To increase export competitiveness Japan Takaaki Mitsuhashi Mr. deflation is “tax cuts”, etc.

[Book Review] revival of “Japan starts here! Economic growth theory of eye-opening ”

Takaaki Mitsuhashi Author-Shogakukan 1365 yen (tax included)

Or “structural reforms” or whether “fiscal consolidation” necessary to save the Japanese economy is whether the “fiscal expansion”.The author, stand in a position of fiscal expansion principle that it is assumed to be measured by deflation monetary easing and fiscal stimulus.

Economists that have studied only inflation measures so far.However, it’s deflation since the Great Depression that began in 1929 is now.Public Works also reduce the consumption tax hike in measures to reduce the inflation all the (trade liberalization) participation in the TPP, it becomes counterproductive.The analogy, it’s like to say to the sick that need to put nutrition in the rest, and white jogging in the morning every day and fasted.

Author’s claim is clear-cut, as well as the United States, monetary easing and fiscal stimulus, and that he only should I do it a tax cut.

And, tax revenue growth in the economic recovery, debt is eroded by an increase in nominal GDP, fiscal restoration also allows.

It insists lie also talk fiscal spending, the more debt swelled, that financial collapse.

In this time of the earthquake, the government was forced to large fiscal stimulus, the Bank of Japan monetary easing is unwittingly.I want to watch what the effect is or get out.

※ 25 days issue May SAPIO2011 years

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