Critical time, Japan-China relations China Focus = the common interests than differences

29 day and night, reception 5th of “Japan-China relations Symposium” was held in Tokyo.Mr. Zhao Hiromasa chief committee of the National Political Consultative Foreign Affairs Committee, Yasuhiro Nakasone, a former prime minister of Japan, such as Genha Koichiro Mr. Foreign Minister attended the reception of this.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

Mr. ChoAkira positive thing has a long history with deep “Japan and China, exchange of more than 2,000 years, the history of traffic is rare in this world in greeting.Has been held five times already until now from 2007 is “Japan-China relations Symposium”.It is mutual understanding between the people of the two countries, an important route for exchange already think tank.There is an important time to Sino-Japanese relations today, chance you are experiencing now is much more challenging opportunities and challenges will coexist, common interests of both sides and also, is more important than differences.Told in 2012 the 40th anniversary of Japan-China normalization of diplomatic relations, the two countries, “he should strive to have a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission much higher, to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries.

In addition, in the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11, Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone expressed gratitude to the Chinese people and the Chinese government that provided the consolation and assistance to Japan.Five years of “the past, the Chinese economy has developed very, GDP will be the second largest in the world, Japan-China relations has also become closer day by day Nakasone.China has become the country an important impact on the peace and prosperity of the world already.Was talking about starting from global, and that he should develop good-neighborly friendly relations between the two countries in the long run both daytime.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)