Popularity Index of shareholders is

Individual shareholders and investors, including the young generation and women has increased in recent years, many listed companies are focused on IR activities for individuals.Of course, you have the investment decisions based important business plan and management philosophy, dividends and earnings, but there is a trend depends largely as an element also select the shareholder special benefit plan.

And shareholders, and institutional companies to provide products and services to shareholders.Currently, more than 1000 companies of listed companies have been introduced, but the content that is diverse.Be awarded and their products are often basically, among the companies that have a shareholder special benefit plan, rather than general consumers, expand the BtoB business of corporations, it may not be their products large.There is also possible to receive a cash voucher QUO Discounts and means of transportation such as rail or plane, such as books card in that case.

In the “2012 edition shareholders to Tokusuru know” the other day, was issued from Nomura Investor Relations, ranking 50 of thematic shareholders have been published.”Shareholders of surprise! Excitement”, “shareholder benefits that can be enjoyed by the whole family,” “shareholder benefit that you want to spread, Reviews,” “courtesy shareholders helpful household large” theme is “preferential treatment shareholder! Not be able to do without the other”.Won the first place in the three themes, it is of are in the top three in the ranking of all also first place, in the overall ranking among them, it’s McDonald’s Holdings, which has gained immense popularity in the Shareholder.It is possible to get a meal coupon of six sheets Free voucher of goods three types of “burgers class-drinks-side menu” has become one in one volume during discount contents of books by shareholding number I change is.Terms of family fun will has become attractive.

In addition, twice a year, including Dido blend coffee series is a flagship brand, Dydo Drinco has been awarded its own products 3000 yen worth, second place in the overall ranking, 3 in the “shareholders of surprise! Impressed” It won first place consecutive year.You have won the second place “shareholder benefit that can be enjoyed by the whole family” and “shareholder benefit and want to spread in the mouth”.At the 7-position from 11th last year, etc. increase the ranking to fourth place from 7 In “preferential treatment shareholder! Not be able to do without the other” and “preferential shareholders helpful household large” In addition, it has gained the reputation of the very best.

In addition, some companies have taken the benefit program of social contribution type.For example, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and Meiji Holdings, such as JT.This is the mechanism that you can choose to donate to organizations that have implemented social contribution activities rather than a commodity shareholders, companies to donate the equivalent amount.There is also the impact of the earthquake This year, companies that have introduced a shareholder special benefit plan of social contribution type has increased to 65 companies from 39 companies last year.(Nomura Investor Relations survey).

Factors that the past few years, has increased the individual shareholders, by transaction fee of the shares is reduced, and net trading also became active, that the condition easy to buy stocks are aligned would like to lead.In addition, reciprocal shareholdings between companies is destroyed by the recession, the importance of individual investors’re more than ever to reality.It is believed that securing stable shareholders, that the company side has an attitude that is sincerity in business is uneasy, due to enhancement of the benefit program, called, walk with shareholders will lead to management foundation that is stable by force.(Editors: Miyazono Nami)