And Why do not we talk about Ariyoshi popularity soon

Ariyoshi Hiroyuki.It is belonging to the Ota production, in hottest entertainer let alone.Planning for the main him erected in the popular variety show “Ametoku” and “lightning bolt! London Hearts”, “anger new party of Matsuko & ‘Ariyoshi,” and “Ariyoshi AKB Republic”, crown number of programs also have further.

Comments about Ariyoshi has continued to be up on a daily basis, even blog on course, as popular entertainers, stable suggests that height rather than comedians.

“Article of the chart into here”
It was a big break hitchhiking once, but then, he sank to the quagmire of showbiz.But creeping up admirably to the weapon “Naming the nickname” and “invective”, was Noshiaga~tsu far.And I is in this popular current stable.

This time, it is aware that it is a MYOB, let’s research how such Ariyoshi is whether the think from bloggers.

It is most notable as a comment first,
• The maximum entanglement with Matsuko.I like also feel that rounded little
· “Ariyoshi trial” I was laughter of Ronha.Nobody I do not win!
· Ariyoshi’s the best! To stop absolute channel
· Ariyoshi, and too much of runaway Ametoku.I feel that you are over entertainer life I hope!
And comments of praise for the behavior of the program.

Also in the,
Ariyoshi-san ‘s master of the mind.Can you speak to Zubazuba that you want to say!
· Amazing guts.No entertainer soul is God
· It might be characteristic style, but I want to live like that …
· I Ariyoshi’s actually – I’m whiff of intelligent
And, comments turn longing eyes of “Mr.” with more than a few.

The violence of the word, just if there is no convincing “But invective”, in the case of Ariyoshi, it seems to have become a “mouthpiece of mind” for the things you want to say anymore, but I can not say quite.At least, except for the mogul, entertainer is reluctant gratitude while taking a laugh, not so much.

However, as there is also a word pile out that, be struck,
• The little overkill Ariyoshi.I feel there is no mind to
• The scary.To have and not have to say up there and said to TV
· Can you have always in this momentum.About the end of 2012?
· Denial debate just like I likely
Not without a comment that.However, it may be MYOB once again, but guess the person in question also know as long as you stick to this characteristic style.

Also, that there was interesting and Cho,
Duc is I’m gone a lot and selling.But I’m like
· I think it’s people who are talking to think the balance of the program
· You know your role.Head is good!
and that, comments like reading the back of the character, has increased a little recently.

He likes, Which Come on guys …… or Ariyoshi who say Zubazuba that I thought, or Ariyoshi you fill in brilliant heel role?

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■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about Ariyoshi Hiroyuki!

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