Cope mutual aid is put to life mutual aid in September.

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Released in September Cope Kyosairen, to life in mutual aid

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No … ~ Fu, Cope mutual aid do you turn on the Medicare and products death protection products for life type.

Perhaps, rather than just taking in the layer that could not be captured in the mutual aid products until now, I might be there is aim to more robust mutual assistance of members to each other.

[Contents of the article]

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– May 24, 2011 delivery insurance Mainichi Shimbun, Ho-goto web –

[Released in September Cope Kyosairen, mutual aid to life]

Japan Mutual Aid Co-op Consumers’ Co-operative Union (Cope mutual aid) will release a life mutual aid in September this year.The one that has been developed to reflect the needs of the co-op members and CO · OP mutual aid existing subscribers and prepare the product of the two as “lifetime medical care” and “whole life”.There is a common feature of – life and pay 60.65.70-year-old course of the payment period (3) latch can join (2) 0-70 years of age latch that does not change (1) one life.In addition, currently, in looking for a name for life mutual aid, prizes are gift Winners.In the Federation, life mutual aid there was many of the “demand has been realized.You are going to, “we would like to offer to union members more.

In Medicare lifetime provided to prolonged hospitalization, supports up to 180 days from the first day (2) hospitalization security simple (1) of hospitalization (daily amount ¥ 5000, ¥ 10,000) is “life medical care” premium payment exemption if you get a (3) severe disabilities – such as features.


For the name of “life mutual aid”, it is possible to apply by downloading the application form from the website dedicated card, flyer application, the CO · OP mutual aid.The names, with up to 5 characters, can fill in the reason of origin, naming, and to apply for up to August 31.

In, prizes are awarded to 700 people, “7 million people Award CO · OP mutual aid subscriber” (alone in the lottery in the case of the same name multiple application) one person “life mutual aid naming Award”.(As of December 1 this year, the winner, it is a co-op partner) will not limit the number of applicants, conduct in January next year, such as the home page announcement of the name that has been adopted.

In Cope Kyosairen, start the business in 1984, it is mainly handle Medicare, life security.The number of subscribers to the end of March this year has reached 7.373 million people in total, about 250,000 people increased from the previous year.I have increased the subscriber every year.The CO · OP mutual aid is a general term of handling mutual aid goods in Coop Kyosairen, there is a mutual aid fire «helping» Medical mutual aid, mutual aid term life «Aipurasu», life and mutual aid «new Aiai», 156 co-ops across the country are dealing.Name such as «Aipurasu» «helping» existing products were also determined by the applications from members.For “life mutual aid”, and plans to start a guide at the time of delivery and the Co-op store from July.

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