Mr. and Mrs. “Prince hobby PC.Imperial Household Agency muscle Akishino and Mac school “

that the Emperor was using a personal computer at a hospital in hospital destination is announced.It’s things have been elaborated in the PC Prince read for the “your word”, but in fact personal computer history of majesty that is 10 years or more.

Your interest to the latest equipment is high, “Your Majesty, had used a word processor for a long time.I have heard that it came to be used a PC from around 2000.At the time, had been a favorite thing of domestic manufacturers “(Imperial Household Agency officials)

IT of the Emperor’s family seems to have progressed quite some time.

“The crown prince was your PC notebook in 1993 around.And Princess Masako, a common hobby, seems to have been a story well PC.Prince Akishino was Mac faction “(same as above)

In addition, a mobile phone that also has been used to His Majesty the Emperor.

“In the hospital, it becomes to take you to contact us directly to the crown prince on a mobile phone from the hospital, had been advice about Nadai official temporary or agency of the state act” (Imperial Household Agency another party)

Taken together the story of the people involved, that they do not carry a mobile phone because there are aides usually Majesty.However, that there is that when you are or walks, it is used to contact for when no bodyguard.

※ 9 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post