Surroundings also Hiyahiya the declaration “large record” of AKB48 · Akimoto Saika!? Also the voice of the “not suitable for grand prize mouth Park”

The 28th, Umeda Ayaka Akimoto and Saika of idol group AKB48 appeared dancing action game “Michael Jackson The Experience” was released just before the countdown event in Tokyo.So bombshell flew out from the mouth of the Akimoto.

(This year), “as a national idol, so was able to know a lot of people, you want to work hard with the aim of Record Award is what this year.I caught, I want to connect to the next year. ”

It’s grand prize winning declaration of imposing.Indeed, of AKB48 “Flying Get” (King Records) has been nominated for 10 works Excellence Award, it is the grand prize candidate by far in whispering.But, It is said that the “iron plate” in the “AKB48, but music officials notoriously intentions of Mr. X is an influential person in the entertainment industry works to record large.We said, “lip-synching groups like AKB48 is not worthy of grand prix” and habitually, speaking the real intention Mr. X “do not want to gill”.However, just because AKB48 is missing in both sales, performance this year, I was supposed to be “have one’s hands tied ……”.And be “declared victory” Hitoashihayai of Akimoto there.Talking later, it is good to be an issue, but with …… “.

AKB48 became the grand prize candidate last year, but I was achieved EXILE is the most Taikiroku “record size” the third consecutive eventually.

It seems to have been EXILE unanimously vote of “jury.Than Any effort of Mr. X this too? The term “has been rumored, and record company employees.Reason alone the remarks Akimoto, officials of AKB48 was also conference facilities Nii that had put the cry, “Hey, you!’m Me quit hot words at this time,” said.

Amazing “, I would say it to Akimoto to” runaway “and Umeda Fortunately, was attended.But, because you have to follow it with “I have to say and want Catching (members) Everyone, it is the case that lead to important, but those who had been in moderation even lip service would be nice.

※ The image “(Limited Edition) Cry [Jacket A]” (avex trax)

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