“China is also to participate in the TPP sooner or later”, scholar of government think tank pointed out – China

November 23, 2011, about the possibility of China to join Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), Zhang 蘊峰 of government think tank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of China (Jean Yunfon) faculty committee to be “sooner or later join was talking with, “as.Singapore flower-shaped paper, Yonhap early report was transmitted in the 24 date.

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Economic Forum of China International Economic Exchange Center hosted was held in Beijing in “economic monthly stories”, “TPP gave a breakthrough to lead the market in the Asia Pacific Ocean region again to the United States Zhang committee.The purpose of the strategy of the United States to promote the opening of the East Asian market.He pointed out that it to open the Japanese market, which has been closed tightly for a long time door to veil TPP also “including.

The possibility that China will participate in TPP, importance in the region of “China is gaining more and more.China is not participating, the significance of regional agreements would also fade fairly.I talked Therefore, and “believed” the situation remains this continues, it will be China to participate in the TPP sooner or later “and also in China.(Translation and editing / NN)