[BBS] Korea subway Japan, South Korea, the United States, “which is better?”

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “ETORRENT”, the author posted a subway map Japan, the United States, South Korea, I said your impressions.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ().


● main thread: Kaito-kun

I do not know well the United States, but in the case of Japan, the transfer is inconvenient subway is or has been privatized.And to not have to pay a separate fee for each company.In addition, public transportation in Korea cheap even when viewed in all the world.Equipment is also well done.


● subway of South Korea is really the best if Shirasere.Transfer system, can boast anywhere in the world, even out in particular.According to the personal experience, the United States, the next order (excluding the black-headed gulls) Japan China, is the next worst among the United States, Japan, China.  ● South Korea, it is the railway powers still side door.

● In Japan revival, possible cross-country on the subway approaching?      ● I think it’s possible storm DDR.Rather than the subway precisely, it is in conjunction with the general train.However, since very slow, you should use the high-speed train even slightly higher is obtained after all travelers.

● it’d be a really care sunflower seeds, but when the earthquake happened in Japan, what subway do I become?And, to what Route there exactly is Japan?Japan is incredible.

● It ‘s will care what you do and become when the violent earthquake storm DDR very.It says until about seismic intensity 5 and has been designed to withstand subway.Toka not derailed even while the train is running.However, when the more serious earthquake, you do not know.

From it, rather than what Line, Japan have been displayed in the route name, such as public and private railways have intertwined.When divided into line by dare, how not to about 100 in the nation.26 route I hear there, including the private railway alone Tokyo.(Even on whether to add not just the route of Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro, the route with the underground section of a certain distance, I think you know its number) earthquake information enters the subway immediately earthquake If you happen to legend ● It has become a system.And, people who drive it will not address the report.In the case of seismic intensity less than 3, for a while, and then wait as it runs, if seismic intensity 3 or more, and be stopped.Of course, even if the train shaking quite an earthquake while waiting, Japanese people are very calm.Earthquake occurred while riding the subway I also, have you ever waited about 30 minutes.

● public but it is also good in the subway of storm DDR Japan.However it is to switch to private railway also often.

● The city subway station of carbonate and cola are often the most, although I thought our Seoul.I wonder if that was the number of users?

● I think I KhameLeW also has been enhanced really subway system in Korea.In recent years, a screen door to have been introduced almost all, but it really convenient public transport.

● The Poto~ururendo~u transfer, Singapore is better.

● System subway Shupokaokin Japan is the world’s best.Transfer is very complex, it is very up to learn, but you can see that you have developed much better than Korea Once accustomed.

(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)