[Africa departure! Save money and protect the Breaking News] virgin?Country subject to a virgin in scholarships.(Sierra Leone)

Cities that Sierra Leone in northwestern Africa, scholarships surprisingly been announced.Things to those defended virginity by the time to graduate from college what, giving a scholarship for five years.Apparently, the age of the pregnant women in this country seems to be related.

In the city Bo in the southern part of Sierra Leone that (Bo), the idea “give a scholarship of five years to those graduating from college were previously virgin” came out.According to the Parliament side, what this purpose that will let you observe the virgin student life until the end.I have set a target that 80% of female students receive this scholarship.In order to prove the virgin, screening services by female doctor also I hear do.

Sierra Leone is a famous small country with a diamond mining was a former British.Received reports 500 people high school girls that pregnancy, even only in this district in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone between January to September of this year, this proposal has been submitted.

In contrast, the voice of rebound is already up from human rights groups and parents with daughter.It is assumed “equal to the human rights violations of the girl,” for this proposal, NGO local organizations have said that it is not the correct one as evocative way to lower the age of the pregnancy.In addition, mothers with daughters I hear “do not think trying to inspect the body of the daughter for scholarship”.

The city argues that there is two advantages to using this plan contrast.One thing younger eradication of pregnancy, the popularization of higher education of women would proceed to another.In addition, and also get work in the sponsor from the city as well as scholarship.The city’s confidence Pregnant “track record comes out this proposal is passed, other cities also will continue,” said.
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