¥ 550 billion to the national publicity! China

Times Square Times Square, which is recognized as one of the places where there is the most effective advertising in New York New York, Chinese state news agency, Xinhua has set a huge ad in August 2011 to invest a huge cost.Small-scale protests by several members of the is happening: “Free Tibet student movement (Students For A Free Tibet)” (New York headquarters) at that time.It is to write “censorship agency Censorship in China! Not come,” said the placard.(Photo below)

Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency (Shin 华通 讯社: Xinhua: China government news agency) is to advertise in this location is not the first time.But of what the company still, it does not seem to be recognized little to New Yorkers.

According to an article in the Chinese rights organizations · HRI of November 24, 2011, “electrical products, clothing, cars, Americans, medical insurance?Study does not stick at all “.Many of the Americans, “Xinhua?Do not do not know “ads” city?Phrase people answer “.Awareness of the name of the (XINHUA) Xinhua News Agency in the United States is low.Because advertising is no design reminiscent of the news, passers seems to have no answer or clothes or appliances, only impression about the imports of Chinese-made.Excerpt from the reference article, retouch

To invest (about $ 7 billion) 45 billion yuan, “China authorities have conducted a foreign propaganda policy for is advanced overseas such as the United States CCTV and Xinhua News Agency, the People’s Daily, to improve the national image of China, I have seen huge ad this is also part of this effort.It is supplemented with “.I think if you put the propaganda of country more than 500 billion yen, and There are many things to be earlier in domestic ,,.English reference article