Some mothers become 101 years old and is life-prolonging “life-sustaining” 10 years

That March 2006, it was discontinued life-sustaining treatment remove the respiratory seven people, including end-stage cancer patients in Toyama Imizu Municipal Hospital has been reported.July 2008, two people Motogeka director from has been sent papers on suspicion of murder, but in December 2009, Toyama District Court and not say act of removing the respiratory look at the medical practice of the series and hastened dying judgment, I was non-prosecution and disposal (alleged insufficient).Kumada Rie’s medical journalist and Song YoshiGen’s Joy talked about the pros and cons of this “life-sustaining treatment”.

* Song *: If you are being interviewed patients with gastric fistula, Do you have any case?

Children and grandchildren had been nursing, the mother of bed-ridden 101-year-old has put a gastric fistula: Kumada.She is hospitalized with brain infarction in about 10 years ago.It is difficult to swallow paralysis remains, since I no longer can also communicate, and it “will not eat from the mouth and remains this”, it was suggested a gastric fistula from doctor.Children and colleagues decided to gastric fistula Zo設 on the spot, home care has continued now.Because you can not communicate with my mother, I do not know and how they believe the state of now.

Song: by gastric fistula, so that ‘s doth live about 10 years.

Kumada: It’s has been found out that you are listening to the story, children and colleagues had been living in the pension of mother.It is the economic situation that she is lost, family get lost in Roto.It is not just for the money of course, but there was a side rather than the intention of the person, such as those utilized for family life.It is complex, it made me think many ….

Gee: Yes.Is difficult, but it is dying is a figure of a natural human.And I I think if there is a job in health, and Ya natural child is going to give the food and working ….And, I’m not financially afford enough able to cultivate at public expense the whole family such Japan.If you still say to the stomach wax only intention of the family, to public expense medical expenses to be, wonder if.

More than 10 years without any conscious, pension and health care costs to the patient to be alive in the liquid diet ….I feel such consensus can not be obtained in that taxpayers are used there will.But it is also a case-by-case basis, and if you Ya~tsu their parents, everyone, I to might be divisible does so is everyone.

※ 15 days issue December 2011 Seven women