[Entertainment] vitamin ♪ If I had more practice “, but it was more than a father.Hiromitsu Ochiai, “said.Kazushige Nagashima disliked practice after all.

It was a lot of points to learn there is a really interesting talk, talk sports caster Nagashima Kazushige and Chunichi Dragons director Mr. Hiromitsu Ochiai before.I told the real reason of the “strenuous practice in the camp” and “expressionless during the game”.

(Practice) “You may wonder if doing a little more to the Nagashima Kazushige.Rather than a sarcastic “said Hiromitsu Ochiai, who say that in all sincerity.Although I exceeded the father (Mr. Shigeo Nagashima) in “absolute.Mon I do not really practice.In the words of Ochiai who is respected as I asked and together a training camp in Yakult era, “Kazushige is just have a wry smile head does not rise at all.But I want to compliment that Kazushige has become a professional baseball player – that Mr. Ochiai.”I will have a son, I found for the first time.The reluctant because usually.”

Broadcast November 29 “news station” in “Sports Feature” of the (TV Asahi), I was back at the era of the director Mr. Ochiai.”Expressionless” at all even if you play good players, no matter how even if they are losing large during the game.”The players because I do not want to play to see the complexion of director Ochiai said the reason for this.I talk with “.If you show up the director angry, the body will not move players.Even saying mumble complain at the back of the bench, it’s not out in Table emotions in front of the players during the match never.Fight “players instead I’m.If it was pleasant, unless it is freely.”

Takeshi also practice in the camp of the season before it Ochiai flow.Among the team having to worry about injury camp is large, the aim of this strenuous practice What was.Sometimes to remember it by the “injury.It does not matter I was guest moth.You want to practice more “- players that you wish, and coach because the” injury.There is no need to stop and “.It is also possible to become well from there, and also learn how to self-management Once you have injured.Players the effort, it’s important coaches that go out to the end.To tell someone precisely because have seen, the players and I also grow with joy the effort.

Audience where you think this conversation was often It will not be less.Also mothers raising children also managers with subordinates in the company, it was what would be helpful for people of various positions.Ochiai Mr. wonder because it was the other party in particular.”I myself wanted to get admitted to the father.”Kazushige is that had revealed the real intention, it was impressive.
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