Speculation of ShaEiko prolong the divorce consultation with Darvish “¥ 2.4 billion child support”

Talent ShaEiko of divorce in (25) and pitcher Yu Darvish of professional baseball and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (25), are beginning to move toward a full-scale return.23 days “good laugh! The guest appearance Shocking phone (Fuji TV) “, was opened in Tokyo the launch event style book” Saeko One and only “of (Shueisha) in the 24th.

It’s two people who married who had made in 2007, but in January this year, is ShaEiko Separated Darvish with his two children, entered the divorce.ShaEiko launched a new brand of its own in November last year, one of Darvish is attention of major Transfers now off, where they both want to give the shoulder early.However, that’s the situation right now is also far from being established divorce 10 months or more from the start of consultation.

Problem of “biggest, is the opening of the divorce settlement that both are presented.Darvish was presented a one million yen monthly child support of 100 million yen and alimony, but ShaEiko are requesting child support of 10 million yen a month without alimony.If it is to be paid the second son was born last year until the adult, child support will be 2.4 billion yen total.I was told divorce cause even with the cheating of Darvish but, attrition difference due to the fact that that ShaEiko is not done much housework fact, it is back to Miyazaki of the home with the children had been increasingly seems to be the biggest reason.If the Darvish, it is not possible to determine the teeth heal and home health management, and feeding the Sapporo becomes more.There is also a non-ShaEiko it because it is obvious, will not bring myself to pay 2.4 billion yen whether is high likely “(weekly magazine reporter)

Darvish called the ace of the Japanese baseball is a highly paid of (last year) ¥ 500 million annual salary, but the amount of the child support is terrible.

Even so, ShaEiko Despite the important time to “2.4 billion yen Catching” took, why are trying to return to the entertainment world.

It’s most important for now “ShaEiko is, that a successful fashion brand of its own.Therefore, you are trying to appeal to the female demographic by increasing the media exposure.Eiko gauze as talent was presence lackluster much, but if there is a name-value “wife Darvish” and “person concerned”, it is possible to attract attention.To request the amount of “10 times the present amount of Darvish” you know from the beginning and have also found it yourself, it is the tangle, and probably are trying prolong the divorce on purpose “(before the same)

It’s ShaEiko men babysitter cum staff were also reported to be a new lover, but denied it as “absolutely not”, is favor to Darvish “of him, I like very still,” said in the style book It suggests that it is also now.Tactics elusive, I have to smoke rolled performing arts and media Darvish.

It is a major challenge that Darvish has been modest, but the resolution of the divorce problem in the year is unlikely to.Even went to the United States if, it is likely to be worrying about that was left in Japan.
(Statement = Sato Isamuuma / Yellow Tear Drops)

(※ image: “I am I” Saeko One & only “.It is not bound by the rules, a fashionable way of life “Author: than ShaEiko / Shueisha)

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