World strategic model of the Tokyo Motor Show 2011] Mitsubishi “Mirage”, compact, low fuel consumption and low price!

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In Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Mitsubishi, the world premiere new compact car the “Mirage”.Armed with (but it still unpublished) and low fuel consumption of 30km / liter class of the top-level, low-cost strategic, and that aim at both the “emerging markets” and “mature market” in the world in this one.I have come to you to ask for those of Mitsubishi, and why was revived for the first time in 12 years the name Mirage, a story about the development with the goal of low fuel consumption and low price.
First, Why revived the name “Mirage”, please tell us the reason.

“Mirage, is why was born in 1978 first generation that immediately after the oil shock, but it was what the concept at that time, called” chrysanthemum maneuverability in fuel-saving “.Mirage now has the concept of small, low fuel consumption and low price.That is not an exaggeration to say that you wanted to do this time, and was the same as the (concept of) original Mirage.I was put (the name Mirage) in such reason ”

The new Mirage (left) and founder Mirage (right)

It is that low price, but will become much How much is specifically?

“I do not announce it yet, but” I’m cheap, this car “it should be the price which you could think”

It was possible to lower the price, or is that lowered the cost of production?

“That means that, at low cost, and if there from the beginning of development, the other, it has been packed with thorough a location where it can be justified”

How do we packed, the place what specifically?

“We’ve developed a new form from Bratt, for example, by using the right man in the right place-tensile (high tensile steel), and Toka is or reduce the number of components”

It is rude and ask such a thing, but you have a place to feel crappy Try riding?For example Toka Toka vibration sound ….

Never be referred to as “cheap and nasty,.I have been doing neat part about the quality of the ride ”

So it is that for low fuel consumption but then, within cost constraints are severe, or are what that specifically in order to improve the fuel economy?

For aerodynamic and “lighter, I did it thoroughly.Aerodynamic, because it is part of the cost (in production) is not applied Once you’ve designed especially once (laughs) ”

For example, it’s you can see aero I good or what would be the side?

Please look at the corner of the “rear bumper.Something Prius also has become this kind of shape, but it suppressed the engulf the rear of the vehicle body in the air flowing through the horizontal.Toka is the shape of the surface of (C-pillar), then it is the roof spoiler here for the same reason.This magnitude, this form is I be effective.Side skirts after.This also takes effect fairly ”

Indeed, aero parts to show the mere sporty it is not the fact that is mounted.

“I we must have to talk to our customers even more like this part”

Aerodynamic body that has been polished for fuel economy

With respect to the drive train?

And reduction in size and weight, (3-cylinder MIVEC engine of 1.0 liter) “engine It is the reduction of friction.CVT of new generation has been combined after ”

A new generation CVT, What kind of place do I have unlike ever?

“Still in that secret it (laughs)”

You only transmission CVT?MT is not available?
Only CVT “In Japan.Number does not come out this class, the manual … ”

Speaking of Mirage, a high-performance model named “Cyborg” is I’m was famous.Sports such grade or will be also available to Mirage this?

There are no plans “It.It’s also referred to as, I have a need when it comes to trying to make the sport model, I’ll also be thinking like that from the design stage of those thus finished, and Toka give them something, for example, Toka put the engine of high power, it is not something that can make it just.Mirage of this time, because you do not think the (additional sports-grade) that kind of thing, and I think that it is difficult ”
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