To push up GDP factors consume 50 servings of lovers general Chinese women

The woman that flock to where there is the bell It is universal, but the scale is different from China.Wealthy of having a mistress is a commonplace, and the number, that as many as several million people across the country.After an introduction about what is its actual.”Lovers of Chinese reports China” the author of (Treasure Island SUGOI paperback), 邱海 涛氏 familiar with the gender situation in modern China to report.

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In China, it has become one of the factors that the presence of the mistress “Arunai” pushes up the GDP of China.

Luxury apartment is required to surround the Arunai, and bought him and clothes luxury cars and other luxury cosmetics, branded, it was a meal in a fine restaurant, it must be taken to travel abroad sometimes.

Arunai enclosure is of has led to soaring property prices no doubt, and as there are words Arunai prefer called “Arunai cars”, two? Has also contributed to the expansion of the automotive market.

By the way, is the best 3 Arunai cars Volkswagen Beetle, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Honda Accord.Scale of the cosmetics market was 1.8 billion yuan slightly in 1987, but now it’s 90 billion yuan.

“The amount one person Arunai consumes corresponding to 50 servings Chinese women of the general” two? Accounted for 5% of the population, consumption amount of women in big cities of the coastal areas, “Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou There is also a theory that “accounted for 20% of the total expenditures of the city.

UK Sunday Times of November 12 with last year also published “luxury goods market in China has been driven by men of the wealthy spend money on Arunai” and, the results of analysis by economists of financial group HSBC, the world’s largest was.

※ 7 days issue December SAPIO2011 years