I successive question on the net NHK “Hangul emoticons boom” and “do not know”

Exchange of Hangul emoticons are doing to young people in the mobile e-mail -.NHK is introduced in this information program, questions have come up on the net and “that is not heard,” said.

Was broadcast in the early afternoon November 24, 2011 “People who feel close to the Korean from Korea boom has been increasing” on NHK in “Ogenki DesukaNipponretto”, a term in the corner “words anxious” was introduced.

It was answered example “character is cute, easy to symbolized” in there, Korean that are dissolved in the day-to-day may be mentioned, to interview young women who go city “” Saranheyo “, was doing in junior high school,” said.The Saranheyo, it’s means “I love you”.

Also, in an interview, were some men who to be “very good” this word.Refers to feelings is not enough, and say Saranheyo, sensation and “cherish” is also he comes from within the only Japanese.

In the program, it was introduced that it was talking about these cases talk event was co-hosted on October 30 and South Korea KBS broadcasting.In this event, ie Korean Hangul as the characters are doing to the young people of Japan, Atsuko Yamada holes participating he revealed this on stage is NHK side.

I’m going around it is to exchange with friends by using the Hangul bother emoticons “mobile phone.Again, Hangul’m been received character is cute, it is easy to encode, it is easy to design “in the program, e-mail was written Japanese of” Thank you “Following the Hangul has been shown.Another woman according to the interview in the food-store, revealed that it has written in the katakana pronunciation of Korean e-mail that was addressed to the mother.It said to say obediently also be embarrassing, hard to say “I’m sorry, Mom,” and although he tends to say “Miyaneyo, and Okuma”‘s.

However, the voice on the net, and have seen the e-mail that is similar was also, although some doubts swirled “I did not know at all,” “of such is what is popular,” said.

Tweets about Hallyu star destined?So, Have you ever seen, and I tried to interviews and e-mail of Hangul emoticons to youths.

In Tokyo, and listen to four men and women college students, reaction “do not use” and “do not know” has been returned.

However, it was that the substance can be seen in Twitter.4th grade boys famous private universities (23), I do not know “content, but the young girl had muttered in Hangul mingled.I reveal the “child like crawling into a photo booth profile.There was also the case you have to tweet in Hangul Korean stars addressed.

Women’s four-year private university in another (22), is there any impact of Jang Keun Suk’s “talent is doing the Twitter.Speak when it came to Japan, fans and “I seems to have tweeted to Suk’s addressed in Hangul bother.

In addition, there seems also be used Hangul on Twitter people who are close to Koreans.Recruits women in Tokyo (23), there were people who use the Hangul that a friend of “I do not want to know too much to others.Say it, and “seemed to have muttered devoted to a Friend Hangul is known to have a boyfriend of Korean.

So, Is there any grounds, such as mail data basis of Hangul emoticons that are popular.

The Department of Public Information of NHK, for coverage, “NHK we have been reporting on the basis of interview.you have comments mobile phone that can be, for example, hit the Hangul characters appropriate for your pointed out, and “has been sold in general in the country.