Became easier director of “other Ochiai director affirm.Mon it is no longer escape “

Of the 29th “news station” in (TV Asahi), Kazushige Nagashima, who serves as the baseball commentary in the show becomes a listener, how the interview with Hiromitsu Ochiai original director was Taidan the Chunichi Dragons concluded this season has been reported.

In the interview the first half, Ochiai, who revealed the backside was through the expressionless during the game.For reasons that had held down the emotion, I think players “out, not what to baseball if you know the real personality of my.Players are looking at the bench.While talking if you show up angry, and “because not move the body guys, even without” So, China and Japan is probably not much came that kind of baseball.In the regime of the past.human fight’s not over here.I was perpetrated what you guys but it does not if Enrage separately.I take responsibility instead, of winning or losing.Bad good grades (personal) is, you guys are Toreyo responsibility.You do not follow it there.So, the “I Come fighting to go ground, and Chikuri the style of Sino-Japanese former director.

In addition, the guy you want to “hurt, Ochiai, who imposed the practice amount of 12 baseball team is leading, I Naittsu may also be allowed to hurt.Sometimes you learn by injury.Once dawned on me become overworked, it may be made.So if get a late start one month, two months, it failed, it also does not matter.Leaders also should not stop.Coach hang Why stop? You stop what things that could be better from there? My colleagues just because I want to go hotel soon, How do you practice all the way? Color to the ground to coach one of the last now that do.And keep ‘em look always.The only I can do this on one person in the place when nobody was looking, “because not to do so I players strong mental power and while description, of that joy you have seen”, father of geek you know best?And “was an example his father” Mr. Giants “Mr. Nagashima Shigeo Nagashima interviewer Mr..

Then, against Mr. Kazushige, “You wonder if is doing (practice) a little more to Mr. Ochiai.I think it has exceeded the absolute father.True, it does not practice.I massaged you, hated.But, since became a professional baseball player, I’ll praise.I’m usually reluctant.I, that feeling, I can see well.To have a son of their own.It can be seen for the first time “both.

In addition, even a team that does not typing batting average of 12 teams at least, that 2.9 score one game average for the track record played a league title, “410 what point?144’s in the game.Because I’m not taking one game three points.Is not that it has come to that you pass me the number and hit the sky.But it took a good, but it is taken in a colander like, if you looked like spit all, it would be to trouble.I’m balance there.And because I had not built up to the reality that in the batting average of the 12 lowest team, scoring the smallest, and I win.Now, nobody I no longer say that or “not win supervision, other” out’m hindered “not take points”, in this.I think it became easier.No, it would be easy to do.No longer escape.Flatly team other, so in some spear, and “Is there a chance to win even Nanbo.

Also asked the impact of unified sphere is derided as “dead ball”, no “relationship, it does not matter – wash.I was put to the word unified sphere, that does not fly.(For measures yada) it ran away.Everyone, I ran away to there.Together with the world.Cause the wind Tteyuu’m a it when there something.The’m such because of the ball, I’m such because of the referee, and we’ll did not typing it, it’s ran away.The Mon’s ball of waving.Rate also falls, it falls also home run.Because there is no technology of their own, and wonder shake the ball ball.Because there ‘s not human not shake actually.The outright, “said I # do not escape into there, the possibility of the future, get to coach in the other team, you hear talk”.And to not know and be a rapid succession, two teams, with three teams.It may not leave this life.No matter how you do, because not a personality Tteyuu me to do, from here.It probably thinks so everyone.I spoke with “I have some people like me are in.
Ochiai director confession, penetrate expressionless during the game as well, … in the back?