Media and local governments should not be recommended to law and ethics violation

After the nuclear accident, local government media also seems to “youth was a 17-year-old former gives better” like.The thing that I was 17 years old, will want to rebel against society blindly, “I, not something license, but it ze are skipped in the 160 km high-speed” or, you will want to put the brackets without any silly to say such a thing.Can have people who do not come out the habit of when I was young like that, even if Ji long, it is in brackets by saying “you are driving me something to drink alcohol all the time, but ze does not cause something traffic accidents separately,” said.

But to recommend a rule violation laws and it is not that it was impressed.I is said to be “Takeda has fueled dangerous to say 1 millimeter a year,” said in the media such as the weekly magazine well, but precisely because there are laws and regulations referred to as “1 year 1 millimeter”, Japanese far It has been protected from exposure.It’s still about some reports “cancer significant has occurred in medical exposure to Japanese” and.

When I explain the exposure limit by law, “explaining the law = foment dangerous” because of that, such a thing was that it is not in Japan so far.It is the hand of TEPCO’s for sure, but I wonder if you want to rub the sesame TEPCO so why?Fukushima nuclear power plant since the accident, that earth-shattering has been followed as a Japanese high law-abiding spirit sincere.Without touching little about “the laws of the exposure limits”, NHK has repeatedly “okay”.The district court has issued a ruling insane “ownership of the radioactive material that has been raining golf course from TEPCO because it is golf, golf is Katazukero without permission” and etc..

In the future, Japanese society, NHK will say “okay” even ran a 120 km highway of 80 kilometers per hour, or “those who have sown is! Katazukero” and even if someone sowed poison in the premises of others and that is yelled at, it is likely to Japanese society ridiculous.

Mind was upset at the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident can be seen, but even so it was for copper rush of Japan as a whole wonder what? Please read about the law by taking the attitude that is responsible because he is not a 17-year-old mayor also Nagareyama.In addition, law-abiding attitude firm, journalists also hope prudent coverage for risk.