Of where it says Chukuni-jin “Culture / Culture”

There is no culture, even if there is gold in China = Pride was left in the Hong Kong people – Hong Kong

November 15, 2011, Hoshishimawa sphere network posted “culture is not even gold pride = China mainland people of Hong Kong people working in mainland China,” the article.

According to the study of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, are currently working in mainland China and 24 million people of Hong Kong people.Their “mainland China experience” is, that they serve to strengthen the identity that is part of China also Hong Kong.

Interestingly if Hong Kong’s recognition that human or looking at mainland China’s.It had a sense of Hong Kong is that they are superior in all aspects to the Asian financial crisis, but then, China’s economy is rapidly growing.In China mainland rather momentum.In such a situation, Honkonhito that has remained pride by condescending “if you have more money, culture is not the China mainland people” and.

The other day, and when I finished easily dinner at Hong Kong Football Club, Hong Kong person staff of “I love Japan” has been talking.

So, become a story why she would you like Japan, “Japan is good culture” is that she’s.

But when she uses the word “culture = culture”, is what that means, it’s that of “Mindo” From a sense of Japanese.

Says, service is good.Says, human kindness.Says, polite.

The different and associate with “culture = Culture = Art = art” anyway, and my perception of a Japanese.

What people say of your country of Confucius and “culture”, it referred to as “know the courtesy enough food and clothing to” I wish I still basic. . . As soon as it came I think.

In turn, saying “food and clothing” is to have enough, and do not know the “civility” is scold the mainland Chukuni people.

Japanese was translated as “Culture = culture ‘, or would not in bungle since Kobo Daishi / Kukai (is said to one estimate) and you’ve translated” yu = Bathing “and (soup really).

If you are careless with the same “country of Chinese characters”, there’s an unexpected and “pitfalls”.

In terms of that Confucianism and what, it is Kankonsosai-ya, ritual skill in speaking in an easy-to-understand.

Confucianism is Omonzuru most the fact that “statement”.Are fluttering and the pattern of the “statement”.It is a meaningless decoration in practice.

Originally, clothes thing because is intended to protect from the corner of the rock pests and cold and the human body, it is sufficient if that helps.”Quality” (real, practical) that this.But it just is not satisfactory human life is to progress, and you can put a fluttering you can draw a pattern on clothing.Some “statement” (pattern, decoration) is in this.There is no great difference between Kinju is a only “quality” is human life, Confucianism is to argue that there is a qualification lords of creation what if there is a “statement”.(“Large-thief full version of China” p.90 Takashima Toshio)