The Italian economy that gives a new uncertainty to the outlook for the euro

“It would be good to take one of the PIIGS I now already”

Such discussion has been scattered here and there last month per.

I refers to Italy here “I”.
(Ireland Another “I” By the way)

However, the opinion seems to have been premature Apparently.

An eye for Italian investors by the end of last week, Standard & Poor’s is set to “negative” from “stable” rating outlook for Italy has been transformed.

I think where it is and want to easily organize the problems faced by Italy.

It is the debt ratio to GDP of major European governments first, but is a relatively high level and 101% in the case of Italy.

Then the structural fiscal balance of Italy (Structural Balance) is -2.8%.I think this is more a relatively better in the major European countries.

You can see that you are stable next to Germany If you look at the trend in the unemployment rate.

GDP growth rate is chronically low.However, it has become a little higher than Spain and Greece that are spread austerity Greece problem discovered later.

Trend in the current account has been relatively stable.

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