The confusion and upset in the movement of stock plunge sold to Olympus major shareholder

Movement that receives the loss cover-up problem of Olympus, to sell part of the Olympus strains carrying between the major shareholders have come.The thing that was conscious that some stakeholders such as the shareholders also behind the major shareholders.Amid that deterministic have not been announced, decline is remarkable Olympus stock price, major shareholders are upset.

November 17, 2011, Nippon Life Insurance of the largest shareholder in large shareholding report that was submitted to the Kinkizaimukyoku that ownership of Olympus Corporation as a group was reduced to 5.11% from 8.18% of the end of March disclosed.

President dismissal since Michael Woodford said of October 14, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ was sold in the market worth a total of more than 3% is not to sell.I have “economic rationality and the viewpoint of the interests of the policyholders also based, was sold from opaque the current situation,” said Nissei.But, said, “public nature is also high there is also a force technology (Olympus), I want to support in the position of now,” said Tsutsui Yoshinobu president of Nissei that press conference in November 18 as chairman of the Life Insurance Association of the largest shareholder I have expressed the intention which do not alter the position.

On the other hand, November 18, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group also disclosed in large shareholding report that was submitted to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau that ownership as a group has dropped to 7.61% from 10% the sale of Olympus Corporation 2.39% min was.However, most of those who market sale Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking in response to an instruction of the customer, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 2 largest shareholder of Olympus is (4.89%) is not sold.The bank plans to maintain ownership for the time being and as “in a position to support the turnaround as a quasi-main bank”.

Some institutional investors revealed the sale.November 8, Meiji Yasuda Asset Management announced that it had sold all shares of Olympus strains are incorporated into eight investment trusts to operate.I have “trends of the future, such as earnings for opaque” and.

It seems to plummeting stock prices “I want to judgment only after having seen the report of the independent committee” investors sale of Olympus stock of these major shareholder pushes down the stock price, saw it is put up for sale further.In an abnormal state to finish trading lower limit of the daily limit in (stop depreciation) for three consecutive days before November 10, the closing price of the day 10 484 yen, market capitalization of about 650 billion yen of the end of September and about 130 billion yen fell sharply.

Manufacturer that holds the Olympus Corporation for maintaining relationships as a major business partners, not hide the confusion remains for you do not know that a deterministic.Sharp with 0.6% plans to as “pay attention to the trend of the future”, to consider the corresponding waiting for the findings that a third party committee put together in early December.

On the other hand, market value becomes to less than half of book value on the balance sheet, accounting rules on, it is required to record write-downs in the income statement major shareholder companies.Acquisition price of the Terumo entered into a capital and business alliance in 2005, holds 2.5% in about 2200 yen, closing price of November 18 (¥ 625) decline of over 70%.Terumo has said “I want to judgment only after having seen the report of the independent committee” for Olympus Corporation.

At the closing of the November 22, 2011, Olympus shares continued rise and 869 yen to 144 yen compared with the previous day.This day seems to have become the material that the day before, for involvement in anti-social forces in the acquisitions of the past, third-party committee has announced that it is “not recognized the fact that such” buying.