

Split second Returning to joke and Pepper Tetsuko and,

“I like to say a little Mr. Janney”

San and Tetsuko of Janney, this casual distance.It seems the father of connection is not possible use policy, but from a different direction that Tetsuko, yet the possibility of top talks approach came out.Parent-child co-star, there may be realized surprisingly quickly.

And suddenly the ending,

“But, it is because about I did not know even the come is such child to you, I!”

Once again say Tetsuko’s.Before and after the connection is also not much, but also feel that you do not know well what’s a “But” and “I!” Against, is itself that had a son in Kyomoto Masaki, was worrisome all the way to the end and would do that seemed was that.
(Ota Satoru)

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[Report] appeared “M3” of special specifications to new safety car of DTM!

BMW that race which has been held in Europe mainly in Germany, be returning for the first time in 20 years in DTM (German Touring Masters) was decided.Is “M3” of such BMW, was decided on new safety car.This time, try to introduce this new leading car.
As long as you see the photos that have been posted on the BMW motorsport fan page in Facebook, it seems close to the commercial model than the M3 race specification, there are several improved place.Special wheels, I like emergency flashlight, and was equipped with a roll cage and Recaro seat cockpit.Also, the under the hood of unique shape, seen engine cover a bright orange.In other words, the thing that has been converted into a powerful engine that was further power up the standard V8 engine.

By the way, in the case of a DTM, all manufacturers to compete in the race, such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz will provide a safety car, I have appeared in rotation in each race.

Other detailed information is, but must wait for the announcement from BMW, let me check the image that was posted on the gallery until it.

Gallery: BMW M3 DTM Safety Car Photos

By Noah Joseph
Translation: Japan Video Translation Academy

Girls, fan “too much” in-flight paparazzi coverage

Recently, on the bulletin board of a portal site, published a photograph along with the writing of “bohemian record on board of Girls” which was published in the entertainment specialty paper “Face magazine” of Hong Kong, and has become a hot topic.

In this magazine article, Girls members we I was a paparazzi photograph taken in stark a state in which taking a rest on board to scoop.

In the published photograph, Jessica resting slowly while stretched out leg before seat.In addition, Yuna is eat snack and wide open mouth, Soo are deep sleep to open the mouth.And Sunny are reading a book.

The photo was published in the magazine has been taken but it is said that business class airline of South Korea, it is not known until the Who took on any airplane.

From Internet users who saw the photo or “Even though very private space, severity too” “It’s malicious news” “Star our privacy for is not protected?”And I was full of criticism.

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[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “song, is your good ne!” AKB Iwasa Misaki raw song was impressed of “AD Mamayu” involuntarily Porori.

Iwasa Misaki to solo debut on February 1 in the “unmanned station” as Enka singer from AKB48 (16), has received an exclusive interview TV program.She was reporter also thrilled when you show off “Heavy Rotation (Enka version)” that becomes the coupling song a cappella.

Went an exclusive interview to Iwasa Misaki kimono figure is, it’s popular reporter “AD Mamayu” information program “Shûichi”.Originally as the name she’s a AD, but is of a increasingly popular natural of the Te uke to perform the assault coverage without hesitation to entertainer.

Iwasa you saw the “AD Mamayu” appeared in kimono figure to match the Iwasa Misaki “We know in the script” Mayuyu’s, I’m different I was surprised and do it “is doing regular”, AKB NomaYuyu It seems that I thought (Mayu Watanabe) comes.

Feeling of when the “solo debut was decided after such exchange is?Iwasa is “Itano’s being questioned and”, and since then with third person of “Maeda-san, but how that deep feeling incidentally 3rd solo debut in senior of AKB.In addition she told us that the state of mind “after all, be a singer is happy was because it was a dream of from the time with discretion”.

“There seems to be sung to” Heavy Rotation “in the coupling from AD Mamayu?When touched with “, Iwasa than is sang the climax part of” Heavy Rotation (Enka version) “in a cappella suddenly without any preparation and” Would you like to sing “.”Heavy Rotation” slow, which is arranged in the minor tone had already become a thing of Iwasa Misaki.

Completely AD Mamayu you have Kikihore is thrilled “great! Song, It is your good!” Has been praised, and than is had to mouth kink of “I song is good” for the singer.Iwasa also “wonderfully, was nervous,” was but it was a complicated expression returns and.

The Iwasa Misaki solo debut single that will be released on February 1 “unmanned station”, “Lost and Delirious” In addition to the “Heavy Rotation (Enka version)”, even standard songs such as “Seto no Hanayome” has been recorded.

In addition, according to the Iwasa Misaki official blog “New Super Misaki time”, Uta of “unmanned station” from January 25 to be with is Exclusive from Rekochoku.Benefits also seems to be such as standby screen and sign, here also I’m looking forward to.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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Iwasa Misaki official blog “New Super Misaki time”

[From Asia! Mantis of corpse contamination in Breaking News] instant noodles.(Taiwan)

in instant noodles Taiwan renown food company “維力 food” is released that the mantis of carcasses had been mixed, I found in the complaint from consumers.And the discovered is a woman living in New Taipei, and appealed to local media and frustrated in the corresponding food company.

The contaminants are found, the type of instant noodles pour hot water, women noticed contaminants that can float in soup from beginning to eat noodles that.In contaminating had the mantis of about 5 cm length, surprised woman’s right multiplied by the immediately phone to the service center.

Skilled in the art that received a phone call was responded by sending instant noodles 1 box as well as apology and let direct the person in charge.However, women have complained and sincerity was not felt to those skilled in the corresponding.

Tried to local media Find the interview of skill in the art, currently in a state in which contact can not be taken because it is in the New Year holiday, it is not yet known about the mantis contamination route.
(TechinsightJapan editing part love Katakura)

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Glass of debris mixed in and frozen chicken (Sweden)
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Illegal copies to be spread in Korea, net users Hirakinaori “This also Korean culture”

On the Internet of Korea’s space illegal copy of comics to spread (spread).Be copied works by mostly popular works of Japan, it is translated into carefully Korean so that Koreans read are listed.Thus copyright infringement extreme in Korea, recently, have occurred uproar On illegal copy of cartoon.

Korea Media “New Daily” October 23, posted an article called “embarrassing to Japan … and” illegal copy Korean culture “”.

According to it, Korean cartoonist Ju Homin Mr. began the series of comic “with God” from January 8, 2010 on the Korean portal site.This work records the explosive access on the net, Ju Mr. won numerous awards.The Noboritsume it in the blink of an eye to the popular writer, was blessed with the opportunity to serialized in Japan’s manga magazine “Young Gangan” (Square Enix).

Square Enix acquired the remake rights of “with God”, I was allowed to start the series from the original December 2011 of Miwa Yoshiyuki drawing.In this case, Ju Homin who know well the illegal copy of Korea, has been declared to be “thoroughly prevent the illegal scan and translation”.

The remark in vain, magazines someone scans the cartoon to five days after that was released, and posted on the net can be translated into Korean.Japan version was released in Japan “with God” was supposed to be touching in the just a few days in the eyes of the Korean Internet users as Korean version.This distributor of Square Enix did not request the deletion in Korean community site or blog that illegal copy has been posted, it was announced that it would conduct a legal punishment for the first to the user who spread the illegal copy.

But Korean user et al., All at once to rebound to the corresponding Square Enix.Some person, “illegal scan also a Korean culture.Japan Mitomero “it said, such as” money’s it important cultural life to see the illegal copy in the absence of youth “,” piracy long been one of the culture “, let alone admit non, but rather blame the Square Enix side began to.

In fact, not only comic in Korea, anime, movies, illegal downloads such as music are prevalent.Recently and heightened awareness of copyright, but is illegal download from strengthening the crackdown on the decline, but still illegal copy of comics in the still lawless, is bad what to look at the net user from even “illegal copy?It’s like a feeling like “.

According to the article, in the ’07 annual comic piracy raids number is 350 788 cases, of which overseas cartoon account for 273,913 items and about 70%.If this remains illegal copy is a state in which to spread Following, even after forever will not appear writer that produces good works from Korea.For anti-piracy, First of all, we need awareness of Korea youth.

See: What is embarrassing … “piracy Korean culture” in Japan – New Daily

(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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Martial arts compulsory is Gusaku itself

Martial arts is compulsory from this year in April. 
 This martial arts compulsory that could be at the time of the Abe administration, would embody hawks thought itself of Shinzo Abe yuan Prime Minister. 
 Martial arts, judo, kendo, but seems to choose from sumo, which also costs money. 
 All will become the school lunch costs even unpaid problem has occurred, why, and what must be strong such burden, the idea is Kichigaizata. 
 The judo of risk, has also been pointed out many ever. 
 I will introduce so next blog is organized very well. 
 Secretariat Public Relations Office of Muranose Rena
 Question and order to the martial arts teaching in schools
 While many of the risk is pointed out, martial arts introduction has been determined by the whim.  
 For voice that it is dangerous, the government’s response,
 “To promote police OB ministry consider safety measures enhance the judo guidance” (Sankei Shimbun delivery January 22, 2012)
It’s so, it is really an ad hoc basis. 
 By it to become a “re-employment” of police OB, also I wonder, but also be using a lot of budget, we have exposed that it was not even thinking such as safety measures. 
 Moreover, to some extent, is not a finished high school students of the body, is itself also a problem that compulsory in junior high school. 
 By the way, compulsory of such grapes are very problematic. 
In “judo compulsory, voice inexperienced desire anxiety … training enhancement from teachers” (Yomiuri Shimbun delivery January 24, 2012), “Just voice to deny compulsory itself is little.Mie Prefecture Owase Municipal junior high school of male teachers (52) learn the etiquette to “more than other sports.I want to also experience in order to train yourself “, if you learn the male teachers (38) also” passive Gifu Municipal Junior High School, and also lead to the prevention of everyday injuries “and emphasize the significance.and “it is so, but a means to learn the etiquette is martial arts, is really anachronistic, it does not get forced to said hubris also extreme.It is also a blasphemy to other sports. 
 Even look at the Masato Uchishiba Mr. It is too far too the “etiquette”. 
 Let alone over the falling skills in first grade boys in practice that became incident (then 6 years old), such as those that were killed after, do not think very sport of thinking, what the heck is with such leaders such of can not help but think how. 
 To say that “passive”, it does not mean to acquire only “passive”. 
 If a concept that is “specialty”, already to some outdated itself, in such a reactionary ideas, heck, what would you want to play in the education. 
 Especially in Japan sports community, or a hierarchical relationship of seniors and juniors, or a guts theory, has been rampant pre-modern idea roughly (still, in the violence, that there is Koshien participation declined to Nagekawashi is that.).Power harassment, it is also a sexual harassment of hotbed, it can be said to be far from “etiquette”. 
 It is like the world, such as the army, I, to the idea of ​​martial arts compulsory, it is a idea that a inward militarism thought is smell the Stink, not help it but think that it is the introduction of the premise of conscription. 
 Such harmful martial arts compulsory is, immediately, you should quit. 
Tokuoka HiroshiIchiro lawyer blog
“Shinzo Abe administration of sequelae Basic Education Law worse → or school death accident in martial arts compulsory in junior high school from this year.”

Talk intellectuals “Why can not succeed Japanese players in Spain”

Soccer journalist Ozawa Ichiro’s tweet is, is calling topic.

The 24th, Mr. Ozawa from the accommodation of Valencia, for the players who participated practice Spanish team “given something, they are accustomed to be moved by being instructed, what to do before the suddenly not know what to do time I do not know “and Tweets.At the same time, it is suggested that “If you have seen a number of such players, really seemingly good put away in the players individual problem?” And also said, this is a problem that is common to Japan of training age.

In fact, Japan’s training age (junior high and high school students) will generally send the daily “football pickled”.Imposed a hard schedule, including a morning practice, also almost no cases holiday through one year.While wearing the tough by dedicate the student life in football, not enough players in terms of autonomy is often.

As a matter of fact, successful Japanese player in the Spanish league is a league of the world’s top level is not.Shoji Jo, Yoshito Okubo, Akinori Nishizawa, also main class of Japan representative such as Shunsuke Nakamura end generally failed, currently playing patriarch Akihiro (Mallorca) is also day-to-day outside bench continues.

The only situations where Hiroshi Ibusuki has been Tatakiage from 3 league (Sevilla) spit care.Ibusuki can not be promoted to the top from Kashiwa youth, was chosen warrior training abroad, and as it were, “was departing from the Japan of nurturing environment” players.

Currently, but is often play to Japanese players abroad, most are concentrated in the German Bundesliga.And Bundesliga, not a world top-level league.As long as Ozawa’s pointed out to such a situation continues, the player that works in Spain might not come out quite.

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Beautiful woman crunch! “Miss campus” of the boom in China – Taiwan media

January 22, 2012, in China has gained popularity is the beauty pageant in recent years, especially “Miss campus” is attracting the booming future promising of beauty is excavated and crunch, also note the opposite bank of the Taiwan media.Today newspaper (NOWnews) was introduced by enumerating the flowers of these campus by genre.

[Other photos of]

Powers to home to the world’s population.Only in the denominator is large, probably the number of beauty also increased with nature.”Sexy” “neat and clean system” “boyish system” “mature system” such as “fashionable system” “atmosphere system”, various types of beautiful women.Appeared to things such as “next to the sister-based” “ultra-Moe” “Bikini Queen system” in.

Image is reproduced by one after the other Internet users, that until she our private life has been one after another referral.(Translation and editing / love ball)