“Cats and dogs” ultimate quarrel wide entertainment industry (5)

Female Announcer us “treason”

Nishio was furious to speak “is blessed with work” Nishio Yukari VS Hayama Helene!

“Nakano’s Ana that can not be the most respected station” Akimoto Yuri VS Nakano Minako

Battle is also inherent in women who have both brains and beauty Ana.Roots deep grudge between women Ibiri junior, remarks inadvertently, such as trouble on the job.
First hard-fought field of women’s Anabatoru is, from Japan TV.And Nishio Yukari (34) Call of the “Cool Beauty” is also high Hayama Erenuana half of beauty (29).

Early days, was talking with the “I’m blessed to work I” Nishio seniors in the dining room of the station, “Hayama is to girls Ana debut had entered the ear of the person.anger of Nishio fiercely, since, no longer speak to the Hayama and “Gotoki Hayama but what you! gonna have to say” and “(station officials)

Hayama Ana, the battle Nobutomo Yoko Ana both (37) in turn further.Opportunity was a co-star in the “refreshing!”.

“Nobutomo Anna was married to a doctor of 15 years older than in ’08, but as a say since, not it do your makeup flashy” Hey “or” sleeping properly “in Hayama through the eyes from above it becomes, it seems to have become Uzaku Hayama.Towards the end I was a blatantly ignored “(program officials)

And from someone’s point of view Nobutomo Ana

And “!? With what to to say that I think good intentions,” shaking with anger, since, in cats and dogs.

Suzue Nana Ana joined synchronization set forest Maki Ana (31) and (30), joint party is in discord because.Get along well, two people, but that he had kept in touch frequently from Before joining originally,

“Forest Ana has a joint party named” reunion “players and giants along with the original Onodera Mai Ana seniors.Suzue you know it is I got furious, “I!?’s The out of the loop” and.Repair also seems difficult to get along only good “(team officials)

Fuji TV also do not lose.& Ldquo; (26) Ayako Kato Ana child and & ldquo;; Katopan & rdquo Show Bread & rdquo; Ikuno proton Ana child and (27).

Grudge 2 people deep-rooted.

“Kato has been strangely dislike the Ikuno.It is two people who served the crown same program, but it seems that the pride and more of their own that had a higher audience share, flirts character of Ikuno do not like.Show & rdquo;; & ldquo in the shade of the Ikuno senior you have to fool it called “(program staff)

Ana Kato and praise is Toka stare at amazing eyes that of Ikuno Ana someone else.

In addition, when the previous, past half cohabitation with the ex-boyfriend of the host is discovered, Honda Tomoko Kato Ana Ana from (28),

It is said “I cohabitation with the host,!? Was it your customs Miss,” said

I was furious with the “!’m Not joking”.It is hitting the backbiting as “guy Me ~! Honda” immersed in something since, Honda holes know it also extends to backbiting battle, etc. sprinkle complain of Kato Ana at every thing.

Akimoto Yuri Ana (28), has bite (31) Boss Minako Nakano Ana, led by Fuji largest faction also Osoreoku.Nakano Ana opponent,

And he has been declared “the bad habit, read and work personal life has also survived the looks one,” said.Bureau officials says.

“Akimoto Ana & ldquo that of Nakano Ana;’m went so far as to; announcer & rdquo that can not be respected in most station.Nakano Ana who knew about it is out of butyrate.Simmering now.Around is also suspenseful ”

Nakano Ana, that are buying antipathy Nakamura Hitomi Ana synchronization joined from (32).

Nakamura of “synchronization had complained against Nakano a lot of work from the beginning joined.The boss & rdquo of the largest faction; Nakano is also fact & ldquo a few years ago; I was down; Nakamura faction & rdquo & ldquo now.At the time, Nakano & ldquo girls from other employees; had been hated and; Queen affectation do not like & rdquo.Was isolated Nakano Nakamura is making a faction by multiplying there “(station officials)

It is tide reversed now.This game wins Nakano Ana!?

There is a feud Hirai Rio Ana Idol from both (28) are other Nakano Ana.When I wake Kyoko Uchida (35) has just retired from Kotobuki “Suporuto!”.Is pre-empted by Hirai Ana heir I thought I it’s own, anger shaking.And without taking any voice Hirai Ana also launch and drinking colleagues, resentment of woman horrible because it has been shown is isolated Nakano Ana from unjustified resentment.

In TV Tokyo, that are trying to kick Otoso (33) Ohashi Miho Ana young duo (26) Aiuchi Yuka hole (25) Akimoto Reina Ana is teamed.

Ohashi Ana take a big bite yet “married Ana, and moderator of the Olympics, and Akimoto Aiuchi Ana Ana says just habitually appeal.Moreover, Toka is flowing to divorce theory and theory of free Ohashi holes are orchestrated by two persons.Ohashi Ana senior is also anger shaking course.Now, has formed a program this three people to prevent ran into the station “(production company officials)

Behind the smile to show on TV, battle of the ugly woman with each other I have been waging.When I watched the girls in light also such human relationships, you might enjoy the fun a little bit different.