Excess of democracy – “general will 2.0”

 2.0 general will Rousseau, Freud, Google
Author: East Hiroki

In the double election of Osaka, Hashimoto of Matsui “Oosakaishin’nokai” was elected.That shoo that came out 8 o’clock, it would be nice to see it to victory by a sizable margin.I do not sympathize even personality also policy of Mr. Hashimoto, but are keen to speak to over the dictatorship of his.Current situation in Japan is not do anything in democracy anymore, Osaka humic do not chose him.
 In this sense, the aim of this book on the theme of Rousseau’s interesting, but its direction is shifted from the modern Nipponnomondai subtly.Rather than the originator of democracy different from the commonly referred to Rousseau, the general will that he was sovereign in the “social contract theory” is, like the will of an absolute monarch with no procedures to aggregate democratically it thing.that Carl Schmitt has defended the dictatorship of Hitler in the concept of the general will is well known.
 Interpretation of the author, not new to the academic at this point.Of this document, “modernity” is, but where it considered a kind of database by superimposing the social media general will, it was thought of as the collective unconscious “general will 2.0” is satisfied there.It’s a story familiar of “collective intelligence”, such as “Sumatomobuzu”, but only a meaningless Utopia parkinsonism in political.Nation because do not understand the fact that violence unit more than anything else it.
 For sovereign state, democracy is not essential.Of that, such as in the national sovereignty in fiction, and to exercise violence unit actually it is the president and prime minister.To check it is a rule of law, it is not necessary it is legislation in the democratic process.In fact, the law of the oldest in the UK is one that could be traditionally as common law, as can be seen if you read the “The Federalist Papers”, the United States Constitution, something that was made in order to put the brakes on democracy.It is because it is dangerous goods nation as violence device, not be left to the collective intelligence.
 On the other hand, is the opposite problem facing Japan now.Japan deprived of their equipment by violence “peace constitution”, has been castrated, has continued a thorough democracy under the aegis of the United States.I will postpone the decision even in companies in politics, all decisions are made unanimously, such agreement until it is formed.Excessive democracy such paralyzed the nation, I got it impossible to decision-making.Says Rousseau dictatorial necessary to Japan today would be a “legislator”.
 However, since you have ignored the problem of state power, the utopia where drawn, there is only one such cartoon, comment Nico live Twitter and people look at the Diet deliberations this manual.It is not possible to move the politics in the collective intelligence, and kind of “participatory democracy” is neither desirable.That there is an election even once in the 1.4-year average rather, people to political participation excessively, he has led to degradation of politics can be seen in TPP and nuclear power plant.What Japan needs now is a reform to reduce the democracy rather.