Bikini shot showing off the beauty of the body lifted fascinating Risa Hirako, resort

The women’s magazine cover girl review / magazine “VoCE” of January issue, Risa Hirako popular models appeared.

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◆ What is the secret of beauty Hirako Risa

Hirako Risa was on the cover in a black bikini decoration of gold has been subjected.Beauty her bust to determine the pose in the cool look, constriction firm is shine further illuminated by the light of the sun.

In an interview magazine, fashion story, of marriage from beauty to mention in the resort of Vietnam.In addition, she has borne in mind that “it is not cool the body” that in order to keep beauty has revealed a specific method such as “drink a thing of normal temperature and take the ginger”.

◆ “annual Best Cosmetic” decision

Announces all-out feature of this month’s issue in “The Best Cosme 2011 full version”, 30 people professional Bi-kai was carefully screening the “annual Best Cosmetic” further.

Best 3 Items (makeup department, department-based makeup, skin care department, Hair & Body Care department) because of has been introduced 5 each department, it’s a must-see for all women to be the pursuit of beauty.(Model Press)

Attractions featured this other here

· Skin changes in the drop! Moto of beauty that was condensed “oil” unique beauty

· Becoming The document was YoshiTadashi “cute”

· Stylish relationship of hair and fashion coat

• The blow off the “good girl” Tadano “Good Girl” whirlwind, come!

· Source of Urupuru skin tight to the “Eat me! Kelp” slimy ingredient!

In addition to this month’s issue as a separate appendix, so you Attamaro “.We will meet.Pledge “,” beauty “Stock and winter comes with.

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