[Entertainment vitamin ♪] “after a long time of the exposed so”.TV appearances in sexy costumes as Gravure Teshima Yu get bashful myself.

Gravure Teshima Yu increasingly popular, was published on the blog costume figure wore a recording of television programs.The costume is called the, degree of exposure is held in high esteem enough to say that after a long time in the swimsuit other than her.

Starring number of popular program “London Hearts” is also increasingly Teshima Yu, seems to increase the popularity steadily as the talent of Gravure departure.It can be said that the gap between the ordinariness against sexy gravure in the case of her show and blogs Variety also a factor in popularity.

Official blog of Teshima Yu “Piyopiyo diary”, degree of exposure, “after a long time that article was written in November 23.Charm that her comes through even “.

On this day, the television program she “entertainment ★ BANG! You have me for a photo taken after finishing the recording of (NTV) “.The figure taken respectively from behind and from the front “costume dress revealing increased after a long time … pretty much,” she’s about had embarrassed himself as “be a long time of the exposed so other than swimwear”.

It is intended to shoulder and back is exposed in high-end mini skirt type dress and, of black.And Teshima Yu has also been described as “I summarized the sexy system” in coordination was wearing black knee high boots.

“Bonn, Kyu, Bonn! … Like Fujiko Mine”, also echo “I will appear nosebleed!” Largely from readers, comments excitedly and “be healed amazing” is I have been asked one after another in the sexy photo.

Service spirit of Teshima Yu who published a photo of this sexy costume, probably have won the fan.Teshima Yu starring in this costume “entertainment ★ BANG! “Since that broadcast scheduled for December 5, can not be overlooked.
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