You come by the end of the year in the face of Shoko Asahara condemned “X Day” Ministry of Justice

November 22, the heading “parrot trial end” are arranged in major newspapers.Large letter judicial reporters reveals the background.

It was reported that only large “This trial is terminated because come heavily involved in the execution of death sentence prisoners of Asahara Aum Shinrikyo Introduction.We are seen as not amusing executioner of Asahara has also been carried out within the year when.Preparation of plans manuscript because you have already done half ”

Appeal of Asahara death row is rejected, the death penalty was finalized and thing of 2006.Average detention period of up to sentence enforcement of the defined condemned months 5 years 11.By trial of accomplices who was terminated, it is no wonder when Asahara condemned “X Day” is also visited.

On the other hand, year executive theory of Asahara is condemned to being whispered, there is also such a situation.Story of the Ministry of Justice officials.

“In July last year, signed by Justice Minister Keiko Chiba, condemned two people since it was enforced, the death penalty has not been carried out.Become a situation 19 years in 1992 since the death penalty if not implemented through one year.Legal officials to worry about Apartments are probably impatient.

Judgment date of Seiichi Endo defendant was so determined before entering the month, talks towards execution of the sentence of death row inmate Asahara from about one month before had been in the ministry.Of course, also Hiraoka Hideo Justice Minister to make a final decision, his voice has arrived ”

Confirm condemned reach 129 people and add peas defendant.Is a record number this number.Certain legal journalist, said “This is a problem related to the Koken of legal bureaucracy,” said.

“Definite death penalty prisoners had reached the record number is also element 12 cadres believers of parrot that was joined there in addition to Asahara.So legal bureaucracy is trying to make from the previous flow of execution of the sentence of executives from believers, but first, it is thought enforcement of Asahara that must be made in order for the.

Because I drew the story Asahara “main culprit”, prosecutors have led the incident at trial, that was dabbling in violent crime as “an accessory” executives believers.In order to avoid a “year zero Executioner” “confirm condemned most of the past”, legal bureaucrats, I want to advance quickly procedures Asahara ”

From the victim’s side of the parrot incident, as long as the voice execution of the sentence is not made, incident and not ceased often.Mr. Takahashi Shizuwe you widowed in sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, continued to sit in the parrot trial for 16 half years, described the strong think.

“More than there is a institution of the death penalty in the rule of law, it should be enforced if sent down a punishment by causing a crime worthy of it.”

※ 9 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post