Mr. Shiba inner glory of the original judo gold medalist in the past fell into the ground neck with sexual harassment!

University announced that it was a disciplinary dismissal by the sexual harassment act dated November 29, Uchishiba Masato visiting professor of women’s judo coach (Kumamoto Tamana) Kyushu nursing Fukushidai (33) under judo gold medalist was.

Information is submitted to the university from officials of women staff that received a sexual harassment victim from Mr. Uchishiba in late September, it has established an investigation committee, the university had examined the facts in the private.September 19, at the hotel girls and staff that are victims, on aware that it is a minor, Mr. Uchishiba, drinking together, according to a survey.On top of that, I ranged from sexual harassment act.Inside Shiba Mr. admits for fact, but that they said, “was consensual”.

Agreement or anything, is the women staff of minors opponent.Inside Mr. Shiba is a visiting professor, judo leaders.Did on tolerate underage drinking, that’s up to sexual harassment act It’s prohibited behavior.Let alone excuse is not allowed in the inner bush said, because there is also a family.

Mr. Shiba inner played 2 consecutive Athens Olympics in 2004, in the 66 kg class of the Beijing Olympics of ’08.He was appointed coach of the university women’s Judo Club in April last year.The announced his retirement in October of the same year.I was appointed as a visiting professor of the same size as that in January this year.I have also won townspeople Medal Award honors citizens, from Koshi-cho (now Koshi City) from Kumamoto Prefecture hometown in ’04.

In the long history of Japanese judo, it’s won the 2 Dokin medal in the Olympics there are only three people slightly Uchishiba Mr., Mr. Hitoshi Saito, Tadahiro Nomura Mr. (third consecutive) in the men’s.Only three people Ryoko Tani Mr. (nee Tamura), Masae Ueno said, of Mr. Ayumi Tanimoto in women.Mr. Shiba, was committed shameless acts like this while you left a great much proven that it is very unfortunate.The glory of the past also had fallen to the ground.Acts of the inner bush Mr.’s form of painted mud in Japan judo.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

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