Is healthy in helping to regain the day-to-day “laughable even unscrupulous” It [Kayama Rikakoramu]

Such as the small talk of everyday’s confined as “because at a time like this,” It is dangerous.Even in situations where tight, It is a thing that people would think that secular will have the same effect as usual.Better to each other admit that you are blessed with it, this part of secular is the health.

About a year ago, just became the topic Shinsho “funeral, do not need” (Hiromi Shimada Author) was released.I will be “direct burial” is the limelight from there.It is the funeral of the form instead of going to funeral parlors also temple to house, and go directly to the crematorium from the place who died.In particular, you may have heard also talk direct burial that has been carried out at a rate of 30% in Tokyo.

However, I think to think at the moment after the earthquake, and might have been a boom of simply because there is room for a funeral.

It may prove to be unscrupulous, but say, “funeral, do not need” but is happening in the affected areas without, it is very “funeral, can not” and.

in Natori city I visited, I was no longer able to burn in the crematorium in the city for too many number of bodies.Out of necessity, there was also the place where the funeral form was subjected to cremation in the land that is far away, such as Yamagata and Tokyo, it back only remains are being carried out.If you would have been sent to Tokyo, bereaved family situation is not Tachiae because there is no cost and transportation are also going.

In the affected areas, it is not better or worse, the ultimate “direct burial” have been made.However, it is not necessarily wanted, because there was no way it only.

In the affected areas that can not be to want to do the funeral, there was no voice, “a funeral do not need” and of course.That means not to can the funeral, and might be a luxury of some sort, I felt.

The funeral, to except that the memorial to the dead, there are aspects of grief care.

The grief care, I will say that the people who are to me (grief) grief lost a loved one is, to support the process to accept the fact.

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