[Entertainment] vitamin ♪ instructions Uekaramariko like? Cartwheel Akimoto Saika is crazy the first time on live!

Idol group AKB48 has unveiled the new song “Uekaramariko” music program in the “Kamisun!”.I met with the soon-to-be released, she who was also brainstorm ideas for costumes and choreography many times from the morning on this day.I was asked that is Akimoto Saika, some from Mariko like suddenly in such.

Selected members determined in AKB rock-paper-scissors tournament that took place in September, has appeared live music program to “Kamisun!” At midnight December 5.About that new song by girls “Uekaramariko” will be released in 7 days, Nakai Masahiro of MC was asked to comment on Shinoda Mariko Center.

When you talk about feelings as “I feel that Na came at last,” there may be a month has elapsed or two already from rock-paper-scissors tournament, Shinoda Mariko, have replied, “commands a fine view would be nice too,” said for Center for the first time was.

In fact, in the blog, “Diary”, Shinoda Mariko is spelled how from the morning of this day as a “Marikode from above”.And he wrote, “it is changed so that again and again put out the charm of everyone, was MJ students showcased at last” and to change the choreography with members from the early morning, she has been confirmed.Costumes even brainstorm opinion on each, and that worried until the last day.

What was most difficult in such a state it would be Akimoto Saika.Shinoda Mariko reckless the first time to be “in rotation side” to Sayaka suddenly “morning.And he has revealed that it “gave me cartwheel on live.

Akimoto Saika I had to show off the cartwheel in a production of “Kamisun!” Sure, but it was the performance that I do not think was hastily put is predetermined and pat.Shinoda Mariko also probably was crazy the first time and only because you know the physical ability of her.Akimoto is did meet their expectations.

Akimoto Saika blog “Bukiyoumassugu.It is touching to this matter in the “I’ll try” dance.After “I also … cartwheel and I had to look back after the broadcast.This very reckless the first time would like a command from the “Uekaramariko” like for her, but would not be this much “instruction delicious” If you put the rotation side persists after this.
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