Why Japanese media of tease the Chinese-Hasu舫 Minister?- Japan Hana shaped paper

November 28, 2011, Hana-shaped paper and new overseas Chinese Journal of Japan, reported that the Japanese media is introduced as “women are the most hated” the Cabinet Office Hasu舫-Extraordinary Minister of the Chinese.

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Article, and analysis that man rights society of Japan are feeling the threat the height of the popularity of Hasu舫 minister, political style of the Minister and are buying the antipathy of the vested interests groups of multiple.I was evaluated inspire action also has worked in Japan overseas Chinese us success in the political world of her.

“hate woman ranking woman to choose” the Shukan Bunshun is announced.Article told Hasu舫 minister and was ranked this year following last year.June 10, the same minister was Nyukaku as Government Revitalization Minister Kan Cabinet, but its innovative political style is not accepted within the party outside, and that was attacked.

The minister of good looks that presenter of the television program was also experienced by the “fall from grace” Why.Reason “expression is ruthless,” “have a frown always in public seat”, “wording is tough” and “unfeminine” has been introduced, but they are merely superficial reason, the back deeper cause that is hidden in.

The ranking is something voted on by female readers of 1000 people, but Komiyama Yoko Motoatsu labor minister has also been ranked, that the two women are reflected as “foreign presence than his own,” for women who have voted can be seen.I have analyzed article sorrow and powerlessness of women in consciousness in the male-dominated society is, have appeared here.(Translation and editing / Tsuno tail)