Children of Asian, discrimination in elementary and junior high schools in Japan – Russia Media

December 2, 2011, Russia Izvestia paper said, “in the elementary and junior high schools in Japan, discrimination of Asian Mixed children are serious,” said.The following overview.

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When you leave the house each morning in the car, the reporter to the same eye sight always.Boy of about 8 years old and know Filipino at a glance is a sight to school alone reluctantly.Children of Japanese aloud buckwheat, go through it happily.It seems whether you are delayed boys without even laugh, while playing picking up the stones of the street, to go to school on purpose.He probably does not hate study.Case that children of mixed race attending school in Japan meets the bullying often.

Korean girl system that is commonplace bullying of “classmate.Among women, especially.Girl of mixed race is only smiled in a Japanese boy, it becomes the target of bullying.It is taken to the toilet, and that “from being pig.The half-breed of the Western system, either because inferior in physique, the children of Japan just hate silently in contrast.Become a target it’s the children of Asian.

Why, Japanese honor sum or tease the children of Asian.Located in the historical reasons probably answer.Japanese thought of as a “first class nation in Asia” themselves originally.And to become in the past era that boasted armed hegemony and the samurai spirit, nationalism has remained.But international marriages increases, these feelings will also fade away gradually.(Translation and editing / AA)