The voice of criticism in Matsushima of comments on Othello Nakajima

The 15th, is an Othello Nakajima Tomoko of partner that has been filed in the apartment rent arrears Matsushima Naomi is, Fuji TV series told of “Super News”, but it is that of “partner (Nakajima).And I have been very worried.That you have commented that the early I’m want to come back “is controversial in net bulletin board.

Regard to correspondence of Matsushima, he criticized such as “there is enough to Taningoto” “Do I Boyomi” “Do a little thing that can not be selected the word” “Do happens when Nakajima of darkness deeply know this” has flooded the net bulletin board.

On the other hand, “I had a lot guys you are writing me put out comment, it is criticized for doing this even out eventually comment,” “wonder hit the Matsushima it is impossible”, etc. also voice to defend.However, Nakajima and Matsushima is assembled a combi from April 1993, for many years, and to only have been both a pleasure and pain, For Internet users, it seems comment Matsushima was felt as being easily.

Nakajima is returned to the entertainment industry, I wonder can you see again figure that two of Othello is aligned.

· Staring ceiling with vacant eyes lying on the bed of Othello Nakajima “current”
· Othello Matsushima Naomi caring Nakajima “very worried”, in response to Fuji of coverage
Yamaguchi Tomomitsu, I “I want give somehow” worried about Othello Nakajima in rest
– “Ignore” Tomoko Nakajima Othello that “I have to consult with police commissioner”
· Entertainment reporter Inoue Oyakezo “Do not and do not notice the Othello Nakajima”

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1 month to liquefaction damage sewage recovery was serious Urayasu, also physical condition worsening

Great East Japan Earthquake that caused extensive damage to the Tohoku region by tsunami.On the other hand, the damage caused by liquefaction in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture occurrence.The February 2, residents of condominiums in Urayasu Irifune district “Park City Town House III” was sued affiliates and Mitsui Fudosan you subdivision sold as failure to liquefaction countermeasure.27 units of the owner of the total 70 units of Town House III is the plaintiff, seeking damages of restoration costs, such as a total of 700 million yen.

Plaintiff of one, A’s (65 years old) speak this.

“That day, spouting the muddy water from everywhere, such as the side of the sidewalk of gap and utility poles, around here on earth is now” mud of the river “in the moment.House slope, entrance of stairs was also would be filled with mud. ”

Lifeline was also destroyed.Earthquake and later, electricity, gas, water is across the board stop.Especially troubled of is, it was a toilet.

“I came to sewage can use it’m a the end of April.Between about 40 days, I went to prefabricated temporary toilet that is installed outdoors “(A’s)

After lifeline restoration also difficult is possible to live in an inclined home, sense of balance is freaking, he residents complaining of poor physical condition was after another.

If you try to ascend “the stairs normally, and lightheadedness, shoulder will hit the wall.”Nausea is to” “eyes around has been to mouth as” with everyone every day.I have I is turning 3 in the past heart surgery, due to stress of life, arrhythmia of attack is now attending badly made hospital “(A’s)

However, this time is still not the movement of the litigation, that people are put up to be “compared to the lost Tohoku victims family” there were many.

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue

Or white flag to Messi Real “league championship is a very difficult situation.”

Barcelona won the Champions League final tournament first round first leg of the Leverkusen, which was held on the 14th at 3-1.Barcelona is approaching heavily on the quarter-finals by took the three goals in away game.

After Lionel Messi scored a third goal that becomes the Dameoshi in this game you have finished a fierce fight, leave a comment, such as:.

And had to replace the chip in the “We head.This is a Champions League, I because I knew that the match against Germany in the club difficult.After finishing the (league) Osasuna game, that you win the La Liga has become very difficult situation.So we’ve got switched immediately.But fight without giving up until the end. ”

Barcelona is that it lost to Osasuna game of Section 23, points behind the leaders Real Madrid has spread to 10.Literally Messi, Barcelona can achieve the La Liga four consecutive dream has become a very difficult situation.

It should be noted that the second leg of the Leverkusen is carried out in the Camp Nou on March 7.

[Photo] = Chiba rating

Lionel Messi of my dream.”I want to tick a new history in balsa” two goals of A · Sanchez “It was closer to the next stage, can not relax” balsa is Sensho & hellip by CL final T1 round; myth of talent that make in enemy territory to Leverkusen.Messi and Tiger Woods ability of gift or Lionel Messi of effort or not of innate AtoZ~ of Barcelona & ldquo; king & rdquo; keyword for to know the

“Purippa” increase in eschatology

“End of the world” is eternal theme.But are not waiting, those called “Purippa” that are preparing to believe end date is coming, have increased recently.A cable TV station, has aired the appearance of the “Purippa” in the series.

And are you broadcast this series, has worked the natural-history program “National Geographic” TV stations.From the beginning series “Doomsday Preppers last year (doomsday Purippa), a new episode is applied from February.

Purippa referred to here is not the people who are waiting to ascend to heaven waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.It’s anybody that tries to “prep (preparation)” as the day is survived well enough to be coming.Food for several years, gas mask, and holds such as bullet enough likely can fire to a small war to prepare for the day.

“National Geographic” TV station, were net survey to viewers in parallel with the broadcast.As a result, about 61% of the United States have responded that they think to be hit by a catastrophic event within the next 20 years.However, it was respondents are preparing Among enough that 15%.

Program is not only to introduce a wide preparation of Purippa, whether how to prepare a meaningful, efficient or, such as safety whether, has added even analysis and expert advice.

Men, the garage “end of day” remodeling in Purippu plants that live in Arizona.The trailer is in the garage, freeze-dried food and canned meat, purifying device of contaminated water, first aid supplies, guns, and the like have been loaded bullet.Also, it took two people of the desert away about a 30-minute weekly car a son, you are allowed to practice shooting.In addition, are planning also stand to make the underground shelter in the shipping container in the desert.

The man, the Christian friends say it because up to heaven to be no problem, he says want to survive on the ground with his family and neighbors.Time and costs to be applied to these preparations, as of fire, auto insurance, and say something like “end of day” insurance.

On the other hand, the fear is husband and wife who live in Texas, the Earth’s magnetic pole reversal.I believe that catastrophe of global scale occurs.The steel shipping container I held the food of 22 people for 15 years.A windmill, even solar power panels on site.I changed into a runaway vehicles of an emergency the school bus.

These Purippa’s heavy equipment, but in the same program and fear the economic crisis, inflation, have also introduced ordinary Purippa running in food preservation.That in between Purippa us, to store the food of beans, the United States, and freeze-dried food such as one year’s general.

For Purippa, there is also a net food company that has a large amount of selling the freeze-dried food.By the way at 240 meals $ 450 (approximately ¥ 36000), and are sold at a special price $ 6,495 (about 52 million) in 4320 meals.That these food hear is saved for 25 years.

The’s that set aside the food in preparation for any chance, it has been conducted for a long time.Although I live in the region there are a lot of Mormons, that they have stored the money that does not bother food and checking of one year.

However, although would not that it was strained in preparation, a large amount of ammunition and gas masks held and, if it and spend a lot of time in the preparation, it is not rather be thought of as a apocalyptic paranoia.What about reaction to the program.”How I learned whether to Survival” and “these people’s paranoia (paranoia)”, seems divided into two large opinion, 4.3 million people watching, 5,000 people after the program such as Tweets, the response is greater.

Last year Mr. Harold Camping, which operates evangelical radio station “Family Radio” in the state of California is, the May 21 outside predicted that “doomsday”.Because it shows one of the separator to December 21 in the Mayan civilization calendar this year, are also those who recite the 2012 phenomenon.

Era of material that stirs anxiety fly in net instantly.Fear of natural disasters, financial crisis, adds such as opacity of the economy, fear of “the end of the world” seems to have ballooned.

Toyota’s new concept car is the next generation “Vitz hybrid”! ?

At the Geneva Motor Show to be held in Switzerland in March, is trying to introduce because Toyota was obtained teaser sketch of the first publishing concept car “FT-Bh”.
FT-Bh, the city car equipped with a hybrid system.According to Toyota, there is no commercial plan for now, and that future is aiming to launch in Europe as town riding compact car of low fuel consumption.Moreover, expensive material is not used, it is possible to produce by utilizing existing technology, and it can be a desire to low-cost model.

And, commercial bar tion, the low price of small hybrid that employs the existing platform and technology of Toyota “Yaris (Japanese name Vitz) hybrid” which is also appearing in this motor show.Success maximum output of about 100ps 1.5 liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor, already 20% lighter compared to the Toyota “Auris hybrid”, which is introduced into the European market.Toyota is called “Europe’s first full hybrid super mini” the same car, but really what Where is the boundary of the Super Mini and City Car.It is this is FT-Bh, is also rumored to become a “Yaris hybrid” of the next generation.

For more information about the FT-Bh, let’s check in the press release (English).

Gallery: Toyota at Geneva 2012 Photos

By Damon Lavrinc
Translation: Japan Video Translation Academy

The reason for removal of the iPad spate in China

Apple’s uses the trade name “iPad” in China, the infringement’s ── so appeal of Chinese companies and Apple conflict of trademark rights is trying to spread to China through the trial.

First, let us hold the flow of ever in the article of the web site “Apple Insider”.

 Apple had acquired the trademark rights of the “iPad” is 2006.(Based in the UK) via the IP application Development Company, was handed the trademark rights in the $ 55,000 from the Taiwanese display manufacturers Tadakanmuri Technology (Purovu~yu Electronics).But Tadakanmuri key is, in this transaction claims to have not been included in iPad trademark rights in mainland China.Trademark rights of mainland China, has been held by China subsidiary of Tadakanmuri international Holding you headquartered in Hong Kong (pro view International Holdings) that.

The subsidiary, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province last year, sued Apple in China of court as was infringing trademark rights.Apple also has been reverse sued and lost the case, it is appealed.

If Rarere admitted infringement of Apple again in the future of the trial, there you can no longer be able to sell the iPad in mainland China, also likely to be imposed a high fine.While tension increases, the situation has entered into a new dimension.

Provincial capital of Hebei Province, the iPad has been removed from the electronics store of some of Shijiazhuang City, he was reported in succession China media.”Some fear that it is seized goods to local authorities retailers, have to move the iPad to the warehouse,” said China Daily News was reported.”February 9, inspector of Shijiazhuang Xinhua Ward embarked on sale stop of iPad, 45 units of iPad in two days has been confiscated by the authorities.”

■ still share price of Apple during the rise

movement of iPad foreclosure but is spreading in various parts of China, still share price of Apple has continued to rise.In response to the is followed by expectations for iPad3 seen to be announced next month, 148Apps of the company’s stock price is $ 500 for the first time in the 13th.

Apple’s have it with the intention continue to use the name of the iPad in new products, it is needless to say.

( special contract)

Thomas unreasonable

Utada Hikaru long time Twitter “I had said no longer visible”

Updated the Twitter in about one month the first time an artist activities indefinitely pause to have Utada Hikaru February 13 (2012).

A dozen years from becoming “celebrity (seen side), had said disappearing more and more myself.It was not also to be “Read more” things people around I was not able to understand at all of yourself.and painful, I was a lonely way of life.It was good to care-while still young.From thank everyone “follower but it is important to me to review their own to” objective.Why or would do not progress is so work, that fall into self-loathing is that there mom “,” have I also have 27 years of age and have been looking for myself through the short-term of school, “a lot of replies were received like.

Government is unprecedented treatment to foreign professionals, also 12 million yen one o’clock subsidy – Beijing

February 12, 2012, according to the announcement of Beijing manpower Social Security Bureau, Beijing began to apply for fiscal 2012 “outside dedicated thousand people who plan” on the same day.Although it is a project to invite talented foreign personnel who are active in various fields in China, its unprecedented treatment has become a hot topic.Coverage of date 13 of the Beijing 晨報.

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“Outside dedicated thousand people who plan” is the industrial sector that is the key to economic and social development of China, a project to raise the level by securing excellent foreign human resources.Plans to accept the 500 to 1000 people in 10 years.Targets in the doctoral degree holders following 65 years in the non-Chinese, researchers, professional technical jobs or business management at prominent international companies and financial institutions that have experienced professor classes in higher education institutions overseas prestigious universities job of experience, such as the person who holds a patent or core technology.To work in at least more than three years China’s conditions be working in Beijing more than a year 9 months.

Foreign experts certified in this project is subject to unprecedented treatment in welfare surface, such as a tax, payroll and medical from Eligibility.In addition, also be paid one o’clock subsidies per capita 1 million yuan (about 12.3 million yen).In particular, because the science and technology towards human resources say 300-5000000 yuan is outfitted, be seen whether the government is aware of the need of how much human resources.(Translation and editing / love ball)

Studio stunned actress Nagiko Tôno to “32-year-old sex” large public “love man”, “7 crotch dating”

Nagiko’s Tono actress, known for heroine of NHK Asadora “Lily of the Valley” (32) appeared on television programs, were barrage, etc. and consternation talk “love man” and “7 sometimes were co-dating”.The passion and gracious remarks against men, words that “I is cool” was leaked from Narimiya Hiroki’s actor who had attended the program (29).

Mr. Tono was married to May 09, but I was speed divorce in 72 days.Divorce after it is appeared in variety shows and has been stark confess men itinerant.And that because the cause of this speed divorce also wanted to play with a lot of men.

2 of whom have a 5 crotch is currently Japan TV system of the is “substitute” Tono-san was starring February 12 12 broadcasting “law counseling centers that can matrix”.Broadcasting of theme of the day was “truth of marriage and divorce of topic”.The Tono’s but that company employee men and speed divorce of two years younger in 72 days, but the episode that was new men and dating to the next day that issued the divorce was introduced.It is the first place I think that it is not facing do not interested in marriage.Have been by chance been overpowered in male marriage, also at the same time divorce papers and write a marriage and he had been allowed to write to the original husband called.

Divorce reason and say, that other men had carried away from his soon to be married.Tono’s in program

“I love my man.It was said that “want to play with an unspecified number of men.At the highest 7 crotch dating of the past, and that currently have a 5 crotch.Favorite of the five men in three, two rest “Substitute”.For example, if your favorite is busy to say put a voice to “substitute”.I hear that this is’s a “habit” that has continued from teens.

On the other hand, even if over 7 crotch and 5 crotch referred to as “do not have dating”.That it dating per men but because they decided to up to three times.And say why in “because it more getting tired”, it’s said that to cherish the up to three times to pounding.A large number of the hang in the crotch men at the same time, always because men have been swapped, but so because there is a possibility that it is impossible to date If you do not have to keep a certain number.

How to get the men, to men who aimed to pass your email address to subscribe and “Please now dating”.To Miyasako Hiroyuki’s show host, whether never refused dating from men, and when asked

had been returned in a little to stuffy look to be the “‘m there ‘s no hate (sometimes referred to as)”.

What whether I do not know studio groans in this series of remarks a thing called love, while you have this turned the whole living room to the enemy in the remark, and insist performers, such as Narumiya Mr.

“I though I thought for a moment Well, I hope brackets.Impressions sends a favorable impression is can have “such as the tribute was divided in half.

Tono san have also appeared in the “goodbye” Fuji TV system of January 19, 12 broadcasting, has revealed that it is a dating mania.Or “not love on a date up to three times, remarks per man?When questioned as “, but there is that you fall in love, do not know what say is what the points are of that love, and was answered with such.

The Talk about the contents of the Tono’s this time to blog of net

The Ya things like “this way of life would be amazed if that Don argument”

“Rare actress also to speak in straight about propensity to here.”
Have come up with impressions such as “it came to be called to the variety becomes a divorce story entertainer was nice to take the person”.

Rakuten: full-year financial results and operating income ¥ 379.9 billion, an increase of 12 percent year-on-year, by the profit or loss reorganization of card deficit

[February 13, Sakura Financial News = Tokyo Rakuten (JQ; 4755) is the 13th, announced the financial results for the December 2011 period, operating income to be due to it was 71.3 billion yen of 12% year-on-year.Strengthening of smartphone services, strengthening of the expansion of opening stores, etc. and “Rakuten card” was successful.

Sales 379.9 billion yen, an increase of 10%, ordinary income ¥ 68.8 billion, an increase of 11%, net income was of 1.1 billion yen deficit (surplus for the same period last year to 34.9 billion yen).Deficit of net income has continued in that it has recorded such extraordinary loss due to the restructuring of the credit card business.

It should be noted that the company for the December 2012 period of full-year earnings forecast, for earnings forecast of Internet-related business and financial market trends is difficult, not described.[Ryo]