“Face a had full of Scotch tape” Othello Nakajima Tomoko status quo is not a showbiz return far from the

The rumored Othello of Nakajima continue to rest than in April last year Tomoko is, to retire the nearby entertainment industry.The other day, and but Nakajima it was flow news and develop into litigation you have long-term arrears rent of home and personal office, the problem is in the mental than financially.

“Even as income in holiday is not the way to become a zero in the contract volume system with the agency, the problem is a disease that caused the.Far from work, and because not not send a healthy social life “, says the Performing Arts officials to know the Nakajima.

The first place Nakajima thickening intense from the front rest, remarks in the blog is profusely becomes negative, it was closed in the end that has led to a hole in the work.Leave reason is not revealed, but it is clear that not mentally stable.

Nakajima live ¥ 650,000 rent of that in, in the luxury apartment Fukuyama Masaharu also living, the end of last year, according to a week enough to Harikon’s evening newspaper reporter in another matter that I saw the “Nakajima appearance of it was not even once and because say “, and nice to see that it is in the withdrawal state.

Meanwhile, female psychics of family is parasite to Nakajima home (parasitic) the thing is reported, it has evolved to worry the Nakajima mother until the commotion to consult the police.The same opposite the office Nakajima to arrears of rent, that psychic of families live.

According to the office officials, Nakajima about three years ago, starting this psychic and intimacy to be living in that it has piled up consultation affair with Yosui Inoue.Since then, that contact with others decreased sharply in the private life.

“When contact is no longer taken, I prefer psychic When you go to the home did not let them Toritsui out.So when it became Oshimondo, I saw the figure of Nakajima, who is the face full of Scotch tape in the back of the room.I was touching the face expressionless it with a sticky To tape to hand.Did not you turn around, even calling “(The official)

Currently, Nakajima office official not been trying to contact even stupid family, mind and body of the detailed situation do not know clearly.The official by offloading such as rent that is in arrears and that he “this remains, might be to be dismissed.If that happens it was also suggested ringing would “and retirement crisis not be a work in again showbiz.

The other day, Nakajima and long friendship in a magazine editor that was sent a letter asking the memoir as the “When you feel fine writing in the notebook if there is that I want to say,” but “came back denied to receive”.

“We like Takashi Okamura, who had closed the spiritual anxiety also heard that was acquainted with the psychic, I though something I say if you can advise from him ……” (same editor)

I wonder anymore again is that the former bright talk is heard.
(Statement = Masahisa Suzuki)

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Jumbo lottery with time deposits of Suruga 100 million yen winner after another

When you buy a lottery, people to check such as “well hit the sales floor” or “Kujiun is up shrine” would be more.But now, expensive winner after another where unexpected, it has become a hot topic.

Lottery with time deposits’re out expensive winner.Suruga Bank (Head Office, Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture) has allowed to birth and the billionaire has launched a “jumbo lottery with time deposits” in the dream direct branch is the Internet branch, also nine so far.

1-neck one million yen, 3 million yen, ¥ 6,000,000, three years regularly to be able to choose from four types of ¥ 9,000,000.In the case of one million yen, Dream jumbo and the end of the year jumbo is one by each of five, sent a total of 30 copies in three years.300 If a man yen or more if summer jumbo also joined, by 10 sheets each, receive a total of 90 shots at three years.

To certainly higher the term “from the one million yen at least”.But, you say the winning track record and,

2002: Dream Jumbo 1, etc. 200 million yen + before and after each award 50 million yen, the end of the year jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2003: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2004: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen, Summer Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2006: Dream Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen, the end of the year jumbo 1, etc. 100 million yen.

2009: the end of the year Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen.

2010: Summer Jumbo 2, etc. 100 million yen … and, and he is made to birth the one after another billionaire.And if so, than might want to deposit?

The “lottery to send will not buy at the famous Tokyo west Ginza chance Center in expensive winner after another.In addition, the sale the first day of each jumbo, and Mairi to the winning pray to Mishima Taisha of Mishima, Shizuoka God of Fukutoku is enshrined, we pray to the “as you hit is your lottery ‘”

And, Akiko Ieki of Suruga Bank Sales Planning.Because only declined the number of the lottery that you have purchased, Who says I do not know winner but,

The “in winning has been person of” Thank you, I went to eat at family “also Welcome the person who reported that such” (Ieki-san)

“Jumbo lottery with time deposits” of Suruga a commodity of the Internet branch, so application can be from all over the country.There several financial institutions to deal with also “jumbo with regular” In addition to.Solid and fortune dream of, can you cherry pick the “true reverse” is perhaps the biggest attraction.

※ women Seven February 16, 2012 issue

[Hana-ryu “not me Park the Anjasshu!” Chinese playwright and oath

Was broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) on January 22, Chinese New Year’s Eve program “Spring Festival Lian 歓晩 Meeting”.The interview appeared to China’s popular comedian, in Kakufuyu臨 and Wei 勣安 of control is “It’s a rip-off of” byte of interview “of Japan’s entertainer-Anjasshu!” And pointed out the problem, the playwright Chinese media continues to research.And “not a rip-off!”, And that it has negative squarely.

Although coverage was first attempted to king Uketamawatomo who participated in the screenplay making, that “I so responsible to arrange the screenplay, I want you to listen to the original author,” it is said that there was no harvest.

If you then to hit the authorship of KyoTsutomu 琳氏, “this controller is the original TaHiroshi and I,” said Kang swears.”Toka’s rip-off, it does not want to say to have imitated.For example, even translate the control of Anjasshu in Chinese, would different parts come out a lot.Similar parts reasonable to get to say “somewhat” and.Kakufuyu臨 and control of “Men試” Wei 勣安, the last spring of the finished work.To document remains, since the fix with the help of more than one person, the many fellow that will prove to be the original.This control is, what you got the idea from everyday life.To Dattari youth came to interview the person who is thought to be a thief, for example, super.In fact I to was interviewed manager our super, I think there is a pattern that is common in the world of that control “and emphasized.”Anyway my work original!” It’s so was stressed and.

In this rip-off turmoil, Anjasshu mentioned to be “I want to expand into China this to the opportunity.”.That comment in China of net world has transmitted widely, it’s so has attracted young people’s attention as the “margin some remarks”.(Editors: Noha Takako, yellow 珮君)

Poverty, pollution, and moral challenges for lack = China becomes the world’s great powers of – US Magazine

January 30, 2012, the US magazine Forbes electronic version was published an article “China or Space Runaway of the, or whether meteor of the”.

[Other photos of]

In recent years, China’s future has attracted attention.Some people who definitely believes overtake the US, some people think that the collapse in domestic conflict.There also the financial crisis in Europe and the United States is also the opinion that is being eroded the image of the Chinese superpower.

Future, in order to China to continue further growth is not to be solved many of the problems.The poverty in first.According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 1 capita gross domestic product of China (GDP) It’s low level of world # 94.

Second to the environmental pollution.Third of the industrial waste water is discarded untreated.Western and the live under the air that meet air pollution standards, but only 1% of the 500 million 60 million people urban residents of that.And aging also a serious, that the population in 2020 more than 60 years to reach 17%.

The immature domestic market, further would be moral problem that it was also to be criticized as “dishonest culture”.While foreign companies operating in China that do not be stuck in a variety of disorders, will be overtaken by Chinese companies.The fake eggs, melamine milk powder, unending news of such scandals of charity mechanism.(Translation and editing / KT)

Surprise, which is scheduled for Toyota 86 (Hachiroku) August 6 is?

Was held the opening party on February 2 Toyota 86 (Hachiroku).At the same time as the price and grade system, Release Date has been announced that April 6.
& Nbsp;
There was also a voice to Nante “I wish Once you have to August 6 in the pun,” but there is not supposed to have of course forget the development team the day of Hachiroku.
& Nbsp;
From Tada Tetsuya’s father and product planning chief engineer also say of Hachiroku, I received this comment.

& Nbsp;
“Aug.6 will come next surprise !!”
& Nbsp;
Hachiroku day (August 6) to the next surprise, is likely to be earth-shattering announcement.
& Nbsp;
& Nbsp;
Let’s wait fun!
& Nbsp;
& Nbsp;
(Yamamoto Shinya)

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employment popular companies that businessmen recommend, and …… Bizurichi examined students and different results

Bizurichi 3 days about the companies that want to recommend to college students in job hunting, announced the results of the conducted a questionnaire survey.Study period is December 26, 2011 January 4 years ~ 2012, received responses from the average annual income 10 million yen or more business person 1701 people.

In the first “job destination you want to recommend to college students in job hunting” ranking, MC, three consecutive years won top spot.”It can be active in overseas, global sense because get to learn,” such as, business force global expansion has been evaluated.Mitsui and Itochu also I was rank up than last year.

And this ranking, compared to “students chose Index” and (Diamond Big and lead research), 4 industry other than trading company became a totally different result.With the exception of the trading company ranked companies are many higher-level has not been ranked higher in the survey of college students, the difference in the point of view of students and business people have been clarified.

First, as the company is not in the student side, the “Google”, “IBM Japan” is 5th and 6th place.”Toyota” (second place), “Sony” (third place), etc., also Japanese manufacturers to global expansion, the businessman side rankings became a significant.In emerging companies that growth is expected, “Softbank” (7th) and “optimism” (9) is also within the last year same 10th.It should be noted that Glee growth in social gaming market has been evaluated and DeNA is, for reasons such as “domestic leading companies in the social industry”, “is greater authority given in rookie”, was out of range (# 31 or later) last year was but I have emerged in the 19th position and the # 21.

The university chose ranking of the top 10 companies, foreign is not ranked even one company, but in the survey of business people, foreign companies three companies also ranked.The iPhone 4 was announced last year, “Apple” was ranked up to 14th place from last year’s # 26.

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Way to get the results you want to turn on the “emotional switch” of the other party

People do not work alone theory.For us the first time moved by also consent feelings.Where they become important to, and knowing whether “emotion Switch” Who is where to enter.Feelings and is reaction to a stimulus.To give the appropriate stimulus, and if it is possible to turn on the opponent’s emotion switch, will move from nature and beyond.

Renowned psychologist Paul Ekman in research on emotions, are described term is though the mechanism of emotion to the switch.

“” What in the moment that there is felt also a feeling and you are ready to wide area broadcast “weaving, and of any time is also set to” switch is on “state, it’s a feature of the signal system that emotion”
I called.

The human leave contains the “emotional switch” on computer.It is that can not stop the feelings.

People will try to move in theory when trying to move the opponent.

However, among the opponent’s mind is why is moving emotion earlier than the theory.

Although interested in the contents of the “It’s people who do not like to somehow care”, also to or reluctant to compliance, human beings because capture things through feelings.

Not only convince in theory, to convince in mind.It also convince with emotion, I lead to moving the opponent.

Where they become important is, it is that the opponent’s emotion switch is to know where you are located.How frustrating switch is turned on, or whether they contain joy of switch.Even talk the same language, the impression given to the other party will be different.

The emotion that is a reaction to the stimulus.

If the other party of the switch is in the hard direction listened to talk, is first important to take action, such as to change it.

So, how do you say if we put an opponent feelings switch doing?

Eventually, whether can be in contact with a compassion for the other party, I think than it comes a significant impact.

For example, the person you me advance the story in consideration of his position and thinking, people will feel the compassion.

First, it is important to become like that from your opponent.

Feelings of “love” is also irritating to the other party of emotion.And I will also appear in their actions.

Rather than trying to move the opponent, and I try to be like the other party is likely to joy.It is, to switch the opponent’s emotion switch in positive direction, will lead to that to have a ear to listen to what you say here.

Shibuya Shozo (Shibuya portrait) 1946, Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters graduation, Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of doctoral graduates. Psychology, Literature Dr..Through the Yamanashi Medical University professor, currently, Mejiro Graduate School of Psychology, Graduate School and Social Information Department Professor.Pioneered a new research area called the non-verbal communication was based “space behavioral science”, based on the research results, it has a lot of fans in the book that plain in the commentary to humorous deep psychological lurking in modern people.”Technology to judge people only in appearance” in the main book (PHP Institute), “the book reveals psychology to take in hand” (Kankishuppan), “speech of favorability rating 200% UP” (BUNKASHA ) and so.

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China geek surprised to Jai child to play Atsuko Maeda

Toyota’s live-action Doraemon series of The CM had become a little hot topic in China, even folks of China geek to cast to play the Doraemon character that became 30-year-old seems to be surprised with a variety.Even in the fourth episode, “If world Nobita of” Hen of which became the other day aired, Jaiko plays Atsuko Maeda folks of China geek in that appearance was as amazed.

********* Honest, Doraemon is because there was gonna be Jean Reno, and was wondering anymore surprising is that there is no.But Toyota’s CM is Toka Atsuko …… Jai child actor who has directed the further surprise is Maeda, What are you what becomes!?

This …… this is I did not quite expect.If what from the image of Jaiko and’m going to be in this cast!

Wow, wonder if this is not it nice that it is me choose …… another Nobita Jaiko.

My Nobita “Shizuka-chan, shin husband and your happiness!” In the brain, but I’m saying refreshing and.

Dorayaki is not visible to dorayaki have of Jean Reno.

When I eat things that the size of the circle at that face, but it does seem only to Toka or hamburger.

Rather than the cause as it is played in the real actor character, properly mix the story, yet only a wow Nante build so as not to be rejected by the fan.Moreover, the general of the companies that are doing this.I’ll feels the power of Japanese anime and manga.

Terrible in this deployment good sense.Doraemon, actually is not it had been cheated Nobita?

Not only Doraemon of Jean Reno, Jaiko Toka …… man that organized the live action of the Ah-chan I’m a heck what head.

Honestly I AKB also I do not like even Atsuko Maeda, but deployment of Jaiko is grown to Atsuko Maeda would have to say a great.

I agree.Yourself felt Moe first to Atsuko Maeda in this CM.Even so, Is this childhood friend is than golden pattern of romantic comedy that appear in front of him is a beauty ……

You’ve first thought Nobita of this CM series and enviable.

Presence or absence.I realize the memories and mistakes of childhood.Might be a guy that this is also a kind of “memories of childhood is broken.”.

If Jaiko from becoming this, I wonder come no longer think best to Nobita to marry Shizuka-chan.

In fact, I’ve noticed that a very …, or not it was sent by Shizuka-chan of conspiracy me Doraemon?*********

Chinese name of Jaiko is, has become a “Yutakaimoto” in that sister of “Yutakatora” (Chinese name of the Giant).Because the meaning such as “Yutakatora” is “Fatty tiger”, the meaning of the Chinese name of Jaiko will become to things like “Fatty sister”.This might have been a terrible name than “Jaiko” meaning the original there, even such a place I do not maybe have led to the surprise for the cast of this CM.(Authors: Kagohitsuji Hyakugen)

Asano Tadanobu and Nakazato Yosha is 16 years of age difference love, in Osaka broad daylight Dating “hug & kiss”.

The actor Tadanobu Asano (38 years old) and actress of Riisa Naka (22 years old), devoted news came out.Those photos weekly magazine of current sale “Friday” is reportedly and how are in close contact by turning the hand to the shoulder in the magazine, waiting for a signal, in the taxi, such as figure that hug at the station of the home, a number of Photos have been posted.

Was published in the magazine “broad daylight! Tadanobu Asano (Heart) Riisa Naka” hug and kiss! Osaka Dating whole story of “” is, as the title, content to report the state of the Dating Osaka.Of late January day, opposite the relationship in Osaka that Asano for cinematography to stay, shopping mall and Tokyu Hands of Shinsaibashi, America Mura, such as in the fun dating cafe, and have repeatedly hug and kiss in the journey that was.And, also in two of the left hand ring finger was shining pairing of golden.The magazine is not only this time, I hear that was not catch the two multiple of date information from the end of last year.

Asano 38-year-old born in 1973.Passed the audition of drama “3-year B 組金八 teacher” (TBS system) in 1988, and began walking the road of actor.When play a movie debut in 1990 in “flutter kick goldfish” (Joji Matsuoka Director), one after another around the work of the young director appearances.In recent years to expand the playing field in the world, in 2008 starring role of Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia collaboration movie “Mongolia” has been nominated for the 80th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.In the work of the public the future, for example, appeared in the protagonists in Hollywood was made as 100 anniversary album Universal Pictures movie “Battleship” (April 13 public), it has become one of the actors to represent Japan.

In private, is married CHARA singer who co-starred in the movie “PiCNiC” in 1995 (Iwai Shunji Director).Is provided with a 1 M 1 woman, but divorced in July 2009.That then, but was reported also dating and Diana of model Chiaki (24 years old), was already catastrophe.

Naka is 22-year-old born in 1989.Active from around 2006 in film and drama, it was break in such continuously appeared in 2008 drama “81diver” (Fuji TV).Then also appeared in many works, in appearance to the current storm Matsumoto Jun starring “month 9” drama “Lucky Seven” (Fuji TV).

Whether the student Why say, “ do not know the difference between the companies also look at”? – Tsunemi Yohei

I gave a talk to the third year for the university in job hunting in the university in Tokyo.There was such questions from students.
 “It’s is I was Limit search to the industry in Rikunabi, I any company even look the same ….”
     ■ student worries that “any company also looks the same.”
 He is interested in department stores, but with the company in the future of the deployment, nor charm of work looked together.
  I also tried to search.And was re-confirmed, choice is that surprisingly small by industry.I In the whole Rikunabi I 7,375 current February 2, 2012 companies are listed, and try to find it crowded squeezing the industry, department stores are 18 companies in the nation.When narrow down in the Kanto and now 10 companies.Of course, but this is due to industry circumstances that department store.For the industry restructuring, rather it is why the number of companies is low.
 I tried reading the adoption ad.Mumu ….If there is no prior knowledge, the students I felt Na would not know.I, since have lived once nearly 40 years, then you have a basic knowledge of the department store industry although it is not a professional, so has been considerable use I companies difference was somehow found but.Clearly felt and “This is different!”, It was only KOMEHYO.Whether students are captured’s “department store” this company but is another problem.
 All companies “to the strengths the rich”, “PB products to put the power” such as “Proposal of lifestyle,” “cherish our customers.” “To focus on overseas expansion”, it says the same thing.Only looked at this on the screen of the PC or cell phone, you will not know unless prior knowledge.To pay an additional fee, companies that have established such as feature pages but certainly I look better.
 I remember the words of Porter ■ called “Japanese companies have no strategy”
 I was reminded of some words.It is a word “in Japanese companies there is no strategy.”.Before long indeed ’15 is a word that has been introduced to the instructor of the seminar.Originally, landlord of competitive strategy theory, it was the words of Michael Porter of Harvard University.
 Doing anything to do with strategy, it is possible to determine not what Yarra, is to take your own position.Japanese companies, this is not clear, or not than side-by-side of all, the.
 Recruitment is also just so.Including major corporations, companies adopted strategy is clear is not quite.The important is each of the “strategy”, “tactics”, “battle” is when that “fight”, that there is a consistent, although it is I important that as possible spear properly, only a lot of recruiters that of “tactics” do not think.also I feel a weak part of the last of the spear as possible to “combat”.Is it how many of recruiters that prematurely give up when you have already other companies and batting.Of course, but also to divide When ginger not even chasing there is one of the strategy.Some people are saying that “on the inner there is a strategy”, has often said that tactical level.As a result, I would change sliding to the fact that whether the issue when prospective story to be “adopted strategy” is.
 Adoption ad would say that reflects the side-by-side this constitution.
 ■ The Good luck to push down the difference employment information company properly in the document
 Another cause, sales representative of employment information company, is a skill part by production personnel.Honestly, I do not hear a good reputation from recruiters.Properly while the customer challenges and hearing, to extract the charm, to push down on the representation.You feel that this matter of course not been able.
 When I also you were a recruiter, because salespeople major employment information company was too isnt, Have you ever asked to change the charge to put a claim in boss of the person in charge.On the other hand, but also have more of excellent in charge, there even that you have choice as “in charge of ○○ san as does not change …”.Although I think if also the amplitude of the skill is too large by such person.
 The recruiters, vendors control skills have been questioned.Pull out the power of the salesperson, you must have the power to management to get active.I do not want too much talk of “the old days was good …” but, previously sales saga to employment information company, there was a thing called production saga.The faces seriously and customers, darken until the mechanism of a new adoption, there was often talk that won the customer satisfaction.
 However, this is also the inevitable story.Major employment information company this 10 years, than the proposed strengthening of sales, got off the rudder to sales of products out type.In a sense, business I is not that efficient.I say also that it result.Recruiters troubles come applicant’s “job Navi.I want people do this. “.While adoption technique also changes, the employment information company employees are expected high problem-solving force.
 However, also about to change major job information company.This time, a major employment information company gave a regime change and name change.Recruit announced a change in the management system.I have divided the company.Department of full-time job advertisements such as Rikunabi integrates with recruitment agents are dealing with, such as recruiting.That it and became a system that officers of the old recruitment agent often.I because towards the recruitment agent is now both large presence sales.Tomoyuki Mr. Mizutani to become president of the new company (because public figures will issue the name) is a person who is also that it has been rumored that the next president of recruitment body.Responsible for recruitment advertising department were also replaced.Expectations for the new system is growing.Mynavi also gave its name change last October.While it is said that it is not anymore employment navigation era, I feel ready to point you did this in company name.
 You meet well with the students aspiring human resources business industry.However, frequently asked for from them, if you “search, is the many companies that are displayed as black on the results.After all, do you black?”It becomes mixed feelings, but the often challenging exploitation companies that mimic the management style of recruitment superficially it would be the fact.
 For the employment information company of appropriate encounter of students and companies, and I want committed to purification of industry.
 ■ to be see through the lies, such as the adults of bandage
 You must be a cold perspective for students.Rikunabi is after all, I ad.It is made to be the most happy for advertisers.Advertising in response to the side-by-side advertisers of intention will be made.When looking at job ads, only large companies are those of nowhere pushing global conscious general trading company.Venture or Petit recruit, is Petit cyber agent style.Basic, It does not only write good thing, also reportedly intentionally bad information.
 But, the world is such a thing.And to see through the lies, such as bandages, can be thought of as a baptism for leave to society.
  Students print out the job ads, I want to to bright red in red pen.Upon other sources of information, it is not do not do not find yourself the difference between the companies.
 Was this from Japanese companies that thought from word of job hunting students, it was essay you thought about the future of human resources business.